That nom about ‘Wasps’ has got me thinking. I woud hate to be a wasp. Or any insect. Then it occurred to me there are millions upon millions of people who DO believe that we humans can turn into insects.
It is a central belief in Hinduism, Buddhism. If you don’t act well and ‘gain merit’ in this life you run the risk of being reincarnated into a lower form of life. You could end up as a cockroach!.
But I have nothing in common with a cockroach. I dont know about a cockroachy carry on. I am unfamiliar with cockroach culture. I know they live under fridges in Kebab shops but what is that to do with me?
Remember the belief is that you, yes you, dear Cunter are in the body of a cockroach. You still have the same consciousness, the same personality, your memories are the same. But you’re a cockroach now. It’s a horrible idea.
Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’ finds himself turned into a huge insect one morning waking up. The insect is not stipulated. The whole book is just one long description if him coming to terms with his metamorphosis. What makes it so disturbing is that it is Gregor Samsa as an insect.
Kind of a trendy religion Buddhism isn’t it? The Western converts are usually a bit precious, a bit superior I find. There is one Cunter on here fits that bill perfectly. He wouldn’t ‘hurt a fly’. I might take the opportunity the next time he posts in that vein to challenge him–‘you wouldn’t hurt a fly; is that because you’re worried about turning into one?’.
Yes because that’s what’s never mentioned at dinner parties when Buddhism is discussed. Its all about ‘meditation’ and ’emptying your mind’. But reincarnation is just a central part of Buddhist belief as Hindu belief. A constant cycle of death and rebirth until you escape by reaching Nirvana.
You know we a have a ding dong on here about religion but I think we could all agree that this belief system is very strange.
Really for me Eastern religion is so alien to us in England.
To end controversially (as is my wont) but yes with our Christian heritage we are actually closer (in belief not culture) to Islam. They believe in one God. They believe when you die you either go to heaven or hell. They believe in a final judgement.
I prefer (just) that belief to those Eastern religions like Buddhism and Hinduism with reincarnation at they heart.
But of course Christianity is our natural home.

Nominated by Miles Plastic