Piers Corbyn

A gather round, crowd-funded cunting please for the old wreck of a man who happens to be Jeremy (“I nearly ran the country you know”) Corbyn’s brother, who has been arrested for encouraging a lot of brainless wankers to “protest” at the lockdown (no he probably doesn’t know it has been eased).

What a family that bunch of working class hero arseholes are (though there were not that many Piers, Jeremys, Hilarys or Harrietts in the working world I worked in).

Apart from the fact that the lockdown is hardly being observed today, just one of the crowd who gathered there today with their fey theatrical hugging could pass the virus on to who knows how many people, then magnify that to the rest of the twats who might be carrying it.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

71 thoughts on “Piers Corbyn

  1. Mate I am up for this, certain groups should be encouraged to group hug, share needles and go to longest flagpole competitions under pylons!
    I have no problem with it at all, shame I did not know about it earlier I would have made leaflets for the neighbours!

    • Lay a coach on for the cunts. May I suggest a possible venue for the next rally?
      Any fucking m0squê.

        • Correct my sincerest apologies. Any chance of paking said van in the m0sque? After its driven through a fucking p1g sty?

  2. Look at the state of the cunt. Their parents were peace campaigners, appeasers and veggie commie bastards in the 30’s. The Apple never falls far from the tree especially when you spend so much time hugging it and talking to it like a cunt. Fucking pair of hippy dippy wankers.

  3. Never heard of the cunt(thankfully), since when did Davros start wearing a wig?

  4. Is that Creampuff somewhere in the crowd with his “I’m not a number, I’m a free man” placard?

    • Evening L.L.

      Cheeky fucking cunt appropriating my catchphrase!

      By the time I’ve finished with him he won’t know whether he’s 5G infected or the cube root of infinity.

      • Evening Creampuff, I know the bloody cheek of it. When watching footage on the news I’m sure I heard somebody yell “This country is finished” too.

  5. Piers is the wildman of the Corbyn brothers.
    The Liam to Jezzas Noel.
    Got nicked on a protest the other day!
    Coppers described him as “a right handful”!
    A six man takedown.
    Piers likes a conspiracy theory got one for every occassion.
    Jeremy looks upto him, a real rebel!
    Anarchy in the Uk coming some time maybe?

    • Yeah just look at his untamed flowing locks, geography teacher blazer and ‘fuck you’ attitude that scream rebel. I wonder what he is yelling about? “Access to artisan vegan sourdough bread is a human right!”

  6. I think you are being harsh on piers, I like his GMTV presenting, ….oh wait…I am a total cunt… wrong piers…I will get my coat…cab sarf of the river mate…pronto

  7. Piers might be batshit crazy and believes that Corvid -19 is not a virus but the bodies reaction to 5G technology. He says NASA never went to the moon but he’s certainly not alone on that.
    However, he’s a firm brexiteer who has called for a no deal Brexit. He called for the destruction of all EU nationalistic symbols in the UK and the resignation of all “remainist” MPs. This makes him OK in my book. So on reflection, I would rather vote for him than his brother! 😀

    • Tired old Man. Needs his bed. In the ground.
      We never went to the Moon? A very good telescope can spot the debris from the landings – and a lizard with a big placard saying “Shut the fuck up Icke, nobody’s supposed to know”! 🤣

    • So much for rationality… 🙄 Please tell me Percy made you write that.

      Evening Bertie. 😂

      • Evening Ruff. We’ve listened to the supposedly “sane” politicians and social media influencers in the past and what fuckin’ good has that done us?
        It’s time to give all fruit loops a go now to see what they can come up with. God knows, we’ve got some on this site who’ve tried to show us the way! 😂

        • I’ve been through the ‘listening to fruit loops’ stage Bertie. I have a degree in David Icke studies.

          I now listen solely to my trusty crap detector.

          • .” I have a degree in David Icke studies.”
            Exactly, you’re one of those I was talking about! 😀

          • Rishi Sunak says we’re in for

            “a severe recession the likes of which we haven’t seen before”.

            Who could ever have predicted that?

        • I used to Be the Rt Hon Percival Blunts Political assistant Berti but had to resign due to racism and bullying – there was nowhere near enough of it! 😀

          • Didn’t you move on Vern to be Priti Patel’s whipping boy? 😅

    • He is also very anti climate change and St. Greta . Together with his stance on Brexit it makes him almost OK in my book.
      Completely off topic I know but if you read Tim Shipman’s (political editor of The Sunday Times) book All Out War, the story of the referendum campaign you may well think that the most effective parliamentarian for the Leave vote was Jeremy Corbyn. He came out for Remain but then did everything he could to sabotage their campaign.

  8. This cunt, believe it or not, is actually the brains of the family. Jezbollah himself, left (private school) with very low grade A levels, then failed to complete his politics degree because he spent all of his time arguing with his lecturers.
    A pair of eternal protesters who have nothing to offer anyone, except of course, friendship and support for all the enemies of the West.

    • Shades of Marlon Brando in The Wild One- ‘ What are you protesting about?’ ‘What have you got ?’

      • Two vegan ethically sourced skinny soy lattes GG!
        And a change of pants by the look of this addled old fucker.
        Sad to see in a way – narcissists never seem to know when their time is done and crawl away with dignity.
        Commie by any chance?

  9. Piers and Jeremy.

    Two working class names those…

    Can anyone say, ‘Chahampaaaagne Soshulistahhhz!’

    • “Stand behind me Jeremy its gonna go off, FUCKIN NAZI PIGS!!

      “Piers dont! Father will be furious’…

      • “It’s all kicking off”
        “What a riot”?
        “No, the queue for the vegan burgers”

  10. Sorry Admin (again) 27 males arrested at addresses across Bradford for alleged child sex offences. When will their names be released?

    • One of the cunts will look vaguely white and will be named as Alan Smith or something. The 26 Mohammed’s will be ignored.

      • Alan Smith? White chap? Played for Arsenal?

        Wow! His tackles weren’t the only dodgy aspect about him then.

  11. A flyer for the protest said ‘no to mandatory vaccines, no to the new normal, and no to the unlawful lockdown”. Well I agree with all of that.

    • Oh, for the good old days of the SPG – now they knew how to beat a lefty half to death without leaving a bruise! 😀👍
      Proper coppers.
      On other news, OFCOM have referred my complaint back to the BBC.
      I fucking give up.
      (Actually, no I don’t – because if I do those bastards have won).

      • Ah yes Vern, that was in the good old days when proper coppers actually did some good. I had a mate in the Sweeney late-60’s, you should have heard some of the stuff they got away with.

  12. The twat actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the weather and climate bollox. Twat cunt.

    • Yeah hes a weatherman (not the leftie terrorist group) a meteorologist.
      Far cry to when they were just ordinary pëadò files in homemade jumpers.

    • That’s the problem with Piers, to me he has the climate change debacle spot on and thinks St Greta of Thundercunt is a front but alas his loony leanings to other things like 5G makes him an easy target to debunk everything he spouts.
      Definitely no to the new normal for me too.

    • Yeah, hear him on talkradio with Mike Graham quite often. Really seems to know his climate change bollocks and has got XR nailed for the cynrs they are.

    • Hehee! Larry David!😁
      Does look like him but with a old dears perm and blue rinse!
      Piers, curb your enthusiasm.

        • Should be “stop and fucking search”!
          “Empty your pockets lefty”!
          Mints, incontinence pads, camomile tea bags, well thumbed copy of “Das Kapital”, gel insoles, dirty picture of Abbott (Share and share alike eh lads!).
          Bring back the SPG!

  13. The old twat should be grateful he can protest – go to mother Russia and see how they treat anyone who disagrees with the government. Oh and take your brother”s Lenin cap with you.

    • Well it’s one way to get your photo taken outside the Kremlin!
      As a bullet ridden corpse.
      I have a cunning plan (as someone once said!) – Fox V the World leaders – no holds barred brawl and the winner gets the losers Country – I predict a lot of Countries will be ours soon!

      • I think Vlad might give you a good contest. You’re right about all the other fuckers though. Love to see you take on Kim Jong-un!

        • Mickey C@19:47 – what? And ruin little Kim’s hair? Vlad the bad may be old, but still a very well trained bare hand k*ller.
          An interesting match – slay per view!
          Now, back to “The Gauntlet” – Clint’s in trouble, but I don’t fancy their chances!
          Or mine, of getting through all this Wife beater before I pass out! 😀🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  14. Oh no! Not another cunt called Piers! Has ANYBODY ever come across one in normal life? I’m a 73 year-old cunt now, and can honestly say I’ve never encountered one – ever!

      • Southend Pier was a rare treat when I was a kid. A fine Victorian structure, the longest pier in the world. You walked to the end, spent your pennies in the arcade and then came back on the little train. Candy Floss and sticks of rock…….happy days.
        Brighton Pier was quite nice but you wouldn’t allow a kid anywhere near Brighton these days, for obvious reasons.

        • Few years ago Freddie, did a H&S course where we had to check somewhere, assess it for safety, fire, first aid etc
          We did Eastbourne Pier.
          I scored it pretty bad but was being fair, found a few issues.
          Laterin the pub they were all teasing me,” tight cunt”, “jobsworth” etc.
          Few weeks later the fucker burnt down!!

  15. Those 60+ and/or with underlying health conditions need protecting and there were ways to do this. But placing pretty much everyone under house arrest without committing a crime, removing their so-called freedoms and causing economic damage that will take decades to mend was not the right way to do it.

    • Agreed. Keep protecting vulnerable old folk, but everyone else needs to get back to work sharpish.

  16. Went for a job interview at Psychic Times magazine in 2015.
    The Head of HR asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years time..?”

    “Not doing a lot. Lying on the sofa, watching shit TV and drinking too much”….

    • Robert Baden Powell, as was – did a topping Jesus Christ!
      But better in the “Detectives” with Jasper Carrott.
      Filthy potheads!
      And possible hippy – get a bath and cycle back to Greenham common you smelly bugger!
      Hippies? Where’s my fucking rifle..
      On other news, the Fox is shitfaced, and engaging in a fucking fiiine best of James Brown compilation.

      • Baaaby, give it up and turn it loose!
        Sorry, shit at vocals (I have the bass of Barry White!)

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