John Adamson

John Adamson.

Since the tiddlywinks unleashed bat flu on the world its given the green light for a whole plethora of cunts to crawl out of the woodwork who would normally pass under the radar, with one being care assistant, John Adamson.

Poor Mr Adamson has been sharing the trauma of having to shave off his impressive beard so that he can wear a face mask and do his job safely.

“I had to make the decision to swallow my pride and shave it off. At first I got my clippers and started to shaving the sides as I was trying to see if I could keep some of it. But in the end I had to take the whole thing off. Its devastating because its like an arm or a leg to me.”

Get a fucking grip cunt, its stories like this and dancing nurses that will quickly evaporate any goodwill and respect for NHS staff during this pandemic. I thought this may have been a peaceful before I read the article and was suing for racial discrimination and hurt feelings. Maybe they will organize a ‘Clap for deceased beards’ at 8.00pm next Thursday.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

94 thoughts on “John Adamson

  1. I have actually seen cars driving around with “I am a Key Worker” sticker in the back…

    Well whopee fucking do, wow, fuck me backwards and send me to mars.

    You should have one saying “I am a complete cunt, probably a liar and please stomp on my face”

  2. He is soooo brave!

    Surely he deserves a knighthood for Services To Key Workers Going The Extra Mile

    Actually I wonder if our Miserable has a beard like that, and whether he’d be prepared to shave it off to raise much needed funds for NHS Middle Management (key workers to services for doing fuck all)

  3. Looking at the ‘after’ picture I can see why he had a beard in the first place, the kiddie faced weirdo.
    And that’s on the mahoosive assumption he had enough male chromosomes to actually grow one in the first place as opposed to visit a theatrical costumers.
    Hell yeah, a key worker, go lock yourself into a barrel at Niagara Falls.

  4. I’ve no idea why he would want to share this triumph with the world.
    Could he not have worn a diving helmet to work like a normal bloke?
    What a daft cunt.

  5. I would have removed the cunt’s beard by slicing off the whole of his fucking ugly head at the neck the wingeing fucking big girl’s blouse. Losing an arm or a leg would seem a picnic in comparison the fucking attention seeking cuntstick.

  6. I think that beard alone would have kept any virus at bay, particularly if he’d soaked it in disinfectant.
    Are you perchance hirsute yourself LL?

    • Attracted to hairy men Bertie or are you just asking for a “friend”? You’ll be signing off your replies to MNC with love & kisses before long.😁

      • Afternoon Dick. I’ve had to take out a couple of columns in today’s paper refuting this nasty slur doing the rounds that I’ve just ‘come out of the closet.’ I’m going to say this again,
        “I am not self isolating with Phillip Schofield.”

        • Of course you’re not, Bertie. Schofield is clean shaven. However, Gordon the Gopher is is well hairy and, if memory serves me right, didn’t he live in a closet under the stairs?

          • I look forward to your comments Dick – we don’t hear from you enough!
            What’s your thoughts on the virus in a nutshell?
            No, not a virus in a nutshell, Covid I mean!

          • Bertie, I don’t do nutshells. I’m prone in my senile years to ramble on so you’ll be pleased to hear that arthritic hands/fingers stop me posting more often.
            Almost all of my close relatives live down under so we tend to keep in touch most nights via group e-mails (‘cos it costs nowt and we’re all tightfisted c*nts). By the morning my hands are usually f*cked from typing and I don’t feel up to more (the exception being for the deadpool).
            As for the virus, undoubtedly a cock-up in a Chinky lab and Whitehall was negligent in not imposing an earlier, stiffer lockdown with tougher penalties for those who defied it. Too late for that now. The horse has long since bolted.
            I am in the vulnerable category because of my age and for more than one medical reason. Financially I’m ok thanks to various pensions & savings. Therefore, from a selfish viewpoint I could happily accept a continued lockdown (as long as barbers were exempt – I desperately need a right good shearing).
            However, realistically I’d have to agree with those that say economically the country can’t continue as it is. All shops, factories etc have to be allowed to re-open.
            Regretably, a significant number of virus related deaths will have to be accepted until either a vaccine is found or it eventually mutates enough so that it ceases to be as deadly.

          • Very astute, wise comments Dick. I think you’ll need some of my physio cream after that post. I’ll send you some!

          • Physio cream? You’re not fooling me, Bertie. I bet it’s either vaseline or fisting anal relax gel. Forget it.

          • I’m trying to be nice here Dick. I’ll have to have a word with my friend MNC about sending you a visit! Stay safe.

          • Not sure MNC will take notice of you now, Bertie. He seems to have found a soulmate in Mr Fox. Pair of them having a love-in below over the size of their chin muffs. Like playing a game of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

    • I keep about 2/3 day stubble Bertie for that rugged outdoorsy look in the hope I will snare a bored housewife when doing the gardening and she will make some innuendo about ‘trimming her bush’.

  7. The photographs alone tell me we’re dealing with a cunt!!
    Maybe instead of cutting his beard he may consider cutting his throat next time…..
    Absolutely wanker and a fucking embarrassment ……..

  8. The pictures in the nomination, why the stupid expressions on the face?
    The one on the left looks like something from behind is happening to him.
    The one on the right looks like that pretentious can of can’t chef whom cooks space chips.

  9. If you’re working in the Health industry nurse / carer you should be hygienically clean anyways you cunt and not waltz around some old folks home and/or hospital ward with a minging fucking beard you should be clean shaven and that includes the fucking ‘wimminz’ too!.

  10. What a cunt.
    What is it abaaaaaht this pandemic in that it brings out all these cunts looking for appreciation and recognition?
    The wanker looks like a cunt with or without his beard.
    The cunt.

    • Some of us are fortunate to carry style off with aplomb B&WC, beard or not.
      This c*nt, however, can’t! And that beard was useful in soaking up his little pwincess tears 😢🤣

  11. I would hazard a wild guess that our veterans who have lost arms and legs in combat would not compare it to shaving off their beards. Stupid round headed cunt.

    • A very, very good point Bob. All those military f*ckers like Ben Parkinson have not had to cope with the trauma of a shave, they don’t know they’re born!
      (Ben Parkinson MBE is a solid gold f*cking hero BTW, anyone wanting to whine over nowt should look at him and be deservedly shamed into silence).
      And if this Adamson c*nt wants to compare whipping out a razor to losing a limb perhaps my older Brother could use his one working arm to see how soyboy likes being throttled by a rather angry ex military Man!

      • Vernon old bean – no need to use asterisks here. It’s not a 70s jazz mag where the nips had to be “starred”.

    • John Adamson is a fucking disgrace to the beard!
      He should of told them to fuck right off!
      Id of accussed them of religious persecution, antisemitism, islamophobia, and rape if theyd asked me and threatened legal action.
      Id of stripped John of his beard hes not fit to own one.
      And it was a birds beard anyway, mine would of bullied it.
      Perfumed pònce.

      • “mine would have bullied it” brilliant!…bullied, kidnapped it, made it write its own ransom note and the sent the beard back bit by bit in the post….

        • You have a woman’s beard my lord. I wager that beard has never (insert funny joke here).

          (I couldn’t think of a joke alright…shut up 😊)

          • Funniest ever BlackAdder episode in my opinion with Tom Baker as Captain Red Beard Rum. “A crew? What crew?”.

  12. Virtue signalling play the victim c*nt. Reminds me of my awful old drunken b*tch of a neighbour who constantly falsely claims to be a key worker to get favours, jump queues and bully people into applauding “for her”. (I recently issued her with “a stern telling off” – if it continues I am going to humiliate her at the supermarket by making the staff aware she is NOT a key worker but a p*ss taking liar, and then everyone else she tries it on with – I detest liars).
    The lowest form of humanity – I did not like spending stupid money on suits and ties and shoes and shaving every day for working in offices, but swallowed it (for decades) because I have bills to pay.
    And beards are top – I look like a f*cking werewolf at the moment! 😀👍

    • Foxy@
      As men with full beards we are guaranteed a statue after we die we are mythic the stuff legends are made from.
      Bow down before us for we are hirsute!!☺

      • I like it MNC! We should have a National Grizzly Adams day!
        With Boris as Number 7.
        And if I am clean shaven when I die they may not allow me entry to Valhalla! 😀

      • MNC, make sure your will stipulates that if any statue is ever made of you it is carrying a big open brolly. There is a contributor on this site well known to you who owns a parrot. I’m sure he would have the said parrot trained to visit you on his behalf with a flock of his pigeon friends bearing “offerings” with which to annoint your head.

        • I know the elderly rogue you speak of mr Dribbler.
          The Birdman of Warrington.
          Thats exactly the dastardly deed hed find funny.
          Hes right about one thing, you should post more on here, your sharp and funny and make ISAC all the stronger.👍

          • It is my unfortunate duty to report that Percy has fallen in with a bad lot of green parakeets, county lining trill and grade A cuttlefish all across England apparently – last I heard the 57 armed Police officers sent to arrest him came back pecked brutally, covered in shit and traumatised by Percy’s allegedly racist language! Got himself a girlfriend as well – “Percella” – rough type, smokes, covered in tattoos and scars, engages in, ahem “fowl” language and carries a blade!
            And he was so well brought up! 😀

          • Those reports worry me Vern. I think I’ll have to examine ways of getting him home!

          • If I’m honest, MNC, I’d find such a deed funny as well. In fact I’d probably pee my pants laughing. Come to think of it, these days I tend to pee myself no matter what I’m doing. Dick Dribbler by name and also by nature. I suppose it’s a bit like nominative determinism where, for example, a bloke called Baker actually becomes a baker.
            And, I’d appreciate it if you don’t try buttering me up with your flattery. Since the line to Bumholia went quiet it seems some posters on this site are showing worrying signs of wanting to take up the gap in a specific area of the LGBTXYZ diversity market. I blame the lockdown. Have a mug of bromide tea with a Farleys rusk for breakfast and think of Diane Abbott. Your subconcious urges should soon disappear.

          • Hehe!😀
            Always the bridesmaid never the bride me DD!
            Spurned again.
            This lockdown does do funny things to people your right there,
            Do you know, im sat drinking Tizer of a evening tonight?
            Have whisky.
            Have money for beer.
            But still drinking Tizer.
            The chinese have a lot to answer for.
            Oh, and dont be so cheeky!
            Thats Berties job.☺

          • It’s just gone 3 in the morning, I’ve only just seen your latest message. I want Tizer NOW but the nearby 24 hour Tesco is shut due to lockdown. Damn your evil psycological warfare tactics, MNC. I’ll be joining in with Percy & his pigeon friends if your statue ever gets erected.

  13. Could this cunt not have removed his wedding tackle? Look at the benefits there won’t be any ugly twatlets wandering around. (always assuming he lifts skirt, not shirt)

  14. Fat cunt wanted to keep his beard to hide all the pies in…

    What the fuck is the world coming to, it was already bad enough but some people have just tipped over the edge. I get the sense that we were already surrounded by a lot of cunts but now, fuck me it’s getting worse.

    I am working from home and just had some lunch, wifey was also eating inbetween trying to home school our devil, becoming a diva bitch 8 year old. Wifey was watching loose women and I must sadly admit I watched 10 minutes of it.

    All I can say is what the fuck, this shite on tellybox is just a platform for a load of old, underfucked hags to talk about what is going on in the world around them.

    I have no idea what purpose this program serves. Gloria ‘coffin dodger’ Hunniford. Nadia ‘cockney geezer’ Sawalha (say that surname fast enough and it sounds like swallow ya – maybe she does…) and two other bints – oh yeah and fatty gogglebox useless Scarlet Moffatty (fucking deffo ate the pies looking at her now).

    What the fuck if going on everyone..!

  15. “I am a key worker” stickers? In my experience attention seeking saddoes don’t need any help to advertise their cuntishness, this stupid wanker being a case in point.

  16. I don’t believe masks are safe at all. There’s evidence that they provide minuscule protection both to the wearer and those around them. If anything they could actually be more dangerous thanks to all that bacteria built up on the mask getting onto the hands when taken off.

    • The CDC states that masks that fit tightly such as industrial with particle filter masks are very effective, but the surgical ones are pretty useless. The surgical ones are only designed to stop droplets from the mouth or nose landing on patients.

      I wear gloves with the mask so my hands aren’t then contaminated, and have a sanitiser spray for my hands, gear stick and steering wheel.

  17. Give him the option of removing a limb or his beard, decisions decisions, the soy infused melt.
    WTF is happening to people?

    • 40 Years of “liberal” brainwashing and propaganda is what’s happening to people C – and it ain’t stopping anytime soon.
      On other news I have a new cordless drill.

  18. I think the beard’s being doing a useful job keeping his nose under control. Just look at his nose now – it’s swollen up to twice the size it was!

    • “It’s about time you got rid of that filthy thing, no wonder you can’t find a girlfriend”!
      “But girls are awful Mum – they always laugh at me for being 58, playing dungeons and dragons and still living with my parents”!
      Be different when I am in charge – and rather terrifying! 😀
      Vote Fox! 👍

      • Apart from the ’58’ bit, that’s half the male population of the South coast between Brighton and Bournemouth.

        The other half are Polish.

  19. I just don’t understand why I’m seeing fucking virtue signalling sheeple, standing at the front door, clapping like performing sea lions. Employees of the NHS joined that service to support the sick and provide medical assistance to those requiring it. Applauding the NHS stooges for doing their job, the job they are paid to do…??? Give me a break. Where was the applause for HM Forces when we provided free security for the shitty Londistan Olympics in 2012 due to those shyster cunts G4S??? Also come to think of it where was the clapping mong brigade when we were forced to help the Fire Service when they went on strike??? Fuck this increasingly stupid cuntry! What is the MSM going to have us applauding next??? The Mudslime community for braving Chinky Flu 19 and gather for Ramadanadingdong in their unwashed thousands??? Oh the B.O and blocked streets!!!!

    • I’m trashed by about 7pm most nights during lockdown so am in bed. Haven’t clapped once although I do have several dr mates who are at the coalface. I talk to them privately and verbally applaud them to their face (Zoom or phone messaging). Also, I think my block of flats has a lot of peacefuls (only realised after I bought and they’re renters) so there probably isn’t much clapping going on because they’re all indoors infecting each other.

  20. I bet the Cunt only grew the beard originally so that his victims thought that he was actually Santa Claus delivering presents when he crept in.

  21. The moon-faced cunt will probably be suing for hurty-feelings and trauma for being required to shave off that fucking stupid soy-boy fungus.

  22. These creepy cunts all look the same., Moon face, soy-boy grin, glasses & stragglly beard, flabby white soy-boy body.

  23. The only thing he’s moaning about is the fact all the playgrounds are shut .
    “which ones your child sir ?”.
    ” I don’t know i haven’t chosen yet”.
    Yeah he’s definitely one.

  24. Me brother, stepdad and I are all frontline and keyworkers. We don’t brag, wear stickers or cry for attention. We find it pretty embarrassing actually. That guy is a grade A attention seeking twat

  25. I cant understand why guys spend years trying to look like Chewbacca to try and look a bit more manly, my theory is that most of them are thin pasty looking faggots with weak chins or clet lips from the shallow end of the gene pool who know without their beards they are the equivalent of a wet poodle, utter wankers, cowboy the fuck up you useless cunts, and the fact that this nurse is crying about shaving his fuzz says all you need to know about these cunts, its just like the bus exhaust sucking cunts with goateez who also require a leg up to be a man, very sad cunts all off them….

  26. I hope this cunt has a dog and susiquently has access to frontline flea treatments for his beard as he is going to spend the next 5 years developing it again to the full William Wallace look, basically not a man without his facial hair, so not a man in affect, so what we have is someone who just wouldn’t be able to survive 100 years ago unless he did favours for clansmen…..

  27. 6 in the morning ,im trying to compensate for all my long lie ins to try a deal with all this spare time i have had thrust upon me by Boris the bafoon, but i have to know, can you still get Tizer, i haven’t seen it in years, loved it as much ad Ironbru, but none were as good as Quatro, i do believe my piss still glo,s in the dark from the 80,s and dont even start me off about Berocca, that makes your pee orange and able to scent mark a tiger cage, that shit cant be good for you….

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