Animal Rebellion

A vegicunting for Animal Rebellion.

Never heard of them? Well they’re bunch of brain dead animal rights activists who dyed the waters in Travalgar Square red to show us all how wicked we are by eating meat. So what? There’s lots of cunts like these around, so what makes these cunts special?

Well, it seems that they have solved the mystery of the origins of Covid-19 and come up with the solution to a problem that has killed thousands around the world.

Animal Rebellion tweeted: ‘Animal Rebellion have now dyed the Trafalgar Square fountains red, symbolising the blood that is on the hands of the UK Government.
‘We are here today to demand that the government prevent future pandemics by ending animal farming and transitioning to a plant-based food system.
‘This crisis could have been prevented. The science tells us that 3 out of every 4 new infectious diseases originate from animals.
‘The UK Government must protect the people, not support climate-destructive and exploitative industries’.

So there you – the pandemic was caused by meat eating and going vegan will prevent it happening again. Never mind that only eating veggies will probably kill have the population of the world through famine. At least we won’t die from disease.

Fucking idiots…

Nominated by: Dioclese 

55 thoughts on “Animal Rebellion

  1. I hate these cunts, any cunts actually that protest and demonstrate on the streets of our towns and cities, regardless of their cause or protest.

    Fuck off to Shanghai or Beijing and complain to the Chinese about how they treat animals.

    Right, bacon sarnies loom. The only known cure for vegetarianism.

  2. What a bunch of tree hugging treats.Agreed piss off to China or Korea and let’s see how long you last protesting.You wouldn’t survive 5 minutes.Selfish people

    • “ 3 out of every 4 new infectious diseases originate from animals.” it said – where does the other 25% come from? Tree huggers?

  3. Just a bunch of hysterical nobodies who believe that they have the right to impose their childish views on the majority. Menopausal old bags.naive students and professional Windbags…I don’t know how they find the time,thh…perhaps if they got a job they’d have less time to interfere in other people’s legitimate choices…even a hobby..join Mensa or take up pushbiking perhaps?

    These puerile Wankers actually don’t know or care about animal welfare…it’s all “cute ‘ickle bunny-wunnies” with them. They should grow up and realise that most people accept that we can’t actually live in some Beatrix Potter novel and that most people consider their protests the acts of spoiled.petulant brats who are actually (contrary to their own opinion) as thick as pigshit.

    If one of the silly Cunts engaged me,I’d happily make it cry and run home to it’s inner-city shithole.

    Fuck them.

    • The poor little bunnie wunnie I dispatched yesterday with the wheels of the car would have thanked me I’m sure… It didn’t know much however as it was riddled with Myxomatosis, swollen up twice its size and its eyes virtual closed. Just sat there in the road waiting for its end.

      • Kindest thing you can do. We haven’t had Myxy up here for years…horrible to see them like that.

        Morning Leonardo.
        Morning All.

        • Good Morning Mr F,
          It’s a pretty regular occurrence in these parts, seems to flare up every 18months or so and decimates all but a few of the strongest. I know they are a pest, but it’s a foul disease.

          • Funny I agree with the Capt here a bit Mr Fiddler. Where is he by the way…probably prepping for Mensa in his tiny study which he calls his office. Typical of him not to comment on a Nom specifically about these issues which he supposedly cares so much about. No, just some post in an unrelated Nom that keeps his inner virtue lit.
            But I actually do care. And in their (AR) statement there is a lot about Intensive Farming. A thing I feel strongly about. I do believe it is having an effect on global warming. I do believe it is eroding the land. I do believe is is a health hazard..Can’t go into all the science here but it is not natural. Finish with this. I was staring at a cow a little while ago (camping). I wasn’t doing it for nefarious reasons like those people in CIA who stare at goats. I just found myself in a reverie staring at dairy cow. Then the cow moved…and slipped. It slipped because of the huge weight it was carrying. It could hardly walk. Is that natural? Around that time I watched a news item about Mexican cattle ranchers. And the cows were I thought thin. Then I looked again and suddenly realised they were not intensively farmed and they were the natural normal weight for a cow. It is ours which are gross. They were beef cattle but it still applies because our beef cattle are as grossly overweight as the dairy.
            Just something UNNATURAL about all of it.

          • @Miles:
            Was this in Greater Manchester? I had a night out in Bolton years ago and it was fat cows, some falling over, as far as the eye could see!

          • Do the cows look unhappy or in pain Miles?
            It has to be like this udderwise you’d pay much more for your milk!

          • PS. In the crazy world we are now living in, is there anything you can say isn’t

  4. Hope the cunts get charged with the clean up of the fountain.

    The red dye will have stained the grout, which will take weeks and tens of thousands to repair.

    Lets see how they feel when their responsible owners (parents) have a five figure bill land on the doormat.


    • The only way to deal with protests which result in criminal damage is to bill the protestors for the full amount of the damage. It seems perfectly obvious to me and other right thinking people so that is why such a measure will probably never see the light of day.

      • Now we have the Freedom of Information Act it should be easy to establish the cost of repairs and the ask the authorities why taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill.

  5. Yet more of the we know best brigade telling us what to do and how to think. Actually, you middle class, time rich bastards you don’t know Jack Shit. Their soft as shit parents should have given them the occasional slap when they were throwing wobblies as a kid. “No Jonty… musn’t wear Mumsy’s knickers.”

  6. The environmental argument has been discredited so they must make some other shit up instead, they need a good fucking wash after a richly deserved sjamboking, utter freaks of nature cunts!

  7. If these half baked pricks care so much about fluffy little animals and their rights why don’t they protest outside halal butchers, bung some red paint over a mosque? Never done it, not once the cunts.
    That’s because they know the peacefuls would stab them to fuck and the coppers will do fuck all. Much easier to put some red dye in a fountain, post your selfies on Fuckbook and bask in your own noble heroism.
    Fuck off wankers.

  8. With reference to the photo I like the idea of a “vegan slaughter house” , presuming that’s where you slaughter vegans. I wouldn’t mind a job there. No need to pay me.

    • ‘Demands ‘ you notice?
      These type, crybaby cunts, are always demanding!
      Never ask, never request.
      Always demand.
      Or what? What you gonna do?
      Write a snidey letter?
      Fuck all is what youll do.
      Bunch of middle-class mard arses, marxist poseurs and glory hole sausage exchangers.

  9. Fucking protestors. Obviously thick as shit, because if self immolation doesn’t achieve the objective (though I do wish they’d try that one) then why on earth will putting paint anywhere work?
    Perhaps they would have gotten a bit more attention if they had all taken up a place around the fountain and simultaneously slashed their wrists into the water. No? Well, it was still better than paint.
    Maybe when they get uppity about the cooking of the meat they could run around on fire ?
    Definitely better than paint.
    Perhaps they could protest against the processing of meat by queueing up to climb into a commercial sausage grinder.
    Come on protestors, show us some fortitude.
    Fucking cunts.

    Morning all.

  10. Are these thick cunts aware of the damage done to the natural food chain when you clear enough land for 100% veganism? It would be animal cruelty on a worldwide scale. Thick as whale omelettes!

  11. What these groups need is a charismatic leader so they can be brainwashed a little bit further and do a Jonestown or Heavens Gate. That would get them noticed for a bit. Mr Fiddler sounds perfect if you’ve got the time that is.

    • Putting paint in the fountains at Trafalgar square, surely the multitude of pidgeons there use the fountains as vital drinking water?
      Oh no….MURDER!
      Hundreds of dead pidgeons on your conscience Animal Crackers or whatever your called.

    • Yes but they tend to be dodgers of the supreme sacrifice. They want their cake and eat it too, a world with fewer humans, but they’re not among those culled. Sounds like a logical Catch-22, the only solution is annihilation (theirs).

  12. If that lass in the fountain spent more time working and less time being a hysterical watery tart, then maybe she might be able to afford some higher quality and more absorbent fanny plugs to spare us all another fountain incident.

  13. I love to eat meat and vegetables.
    I could be vegetarian but I wouldn’t give up bacon. I love the smell and the taste.

    • In Sumatra the Christian lads would go to the BPK dunno what the acronym stands for but it means pork restaurant, the Muslim boys would be horrified but we’d still rag them “if only you poor lads knew what you’re missing”

  14. What’s the betting that the useless Plods did fuck all about this and that’s without these “environmentalists'” hypocrisy in effectively polluting and wasting hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water that’ll have to be replenished from the mains.
    But look wrongly at a mosque, or Tweet about rape gangs or #WhiteLivesMatter and the full FARCE of the law will come crashing around your ears.

  15. I avoid going into London at the weekends. Every fucking time it’s deluged with coloured-haired snot-hanger-nose-ringed, almost all white middle-class look-how-good-I-am, virtue-signalling, Islingtonista CUNTS protesting about Fuck-All.

    They’re a fucking nuisance, virtually every fucking Saturday; wimmin and their beta-cuck, wanker-bearded moon-faced soy-boy “males” in tow, hoping for a hand-job if they do as they’re told.

    I only go to the Strand during the week and far less than before as the sight of these Leftist cunts chanting and marching about things they really haven’t thought through, gets the bladder up to boiling point.

  16. One little point I missed out: WHERE WERE THE POLICE., I mean, Charing Cross Nick is less than a fucking hundred fucking yards a-fucking-way. Probably too busy sitting on their arses drinking coffee trawling Twitter for hurty-words and thought crimes, going after soft targets who won’t riot call them waaaaycist or phobic, giving an illusion of activity while massaging dodgy clear-up figures. CUNTS.

  17. ‘demand that the government transitions to a plant-based food system’.
    And just how is going to ‘prevent future pandemics’?
    The Chinese will just fall in line, won’t they?
    What a bunch of absolute fucking wankstains. Bill the cunts for any damage, NOT taxpayers.

    • These smelly avocado snaffling lefties have clearly never seen the terror wreaked by Turnip19 – or by deforestation and the resulting devastation to the ecology and wildlife.
      And if I went around vandalising things I would be arrested, teach me for having a white face and finding Women attractive – as the venerable Sir Fiddler would say “it’s a fucking disgrace”. 😄

  18. But if “the science tells us that 3 out of every 4 new infectious diseases originate from animals” wouldn’t it be better to rid the world of animals? In the process as many as possible should be eaten.

  19. Should we stop people from keeping ferrets as pets? Ferrets are one of the most effective vectors in animal – human transmission. More so than chickens or other birds, cattle or sheep.

    Can you catch flu from a Ecuadorian king prawn?

    Have they thought it through?

  20. If they used tidy birds getting “nekked” like Pussy Rebellion, I am sure more of us would be more inclined to sympathy for their cause-after “knocking one out” d first, obviously!

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