Wimmin and those nasty Men

Wimmin, we must all be aware how badly the lockdown impacts women. All over the world women are locked down with the biggest threat to women…….MEN!

Domestic violence is a real problem, we all know that, none of us condone it. Thing is men as a whole are being demonised. Most relationships survive because the people involved have space away from home to breath. Stick at home tensions build, that’s no reason to beat the wife, but some men are locked down with nagging fish wives, constantly criticising, berating and making what was previously tolerable a living hell. Are we to be surprised some men snap, not to mention the men who are physically as well as mentally abused. No one is saying fuck all about the physical and mental health of men in this crises.

Individual men do bad things to women, but to use these hopefully exceptional circumstances to continue the feminazi war on the male gender in its entirety says so much about the women’s movement.

Some men are total cunts, so ladies are many of you. Daily I hear or see the media tell us how women are victims of the lockdown, some are indeed in increased danger during lockdown, but this is only part of the story.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

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The Ugly Face Of Lockdown: Domestic Violence Is On The Rise Globally

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  1. Excellent nom Sixdog. Perhaps this is an area, similar in a way to treatment of our elderly, where the virus is shining a light into areas that need dealing with. You rightly point out, that domestic violence in the home is not all one way. Men are often on the receiving end but we don’t hear so much about it because of the stigma attached to it for a man.

  2. Absolutely right. Some women can drive you fucking nuts. Especially if you’re locked inside a tiny flat 24/7 with one who’s a bit of a cunt.

    I’m lucky in that my other half is easy going for the most part. We have our little rows like any couple now and again, but nothing much. I am blessed. And so is she. I’m so fucking laid back it’s ridiculous. I come here to vent and it’s the only time and place I do it. Nah, I’m lucky with my other half right now.

    However, I did once live with a nutter on Prozac and all sorts of drugs for mentals. Yes, maybe not her fault (she became this way after a few years of being with me lol), but I have no doubt that she’ll be lashing out at her current fella/victim if locked up 24/7. Poor bastard, I say.

    But men can’t be victims of female psychological or physical abuse, of course.

    The one way reporting on this problem of being cooped up with an abusive partner really pisses me off. Yes, there are males who are utter cunts who slap their wives/girlfriends about. And the cunts should be beaten within an inch of their lives and locked up for 20 years. But there are women who do the same to men and as you say, say some seriously horrible psychological shit to some of their partners.

    Doesn’t count though. Because ‘wimmins’.

    • And, as I pointed out to a silly twat lesbian who said that at college once, with Rohypnol and Viagra, so are all women.

  3. Lock her in the kitchen making bacon butties.
    Everything fine.
    Allowed to fetch cans of lager but must then retreat to kitchen.

  4. Globally you say voice of women corp? Just where in world is domestic abuse the worst? Can you tell which countries are the worst for domestic assault? Any foreign countries in that mix perhaps?

    No what, you can’t?! because your liberal ideology pc viewpoint would call you racist if you did? and you’ll just use a white woman punched within an inch of life by her toxic white male partner as a stock photo? Okie dokie then feminazi cunts fuck off I don’t care

  5. K on closer inspection shes a mulatto or mixed race… but original point still stands Vow article doesn’t mention much just that its a “global problem” tho does mention india, china to be fair lol Australia has a 75 percent increase in domestic assaults wtf oz land the virus never even hit there that bad

    Don’t worry so much about domestic abuse voice of women worry bout the coming suicides and senseless killing things like that are sure to follow soon because of job losses and families, people not being able to pay the bills and provide for themselves due to covid 19

  6. I have a friend who suffered years of psychological and physical abuse at the hands of an extremely unstable woman. He went to his GP for help (she documented physical signs such as bruising and scratching) and was told to go to the police. The police told him to leave the house. When he pointed out that HE was actually the victim, he was met with a resigned shrug.
    Finally he broke when one day, she came up behind him at the top of the stairs and pushed him down, an encounter he was lucky to escape from with cuts and bruising. He went back to stay with his folks for a while and put in for divorce. Oh, guess who got custody of the child…

    • Some of these cunts are absolutely mental one week of the month.

      Had a mate who would take a regular hiding off his ‘bag for life’ for no reason whatsoever.

      It came to a head when he arrived home an hour late from the work’s Christmas do and she knocked out three of his teeth with a frying pan to the face and then scalded fuck out of the poor cunt with a pot of boiling gravy.

      His brother had to intervene after picking him up from the final session of skin grafts.

      I still remember the exact words he used after pinning the nasty piece of kit to the wall by her throat.

      ‘If you ever lay a finger on my brother again, I’ll kick the guts out of you. You horrible bit of cunt’.

      It worked. She moved out the same day.

  7. Whenever mine falls out of the wrong side of bed it takes her an hour to enunciate her backlog shopping list of bitter resentful regrets and grievances. I thought venting was to clear out and move forward but every days like fucking groundhog day.

  8. If we are such cunts why dont they all fuck off? Tell you why, because within 5 days there will be civil war. My missus has been away for weekend hen dos and on return has taken longer to tell me about the back biting and bitchery than she was actually gone…..CUNTS!

    • What they moaning about now?
      If your up by the 8 count its not domestic abuse.

  9. The header pic is brilliant, what the fuck is the cat stirring at …… that bloke must have his mouse out of his trousers 😂

  10. I do not talk much, not until I have had a few any way, I have survived thus far with the aid of a head set, invented tasking and alcohol coupled with a mid day nap.
    I made a new gate for the garden 2 weeks ago and with the salvaged timbre had the Mrs build a bird house for her sister.
    I cut and pre drilled it and she had to assemble it, seeing as she has ceribal palsy so fucked up on one side it was a challenge, but the first bit of wood work she has ever done.
    She is well chuffed, feeling for filled and peace rains in the household, ex was a bit of a psycho though, I walked out and never came back, did not argue the divorce, just said take it and fucked off.
    I feel sorry for the poor cunt who is doing lock down with her, probably found out why I left by now.

  11. I used the word “feminazi” recently and was immediately Rottweillered by my niece who said something like “I am offended by that word both as a woman and as a woman who is Jewish”. She´s actually only half-Jewish through her father, who incidentally never went near a synagogue, and she does not practice Judaism. I pointed out that anyone who expresses a point of view which the left does not agree is labelled a “Nazi” as a matter of course. This got me nowhere and I was told off by this minx who is 40 years younger than me that certain offensive words must “never” be used. I felt like telling her to eff off but as her father died when she was quite young and she is virtually a daughter to me, I bit my tongue. Thank God for ISAC! At least I can speak my mind here.

    • There’s a well known and very Jewish right wing commentator who I believed coined the phrase “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” I understand why you didn’t want to upset your niece, this is where wokeness leads though.

      Anyone shielded from facts to preserve their feelings is living a lie. Millennials meltdown over the smallest thing, largely because they are allowed to live in an a bubble protected from reality.

      Some reality is really upsetting and in most lives there’s many episodes of grinding through.

    • Sounds like she needs to cool off, Mr Polly. Be a good chap and get a shower prepared, for her!

    • ‘As a woman, as a Jewish woman’.

      Tell her to drop the self-loving crap and stop framing her worldview around her fucking identity.

  12. “She is virtually a daughter to me, I bit my tongue.”
    If that’s the case Mr Polly, you should have put her across your knee!

    • Mr Polly she needs to cool it.
      Tell her go take a shower.

  13. I’ve heard men who spout that “it’s never OK to hit a woman”…..they’ve obviously never seen some of Newcastle’s finest “Bonny Lasses” out for a night on the town…there are some extremely large, powerful and unpredictable ones amongst their number. They would think nothing of throwing the first punch and if they haven’t laid you out with that,you’d fucking well best get busy returning fire before they get a chance to reload and finish the job.

    PS….I wonder why so many fat boilers seem to have seedy little boyfriends? I know one lassie (she really is canny,mind) who must be 25 stone….her boyfriend’ll be lucky if he’s 10st wet through…..yet he has managed to impregnate her 3 times!.For a start I can’t understand how he can even get a lob on and supposing he did I can only assume that he must bend her over the settee and pork her from behind…it would be the only way to reach.

    • An observation shared by the Taiwanese girlfriend of a friend as they walked through Southampton’s Westquay shopping centre

      ‘Why are these English women who are so fat have skinny boyfriends?’

      *titters in Taiwanese*

      He never told her most were related.

  14. A wammen, seeking to be a customer of the police, shouts “help I’ve been graped”.

    The copper, with a rosy cheeked cheer and a wave, says “Surely you mean r*ped?”

    In a strong and empowered way, the feisty lass responds: “No there was a fucking bunch of them!”

    I understand now, the higher lurgi death rate in men: Help, virus save me from this loathsome hag! I’m outta here.

    • Only time I remember seeing a lad punch a girl I was about 12yrs, going to the youth club, all little baby skinheads me an my mates, this girl was older, few years, a lot taller and bigger than my mate, like Alf Roberts with a perm, she was shouting & creating a scene for attention and hit him a couple of times.
      He lost his rag an chinned her, he had to hop a little to reach, and I remember both the look of shock that hed retaliated and the feeling that she’d deserved it.
      She burst into tears, and later her brother was looking for my mate.
      And ever since ive understood that fat chicks cant take a punch 👊😫

  15. If they didn’t have tits and a pussy would you bother ehhhhhh no so fuck off

    • Very true. Trouble is, they DO have tits and a pussy, so we’re like wasps around a jam jar…

  16. That daft bint Amber Rudd has come out and said that government would make better decisions if there were more women ‘at the top’. Quite how one necessarily leads to the other, she doesn’t explain.

    • A fine example of sexism in all it’s glory Ron. Imagine the screaming and hollering and wetting of knickers if a bloke had said that we need more men ‘at the top’? Why are these fucking cunts allowed to get away with spouting such a load of bollocks? Perhaps men need to play the offended card a bit more.

    • I hate that kind of crap from femitwats like Amber Rudd – divisive garbage is what she’s spouting and we should be beyond that by now.

      • Misandric hate speech from Amber Rudd, yet again – imagine the uproar and tears from the libtards if Nigel Farage had said that. Rudd and the legion of hate baiters need to be called out over this.
        I fucking despise Amber Rudd – talentless, bone idle, opportunistic and on many occasions proven to be “economical with the truth”.

  17. Hmm, been away from my partner for a while now due to lockdown and it has opened my eyes to what a mean, sly, spiteful, bullying, needy, demanding, greedy (she has contacted me precisely twice, both times to demand I put money in her account because she has overspent on her credit card – again – and does not want to pay it – hey, I have an idea, sell one of your spare houses, cunt), lying, drunken, fantasist, money wasting gaslighting fucker she actually is – despite Covid19 I have genuinely never been happier in the time we have been apart – and I don’t want her in my life any more.
    Bombshell I say! But building up for a while.

    • Evening Vern. Do you see this as a relationship built on trust and endearing love?😀

      • Evening Bertie – it’s been coming for a while – when your partner bollocks you for “wearing the wrong sort of socks” (one of a thousand unjustified and slightly mental criticisms) it’s time to take a deep breath, get the fuck out of Dodge and head for the hills! 😄
        Now the decision is made it’s time to let her know, but I can’t think of a way to do it without hurting her – oh yes, phone call – “hello bitch, guess who’s single? – YOU! Bye”!
        She is unstable, to put it diplomatically – I expect unpleasantness.

        • In that case please keep us informed. 😉
          Here we go Loopy Lou etc.

        • Foxy do it by text.
          Owe her that at least.
          Whats the wrong socks?
          Not ones with cartoon characters are they?
          Im worried im a wrong socks type?
          Big wool hiking socks man.

          • I always wear Nike socks MNC (Or Ralph Lauren for formal occasions, ooh ducky!) – the Nike hiking ones are superb, and they last forever!
            This, apparently, makes me”a low claars embarrassing chav”! Madame pretension continually insists I purchase “hunting, shooting and fishing” outfits (I’ll fit right in walking through the middle of fucking York in them) and constantly tells me how embarrassing it is to introduce me to her “high class landowner friends” with my “inappropriate attire” – well she won’t have that problem anymore, plebeian working class oik I am!
            The damage was done when I spent a fucking fortune buying her a TAG Heuer Kirium watch for Christmas after six Months of less than subtle hints and she bought me a jar of peanut butter, before flouncing off to Christmas dinner with her Family, which she “forgot” to invite me to, pausing just long enough to order me not to drink any alcohol before she returned.
            But at least the peanut butter was crunchy not smooth – standards have to be maintained! 😄
            Now, about that busty blonde gal at Home Bargains.. (Beast, that’s what I am!)

          • All this talk of “hunting , shooting and fishing” and being introduced to “high class landowner friends”, you weren’t going out with Fanny Fiddler were you Vern?

          • Teddibly sorry, Vern, old bean, but if your trouble and strife refers to her “high class landowner friends” she, with all due respect, has not yet shed the taint of chav. The booted and spurred do not refer to themselves as ‘high class.’ Only parvenus do so. The tweeded gentleman confidently assaulting small birds upon his personal grouse moor is, by his own account, if you are crass enough to enquire, merely “upper middle class”. Ideally, the topic of class is never broached, and especially not in front of the help.

        • I agree with Komodo. She sounds quite the vulgarian.

          Not to be invited for soirees on certain Northumbrian estates.

  18. Moggie, if you can read this, I know you have grey fur. Is that you in the nomination picture in your ‘weekend’ fur? 🙂

  19. As long as there are stupid, needy, pathetic nobodies who are so desperate to be in a relationship that they’ll put up with this, and as long as there are fucking bullies, there’ll be domestic abuse.

    A few years ago there was a lot of noise about some law to allow concerned “partners” access to their “partner’s” criminal records. If you think there’s a chance your new squeeze might murder you, surely that’s quite a good reason to call the relationship off? But no, God forbid anyone should be expected to act sensibly.

    This of course applies to both sexes, but as Sixdog and others say, only women matter. Suicide rate? Prostate cancer? Nah, let’s wander around the park in a fucking pink top while demanding promotion at work despite being useless.


  20. Wimmin are insurgents. The game never stops and it’s a relentless testing of your manhood, pecking at your esteem and whispering sweet derogatory nothings in your ear.

    Not surprised domestic abuse is increasing when there’s a cunt laying IEDs for you to trip over all the bloody time.

  21. As an old chap I used to work with once said ‘marry a cooker not a looker’

    I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but as a few of my friends have found out the hard way, the lookers usually come with a vast array of mental disorders and emotional baggage over past boyfriends and tend to cheat.

    I believe the Americans call this dilemma the Crazy-Hot Matrix.

    • They’re ‘alpha widowed’. Either they had the top tier boyfriends and couldn’t retain them due to not being as high value (or just too crazy), or they had a succession of those guys just pumping them and using their box as a sperm receptacle.

      What a fucking headache. I’ll just take solitude and a fine whiskey.

  22. A wife, a dog and a walnut tree. The more you beat them the better they be.

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