Left Liberal Hipocrasy

A nomination for left-liberal hypocrisy on migration and demographics.

Ive been reading about how the UN wrung its hands over the genographics project, an effort backed by National Geographic and IBM to test tissue samples from different populations around the world to see where different ethnicities migrate from and to over tens of thousands of years.

Sane people might think this was a valid scientific endeavour, but a UN body for Indigenous People suggest the project be suspended for sake of peoples feelings and because the project’s results might undermine the claims of indigenous people to live where they do.

Well fuck-a-doodle-doo. Either we’re all from East Africa or none of us are, you utter cherry-picking hypocritical daft cunts.

Lets see what the project says from a scientific angle, but then decide the heroic magical and wise natives have claim anyway because they were there ‘first’. It aint that difficult, libmongs.
‘We were kings before the white men came’.
Yes you were and invented astronomy and philosophy a billion years before the sun formed. Have a fucking biscuit and get on with life.

It’s like the panic over what policy decisions might be made because of studies into IQ.

Yeah, because we’re lynching Downs children aren’t we?

You either respect the scientific method and pursue the truth for its own sake, or you dont because it might influence some future policy or upset someone in a hut or a girl with a cock. The UN and other globalist institurions seem to be taking a dangerous path, similar to the Catholic Church, Soviet Union and current Chinese commie party; suppressing certain research projects for purely ideological reasons.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

42 thoughts on “Left Liberal Hipocrasy

  1. Spot on.
    Ideology uber alles can have some quite poor outcomes.
    Operation Barbarossa springs to mind.
    Not that these cunts give a fuck.
    Silly Billies.

  2. Very good cunting CP ideology is what drives now, twist, spin anything to get your message across. Simple truths are not required, hard to spin. Much better to bury the real answers admit a sea of ambiguity, lies and unman rights innit.

  3. I don’t give a fuck where people came from thousands of years ago..it’s the ones who have landed in this Country in the last 20 years that concern me….not that the Eggheads really need bother with a study to find out their places of origin….every Shithole in the World should just about cover it.

      • The de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddlers certainly weren’t descended from some monkey hybrid in Africa….we were,as I’m sure Miles will confirm, descended from Adam and Eve and were bred in The Garden of Eden (now known as rural Northumberland).

        Fuck Off.

          • Indeed Fiddler, the little known alternative story was that Cain murdered Abel when he left the gate open.

  4. It’s perfectly possible to find out exactly where any illegal migrant comes from. Papers or no Papers.All it takes is the political will to send the cunts right back to where the cunts were born.

    • It doesn’t matter where the migrants ultimately came from, all we need to do is drop the fuckers off on any beach in France because that’s where they started the last trip here.

  5. Superb cunting, CP. As a science teacher, I am at pains to teach the scientific method in our lessons and to encourage my students to develop logical thinking with scientific analysis. The libtards can fuck off.

    • Sadly there’s a lot of identity politics on ISAC too. Rarely a post goes by where the following isn’t expressed in no uncertain terms:

      White skin good, brown skin bad.

      English /British people (as long as they’re white and can trace their family tree back to the dawn of time) good, foreigners bad.

      Heterosexuals good, gays bad.

      • Valid point, never thought of it as identity politics though, I have always though along the lines, I dont like them. (add selected group in this box)

      • The politicians of our once great country made me racist by opening the doors to a flood tide of largely undocumented immigrants.
        I fear for my families safety.
        I should also add that I am a harsh cunt:please reference my previous ISAC posts.
        Good morning all!

        • Indeed Unkle, your previous posts have not gone unnoticed. 😂

          PS should have added: Leavers good, Remainers bad.

          • Sing from the same hymn sheet as me and I couldn’t give a rats arse if you have a sun tan or not.Ditto for the native way of life and values, you come here then you adapt to this nations ways, not demand we change to your whims.
            Remoaners,not those who voted that way but those who refuse to accept the referendum are and will always be dickheads, sorry, some things will never change, so they can fit in or fuck off too.
            Chutney ferrets can do what they like consensually but not in front of the children and stay out of the schools with your depravity.

      • It’s all we have left to cling onto, give an inch and they take the whole country.

  6. “Who are these people and where have they come from?” is a question the Home Office have been asking for years.

  7. Interesting article CMC. Brezhnev was indeed a dour old bugger, who was unflinching in his views, which is hardly surprising I suppose, considering the Soviet experience in WW2.
    I remember when news of the crushing of the rebellion against Soviet diktat was reported, breakfast was a very sombre affair that morning.
    Having said that, the Cold War provided rather clear cut divisions, people literally knew where they stood.
    Nowadays, things are muddled globally.
    Morning all.

  8. Scientific proof only fits the current agenda, i’m afraid.
    How about the Smithonians take on discoveries on the Americas (pre)…….evidence ..gone,
    The fact the Churchill was a war mongering self deluded dangerous fat Cunt…….facts…..gone……poof there away.

    The fact that residents of the UK (non white) Can’t say anything proud about their country or wave a flag because it might be a touch (r a c i s t )
    everything’s alright honest.
    Lockdown’s fine…..

  9. Comprehensible Cunting!
    Members of the liberal left exude an air of moral cuntitude.
    Priding themselves on being on the highest plain of selfless ideals specifically confident in the pureness of their objectives and the devilry of any opposing views.

    To correct perceived social and economic injustice, liberals support a whole litany of principles: progressive taxes, greater regulation of businesses, tighter environmental control, children’s rights, rapists rights, BAME rights, nonce rights, bender rights, immigration rights, it goes on and fucking on.

    Alas, the fundamental flaw in liberalism is that in the end the promoters become hypocrites. They adopt one stance in public, but when it comes to what matters most in their own ‘bubble’ ie their property, their privacy, their wealth, their health, their quality of life, they abandon their liberal principles and embrace conservative ones, whilst expecting all around to live by the shite they spout in public. CUNTS!

  10. Any scientific fact that doesn’t fit the cultural Marxist agenda us dismissed as pseudo science by the left.

    What they are really worried about is the emerging evidence that human evolution appears to have two origins. One in Africa (blacks) and one somewhere around Mongolia (whites / asians).

    Obviously this does not fit the ‘we are all the same species’ agenda if there are two parallel evolutionary paths.

  11. All studies into IQ are rejected as biased. The reason being that Asians always come top but certain ethnicities always come bottom. The fact that this is borne out by worldwide experience is ignored.
    Then we have some N American Indians claiming sacred ground of their ancestors when it appears they have only been there a few hundred years. Again, bullshit trumps science.
    Of course human biology no longer applies, too inconvenient for the trannies.
    The whole edifice of liberal thought is riven with horseshit.

  12. The same people who believe its wrong to say a virus that originated in China is a Chinese virus want me to believe its right to rewrite history to make it fit their own ideology.

    Fuck them and their bullshit

  13. This really annoys me about libtards. They slate the GREAT British Empire and all its ‘evils’. Colonialism is seen as a negative thing nowadays by most.

    ‘Those poor indigenous Native Americans/ New Zealanders/ Aussies. The evil white colonialists took over their land!’ is the cry of the left (and the fucking BBC, of course!)

    Well kids, those ‘native Americans’ were not the first tribe in the USA. There were others before them, but the ‘native Americans’ came over and killed them all and colonised the place. Maoris? Well, there was a tribe before them too who lived and toiled the land. And guess what? The Maoris landed and killed them and colonised that land too!

    ‘Colonialism’ went on everywhere if you go back a few hundred years. Everyone was at it (if they could do it). Every land was taken by conquest, so these libtards and ‘new colonials’ (anti-white racists saying that they are trying to ‘decolonise’ the system) can get to fuck!

    I for one am fucking proud that this tiny island controlled so much of the globe. And we gave them roads, medicine, electricity, trains etc etc.Fuck off.

    • The Moriori were here before the Maori. Even if you dispute that, and many do just so no feathers are ruffled, the Maori were skilled seafarers and found New Zealand (so aren’t indigenous anyway) and played the “finders keepers” card.

      There was an interesting doco about the Maori and where it is they actually originated from, with strong evidence (skeletal remains/DNA) suggesting they are of Asian descent, specifically the Indonesian region.

  14. The ones who came out of Africa shagged a few Neanderthals giving them some advantages with with subsequent interbreeding we end up with most of us having some Neanderthal dna, great.
    Once we started creating great civilisations identity became the only driving force, look what the romans did for us.
    The problem now is that we have become to clever for our own good and the liberals have invented shit where shirt has never been seen before.
    In the end us poor dumb cunts who just want to live and let live in a normal world can’t anymore so take umbrage with what we see as an attack on our lives and call a cunt a cunt.

  15. Come to think of it the Nazis were on a similar quest to try and prove their supremacy, so much pointless navel gazing in academia

    • They had some good ideas….just went about implementing the ideas in the wrong way was my take on it.

  16. If anyone has to put British then something else as who they are then they certainly aren’t British.
    You don’t hear the indigenous groups say they are British English or British Welsh etc.
    I was bought one of those Ancestry DNA things by my kids and it turns out I’m northern English / Welsh with a small risk of Brittany and thankfully a smaller risk of Irish.
    It matters not where you are born, but solely on the blood coursing through your veins.
    I don’t suppose many folk in Bradford would show up as being Yorkshire through and through. I don’t suppose many of them would follow the cricket team at Hedingley or even the England team. So DNA Ancestry test for all – and free one way flights to anywhere showing up as being home…

    • My brother did one of those tests.
      To use Greg Dyke’s expression, it showed we were ‘hideously white’.

  17. After Independence, Croatia re drew its proposed borders, Many had different date lines to them, in fact it was just a proposed land grab showing previous borders with neighbours that had the most territory.
    I had a number of quite intelligent people explain the reasoning behind these borders and there historical relevance, apart from Dalmatia.
    Dalmatia and Istria were given to Yugoslavia by Italy as war repatriation (WWII) and did not feature as a give back, seeing as they were quoting selective historical borders, as they were being “Dicks” I pointed out the Illyrian archaeological finds in Istria that show that the Illyri populated the area before the Romans and the later southern slavs moved in, so defacto was not the whole place Albania?
    That went down like a sack of shit I can tell you (Albanians liked it though)

  18. After much intense study I have ascertained that everything is the fault of whitey.
    There we go, saves reading any further – it’s like attending a football match knowing the result has been rigged beforehand (Serie A 😀).
    I judge nobody on the language they speak, their religion, or their nationality – with the exception of islam – a cult of evil that needs to be wiped from the earth.
    I judge everybody on their actions – and show me a Country in history where the indigenous people are happy about being invaded and wiped out, as we are being.
    We won the war, to have the peace and victory stolen from us by traitors at the stroke of a pen.
    Payback is due.
    On other news – keep an eye out for the bad Man who made me drink too much wife beater last night, made me all slurry and wobbly it did!

  19. Afternoon Bertie.

    Glad you pointed that out. Took a far braver man than I.

    • It wasn’t me! That Honeydew guy has stolen my identity!
      I can’t help it. Even though I’ve not taught for over 20 years, it’s still in the blood.
      😀 Afternoon Ruff

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