Hugh Grant (5)

Luvvies please stand in front of your makeup mirrors – the ones with the lights all round them – to cheer that hoity-toity-upper-class-twit-of-the-year- pansy , your fellow thespian, Hugh Mavis Grant

Hughie-duckie obviously has designs to follow fellow nancy Eddie Izzard into the oh-so-super world of politics, by sharing his thoughts, such as they are, on the Coronavirus epidemic. I agree not every action the government has taken would have been what I would have suggested, but they are there to govern. Grant is merely there to prove what an arsehole he is.

He might be a minimally talented actor laddie, but I am sure his fellow nob-polishers will assure him “darling, you were wonderful” (years ago perhaps). Now he just looks like Kweer Charmer’s slightly raddled sister.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

apologies to our esteemed contributors for the technical error which was temporarily missed due to a fine Sunday dinner with five bottles of red. Thanks must go to the rightly esteemed honourable member, SIR D.Fiddler, for pointing out this atrocious lapse in administerial duty. The sixth bottle shall be toasted to your wonderful hounds good sir.

Please carry on Cunting, good sirs.

40 thoughts on “Hugh Grant (5)

  1. Really got stuck into the grape eh admin?
    It was me gave you the heads up!!
    Bleedin Fiddler gets the credit!

    Anyhow, Hughs another poshboy millionaire socialist, knows whats best for everyone.
    Surely hes racist?
    Exploiting poor black women for sex?
    Rich white exploiter of black people! Tut tut.
    Like Hitler or summat…

    Evening MNC, unfortunately the timestamps put Sir Fiddler ahead of you by several hours, sorry old chap.

  2. Fucking hell Admin, you must have your head in a bucket of the stuff. On topic, the only thing I have seen this knob in is the News.

    Yes rather odd, as the only self admitting alcohol dependant admin I am surprised too, you know before lock down I was only able to do this between 06.00 and 17.00 hrs? because I would be totaly cunted by 18.00hrs!

  3. To think that this plonker, who looks like a tortoise out if its shell, got his end away with a prime Liz Hurley.

    In the past, entire civilisations have perished on my stomach, on old socks or on the curtains when ‘thinking’ about her.

    • For that reason alone ( fucking Liz Hurley ). Grant should be hurled into a pit full of sex crazed, midget arse bandits.
      The unfolding horror should be recorded in 4k HD, for Mr. Cunt Engines ‘ Carnival of Filth ‘ epoch.
      Me, jealous ?

  4. “The UK is fucked” says Hugh. Well if it is it’s you and your sort who fucked it poshbollocks. But don’t worry Hugh, if it all goes tits up you can fuck off somewhere nice and warm and live off your offshore bank account. Obviously somewhere where there are lots of poor people, especially women, who you can exploit. I’m telling you Hugh you paid way over the odds for that one in LA. Try Indonesia, Thailand or somewhere in Africa old chap.
    You fucking hypocrite CUNT.

    • Once again – it the UK is so awful feel free to take your whining talentless arse anywhere else Hugh – fuck off and don’t ever come back, cunt.
      That is all.

  5. Too many of these luvvie types think that they should enlighten us with their views. Personally I can’t see that some windbag Cunt who plays dress-up for a living is likely to have any views that interest me….they live and work in fantasy land. As for the views of some Cunt who preferred getting his winkle sucked by a Sooty tranny crack-whore rather than that remarkably well-preserved old slapper Liz Hurley..well.the mind boggles (although perhaps he’s frightened that Hurley’s weird son joins in while he’s riding Liz and shags the pair of them)

    Although Grant hasn’t yet reached Emma Thompson’s levels of Cuntishness,he’s certainly giving it a good try…trouble is,he’ll always just be a one-trick pony…the well-bred,charming English Gentleman and he can’t even play that part convincingly..I’m a well-bred,charming English Gentleman and the Cunt is nothing like me.

      • Nice to see you back,Cuntflap. I’ve missed your reasonable and balanced input lately…a fellow voice of moderation…between you and me, I fear the Mentals are taking over on here.

        • Fear not Mr Fiddler, I’ve just been busy burying the trespassing filth who have been stealing my potato crops. I even caught one retrobate trying to steal a chicken. Well the fucking joke’s on his liberal ass as he is now in the pot with some carrots and challots.
          I think I have instilled fear into the local remedials now.

    • Ah Dick, you asked a question in an earlier topic about the Greyhounds.
      I would like to say that they are taking it well, But alas not so, before when we worked they had access to all soft furnishings, unfortunately now we occupy the furniture ourselves there is a degree of conflict and we end up in staring matches.
      Likewise security issues, The hounds seem to be able to respond to a squirrel passing wind in the nature reserve next to us, yet show no reaction to the bloke from Amazon banging on the door, despite the fact that the front door is closer than the nature reserve.
      So the hounds are well, apart from the dog needs his anal glands sorting out (fortunately vet plan covers that)

      • There’s nothing like a greyhound for looking both mournful and accusing when it sees someone in it’s seat. The buggers like their comfort.
        Glad you’re all getting settled in,Lord B.

  6. Hasn’t this one-trick pony bumbler got a few rinky-dink offspring by some Covid whore he bashed at a golf club? Velly landy old man is Hugh Glant. Keep preaching the millionaire socialism whilst priming them all for private school, you virtue-signalling prick.

  7. I have never seen anything with this cunt in it. I always confuse him, when he is mentioned, with Hugh Laurie. And I don’t think anyone’s seen them both at the same time. The cunt doesn’t deserve two wages.

    • I will save you the trouble of gouging out your eyes at the horror K – Err, I, hmm, Simper, pout, uhur, what what, err, how awkward and charmingly English I am, fop, fop, toss girly hair, err, ahem, middle class eccentric, ahem,err.
      Every Hugh Grant performance ever neatly rolled into a nutshell, he has all the charm of a fly blown corpse in summer and is a fucking terrible “actor” – I’ll bet young Laurence Fox would do the piss wet nancy boy in a brawl! (And I would pay money to watch it!).
      And Hurley is disappointing in the bedroom in my experience – all she says is AAAARGH! Why are in my bedroom with a balaclava and a knife?…
      Poor sport, that Hurley. 🤣

  8. Although a cunt of epic proportions his fall from grace with the inappropriately named “Devine” brown says far more about liz Hurleys performance in the bedroom than the $60 blow job street hooker , foppish grant described it as a “moment of insanity “ I presume he was talking about his relationship with the attractive but dull as fuck and hugely talentless liz who’s career appears to have been wearing a fucking dress held together by safety pins!!
    Grants acting revolves around him playing the slightly bemused ex public schoolboy , his life revolves around him playing the virtue signaling libertard wanker who is unable to accept democratic outcomes, I just wished this prick would stay in Hollywood with all the other PC Film star gobshites…….
    Despicable cunt ………

    • Evening Quizzers, this bumbling cuntwipe seems to have escaped the wrath of the #MeToo harpies for exploiting a woman for his own sexual gratification. A pity no video exists of Grant asking for a blowjob from the Hollywood crack skank, it would be like every film he has ever been in, awkward silences, mumbling, and lots of “umm, er, ooh, arr, yes well yowzers”.

  9. Its very simple lads…..any fucker dumping Liz Hurley and fucking a regular ugly slag in a park in preference to Liz. Is indeed a cunt, a stupid cunt, a great big stupid cunt.

  10. Speaking of actors and Hollywood did you know that today is Clint Eastwood’s 90 th birthday . Fucking hell 90!!
    Still more of a man than this weedy little posh boy, jump on the bandwagon, remoaner cunt could ever be. Fuck off Grant you wanker.

      • He’ll be raising a glass of snowflake tears before going to the gun range and shooting at a George Floyd target with his .44 Magnum.

      • Dirty Harry! Top boy Clint – random true fact – when he was born his Mother went round all the Mothers in the maternity ward and said “look at the size of him – you didn’t do that good”!
        Or something similar, right turn Lammy! 😄

    • Been watching a lot of Clint Eastwood films on TCM recently so decided to watch a load of old interviews with him on YouTube the other day. What a thoroughly decent chap he seems; very mild mannered, thoughtful, intelligent and self aware. I really like him, plus he’s a proper right winger who’d probably fuck that wet cunt Grant right up even now at 90 years old.

      • You’ve just made me imagine Grant and Alan Carr in a bitch slapping fight. I’d pay a lot of money to see that.

        • My money would be on Carr all day long ,I’m struggling to think of a man who grant could beat ? Maybe Larry Grayson or Lionel Blair?

          • Just googled Lionel Blair to see if he was still alive. He is (he’s 91).

            Also, he’s married and had 3 kids. He also helped someone survive falling into the sea from a pier. His (ahem) ‘friend’, Alan Carr was with him at the time:

            Quote from Wikipedia:

            ”On 21 September 2006, Blair and comedian Alan Carr helped save a man about to fall from a pier in Blackpool. The man was holding on by his fingers.[19]

            Blair and wife Susan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in March 2017. They have three children and three grandchildren”

  11. This Thursday night thing, thanking the health workers is starting to affect my subconscious.
    Today, I was watching a porn movie based in a hospital. When a nurse appeared and started sucking some blokes dick I found myself clapping mid-wank….

  12. Actors who play the same character in every film is also a c*nt.
    Hugh Grant – always plays the wittering, upperclass, fop.
    Dwayne ‘The Rock’Johnson – just usually ends up twatting someone.
    Johnny Depp – cooky, eccentric characters, wearing eyeliner and affected corkerney accent.
    Owen Wilson – loveable, laidback average Joe who always makes good in the end.
    Rebel Wilson – loudmouth obnoxious c*nt
    Melissa McCarthy – same
    Adam Sandler- same as Owen Wilson
    Seth Rogen – stoner/slacker/soyboy type.
    Michael Cera – always looks like he’s trying to hold in the worst shit ever.

    • Not forgetting Tom cruise ….

      Top gun …. young cocky pilot , meets woman who guides him to success

      Days of thunder …. young cocky driver meets a woman who guides him to success

      Colour of money … young cocky pool
      Player blah blah blah

      Far and away … young cocky bare knuckle fighter etc etc

      Mission impossible…. 1-6
      middle aged cocky cunt …. Meets woman blah blah blah

      • Forgot to mention
        Although a cocky cunt he often has a loss of confidence and needs the reassurance from his lady friend………
        before he comes back as a better more rounded individual…….

  13. Add to that Will “Look at me, I’m doing my mole who’s just had a golfball implanted up his arse face again” Ferrell, and Jack “Look at me, I’m morbidly obese and zany” Black.

    As for Grant, The Englishman Who Went Up Hollywood Boulevard And Came Down Divine Brown’s Throat can get the cunting fuck to haemorrhoid-infested Remoaner buggery. Best thing he ever did was Lair Of The White Worm, and now the precious tosswank likes to pretend it never happened.

  14. It’s a little known fact that between dancing and singing classes the Sylvia Young theatre school provides a remarkably good education. Basic attention whoring is followed by advanced particle physics, then philosophy. After a working lunch incorporating mime and cross dressing the students debate and try to resolve the great issues mankind is facing. Theatrical legend Bonnie Langford has a first in economics and politics for example.
    We all accept that famous people are better than us, better looking, better paid, highly intelligent and more moral than us, they appear almost infallible in most instances. Hugh Grant donates all his Oscars to impoverished inner city children and is currently on his way to America to mediate between oppressed innocent black victims and murderous racist law enforcement. He is second only to the surviving Chuckle brother in his magnificence.

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