Yankeedoole riots

I have no idea of the rights and wrongs of the case of George Floyd but from the early pictures I have seen the instigators of the riots appear to be white. I have no doubt some oppressed black people will have joined in. Probably for a bit of late night shopping but why are young white fuckers kicking things off? Could it be an excuse for organised, anti Trump bullshit? If so these cunts are far more insidious and destructive than any ghetto inhabitants.

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The Minneapolis Police Department are CUNTS.

Now, I will be the first to admit, that I don’t know all the ins & outs of the George Floyd incident.

I don’t know if he did buy cigarettes with a fake $20 at 20.01

I don’t know if he ‘resisted arrest’ at 20.14

I don’t know why a police officer felt in necessary to draw his handgun, while accompanied by 3 other police officers, whilst detaining one un-armed man suspected of a relatively minor, un-violent crime. – (I know that I would find it strange in the UK, if a team of armed response police officers were needed to arrest someone of passing one note of counterfeit money in a newsagents).

I don’t know why 4 armed police officers felt that one unarmed man, handcuffed, lying face down in the street, represented such a threat to them.

I do know, that people nearby, filmed the police officers conduct, and drew attention to the fact that Mr Floyd was having difficulty breathing.

I do know that officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for 6 minutes, and after being told Mr Floyd was not moving, and another police officer checked Floyd for a pulse & failed to find one, that officer Chauvin knelt on Mr Floyds neck for a further and a half minutes. Officer Chauvin removed his knee at 20.27

I do know that George Floyd, a 46 yr old man, who had buying cigarettes at 8pm, was pronounced Dead, just 90 mintues later.

I do know that The Minneapolis Police Department released a statement regarding Mr Floyds arest, that detailed him being detained, expressing his difficulty breathing, officers calling for medical assistance and Mr Floyd later dying in hospital – no mention of a 20 stone police officer kneeling on his neck for 9 minutes.

I do know that the legitamate peacefull protests, subsequent looting and eventual violent riots, have cost substantially more than $20.

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  1. Look, the guy didn’t deserve that, but the BBC are making out he was some kind of fucking saint. A minor criminal who had found his and was now telling youngsters to be good citizens.

    He certainly didn’t commit armed robberies or hold guns to people’s heads.

    Salt of the earth, so he was…

    • Such a waste of what I presume was “an aspiring architect”. 😢
      Smoking a guy for resisting arrest is not on, if that is what happened – as is tagging it a “racist hate crime by whitey” without evidence or investigation, as is using it as an excuse to cause hatred, political unrest, as is a bunch of people using false outrage as an excuse to burn everything in sight and go on a crime spree.
      On other news I am considering buying a hat.

  2. Trump is a feckless coward cunt and his legacy will be known for pandering to blacks who will never vote for him in a hundred years, the Gop are fucking retards for pushing this lowest black unemployment narrative.

    The small maybe 2% of republican blacks that still remain will see his weak bitch ass response to the riots,looting and go to being democrats. After the riots Blumpf doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning and Joe Biden will use this against him and there will never be another republican president ever again thanks to gop inc and trump for broken promises and turning his back on his biggest supporters

    • Trump fights dirty and panders to the mob. Perfect politician, and the alternative to a Trump presidency is unthinkable.
      But, as I have said before – he is the only leader in the World who has the balls to stand up to the filthy Chinese rats, and love or hate the Man we need him.

      • Whatever vernon you are entitled to opinion but you have severely delusional take on this he kowtows to china all the time. Hes got 100,000 dead because he never took corona virus seriously like he should have done

        All his hot-air bluster against china on twitter is smelly farts. A war with China would be fucking deadly America would lose you have no idea. Trumps got his own war to deal right now in Minneapolis with his favourite low unemployment protesters looting, raping, killing, burning buildings to ground Believe me china is laughing at him right now

        • I get what you are saying TS but I don’t recall Trump being hired for his medical expertise, and as pretty much every “Democrat” Politician and official from the lowest to the highest has been insisting that business carries on as usual and screw the consequences whilst simultaneously arranging anti lockdown protests and undermining every effort the Government has made in every way shape and form to make political capital I am not sure what more/different/better the administration could have realistically done – would Hillary the broomstick flyer have done any better?
          America – a continent containing approximately three hundred and twenty eight Million people – 100,000 dead.
          The “United” Kingdom – a tiny Island surrounded by sea with approximately 67 Million people – 40,000 dead and counting.
          And our kind and benevolent Chinese friends have shown how trustworthy and democratic they are by their actions in Hong Kong, and Trump is the only leader in the World with the kahunas to call them out on it.
          As I said earlier, love or hate Trump we need him because when the shit hits the fan the spineless lickspittles alleging to be World “leaders” hide under the bed and wet their pants – and the last time I looked the UK does not seem to have too many friends these days.
          America under Trump or China under Xi Jinping – I know which I would prefer if I had to make the choice.

    • Usually see where you are coming from TitSlapper but can’t see how he could have done more to be honest, these things are administered from what I understand at a state level not federal. The state has to ask for federal help. And I think that’s when the National Guard goes in. Could be wrong but that’s my impression!

  3. You have to feel sorry for Derek Chauvin. He gets up one morning to go to work, the next thing he loses his job, he gets charged with murder and his wife files for divorce. Not the luckiest day in his life. Maybe he broke a mirror.

      • No he really is a piece of shit who killed Floyd like a authoritarian police cunt, I’ve seen the video

        He should of put him in the cruiser right away and would of avoided this whole fiasco not knelt on his neck for 10 fucking minutes and his partners should been helping into the car not taking a interview with the locals watching and chatting on the street like a bunch of stunned cunts just unbelievable

    • Yes Allan, poor Officer Derek Chauvin – left his cushion at home (& his white robe & pointy hat) & gets a lot of flak for using the nearest thing that was handy to help his arthritic knee.
      I don’t know why George Floyds family are making such a fuss…
      JESUS !

  4. Trump has a chance of winning is if he shuts this down now with force but this riot has been unbelievably catastrophic go on twitter watch the videos and tell me it isn’t. It could get even worse.

    He designated antifa a terror organization yesterday that inflamed riots it could get a lot worst if he doesn’t act immediately after announcing on twitter like a fucking tard

  5. China and Iran have taken the opportunity to criticise the US over its problems of racism and police violence. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. When I saw the title of this nomination, then the picture, I thought it was to do with that Yankee Candles company and their factory was on fire.

    This whole thing is nuts.

    Haven’t people got anything better to do?
    Greed. “Let’s riot so we can steal stuff.”

    Also, would they be doing all that rioting if absolutely no one were filming it?

    Vacuous cans of can’t.

  7. Bollocks! Guilty as charged! Just look at his list of previous misdemeanors:

    1. Being in possession of thick lips and curly hair.
    2. Wearing a loud shirt in a built up area during the hours of darkness.
    3. Walking on the cracks in the pavement.
    4. Smelling of foreign food
    5. Being in possession of an offensive wife!

    The list is endless. No more questions, your honour!

        • You’re a master of irony, son. Any chance of a refund on the two seconds I wasted clicking your link before I realised it was a load of lefty bullshit?

    • Great example of politics dressed up as a social science, “foundation for economic education” what a scientific impartial name for a political load of wank.

      • FEE is a libertarian economic think-tank dedicated to the “economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society,” and was founded back in ’46.

        • Fuck off – let’s see the police go on strike for a few weeks. Cunts like you will be crying into your fucking couscous for them to return to work when a gang of ‘misunderstood’ feral youths demand your wallet whilst doing party tricks with a knife. Now, pipe down, I’m on a late shift so I’m trying to get some shut-eye and I can hear your hands wringing from here.

          • Well said DCI, have a good shift Sir – and watch out for those “evil coppers”!
            And if there was a law compelling everyone to bathe at least once a week, get a job and move out of Mum and Dads I think we would have a lot less socialists! 😄👍

  8. Liverpool FC have chimed in too. Out in support of BLM. Awesome chaps!

    Let’s all take a knee and say it was racially motivated before getting any of the fucking facts, eh? Let’s help perpetuate the riots. Great stuff! What is a fucking fact though is that your club’s fans murdered 39 Italian fans in Belgium one summer’s evening.

  9. Derek Chauvin is an absolute cunt, anyone defending him is a cunt, the looters are ‘fuck the cause, what can I get’ cunts, the Antifa types jumping on the bandwagon are cunts, the KKK types are cunts, the idiots burning places down are cunts, Americans of all shades are cunts, and America is massive cunt.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • I’m as sick of Left wing bullshit & everthing is ‘racist’ when it isn’t, but I was completely sickened by that video footage.
      ‘Officer’ Chauvin is little more tnan a Nazi thug in a police uniform.
      If Floyd was suspected of fiddling with Kids, that police brutality would still have been apalling.
      The guy hadn’t even committed armed robery.
      He was ‘suspected’ of passing a bad $20 bill in a shop ! and was mob-handed pushed to the floor by 4 armed police. One who choked him to death with his knee.
      Half an hour before, he was buying fags. Half hour later he’s dead – he’s murdered in broad daylight.
      Tell me you wouldn’t be outraged, if the Met’s finest dragged a guy out a newsagents in London a d stold on his neck till he stopped breathing. Then tried to play it down with a bullshit post mortem report.
      I’m fucking fuming over this !

  10. Obviously I don’t know how all this is being reported in the UK, but let me add my $0.02 worth as someone who’s actually here.

    The killing of Mr. Floyd was unjustified and completely unacceptable. Anger and peaceful protests are both understandable and to be expected. Trump stepped in IMMEDIATELY to insist the Dept of Justice and FBI fast track an investigation. He didn’t need to do that and he didn’t stir the racial pot like Obama did when similar things happened on his watch.

    The protesters wanted instant justice, but everyone knows that’s not how the process works. Chauvin was charged with 3rd degree murder & manslaughter after 4 days. The fastest filing of charges in Minnesota’s judicial history. It isn’t 1st degree because premeditation is not known at this point. It isn’t 2nd degree because intent is not known at this point. That’s not to say charges cannot be changed or added to as the investigation unfolds. Similarly, the other 3 officers involved have not yet been charged and that too can change as things unfold. That isn’t good enough for the instigators and they’ve used that to up the ante.

    The outrage, anger and peaceful protests were quickly hijacked by BLM, Antifa and other underground militia groups. Many were moved around and across state lines to help whip up a violent frenzy. Funded by the left, they seized an opportunity to inflame the situation (no pun intended) to make this as bad as possible and ultimately to make Trump look bad. They are trying to get an (over) reaction from authority so they can lay the blame for more deaths, violence and destruction at Trump’s door so they can use the argument he allowed this to happen and should therefore be replaced as POTUS at the upcoming election.

    Since before day 1 of Trump’s presidency, the radical left have tried to undermine and discredit him at every turn. He represents a threat to their cushie, privileged, corrupt and insanely wealthy club known as the Deep State or The Swamp as Trump calls it. Members include people from the left and the right. First we had the Russia collusion hoax. That didn’t work. Then they tried the Ukraine based impeachment. That didn’t work. They know they cannot defeat Trump in the next election through political means and on a level playing field. Biden is as corrupt as they come and an elder statesman of the Deep State. Trump will demolish Biden in the debates and the Dems know that. So what do they have left? Violence and social disorder. They will try to use that to show Trump can’t run the country.

    The Floyd killing was like all the left’s Christmases coming at once. The corruption and illegal acts surrounding the prosecution of General Flynn are now coming to light and many on the left are being exposed. It goes all the way up to Obama who knew what was happening, why and endorsed it hoping to de-rail the incoming administration when he left office. What better way to deflect attention away from those caught with their hands in the cookie jar than a decent set of American cities on fire. I’ll bet the left could not believe their luck.

    The usual talking heads on the left were quick to point fingers at Trump. Most people realise that makes no sense. The USA is a republic. The president is not the king presiding over everything. Blaming him would be like blaming the CEO of a hugely massive corporation when one employee decided to kill another one evening. What the left are trying to do is taint Trump’s presidency and associate bad and negative things with his name. Democrat voters will vote democrat. Republican voters will vote republican. It’s the people in the middle, the independents, which the left want to influence. They’re using the tactics of ‘no smoke without fire’ and ‘throw enough mud eventually some of it will stick’, hoping to get those voters to turn against Trump.

    What started off as a horrible tragedy quickly became the latest opportunity for the radical far left to undermine and discredit Trump’s presidency and administration. Want a couple of examples?

    1) Take a look at today’s Metro front page. The headline reads “Trump Fans The Flames In USA” with a sub-headline of “Now President Brands Anti-Racist Protesters Terrorists In Tweet”. Incorrect. What Trump actually said was he wants to see Antifa designated a terrorist organisation. Why? Because that lot have their fingers in so many illegal pies and by being designated as a domestic terrorist organisation opens up more avenues of investigation, prosecution and engagement by US law enforcement and military. He did not say people protesting against racism are terrorists.

    2) There has been much angst and negative reaction to Trump tweeting “When the looting starts the shooting starts”. Well, that was taken out of context of the whole tweet which was, “…These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!” When I read that (in the news – I don’t do Twatter), I interpreted it to be a comment on the escalation of the situation, i.e. looting leads to more violence and the criminals shoot each other over the best stuff to nick, shop keepers might shoot looters and the cops may end up in fire fights so let’s avoid looting. The left decided to interpret that as when the looting starts Trump will order the US military to gun people down in the streets in cold blood. How deranged do you have to be to think the POTUS wants to order the US military to wantonly open fire on US citizens? What happened? Looting gets underway and almost immediately there are reports of gun fire. THAT’S what Trump didn’t want to see happen, but according to the left he’s chomping at the bit to open fire.

    Don’t believe everything Sly News and Al-BBC tells you. This isn’t about a black guy being killed any more. It’s political and anti-Trump.

    • Another well thought out post IY.
      Trump could shit good bullion into the impoverished areas and still be called out for gesture politics. The extreme left are almost clinically insane. I hope they get what they wish for one day, its going to be total batshit carnage and jaw dropping seismic in its shock wave inducement.
      Thick, mentalist clowns. 🤡

      • Quite so, Cuntle. I have no crystal ball but I think the Trumps might have thoughts about creating a political dynasty. A bit like the Kennedys. Obviously Tango can only serve 2 terms max, what then? The gorgeous Ivanka? Donald Trump Jr.? Eric Trump? Who knows, but I think the left have secretly given up on the 2020 election and are just hoping Trump fucks up enough to get them a win. It’s Trump’s to lose – always has been. Maybe the current riots, the pandemic and the economic downturn will be enough to convince enough people the US needs to give the other side a chance. I hope not because it would be catastrophic. We’ve still not recovered from the damage done by Obama. The left is even more radical and extreme than when that clown was in charge.

        So I think to avoid the Trumps establishing themselves as a new political ruling class, the left are trying everything and everything to associate the name Trump with as much negativity as they can. That’s the current state of American politics. It’s just awful. It’ll be a generation before the left moves to the moderate centre ground.

    • Exceptional piece of work from our Man on the ground IY!
      Trump (for a Man not historically noted for restraint) is showing a lot of restraint on this one, and the deep state (I have done some research on this before) is truly the enemy of the people, democracy and everything that is decent, good and right.
      I commend you for a truly on the money post Sir! 👍

      • A random addendum – Donny! Shorten your tie a bit – you’ll end up falling over the bugger!
        I cannot see our esteemed colleague B&WC being happy about this lack of style! 😄

      • Thanks Big Vern.

        The Donald is in a tricky situation. If the military are deployed and there’s ANY loss of life, he will be blamed. If he doesn’t step in and things continue to escalate with more fires, more damage and possibly more loss of life, he’ll be blamed for not doing anything to uphold law and order. Some mayors and governors are letting their citizens down, but it’ll be Trump that will take the brunt of the vitriol. Unfortunately, it’s the way this works. He did have a conference call with all the cowardly-do-nothing governors today and gave them a bollocking. Hopefully that’ll wake those feckless bastards up.

        Not that we needed any further evidence of the ‘protests’ being politically motivated and stage managed, but the protesting in Washington close by the White House proves it. What’s that about? This is, first and foremost, a state level issue. Trump can’t just decree he’ll send in the troops with a shoot-on-sight policy to quell the unrest. Everyone knows that, but by ‘protesting’ in Washington as well, it gets lumped together with the ‘protests’ across the country and thus, Trump’s White House/administration gets linked to the fires, looting, civil unrest, etc. It’s all about creating the association in voters minds between really bad things happening and President Trump.

        As for the Deep State, gosh where do you start? The extent to which these people are in each other’s pockets is scary. It’s amazing how getting a few million dollars in your bank account can magically make awkward/illegal problems go away. Then President Obama made his vice president Joe Biden in charge of policy with regards to Ukraine. Magically, Joe’s son Hunter Biden lands a job on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company (Burisma) despite knowing NOTHING about the energy industry. Smelling a rat, a Ukrainian prosecutor starts to investigate Hunter Biden. Joe hears about this and says – ON CAMERA – if the prosecutor isn’t fired, Ukraine won’t get a massive aid package. The prosecutor is fired within hours and the aid goes through. Quid pro quo. MSM says NOTHING! Trump has a call with the Ukrainian prime minister during which no deals are brokered and nothing untoward is discussed. He knows all his calls are screened and has multiple people listening in. He’s then accused by a still unnamed ‘whistle blower’ of a quid pro quo to get dirt on Biden. So he releases the transcript of the call (which he didn’t have to do) to prove he did nothing wrong. Plus the Ukrainian PM says the call was fine. The left claim the transcript has been doctored so they try to impeach him, all backed by a complicit left biased MSM. The huge irony being they accused Trump with ZERO evidence of the exact thing Biden actually did with video evidence. You couldn’t make it up.

        The Deep State and what they do and get away with is why neither of the Clintons are in jail right now.

        • The loony left are determined to get Trump, and he has been put in a difficult position – whatever he does the jackals will have the knives out.
          This is not a protest about a black Man – the Courts will get to the bottom of all this hopefully – this is a shitfest of Antifa vermin, rich white student kids who hate Trump and evil opportunist bastards who are using the mayhem to justify violence, theft and arson.
          Trump needs to start calling out the “democrats” for what they are – millionaire champagne socialists and communists who hate the fact that however much mud they throw at teflon Don absolutely nothing sticks, and this fact increases their psychotic hatred even more.
          Trump could be screwed either way on this one – the Man needs to “Go McCarthy” and start spinning the reds under the bed determined to undermine the greatest Nation on Earth line – this will resonate deeply with the vast majority of Americans.
          And of course his illegitimate Son Boris will do anything to help as soon as Rip Van Wankle awakes from his five Year sleep.
          Trump is not a young Man, and is putting things in place so one of his siblings will be the next President, the loony lefties know this and will do anything to bring him down.
          Anyway, how about releasing those emails Hillary?
          Or a little interview about the “Clinton money laundering Foundation”? (Allegedly! 😄).
          Or perhaps a little chat about whitewater, the intern her Husband fucked and then tried to destroy, or maybe a little chat about the Man found dead in the White House in baffling and mysterious circumstances – a clear case of “suicide”, obviously and a complete coincidence he allegedly had dirt on the Clintons he was about to spill?
          Don’t like it back Hillary? Joe Biden the best you have Hillary? Bitter and twisted you never made it to the White House Hillary?
          Awww, if I had a heart it would bleed 😢😢
          And if all else fails send Kelly Anne Conway round for a chat – that fucking gorgon could freeze hell! 🤣

  11. Holy Fuck. I mean the poor bloke might have got a dodgy $20 from the cash machine. There might be more to this case however. One meeja outlet suggests that the cop worked with Mr Floyd at a club previously, so maybe the cop had a grievance with him. I’m surprised he was sacked from the police and banged up so quickly, possibly for his own protection.

    It’s like that episode of The Dukes of Hazzard where Luke Duke unwittingly gets a dud cheque from Benny The Quill and Luke tries to cash it at The Boar’s Nest. Boss Hogg tries to get Luke arrested for passing off a dud cheque. The US is a backward shit-hole.

    I guess we won’t see Oti Mabuse and Derek Chauvin dancing cheek to cheek on Strictly Come Dancing.

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