BAME and the Racist COVID19 Conspiracy


A cunting for BAME, after George what could the media resurrect to keep up the pressure to make us poor white folk feel as guilty as fuck.

Well folks we are back to Covid 19, remember the ‘actual’ virus (fuck off Lewis Hamilton). Now ‘they’ are desperate to protect BAME from this racist virus, accusations that a report with recommendations has been hidden.

Well BAME, first of all you want equality, so take it up the fucking arse like the rest of us and secondly YOU were warned not to carry out mass protest gatherings, did you listen….. No you thick cunts, just ignored everything.

So why the fuck should anyone give a shit if you catch Chiky Flu now!

Fuck of BAME, it looks like you have a better chance of survival in your ancestral homes so maybe the recommendation should be……

I’m a BAME, get me out of here


Nominated by: Sick of it


PHE have now really exposed themselves for the half witted motherfuckers they really are. In a report seen by the BBC and advertised by them with great relish, it seems “racism” might be responible for Covid19 deaths amongst the BAME population:

Talk about jumping on the bandwaggon.

Might it not be more to do with the ovcercrowded and unhygenic conditions many of them choose to inflict upon themselves?. Also perhaps the over-consumption of fried chiggun leading to obesity might play a part

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

54 thoughts on “BAME and the Racist COVID19 Conspiracy

  1. I think I’m done with the news. I’m not sure I can read this shite any more. There could be a meteorite hit the earth and kill 90% of the world’s population and somehow white people would be to blame; not having enough black scientists, or black housing wasn’t built meteorite proof. Were BAME communities hit harder or is it just more dodgy data coming out of PHE?

      • Banana physicist dr Errol umbongo,
        Chair for studies in tyreswings prof deshawn Chiggun
        And most eminent professor of wide nostrils dr winston king-kong.
        Loads of them dont be such a racist.

  2. Seriously I can’t take anymore of this shit. David Lammy won’t be able to walk soon due to size of the chip he has on both shoulders.

    Fuck em, I’m sick of pandering to invaders.

    • Plus the fact he could hardly be described as svelte could he?
      The fat racist cunt.

      • Lammy probably buys his corsets and heavy duty suspender belts from the same steel factory as, Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott and Dame Kweer. Talking of Kweer, he had t return his most recent pair for repair, as that “taking the knee” bollocks put an undue strain on them last week.

  3. I recall someone whining that the health advice wasn’t being published in whatever language some of the peacefuls speak. You know, the ones who have such great community leaders.

  4. The answer goes back even further.
    Archeologists have uncovered that it all started when we walked out of the shithole desert and didn’t offer them to come along.
    Selfish then, and selfish now.
    Shame on us.

  5. How many black people die of disease in Africa. Is that all our fault. I thought there were 1.2 billion there,all due to white man’s anti biotics. A vaccine or treatment ( hydroxychloroquin looks good whatever the MSM and the corrupt Lancet insist because orange man bad) will not be found by anyone in Africa or Bame.Itl be a honky or chinky. How racist. Lammy is a cunt whos ancestors sold millions of Africans into slavery. The cunt should be cancelled.

    • Shadow Justice minister.
      What the fuck does that cretin know about justice?

      • We’ll find out when he learns the son of Diane fat arse isn’t going to walk out of court as an innocent man with compo of £500000 for the institutionally racist CPS daring to charge him of any crime.

    • That fat, sweaty, mouthy fucking Cunt Lammy looks more like Idi Amin every day – the fucking annoying lying bastard !

  6. “it seems ‘racism’ might be responsible for Covid19 deaths amongst the BAME population”

    So the logic is – if BAMEs stop being racist towards others then they won’t catch the CCP virus.

  7. I couldnt give a fuck if covid 19 wiped Bame off the face of the earth.
    Dont care if the pandemics racist, means ive got something in common with it.
    Whats that shitehouse Boris said?
    Fuck all the pale jellyfish sack of shite.
    He’ll cave to demand for special covid treatment for BAME, you just watch!
    That cunt cant put his shoes on without Dominic ‘Top Gear’ Cummings to tell him which foot goes in which shoe.
    Im really starting to despise this goverment, panderers, liars, liberals, hypocrites, and spineless to a man.
    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

    • I haven’t heard the word racist uttered so much as it has been in the last five or so years. In fact the word has lost its impact. Once upon a time, This tough little word possessed marvellous power that, when let out of its cage, would wreak devastating damage upon whoever unleashed it.
      But, alas, the fearsome little warrior has been abused and overworked. It lies limp, broken and impotent, and as much as they try to revive and whip it into action…nothing happens. Racist is finally to be put on life support, with a hope that it can be carefully nursed back to full health but the odds are bad, only 10% chance of survival. Tragic. How the once mighty Racist has fallen. How pitiful it now looks as it lays on its likely deathbed to be surrounded by gloating onlookers.

      Seriously cunters, as we wait for the eyes of Racist to roll up, are you in any way afraid of it anymore? Because I’m fucking well not. You–are—a——–r—-a—–c—–i———s–t. Croak, gasp.

      That’s right. Ask me if I care you BAME cunt.

    • TT MNC@ – I have done 3 noms recently, one on our travelling chums and 2 on Boris – none have appeared and it kind of pisses me off spending half an hour researching and composing it for it to disappear, so fuck writing any more. 😡👎

      • How do Foxy, yeah it sucks the root when you work hard on a nom and it vapes into the ether.😕
        I read yours and tickied them, thought they were great.
        Still might appear yet?
        Sometimes takes awhile.
        Some ive wrote got binned, I thought they were fuckin marvellous!
        Others, top of my head ramblings get posted.
        Chin up old bean!🇬🇧👍👍

        • Same here. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again. And sometimes a long-lost nom appears months later, too.

        • TT MNC & K@ – I have had my little pwincess strop and all better now! 😄

  8. Higher obesity levels and lower handwashing/hygiene standards would be my hypothesis.

    I mean just look at the state of Lammy. He sweats just standing up in the Commons.

    • Do you mean like a liar, standing up and trying to get away with a lie in a room full of liars?

  9. It also kills a disproportionate number of males. Doesn’t seem to be an inquiry into that.

  10. Lots of possibles bandied about by PHE & Al Beeb (as per normal) as to why more BAME cunts could be pegging it from Chinky Flu, no actual facts just supposition, why let facts get in the way of allowing BAME cunts to feel victimised in this spiral of shit we find ourselves in at present.

    Fuck PHE and Al Beeb for just stoking the flames the cunts.

    • That is unbelievable, I thought it might be fake so I went onto C4 and there it was, but the interviewer didn’t even bat an eyelid.
      I haven’t met him either but I remember getting a Churchill crown back in 1965. I wonder what she was doing in 1965 😂

      • I see that he/she is another believer of the coomunitiee. It looks like a man in drag, which is why I say he/she – a chick with a dick.

    • Wow.
      That video just reinforces the stereotype-which happens to be true.
      About as British as Nish Kumars goat fucking relatives.

  11. They have to remember where this virus came from, China….
    The Chinks are an ethnic minority in the UK.

    I can see some people being upset in the general workforces, everyone should be treated equally, but now BAME will demand special treatment because of the colour of their skin. Discrimination against whitey!!

  12. Ok BBC/Sly news/ Ch.4 news/ uncle Tom Cobley and all news we now get it. All white people that don’t work for public services are outrageously raaaaccist.
    So what now? Take a knee for a month? Six months? Just tell us can you please.

  13. Watching that footage on YouTube there was a huge crowd of black people (mostly young) gathered at Trafalgar Square. Packed together tightly.

    But it will be whitey’s fault if they now get Bat Flu, of course. Personally, I think they should be charged with risking the lives of others (they can pass it on, remember). I don’t give a shit if they catch it themselves. It’s not like nobody knows that there is a pandemic going on right fucking now.

  14. Guilt? That’s not the emotion I experience when excreta start raining down from the canopy. No, no, it’s another thing, if only I could put my Finger on it.

  15. Thanks to the increasingly indispensable Anne-Marie Waters, for providing an ‘easy read’ (or watch and learn rather) synopsis of the CoroNOvirus Act.

    People, there is no ‘danger’. The danger has already passed and we are now literally living the Orwellian hell that until the start of this year, everyone scoffed at people complaining about. Just let this all sink in, and think about it next time you go to sneeze or cough.

    For the truth to be the law, the law has to be the truth. Little surprise then, that our instruments of law are written in such arcane and labyrinth ways so as to put off everyday folk having any inclination to actually read and understand them.

    Well now it’s too late folks. This is the resulting bliss of our ignorance:

    And don’t think this isn’t going to be rolled out into literally any public retail or commercial space. Who of us thought that we’d pop into Sainsbury’s one evening like we were accustomed to, then wake up the next morning and bam – no announcement, no forewarning – shoppers turning up at the crack of dawn were greeted with the new, 6 metre queuing boxes, the entry and exit patrols, and the one way arrows guiding us round to the checkouts of capital compliance and capitulation. The transformation was literally carried out and then subsequently unveiled in the few short early hours.

    In 1964, feted film historian Kevin Brownlow made the very little-seen ‘It Happened Here’, a fictionalised docu-drama depicting life in the UK post German victory in WWII. Prime candidate now for a remake (or ‘reboot’ or whatever MSM-compliant baby-talk we’re supposed to use these days).

    We can’t say we weren’t warned. But it’s no use crying now, the seduction of the gullible is complete, and there’s no going back. This isn’t the ‘new normal’. It’s just ‘normal’. ‘Previous normal’ did not exist and if you dissent, you will be corrected.

  16. Lewis Hamilton? Would that be the mixed-race Lewis Hamilton who drives a Mercedes. Mercedes, beloved of the Nazi party. Mercedes, who used slave labour in their factories? Or is it ok that only white Jews died? Silly cunt.

    • Driving round in circles really really fast has sloshed his brain to the far-left.

    • F1 used to be exciting. Now, it’s a boring procession with safe tracks (since Senna’s death, really).

      Gear if you need a few hours kip. Guaranteed to send you off to sleep.

  17. It seems the logical conclusion is for all the brown types to be permanently furloughed at our expense to keep them nice and safe.
    My response is a hearty FUCK OFF!
    Vermin aided by traitors.

  18. I don’t follow the news anymore other than my Talkradio echo chamber that tells the fucking truth.

    BAME are affected more because they live like fucking rats and won’t follow fucking rules the daft cunts. As for the high death toll in general: country full to the fucking brim and wanky statistics compiled by libtard academics with agendas. Fucking cunts!

  19. The Dark Keys are also more susceptible to Kuru because,given the chance and a lack of fried chiggun,they revert to eating “Da Long Pig”…..What is kuru?
    Kuru is a fatal nervous system disease. Its highest prevalence occurred during the 1950s and 1960. It is caused by eating the brains of human corpses.

    The symptoms of the disease include muscle twitching and loss of coordination. Other symptoms include difficulty walking, involuntary movements, behavioral and mood changes, dementia, and difficulty eating****.

    **** If it wasn’t for the “difficulty eating”,I’d have sworn that Diane Abbott is a sufferer.

    • More bullshit from the whitey haters – when is ANYONE in the media going to call them out for these utter lies and distortions?
      Any report done does not see the light of day unless it blames whitey, and I fail to see how a virus can have a “preferred list” of people it would rather infect.
      Overcrowding, ignoring lockdown and social distancing, gathering en masse to worsip a paedophile slave trader, lack of personal hygiene, pre existing health issues due to smoking like chimneys, terrible diet and lack of exercise, weakened and compromised immune systems caused by generations of inbreeding – nothing to do with any of that – it’s obviously racist whitey telling a virus who to infect.
      The medical reality is that more white Men have statistically died of covid – nothing said about that because the more dead whiteys the better it would seem.
      Utter fucking madness.

        • It was “paèdôphile” Vern. One of the longest standing trigger words.

          • Aah, didn’t realise, cheers RTC – I’m off to hide now in case Admin tell me off! 🏃‍♂️😀

    • Very interesting Dick. Yes I have heard of Kuru. Similar to CJD except no cunt had been putting human brains in burgers. When animals eat other animals brains it causes these kinds of illnesses.

      Is it as high as 75% of people affected were in care homes? It’s a bastard of an illness, but it ain’t racist. People who are old or with weakened immune systems, or males seem to be more at risk.

      If a scientist had conclusive proof as to why black people might be more affected, even if he or she was correct, their career would be in ruins. The dark keys are that touchy.

  20. And Dr. Shaniqua Jones.

    Discovered Watermelonium.

    The very essence of BAME itself

  21. A lot of drink it in di congos are more prone to blue mink bat flu because they could never be arsed to learn the Queen’s English. They don’t bother to integrate or adapt, they get their shitty arses wiped by councils, interpreters, the NHS, solicitors and so on. They get money, healthcare, schooling and houses thrown at them and they hoover up every benefit in the book and live off the scratch for decades as they breed like bunnies on angel dust. The cunts also don’t bother to learn to read English either. So if they can’t read the letter that Bozza sent to every household in Britain or the warnings on the doors of shops and other places, then it’s a titty of the tough variety. If the fuckers didn’t just go around town centres spending Joe Taxpayer’s money and actually got of their arses and made an effort they’d have more of a chance.

    Fuck all to do with racism. Everything to do with complacency stupidity and getting their own way too much and too often.

    Oh, and BLM can fuck off and all.

  22. The solution to BAME is within itself. ( Minority ) If those of ther “minority” feel disadvantaged by being a “minority” , then perhaps they should relocate to a country that is of their ethnicity. Then they will no longer be a “minority”, they will be……HOME !

    Simple isn’t it. Just leave

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