The Premier League & BLM

Well that’s me done with football in this country. The Premier League are making all players wear ‘Black Lives Matter’ on their shirts for the re-start, instead of their names. I’m guessing we’ll also have a minute’s silence and black armbands for a bloke that put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Let’s not forget, BLM are a racist anti-white group who feel violence, hating whitey, riots and looting are fine.

Fuck the Premier League. Cunts.

Good luck you cunts. You’ll be getting no more money from me. And many others I’m sure.

Not sure what entertainment will be left soon. Shows being banned left right and centre and all sports bowing down to CUNTS.

Fuck their revolution. We honkies will need our own soon if the Honey Monster doesn’t put a stop to all this bollocks.

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49 thoughts on “The Premier League & BLM

  1. Premier League pandering at its best, but no huge surprise. They’re more concerned about protecting their profile, global investors and markets.

    Chess will be banned next; and draughts – after all we can’t have white pieces taking black pieces without justification can we? Otherwise there will be grounds for racism should a white queen take a black bishop!

    And for those PC techie heads out there: apparently manufacturers will now be doing away with any references to master-slave hard drive setups in their documentation!

    • “should a white queen take a black bishop!“
      FFS. For a moment there, that conjured up visions of Fat Reg astride the Desmond.

      “Be nice to whites, they need you to rediscover their humanity.”

      Desmond Tutu

  2. Three quarters of the poncy cunts are dark keys anyway.
    This bollocks put the tin lid on it.
    Get some tranny refs while you are at it.
    Fuck off.

  3. BLM are the same as National Action and they got banned under terrorism laws. Footballers never knelt for the PLO or ISIS or Sinn Fein during the campaign of terror by the IRA did they?…..Thatcher made Adams lip sync! Like Brexit i’m sick of hearing and reading about BLM. CUNTS!

  4. I like how Linekunt says we need more black this or more black that.

    What we need, Gary, is a black presenter of Match of the Day. Let’s see you like those apples.

    • Like James OBrien, preaching diversity whilst living in upper class white enclaves (Chiswick and Barnes).

  5. I wonder how many BAMEs work at Premier League HQ? And I don’t mean bog cleaners or tea-ladies either.

  6. They better get ready to play in empty stadiums for a long time. Fuck em, football died long ago.

    • Wasnt that long ago British premiership footballers couldnt wear poppies to show respect for the millions died in both world wars, political.
      But they can wear this?
      What bullshit.
      Political when suits.

      • That was EUFA, the cunts called the poppy political. But when it’s an ethnic thing it’s all fine and dandy.

        Maybe a minutes silence for lost IRA killers and slam suicide bombers to cap it off.

  7. Disappointing but not surprising. Certainly not full of the crème de la crème of intelligent people who won’t realise that they’re being brow-beaten into supporting this filthy mob-rule Marxism. It’s a peremptory move, one that must be obeyed and fuck all to do with football.

  8. Although I’m no fan of Premiership football it would be odd if they didn’t go along with this shite. Those poor black footballers struggling by on a hundred grand a week have really suffered from white oppression in this racist Country.

    PS .. I hope that the next BLM rally is a paid ticket event with Davis Duckenfield put in charge of crowd control.

  9. I am sick and tired of the constant mollifying of BAMEs the more people condole the more of the wretches go on the BBC to say how hard done by they are – often the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Hammy Lammy.

    A pity black lives don’t matter to black drug barons who think nothing of killing a bruv

    Evan Boris has jumped on the bandwaggon today 🙁

  10. I hope there is a backlash i.e. vastly smaller numbers going to see the cunts. Hurt them in the pocket.

    • Just signed a petition to put legislation in place for 10 yr sentence on anyone desecrating war Memorials, and another to take down the statue of terrorist Nelson Mandela.
      Both on the Britain First website.
      Not sure how I feel about Britain First, sing all the right tunes, but theyre keen on asking for donations, gave them nowt.
      I saw the main bloke Paul Golding in Stockport other week, he lives here apparently, got a nice car!
      Im not helping pay for it.

  11. I wonder if these SJW footballers will be so SJW when they are trotting off to Qatar in a couple of years for the World Cup? Well by then all the Filipino and African slave workers who survived the stadium construction programmes will have fucked off home. Just all the day to day human rights issues in that wonderful country to worry about. Will Gary be weeping his crocodile tears about these people from his air conditioned studio? Will he be tweeting about the oppression and subjugation of women? Yeah, don’t hold your fucking breath, Gary will be too busy filling his libtard pockets with taxpayers money.

  12. Can’t help wondering if any of these overpaid pricks will have the balls to say “I’m not wearing that shirt” and if so will he be conveniently assigned to the bench…

    • Can you imagine the stick a player would get if he refused to wear the shirt? He would immediately be branded with the R word and his life wouldn’t be worth living. Yet when an Irish player, a dirty Fenian, refused to wear the poppy shirt the libtard media were praising him to the skies for his “brave stand” and “personal choice” blah blah, woof woof. The media sets the agenda and then defines the rules of play. The sheep go along with it.
      The first rugby and football internationals coming up the whole lot of the players will be down on one knee when the national anthem is played. The media, especially smugboy Linekunt, will be licking their dumb arses. Fuck them.

      • They’d be a hero for saying `No.`.
        If a player had the nouse to say `This is bollocks’ they would be admired by most. Everyone except for the cunts.

  13. Presumably they will now make all referees black, so any arguments from players can result in a sending off for racism, regardless of the player colour.

    • Well it might be worth putting some money on which player gets the most penalties awarded. My bet would be SJW and well known anti racist and moaner, Raheem ‘gangsta boy’ Stirling.

  14. To do my bit to show support I’ve decided to edit the box of missiles that I keep in the pick-up to chuck at people of whom I strongly disapprove…Out go the bananas…just leaves the Mr. Kipling French Fancies (The Gays), The Werthers Toffees ( Old Farts). Sausage Rolls ( Muslims..or any dusky looking Cunt really), Crusty Pork Pies (Vegans),Pre-Packet Sandwiches ( Rambers), McDonalds Happy Meal ( Professional Dole Wallahs), Cream Cakes (Fat People) Jars of Baby-Food ( Babies,unsurprisingly) McCain Chicken Bites ( Children) Meat Pies (Football Fans), Crustless Cucumber Sandwiches (The Royal Family),Streaky Bacon sandwich (Those Jews with the black hats and corkscrew ringlets),Spring Rolls ( The Chinkies), artisan crusty loaf ( Incomers)…and a concrete-block (just in case I see that little Cunt,Warwick Davis).

    As you can probably imagine it takes me a fucking long time to drive through most towns

    • What about a small, but weighty statuette of Greta Thunderstorm to chuck at the Extinction Rebellion/tree hugger mob?

      • I’ve got a pickaxe shank wrapped in barbed-wire to deal with those Cunts,Freddy…

  15. I recall a group called ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’ from a few decades ago. Now it seems that every thing will eat itself as the petty minded,self absorbed, ignorant, easily offended are allowed,no encouraged to set the agenda.

    • Like all these rich sleb cunts…….they “raise” money for charidee, improving their image and profile but wouldn’t give a fucking penny themselves.
      Total cunts.

      • You think they would though as they can use it as another way of dodging taxes – makes even more cunty…

    • He raised over 20 million for kids charities during lockdown. Don’t see any other of the overpaid cunts doing that. Not a cunt.

  16. If zlatan was still at Man Utd,, I reckon he would not take a knee.
    Vote with your feet. I had sky sports purely for Premier league football.
    Not any more😉

    • Zlatan was ace. A cunt at times, but a man’s man and an old style pro.

      The ‘Prem’ Sky Cunts, BT Cunts, the BB of C and Man United (who I have supported since 1974) can all fuck right off. None of them will get a single penny out of me from now on.

      And just watch those three brass monkeys, Marcus Rashford, Jesse ‘by name and by nature’ Lingard and Paul Fucking Pogba milk this shit and go on about how hard it is to be ‘burr-lack innit’. Also add that little shit Raheem Sterling to that list. All of them will be eulogising a piece of crap who threatened a pregnant woman and her unborn child with a loaded gun. Stll, they’re like that, aren’t they? Cunts,

  17. virtue signalling at its finest – the premier league finally shows its colours as an existential blot on the landscape – lineker can fuck off too – cunts the lot of them

  18. It would be interesting if a black player refused to “take a knee” and asked “why did nobody take a knee for the white Americans killed by Police? Or the blacks killed by other blacks?”. That would put the MSM in a spin – because you cannot accuse a black person of racism, apparently.
    Maybe black people would not get shot so much if they were not thieving raping drug dealing murdering racist scum who regard killing a whitey as a notch on their belt and killing a cop as socially elevating.
    And more black people are killed by other blacks than by Police by a long, long way – why no protests for them?
    And I revert back to a question I have asked before – if whitey land is so racist – why the fuck are you here? And why do you insist on taking whiteys money?
    Fuck taking a knee, fuck the racist terrorist communist organisations of BLM and Antifa and fuck being hated in my own Country for the colour of my skin.
    I am a white heterosexual Man from a working class background, born in Leeds, this makes me the enemy in the Orwellian nightmare we now live in.
    Every protest and challenge against this obvious racism (and jealousy) is immediately painted by the MSM and their champion the BBC as far right racist drunken football hooligans causing trouble – and the fucking idiots who conform to this embarrassing stereotype do not exactly help in getting the message across – the message being that decent ordinary white people are now, in 2020, in Great Britain, not allowed to express an opinion or viewpoint which differs from what we are told to say without being demonised and accused of racism.
    Slowly, insidiously, all our rights and freedoms have been removed and we are told that challenging this is not acceptable. Speaking out risks losing your job, career and even your liberty – is this really democracy at work?
    Well I say FREEDOM OF SPEECH FUCKING WELL IS ACCEPTABLE and I will keep shouting about it until the day I die. White straight Englishmen who have worked for a living are a dying and oppressed species, and we need to organise and fight back. Now! Because this is not protest – it is the attempted hijacking and overthrowing of democracy by violent hate filled extremists.
    And not a word about the black and islamic Countries STILL engaging in slavery.
    And an interesting cover so Boris the narcoleptic traitor can hide the fact he is currently kissing chink arse and trying to railroad us into a trade agreement with the yellow peril which effectively means they own us.
    On other news I bought some hydraulic bike brakes, and paid the “Yorkshire price”!

  19. I would have loved to have seen the Leeds side of the 70s being ‘ordered’ to take the knee. The likes of Hunter, Giles, Bremner, McQueen, Lorimer, Jordan, Gray and Jack Charlton would have told the BLM Nazis to fuck off.

  20. However he met his maker, Floyd was a known and dangerous criminal who had no regard for other human life or people’s property. And these cunts actually love this man? All this shit is for somebody like him?!!

    Am I missing something? Was I away when they changed the rules?

    As Tony Newley used to say ‘Stop the world! I want to fucking get off!’

    • Something else I missed is how that cop kneeing on that black guy’s neck and killing him is racist. We don’t know that – nobody does at this point. Unless the cunt says in court he knelt on the guy’s neck BECAUSE he was black, then it’s just murder and NOT racially motivated.

  21. Well this is a well timed cunting considering I spent a portion of this morning on the phone to my club getting a refund on the remainder of my season ticket.

    All saints ticket holders were offered 3 options with regards to the last few home games of the season. Either take a pro-rata refund, donate the money to the club’s charity or have the balance taken off next years ticket. Originally myself, and my 2 mates were going to do the latter, we planned to renew so why not make next season a little cheaper? However this whole pandering to the fascist, rent-a-mob is the final straw and we’ve had enough.

    I can handle supporting a shit team where any player with any talent (since Le Tiss) is sold to the highest bidder and the earliest possible opportunity. Embarrassing defeats, long away trips, making up the Premier League’s numbers, all fine. But I can no longer support anything that wants to enforce BLM’s long term objectives that abolish our Police Service, freedoms and free markets, all of which the Premier League, it’s members and supporters need to function. The similarities between the restart of football and the infamous “Hitler Olympics” are startling and quite honestly scary.

    21 years a season ticket holder, 2 home grounds, 3 domestic divisions. Europa League, F.A Cup, League Cup and Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. I’ve traveled as far north and Carlisle and as far south as Bucharest and Milan and visited scores of grounds in between. (Tens of) Thousands of pounds spent, memories made, experiences I will never forget. I’ve made friends for life, football really does bring people together. That’s all history now.

    The Club or the Premier League wont miss us, they’ll sell our seats to someone who doesn’t really care about the football and is only at the game for Instagram likes and they’ll sell more TV subscriptions in the middle-east or the USA or strike a whopping deal with Amazon.

    However we will be going along to some of the local non-league sides from now on. Expect the gate receipts and bar takings at Eastleigh, Sholing, Totton and Lymington to be up when crowds are allowed back.

    Piss boiling in 3, 2, 1…

    • I admire and respect your stance, Itchen.

      I feel the same way about my lot, Spurs. Bunch of chinless cunts.

      The EPL’s support for BLM who support and advocate the abolition of the police is laughable. All football clubs HAVE to pay the local police force tens of thousands of pounds to police their games. Otherwise the games could not go ahead. So let me get this straight…you have to have a police force to play the games and you support abolishing the police. The logic of that appears to be the EPL are in favour of not playing the games. Well done – nicely thought through. Cunts.

      • With the games about to resume, the league table is being displayed once again on the sports websites I visit. FFS Spurs are so crap. Special One my arse.

        We’ll miss top 4, won’t spend much in the next window and will struggle along in upper mid-table nothingness until The Special One quits/has a meltdown/is fired and the merry-go-round will start again without Kane, who will have been sold for mega bucks to a club which knows how to win things.

        I just realised – I don’t really care anymore.

  22. Years ago there was outrage when some countries wanted to and did boycott the Moscow Olympics. I think a similar thing happened over some sporting event in South Africa. The outrage was about sport getting mixed up in politics, rather than the reasons for the boycotts themselves. It should be about sporting endeavour rather than using sport to make a political point – was the feeling back then.

    Fast forward to today and here you have the EPL making a fast sprint down the wing to get involved and support an organisation which, to be as fair as I possibly can, have questionable credentials, dodgy agendas and less than peaceful ways of furthering their cause. You couldn’t make it up.

    There is already an anti-racism body associated with football. I think it’s called Kick-It-Out or something like that. All that was needed, if anything at all, was a statement from them affirming their (no doubt) support for the Blacks Looting & Murdering movement and let’s just get on with the football. But no, let’s all virtue signal about something which didn’t even happen in the UK and as yet has not been proven to have anything to do with race.

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