Trump Dissenters

Trump Dissenters:

I’m perplexed as to why so many British people are obsessed with Donald Trump. These social commentators need an ‘extra-large cunting of apple pie’ cunting.

I find President Trump mildly amusing and struggle to understand why so many Brits genuinely hate him. Surely, there are worthier targets than him, by way of Country leader.

Kim Jong No! Our favourite “Rocket man” is shunned, sanctioned and constantly jibed about his looks, height, fanny parted hair and his crappy excuse of a Country. Constantly talking bollocks, Britain at best pretends not to notice him and at worst extends pity where detestation should be, as he improves the daily odds of nuclear Armageddon.

Let us consider “Mugabe-esque” President Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea who took power in a violent coup d’état in 1979. His cunt of a son is in line to succeed him and blows millions in government funds on a celebrity lifestyle whilst 1 in 5 children die before their fifth birthday. The surviving 80% of kids have no access to medicines, education or even clean drinking water.

What about Vladimir? Flying his retro 1960’s ‘cold war’ bombers near our airspace. Popping over to blighty to kill his ex KGB comrades whenever the fancy takes oh, and having small beady shark like eyes like ‘The Predator’. (The film not Sir Jimmy Wilson Vincent of Savil) puts Putin above Trump for a merited loathing surely?

King Mswati of Swaziland – Who? Sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch presides over a country which has one of the world’s lowest life expectancy at 33 years. All riddled with Aids apparently. The majority of people live on under a pound a day and unemployment tracks at 40%. King Mswati uses his kingdom’s treasury to fund expensive tastes in German cars, first-class global travel and on his eight wives.

Mention the C word, and their recent contribution to global mortality rates and you are classed as racist. I guess the British public will continue swiping at Trump, in the knowledge it is unaffecting US sentiment and he that probably doesn’t give a fuck anyway! CUNTS!

Nominated by Daz

38 thoughts on “Trump Dissenters

  1. Have to say I’m not a big Trump fan. I was delighted when he won the presidency, mainly cos he stopped Killary and the libtards dead in their tracks, and he winds the Left up like no one else can. But I also imagined he would prove to be a more thoughtful and less divisive president than he has been.

    The difference between Trump and those other tinpot despots mentioned in the nom is that Trump holds the unique position of being leader of the free world and as such what he says and does is likely to have far greater consequences for the planet than any other single actor on the world stage today.

    China excepted, those other cunts mentioned in the nom are pretty much irrelevant to anyone outside the unfortunate countries they rule over, including Putin whose influence is overrated and whose failing economy is smaller than South Korea or Italy for example.

    I’ll get my coat. (not for the first time – Ed.)

    • Trump is a useful idiot – but it would seem he is the only leader (I use that word in the loosest terms) who will stand up to the yellow peril.
      Talking of, one of the prominent HK protesters who was illegally arrested and incarcerated has now reappeared after significant pressure and exposure (yeah? You want some? Come get some you chink fuckers!) – seems to have “fallen down some stairs” though..
      Still thinking of sending our kid (gorilla boy the Muay Thai instructor) to kung flu land for a quick holiday though – he is nowhere near as kind as me!
      I admire the chinks “robust attitude” towards our peaceful and tolerant friends though! 😀👍👍👍
      Well, time to wake up the local chavs with some AC/DC – the Fox says “let there be rock”!

    • Trump was a breathe of fresh air to me, he is a ‘do’er’,he gets things moving.
      Hes just left the world health Organisation with a big hole in their funding,good.
      Riots are breaking out all over America over a black man who died after a policeman stood on his neck, this has been used to justify looting, rioting and attacks on the police.
      Trump should meet this with force, have the National Guard open fire, give police the go ahead to shoot them, he needs to take a firm hand.

      • Sacking off the World Health Organisation – a vassal of the Chinese state headed by an Ethiopian terrorist – was a seriously good move by Trump.
        We need to do the same.

  2. Nellie the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus
    Off she went with a trumpety trump
    Trump trump trump

    He is like an out if control elephant to me -the way he swings onto the stage (people getting out of the way), swaying about, everyone apprehensive for what he might do next, everyone waiting for his handler (pence) to take charge of the situation…
    Then blunders out…

    • The fool is useful, and a guaranteed second term. It will get unpleasant when the Police and National Guard start unloading though.
      Police brutality and manslaughter is wrong, but so is using it as an excuse to behave like feral savages.

      • It’s always the same, da black man always charges in with looting as soon they have the cover of rioting.
        Although what that cop did was pretty bad they must get really sick and tired of blacks kicking off all the time, not sure why they pinned him down they already had cuffs on him

  3. Good cunting Daz.
    I’ve never been able to understand the irrational lengths the media in this country go to, to try and paint this bloke in a bad light, whilst ignoring everyone else who represent a genuine threat to us.
    I’d put him in charge of the English Channel if I could. Our own spineless border force can’t even fend off a rubber dinghy full of invaders.

    • The UK media are by and large “left wing” snowflake champagne socialist remoaner commies – so they naturally hate anyone they brand as “right wing” – but the amusing irony is that THEY are the hate filled right wing.
      Trump would shut down the hateful commie BBC in a second.
      As would I.

  4. Discovered this week that his uncle, John G Trump, was the man in charge of analysing the 40 trunks worth of contents belonging to Nikola Tesla that was seized by the US gov when he died. Despite Tesla being a US citizen at that point. Interesting connection.

    If he wants to drain the swamp then he needs to put his mouth where his tango is and force the US military to release all the subsequent technology they developed using Teslas work.

    Give me my teleforce deathray machine you cunts! Oh, and free electricity.

    • Don’t forget my free pie! (I demand reparation for all the historical wrong done to me, blah blah, etc) 👍😀

  5. Trump Derangement Syndome could become a recognised psychological disorder.
    I hope he gets back in, for no other reason than he drives ‘wokers’, libtards and SJWs into an apoplectic seizure.

    • My sentiments exactly Ron.
      How long will it take before the left wing, “You’re all wrong and stupid” brigade realizes no-one is listening to them.

      • It won’t happen, the left wing lack any self-awareness or, in fact, any awareness at all. Did somebody mention free pie?

    • Totally agree RK
      Before the pandemic I thought trump was a Second term shoo-in but I believe the odds have shortened , and if he fails that will have huge ramifications on any UK trade deal, make no mistake the democrats want us locked into the EU, gobshite speaker of the house pelosi was over in Ireland recently stirring the pot regarding Brexit.

      Although a cunt of Saturn sized proportions he has kept the libtards are other assorted undesirable wankers on a short leash , watching their RAGE as tango man called out those utter cunts WHO, FACEBOOK and TWATTER is truly joyous , With fuck all (proper) sport happening the best ringside seat will be Watching the feathers fly in what will become a really dirty and spiteful American election campaign, and that’s where trump is truly at home ……
      Can’t wait ………

  6. I think it’s fairly normal for people to hate (jealously resent) those that they secretly admire that posess characteristics that they themselves wish they had. Trump is a also a very successful businessman in his own right worth billions no matter what critics say about how he got there. His ruthless streak would be envied by many as it is seen as a strength. Most people are afraid to take unpopular tough decisions for fear of being disliked and it doesn’t have to be anywhere near on a scale of being the American President. How many shop workers hate their managers for being thick skinned but also wish they had the guts to do the job and earn the salary?

    People love to hate on those who’ve made it to the top and nobody has made it to the top more than Trump and he doesn’t give a shit. Is he a cunt? Of course he is. He had a helping hand from daddy’s millions who was also a cunt to springboard him in the right direction. He’s a mysoginist but at the same time has most likely got hundreds if not over a thousand women in the sack over his lifetime.

    You see, it just shouldn’t happen to guy like Trump should it? By rights he should be ostracized to the shithouse and begging for friendship right? Wrong, it doesn’t actually work like that. He may well have 500 sworn enemies, but he will have thousands of friends that would die to be in his company or to do business with.

    Myself, I would prefer him to be in my tent spitting out, rather than have him outside spitting in.

  7. All the fucking protests when he came over here were an absolute disgrace, all fuelled up by the left wing media, if I were Trump I wouldn’t have bothered and said fuck off to the UK.
    Old Fu Man Chu comes over and a token protest outside the embassy, that’s it

  8. Fucking love big Donald.
    He upsets everyone.
    He also has the balls to take on Chy-na and anyone else that pisses him off.
    Our “elite” could learn a great deal from him.
    Soft cunts.

    • Sixdog, is that a bit like in adverts on the telly and magazines?

      “Buy this, you’ll pull all the birds/fellas with it”.

  9. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I love The Donald. I’d say around 90% of his campaign promises have been kept. Building a better wall in the border, better trade deals with the Chinks, American jobs for American Workers, bringing industry back to America, America first. If he gets his again I bet he will bring back the economy stronger than before. Always thought that as he’s a business he gets what the ordinary American wants, a half decent job with good pay, lower taxes and spare cash to spend and boost the economy. He’s far from perfect but I’ve always thought that what you see is what you get with Donald. He’s boosted spending on the economy whilst trying to negotiate with hostile parties contrary to what the lefts expected. It’s important to us as well that he gets in again for a good trade deal. Plus who’s Mrs do you want to see for another four years? Melania or Joe Bidens old bag?

  10. I was on the fence but Trump is a fucking Cunt Cunt. He mobilized the National Guard in Atlanta and the twin cities after the George Floyd death. Basically he said, “bring it on”, and the daft cunt also said via tweet: Where there’s looting, there is shooting.” He’s gonna get his fucking arse kicked. Dumb Motherfucker.
    You do not mess with the Second because we will rise up Motherfucker. We almost breached the walls of the White House today.
    You dumb Motherfucker.

  11. Excellent cunting Daz,
    it seems it’s fine for liberal cocksuckers to sneer at “thick fat Americans”, because that’s somehow not racist, or stereotyping. Trump infuriates them, and that’s great by me.

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