Loud Foreigners

I would like to cunt loud the street foreigners who feel the need to have conversations at fucking full volume.

I say this because earlier, it was the Chinks – even in their car – probably looking for stray dogs, then Nigerians unfiltered and now I’m home, I’m hearing the dozy Porto bint next door in the garden on her fucking phone, so loud she can be heard in Portugal without the fucking phone, and soon it will be the non-stop screaming Pakistani kids across the street.

So good being stuck in the house for the next few months….it is going to be fucking ace.

Nominated by Fuglyucker

71 thoughts on “Loud Foreigners

  1. Hello neighbour.
    I had her down as Spanish but Portuguese sounds right.
    Isn’t diversity wonderful?
    Good cunting.

  2. We must all just embrace and ‘celebrate’ the vibrancy or risk the wrath of those who know best.

  3. This is why we have white flight, English families fuck off from areas they have lived for decades and the invaders bring it down to township levels, the area needs more police more social workers more cash pissed away for cunts none of us asked for,

  4. Had the misfortune of travelling into town for a hospital appointment recently.

    Fucking split link student bitch, screaming shite into phone held horizontally infront of face. Check.

    Walking in the middle of the road? Yep.

    Spreader of vile bat snaffling diseases. Yes again.

    Three previous cuntings in one hit.
    More chance of hitting a 180, if the pub ever reopens.

    Why do these cunts think everyone wants to hear their phone call?
    Secondly why the need to show off your ownership of a mobile phone? Hardly elitist in this day and age.
    Cunts badge of honour.

    • I’ve stopped using my mobile phone as I have so much time on my hands…like the 1980’s. I have started writing to people, loudly. Type on the PC shouting my words with my windows open. All my friends are getting letters next week from me. Both of them! CUNTS!

    • The only people than gain from this are the cunts that grab the phone and run off, normally i would say jam an aircraft carrier up their arses, but when it comes to nicking these fuckers phones im ok with that….

  5. I suppose it cuts both ways: head off to Spain and the usual resorts, and you’ll find drunken Brits shouting loudly and very slowly in pidgin English to the locals – as if that’s going to help!

    When I lived in Birmingham there were certain areas – Sparkbrook, Aston, Handsworth, Tyseley – that may as well have had their own British embassies, because you’d be pushed to find anything remotely British or English in any of them. Plus you’d need a translator just trying to get your head round West Indian, Pakistani, Booshka, Iron Curtain, and Rinky Dinks shouting and balling from across the street, or from their rust-bucket taxis!

    • Exactly Technocunt, loud foreigners are cunts whenever they are in the world and I bet if there was a Spanish ‘is a cunt’ website they’d be cunting loud British cunts every day.
      These common British cunts (of all shades) abroad make me ashamed to be British…absolute trash. No class whatsoever, yeah let’s get pissed and fuck abaaaaaht. I went on a holiday a while back and some British youngster must have got pissed and decided it would be fun to jump from each others balconies in a tall hotel building and be loud cunts. At least one maybe two of the daft cunts fell to their deaths, put a right downer on my holiday and the hotel had to check our balcony.

  6. When Britain went overseas we civilised rather than colonised places; now the reverse is happening.

  7. The most common word heard shouted in my town centre is “Korrr-va” with a roll on the ‘r’ for extra emphasis. It’s peppered around other Dooshka-mooshka crap, spoken loudly as if the responder were 100 yards away, and punctuated by spitting.

    They wear baggy, grey trackky-bottoms, all look like they’ve recently leapt out of a lorry, and elevate pîkeys from the bottom rung of the food chain.

    • It means “Prostitute”, you can counter with “yebe say” that means fuck you.
      or korrva tvoy matter, (your mother is a whore) if you like.

      • Yes, the worst word in Polish.
        It’s used elsewhere in Europland but has less impact.
        The other common one is Albanian and sounds like, “Szzzib szeer” said through gritted teeth which means “fuck” but pales in frequency to Korrr-va.
        Third most common is “Zzychub-charubb” which is Romanian for “taking” or “thieving.”

        Morning Lord B. I expect you’re fluent in Serbian or Croat.

        • yes, a few dialects, they changed the cunty language when I was there to show the division between serbs and Croats the croats re wrote their language so “Airodrome” (bet you can guess what that is) Became “Zracni luka” (airport Russina), Football became “Nogomet” fuck me even the russians say football no idea why they came out with that one.

          pill is albainian for cunt, pula romainian for cock, and UM is turkish for cunt, and my favourite “Mas prashak honan!” is albainian for do not pick your nose, that I learnt when we had an albanian pastry chef, said it a little to often and do not eat Burek.

  8. On my extensive travels and experiences throughout life, the loudest are the following:

    1. Drunk Scandinavians (Danish and Swedish males, in particular – the football fan/hooligan types not the wimpy Swedish male cunts they have here and there). Although very quiet when sober, they can drink a fucking lot without falling over, but become very, very loud after about 5 pints. The sort of loud where you leave the place. In my opinion, they think they can handle their drink because they can drink a lot without dropping dead, but they get really fucking noisy after 4 or 5 pints. Therefore, in my opinion, they can’t really handle their beer, the gays.

    2. Chinese tourists. They usually travel in big groups. Fucking noisy bastards. You can hear the fuckers coming from a mile away.

    3. The Dooshka dooshkas. The have one volume setting. Eleven – (c) Spinal Tap.

    Some of the Africans can be loud bastards if in big groups too.

    And some of the Brit tourists (Ryan Air -one week in Falaraki types) can be pissed up noisy cunts too.

    • I’d put the Dooshka-Dooshkas at number one and probably put Pákis or Turks as number two but your list is interesting..

      Every Dane I’ve ever met is polite, speaks perfect English, and is well-educated. I banged a gorgeous Danish bird in Thailand years ago whilst doing a scuba diving course. She was training to be a doctor. Top totty.

      • One of my nest mates is Danish. I get on well with the Danes. However, if you’re ever in a bar full of them when Brondby FC are on the big TV screen get some earmuffs lol. Never heard a din like it.

        • Daz, I coaxed her out of it with my silver-tongued charm. Mind, she looked curvaceously outstanding in that scuba suit with her flaxen hair cascading onto her shoulders.

          • And blue face as the oxygen tank ran out what with your sexual instability and longevity ……she never made it as a doctor…alas, lost to the depths….

          • Insatiability not instability…I do beg your pardon old chap. Fucking auto correct.

  9. I’d say loud foreigners are better than quiet ones. At least with loud ones you can hear them coming and cross the road or take other evasive measures to avoid their smell of cat curry, BO, stale pee/dried poop, rotting bushmeat and/or teeth etc Should be compulsory for them to wear cowbells & flashing warning lights at all times so both the blind and deaf know they’re coming.

  10. with the lock down I have started inventing resort holidays.
    I put out the garden furniture, set a Spanish medley spread of tappas and salad.
    We then sit in the sun and listen to our Spanish neighbour talk to her mother in Spain, who by all counts doesn’t seem to have a phone.
    It is very authentic, we even have a pissed bloke on the balcony above us!

    • You could pour some chicken madras on the ground in a little puke pile to make it more authentic.

    • I used to be a foreigner, I was discriminated against, abused, put to the back of the line and refused benefits that I was entitled too (as an ex forces member written in government decree).
      So I came home to England, pretty much the same thing but I am no longer a minority.

  11. I have no idea what my cunting neighbours even look like as they are bearded and letterbox, inbred cunts. Just about as foreign to British culture as you can get. I do like the constant and loud saxophone practice going on next door to them as music is haram and must driving them fucking nutsCunts

    • Justice does exist then Smuggers, small mercies indeed, Alaharse moves in mysterious ways.
      The shuffling cunt.

  12. I wonder how those libtards who promote racial diversity and integration, would feel if their neighbours were noisy, troublesome and obnoxious foreigners?

    But then again I don’t suppose you’d see many of those in la-de-da Islington

  13. What’s worse than loud foreigners? Loud British people. Foreigners are annoying, Brits are also embarrassing. We used to have a reputation for being quiet and reserved. Not any more. Maybe it’s because we’ve become Americanised.

      • It feels like I’m on holiday when I walk down the street here now with all the voices. Well, if that holiday was the Warsaw ghetto, mid-war.

        • Warsaw Ghetto. Just read a book (Jonathan Trigg ) D-Day through German Eyes .

          I was shocked to learn that our boys racked up on the beaches of Normandy, to be greeted by a full division of Polish Waffen SS, supported by French and at least two other EE countries, all intent on killing the Brits and Yanks.

          I was also shocked that our “Peaceful ones ” and their Indian mates formed no less that 5 divisions in WW” as Waffen SS

          Yet here we are today, feeding, housing and gifting them the right to fuck our women and children , spit in our faces, and get paid for that right to do so,

          I am, very very anti immigrant !

          • The legion Charmaine (French) were the most crucial SS unit in the defence of Berlin,
            Sven Hassel was Danish, yes there were many sub Wehrmacht and SS units that were foreign units, there was also a Free British corp allegedly that one never got of the ground, but who knows.

  14. Anyone have Du Wei, Chinese ambassador to Israel in Dead Pool? Apparently he has been found dead in his apartment north of Tel Aviv. A neighbour claimed they “last heard the cunt talking loudly on the phone…..”.

    • The answer is No, But I may and have a look over the Spanish woman’s wall she does that a lot and haven’t heard her for two days.

    • Well diversity certainly stinks!
      Border policy? No top hat and well thumbed copy of Wisdens cricket bible – no entry!

      • Cricket you say Vernon? I was just looking at both Boycott and Illingworth as two Yorkshire greats to be added to the next Dead Pool – I like to work in advance you see…

  15. The only sound Johnny Foreigner should be heard making is a little sigh whilst being bayoneted! 😄
    And I imagine Johnny Foreigner is a lot less noisy when on the other side of the Channel.
    Unfortunately “imagine” is all I can do with that one..
    Wonder if Boris is up yet?
    The dooshkas where I live are the noisiest, and rudest fuckers I have ever met.
    Send them home. All of them. Starting with the Turkish womble in Downing Street.

  16. Perhaps these thick effnik cunts could hold a crowded shouting contest together.
    They all win a prize,no losers.
    A fast trip to the oven.

    • I wonder if our favourite pin up girl Lily Allen is so keen on noisy foreigners now a bunch of them are squatting in her cotswolds mansion, not paying, trashing the place and refusing to leave claiming diplomatic immunity? (Legal costs to try and remove them estimated so far at over a hundred Thousand – and apparently the rotters are playing the race card! 🤣🤣🤣).
      Perhaps she is on her way to Calais to apologise about British racism and cruelty..
      What’s that Lily? Paybacks a bitch? Sure is – enjoy! 😄🐷

      • I would normally be gutted for anyone in that situation, but knowing its happened to that attention seeking, gobshite, retarded cunt has made my day…..thankyou VF

      • She could send that fucking ugly gargoyle headed alien of a kid of hers in to freak the fuckers out…..

  17. Why do those ex-iron curtain shithole euromuck have to always ‘talk’ at an annoyingly loud volume? Doesn’t matter where they are, whether they are with each other, on a train, on a phone, or even in a library. It’s ‘Gooshka! Dooshka! Booshka!’ at an ear splitting rate.

    Your Bogo Bogo Drink it in di Congos also ‘speak’ irritatingly loud too. Isn’t it about time Bozza came up with a law? if these cunts haven’t (or won’t) master the English language within a set time, sling the cunts out. Come to think of it, just sling the cunts out. Because if we have another crisis like the blue mink bat flu, these fuckers will hinder more than help. Which is exactly what they are doing now.

  18. In our town centre, it’s becoming a rarity to hear English being spoken. Pass by most people and you will hear Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and fuck knows what else. The Polish though, are generally well behaved and are not loud. The Spanish and Italians, and southern Europeans in general, are fucking loud. If there’s just two of them talking, it sounds like about a dozen people having an argument. We also have more and more of these unsavoury, swarthy Balkan types coming into the town, who seem to spend most of their time in the town centre, congregating in large groups and drinking. Dirty looking bunch of cunts.

  19. What pisses me off royally are those bints who walk around holding their phone out in front of them with great big fuck-off painted fingernails – you know the type, mutton dressed as lamb with sunglasses on, even indoors.

    Was in a shop in York a couple of years ago now, just minding my own business, browsing – a girl loosely matching the above description was huddled with somebody else cooing over something they were looking at on a lower shelf when she suddenly just sprang upright, backed into me and dropped her iPhone.

    She went fucking ballistic, screaming that it was my fault, that I’d knocked the phone out of her hands on purpose and that I owed her £1000 – the store manager came over and eventually, after her screaming/hissy fit had subsided, I explained that I was standing there stationary and that she had bumped into me.

    Eventually, somebody viewed the CCTV footage and confirmed it was an accident on her part… she still wouldn’t have it, threatened to call the police, have her boyfriend find out where I lived and beat me up… all that shit.

    Under other circumstances, I would have felt sorry for her and perhaps offered her a sympathy fuck, but I just thought, if I owned a grands worth of mobile device, I would take better care of it…

    Later in the day, we walked past an effniks phone repair place and there she was screaming at the poor fucker behind the counter, probably in response to him telling her the cost of repair.

    Ha ha, dopey cunt.

  20. At 01:15 this morning it was the drug dealers in the white BMW coupe having a very loud conversation with my neighbour.


    Can’t believe the silly cunt paid £1100 an ounce for it.

    About as subtle as an air raid.

  21. Get a vuvuzela. Everytime you are annoyed by loud person, start blowing it.

  22. Quick update – the Lily Allen thing appears not to be as stated, but Lily Mong and the MSM have given no info – I will dig around and find out more – and if my snout at the Daily Mirror has been feeding me fake news I will be disappointed, but he swears it’s correct.
    Intrigued now, need to get to the bottom of this one!

  23. Gutted i love it when Lilly the cabbage gets but fucked over by foreigners, its happened before, the dumbass cunt should have learned by now its poetic justice in my book, tucked up by the fuckers she was apologising to on our behalf in Calais……oh please please please tell me its true VF

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