Siddiq Khan

Siddiq Khan is a useless posing posturing little cunt who does not have a fucking clue. Berlin and Paris transport systems running but tfl fucking fucking buggered and held to ransom by union bullies to whom he is in hock. CUNT! Fucking little shit voted in by foreigners who now rule a London.perhaps it should be a suburb of some foreign country? Little cunt and his acolytes ruining our (once) great capital city. CUNT

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  1. If you have to get on a London bus these days (as I do once a week) your ears are assaulted every 60 seconds by some plummy voiced tart, who is obviously trying to pretend to be the Queen saying that “TfL are currently running buses for ESSENTIAL journeys…. stay home and save lives”. I think this is the same trollop that does old Saddick’s greatest hit on the railway “see it, say it, sort it”.

    Only a foreign twat would think that made any sort of sense.

    Poor old Khan is so far up his own arse he doesn’t seem to know that not all of us have chauffeur driven cars, and that in the real world it is occassionaly necessary even for a post 70 year old to have to go out. I seriously think this fatuous cunt is far worse than Ken Livingstone or Boris Johnson, but the motherfucker will probably win again next year because of what he is matching so many of his voters.

  2. He’s a terrorist supporting shitweasle and I have no idea how he actually got his position as mayor of Londonistabistan.
    There’s plenty of proof of his allegiance to these shitstains but Snopes, another sanctimonious sack of shit posing as factual detail prefers to gloss over that and concentrate on the erroneous suggestion he defended the 9/11 attackers.

    Snopes deserves a cunting in itself but Sad Diq Khunt is a kolossus in Kuntiousness and he’s currently hiding under some Thameside rock like the feckless and wretched coward that he is while pandemicomonium reigns in his ‘vibrant’ capital, the bus shuffling wanker.

    • He got the position of Mayor of London because the peacefuls voted for him to be the Labour candidate and then the peacefuls voted for him again in the mayoral election. Proof that Islam and democracy are not compatible.

      And he’s a cunt for supporting cyclists in London. London cyclists are pests who endanger pedestrians and these cunts should be banned from London. The worst ones are those aggressive selfish cunts who stick GoPro cameras on their helmets and cycle around looking for confrontations with motorists. One of London’s problems is that it has too many cyclists and not enough lorries turning left.

    • He got his position because of the number of Muslims in London. There’s loads of them, and whenever possible, they’ll vote for their own over other or better candidates, every time.

  3. He is a little cunt. Boris tell everyone this week that it is time to go back to work, but if at all possible walk, bicycle or take the car into work. The London congestion and emission charges have been dropped whilst the country has been in lockdown. It is £24 a day to take your car into London, £160 if you forget to pay it. Khan has immediately reintroduced the charges and I understand is increasing them from 1st June. Meanwhile TfL are running a reduced service so that overcrowding on public transport is inevitable.
    The pipsqueak cunt is doing everything he can to thwart any government action and at the same time endangering the health of those trying to go back to work.
    A massive, massive cunt.

    • On Sunday Boris told people to go back to work on Wednesday, but a lot of people decided to do it on Monday, a mistake that the left did nothing to correct (and I thought old Kweer Charmer was a “details” man).

      I forgot to mention in that photograph of the little shitstain, it looks as if he struck it lucky when he ran into Lord Adonis on Hampstead Heath.

    • Breaking news!!**
      Jeremy Corbyns brother Piers (good working class names) has been arrested at a anti lockdown protest.
      Hose him in the cells constable and plenty of truncheon, his sort like that.

      • He’s an Ike supporter who also claims that the virus is linked to 5G technology!
        It seems senility runs in the family.

          • Not really been a good day for Jeremy. BBC reporting his chief flag bearer, Jon Lansman, is to step down from his role as chairman of momentum. Wonder what gender bending nûtter will take his place? Hopefully it’ll be a really dirty fight among the potential contenders to replace him to give the press something else to talk about other than covid.

    • Isn’t the little turd being driven around in a bulletproof Range Rover or something?
      Do as I say, not as I do…
      Fucking pipsqueak.

      • It seems the pandemic is a cover for the government to microchip the population, according to tin foil hat Piers. Imagine being the ex leader of a bunch of batshit crazy anti-Semite fruitcakes and your not the biggest nutter in the family.

  4. I genuinely hope this cunt doesn’t get voted in again whenever the next Mayoral elections but if he gets the Snackbar vote that’s got to be at least a million. I may vote for the black Tory cunt, Sadiq is way out of his depth the midget cunt.

    • He showed what he had in mind for London when he banned the ad with the woman in the bikini, and he hadn’t been in office five minutes, the little son of a b….us driver.

      London 2020 ditto Britain 2035 if parliament gets full of Sad-dicks I’m afraid. It’s now time to abolish the position of London Mayor at put Boris in charge of both. It’s got to happen otherwise we (cheerful beer drinkers and bra-less tee shirt wearers) are in deep shit.

      Anyone fancy a curry tonight?😜

    • Sean something? He looks like a strong credible candidate but he’ll have his work cut out with the snackbar voting block.

  5. TfL on the verge of bankruptcy, Suckdick in a panic, whacks up the congestion charge and extends the days and times. No wonder he’s been so quiet lately, cunt has been busking down the Tube. Of course it’s all the fault of the wicked Boris, fucking raaay-sist. The libtards and snowflakes are crying stitch up but Sickdick is saying nothing. Fucking useless terrorist loving peaceful bastard.

  6. It’s his fault that TfL is under funded – he’s frozen the fares to be Mr Popular. The Congestion Charge is a tax on the poor – only fat a-rabs and Sadiq voters will be able to drive in London now.

    Now the cunt’s got an extra year in office. You’d think he might actually get voted out but that’s not likely whilst postal voting still exists.

    • The postal vote for the next Mayoral election has already been counted, and Khan has won with a 27 million majority.

      • And with amazing dedication 27,000 dead people rose from the grave to vote, 22,000 ten Year olds voted and 41, 422 goats also voted!
        Allegedly! 🤣

  7. The fucking twat has now taken Park Lane northbound down to 1 lane from 3 in order to accommodate a bus lane and a cycle lane.


    He is the worst sort of cunt. A stupid cunt.

    • The cunt will pedestrianise Oxford Street in a years time…when no cunt goes there anymore. The daft cunt.

      • I know BWC. I’m a self employed business to business courier based in Kent. I drive all over the country and try to avoid Laaahndan like the plague. Sometimes it’s unavoidable though….

        I fucking despise the place. Between them, Bozza and Khant have completely fucked it.

        Khant wants cleaner air. Fine. He seems to think that by eradicating traffic he will achieve this. What the gormless cunt doesn’t seem to accept is that probably 80% of traffic in central Laaahndan at any given time is commercial. In other words it’s people who are there to service the city, deliver stuff etc. It’s not full of people driving around for the fucking fun of it.

        Get rid of the traffic and the city will die, simple as that.

        The way to help the economy AND clean up the air is to get the traffic moving, not sat there doing nothing but pumping out fumes.

        Khant and his like are too fucking thick to see this. It’s far easier to introduce ridiculous, virtue-signalling, anti-motorist measures (paid for by the very people being adversely affected) than actually do something effective.

        The fucking cunt.

        • Agreed, GTW.
          The sheer amount of people living in London requires loads of vehicles delivering to restaurants, pubs, retail shops, small local supermarkets etc. If you don’t want as much traffic in London then don’t have as many people living in central London.
          Much easier for him to blame and charge the motorist as it raises masses of money and pleases the environmentalists. Apparently London fails it’s yearly pollution target within two days or so.
          What a pile of cunt.

      • The plan is to pedestrianise It and introduce a wet market on Mondays and Wednesdays selling bat’s balls, pangolin pies and fuck knows what else.

          • Evening B&W. The dream moves ever closer!
            We could even be the last to win it! Who knows? 😀

          • They may as well play three more games, we’ll win at least two of them and be crowned Champions. If Coronavirus gets me at least I’d have seen the Reds as champions. YNWA.

        • There is of course no truth to the despicable rumour that there is also a hidden slave market selling heroin addicted 12 Year old white girls! 😄

  8. Build a fucking great wall around the whole city, just like “Escape from New York”. Then all the assorted third-worlders, döoshkas and white leftwing scum would have to fight it out.
    My money’s on the gentlemen who stab first and don’t ask questions later.
    David Lammy could emulate Isaac Hayes and declare himself King.

  9. There’s no chance of this cunt getting voted out i’m afraid. He’s got the peaceful vote wrapped up and he knows how to appeal to the libtards………just shout about Brexit, Trump and lick the Thunderbirds arse. I was hoping the Monkeyboy Rory would take some remoaner votes off him but he’s bottled it, the wanker.

  10. Why don’t Boris run for Mayor again? He could do it alongside being PM, the Turk cunt.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  11. Surely none of us expected the turd to rise to the occasion and provide meaningful leadership during the present crisis.

    • Interesting viewing indeed.
      Two quotes from the khunt:
      From the video;
      “As far as I’m concerned London is a safe city”.
      From a previous soundbite:
      “Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city”.

      Will he care to define what exactly constitutes safe terrorism?
      Joe Daky cunt.

  12. That clip was unbelievable ffs every statistic up and by a considerable margin yet he still says it’s safer
    Be safer in fucking Karachi

  13. Hmm…tricky one this,need to have a think..
    Oh no got it..
    1 week Ebola virus in a Bolivian prison.
    Then OVEN.
    Fuck me I despise this gravy faced tin pot cunt.

    • What do you use to clean your oven Terry? I’ve used two cans of Mr Muscle on ours today 4 quid each and it still looks like a black hole.

      • Clean it? No need it’s extremely busy getting rid of flotsam and jetsam.
        Extra wide doors fitted for Flabbot etc.
        The vermin.

  14. Sadiq, Sadique, Siddiq, Siddique – how many names has slimy Sid the bikini hating peaceful loving rodent got? (our peaceful friends tend to have multiple names to avoid Police detection and maximise benefits payments).
    Four giros as well as his huge and undeserved salary? For destroying the Worlds greatest City and turning it into a foreign land infested with murderers?
    What’s the word I’m searching for? Oh yes – cunt! See also “traitor, t*rrorist supporter, misogynist, incompetent, petty, spiteful, cowardly, dishonest, opportunistic, sly, thick, greedy, lazy, self serving and devious”.
    A Politician then.
    But he did me a right deal on some water cannons though – all I had to do was mention some photos I allegedly may have of suckdick at one of Kinky Keiths parties! 😄

  15. Dad was a bus driver, dad was a bus driver,
    So fuckin what?
    What was grandad? Bandit? Opium farmer? Jihadi?
    Just do one, run along its curry for tea….

  16. No Person with less than 200 years ancestry to this country, should be allowed to stand for any elected position. This would obviously mean that those seeking the nipple of supported living from the flying carpet showrooms would have no effective voice whatsoever. Khan ( and his ilk ) would also not be eligible for any employment above ground during the hours of daylight, and that would be a requirement applicable for the 200 year period needed to qualify for surface employment.

  17. Siddiq Khan? Who he?

    I’ve heard of Sadiq Khan, he’s mayor of Londonistan, apparently. Currently demanding £2 billion off the Government with menaces. And his dad drove a bus around, allegedly.

    • Ian Durys dad was a London bus driver too, he wrote a couple of songs about it.
      Is being a bus driver a big deal in London?
      No offence if anyone heres a bus driver but here up North we dont see it as that glamorous or boast about it.

      • It’s supposed to suggest Suckdick’s worked his way up to the top from humble working class stock, man of the people, feels ordinary cunts’ pain, etc.

        Just like Kweer Shitstabber said his dad worked in a factory and Emily Thornpiggery aka Lady Nougat said her one parent family mother made a living cleaning toilets etc, etc, etc…. blah-blah yawn.

        • Poor Emily’s Mum had to sell a number of servants to make ends meet – and at one point they were down to their last three holiday homes 😢

        • Ruff@
          Oh I see.
          Here in cheshire our dads are humble premiership footballers and Tv execs not la di da bus drivers!

      • Not a lot of people know this but the father of actress Geneviève Bujold was a bus driver in Montréal, Canada.
        Bruce Springsteen’s dad drove a bus in New Jersey, USA. Wonder if any of his songs were dedicated to his old mans career?
        One of Britains last hangmen, Harry Allen, assistant for years to Albert Pierrepoint, was a bus driver in Ashton-u-Lyne.
        These are things I know about bus drivers.
        Never let it be said I’m not hedukayshunul.

  18. I hate Sadiq Khunt. He’s a massive fucking Khunt. He is playing a part in the ongoing ruination of Greater London.
    Street violence and stabbing in stab city, it’s a disgrace, Khunt does nothing.

    I am a traditionalist. There is no way on God’s Green Earth that we should have a – Brown / Pakistani / Immigrant / Mudslime – as the Mayor of the greatest city in the world.

    It makes me fucking SICK!!!

  19. I have a friend who works in the Underground. TfL has fucked uo big time. They have wasted so much cash on Crossrail, spunked cash on numerous LBGT “initiatives”, and can’t get staff to cone back off furlough – in their wisdom, they decided to top up the 80% government cash with another 20% from their, I mean our, pockets. So, 100% salary to stay at home – who the fuck wants to come back? Tube drivers who “self isolate” don’t have to report it as sick-time, so tne fuckers are having as many sickies as they want. Staff who have also been off sick for over a year. The government have given TfL over a billion quid, but half is a loan and was conditional on the congestion charge being raised and put back in place. As much as I hate the cunt Khunt, this time it is the government’s fuck up.

  20. The transport cunts in London have been taking the piss for years.

    I agree that unions should be permitted to exist to stop employers and governments from taking the piss, but when you have an essential service, like getting to fucking work, then they themselves need to be stopped from piss taking.

    Over 100k p.a. to drive a fucking tube train? Are you fucking kidding me? I believe the recruitment process is full of nepotism too. A huge number of them off for a year on ‘the sick’ with full pay. Most of them refusing to come back to work because they’re given the choice of staying home on full pay.

    And when things do go back to some kind of normal, they’ll be suddenly on strike every five minutes again for another undeserved huge pay rise or just to grab a long bank holiday for themselves because some cunt got deservedly fired.

    The tfl lot remind me to of the worst of the 70s unions who crippled the country.

    Take their contracts off them, fire the fucking lot of them and start again with the warning to he new lot, ‘Don’t take the fucking piss.’

  21. Panda Boy is a fucking disgrace 👎👎
    Not worth the oxygen or comment a total cunt👍👍khan on your🚴‍♀️👍

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