Lockdown violators

I want to nominate the as yet, nameless cunt, who flew his private plane from Surrey to a closed RAF base in Anglesey (I think), last bank holiday. He did this because he wanted to go to the beach and was not going to be kept at home on such a lovely day. When confronted he then flew off again. Why wasn’t the cunt arrested for trespass on a military site. He said he was not breaching lockdown because he already had recovered from covid 19.
Cunt should have been arrested, fined and had his plane crushed. Irresponsible silly cunt.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Labour lockdown flouters.

Stephen Kinnock broke lockdown rules, driving from Wales to London, to be with his bald old dad Neil for his birthday.
Then we had Tahir Ali, who represents Birmingham Green, among some 100 guests at a funeral.
Next up we have Labour’s Kevan Jones, who represents North Durham, attending a 100th birthday celebration for a Second World War veteran during lockdown.
All given a quick rap over the knuckles.

The BBC, Guardian & Mirror strangely didn’t have so much to say. Where was the BBC driven desperate attempt to get these fuckers to resign? Where was the Newsnight starting monologue telling you what you are supposed to think?

Galling hypocrisy by the loony hate filled left and further proof of Al-Beeb’s liberal agenda.

Nominated by Four Eyed Cunt

34 thoughts on “Lockdown violators

  1. I guess as the RAF base had been closed down it may have only had a token security guard.

    ‘Oi mate, you can’t park that plane here, it will get clamped’

    The three Labour cunts are remoaners so can do no wrong, it’s the same new normal.


    • The runway had been closed for repairs/maintenance. Not the station.

      I would hope the pilot will be hearing more about this from the CAA, to whom the incident was reported, as he appears not to have had clearance to land or to take off again. I’m surprised base security didn’t detain him, too. Civvy landings require 24 hours notice at Valley.

  2. ” He did this because he wanted to go to the beach and was not going to be kept at home on such a lovely day. When confronted he then flew off again.”……LOL.Good for him….I must see about getting myself an old Lancaster bomber or something similar.

    I may be wrong but I don’t think that Kinnock,Ali or Jones knew they were infected and then chose to drive the length of the Country to deposit their possibly infected child in an area which was Covid-free apparently….not that this excuses them but surely the Press is always going to go harder after such a high-profile “rule-bender”… Cu mmings must have known that what he was doing was bound to cause ructions and problems for his “boss”?…or did he just think “Fuck them all…I’m invaluable and untouchable”….and he was proved right in his assumption.

          • What a lovely mental image! I can just see some picknickers out for the day (from the smoke of course) screaming in fear as you dive bomb them and cover them in shit. Swiftly followed by a half mile attempt to outrun the hounds to the fence.
            How jolly! Afternoon Sir Fiddler!

      • Hahaha😁👍
        All these cunts are at it, Labour/Tory, Right/Left,
        A list, B list C list.
        If in any position of power theyve taken the fuckin mick.
        And ive not complied either because frankly I dont listen to liars,
        And I see myself as equal to anyone.
        Send em all to Minneapolis for a neck massage.

        • Afternoon,MNC.

          I like to think that the likes of you and I have certainly “complied” as much as many of our “betters”….although even I might have baulked at the idea of driving the length of the Country while infected and then decide to go for a fucking eye-test while I was about it.
          The Cunt is the author of his own misfortune and I’m glad that the Press kicked up a stink about it.

          • Agreed, youd need balls of steel in March to drive on a national lampoons vacation like Duminic.
            Either that or confident that youd get off scot free because your ‘special’ ‘above the law’.
            Me or you had done that?
            Some copper riverdancing on my back saying id resisted arrest.
            Doubt id get a riot in my honour though?😁

            Ps as I grow older Dick I thought id grew out of teasing the sensitive types, but no!!
            Love it more than ever!😁👍👍

          • Don’t worry Miserable, I would throw a paving slab through a JD Sports shop window in your memory.


          • Evening Dick.

            You’re right, none of those Labour cunts believed they or their wives were infected. Nor were they the Prime Minister’s right-hand man, closely involved in devising lockdown rules after sitting in on SAGE meetings, etc. Very minor league compared to Cummings.

            PS: Cum is no longer a trigger word.

    • Never did the oily flying thing much, could never lever me old arse into a Sopwith – and not so much orf the old then. Did have an enjoyable -mostly – sojourn from Croydon to Delhi in me India days with Imperial Airways. Huge old biplanes mostly made orf basketwork as I remember but bloody comfortable, arm chairs ect ect but the flying bit not too clever. Had four days orf that, came back by boat.
      How did the old crate get there you may ask you incredulous cunts? Very slowly with countless ups and doines at very dubious wog landing strips to pick up fuel (by the can) and more champers. Khazi was emptied in flight over any wogs below.
      Last flight after that was post war on Janus Airways (very cheap) in an ancient DeHavilland Heron skimming the waves (literally) from the old RAF strip at Hurn (near Bournemouth) to Boulogne for a Duty Free and Fritts. A thirty minute flight with the stewardess punting oit the fags and parfum at the double with a bag orf chips to follow. Those were the days, not even time to puke before landing.

  3. Countless hours of playing grand theft auto have taught me to never tempt fate by flying near military installations let alone attempting a landing at one. The only safe approach is to skydive in and whip out the minigun immediately.

  4. Thats my plane. I sent it to bomb Neill Kinnock in Whales. My cunting pilot Hudson fucked it up and is responsible for the beached whale in Clacton. Useless peasant cunt.

  5. Put them all on a Wuhan bat infested island.
    First to die of Chy-na infections wins a trip for their family down a fucking big well.
    Maybe Russian bombers can start landing at RAF Valley if they fancy a paddle?
    Fuck knows.

    • He’s been spending his expenses having deep fried Mars Bar suppers delivered thrice daily, then sleeping them off. Fucking bloater.

    • Well, they will look stylish if he can stretch them enough to get round his wrist!
      Lockdown? Do as I say, not as I do, you little nobody people.
      Cunts, of whichever political persuasion, all as bad as each other.

  6. To be honest the pilot story is quite funny. He was fucking lucky he didn’t get blown out of the sky though when he got rumbled and flew off. Could’ve been seen as a possible terrorist.

    The base was open but I believe the runway was closed. You must either be suicidal or carry your nads around in a wheelbarrow to just land at a forces base and take off when they rumble that you shouldn’t be there.

  7. There was another Labour piece of scrotal scratching that took their family on a picnic in a park.

    Punishment should fit the crime. The 100+ funeral lot should be made to re-attend their local crematorium… and NOT as mourners.

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