Glow Up

A nomination for some BBC Three piece of degeneracy called Glow Up.

More like throw-up..

It’s sad that old people are paying for this shite, and not even aware it exists (apart from the trailer on the main channels).

More flapping, mincing, and shrieking from our national broadcaster.

If BBC Three isn’t putting Stacey Dooley on a plane, or asking rhetorical questions about the ‘urban yoot’, it’s making scream-athons featuring the alphabet soup, and promoting non-binary demi-kin weirdness to kids who will end up convinced they need blue hair, a nose stud and a pseudopenis, or to tuck the old chap between their legs, shriek and flounce with a yellow-and-green feather headdress and peacock pattern facepaint, botox in their lips and a theatrical agent’s cock in their arse while ‘Goodbye Horses’ plays in the background.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

29 thoughts on “Glow Up

    • Spot on. How can the BBC claim to offer a range of services to cater for the tastes of all citizens? The faster the organisation has the TV Tax scrapped the sooner it will have to produce programmes that the customers want to pay for. It really is sink or swim time looming for the BBC . I foresee a massive clear out of the current crop of self important cunts .

    • Eh, like the picture above, reminds me of the daughter playing with the missus make up as a little girl,
      Any millenials reading, please dont come in the pub looking like that!
      I’ll unfortunately have to give you a George Floyd neck massage.

  1. I’ve often wondered if The Dark Keys wear make-up. I suppose a smudge of soot off the old giant cooking pot would be all that they need…no point guilding the lily and distracting attention away from the bone through your nose and dinner-plate in your lip.

    I would let Rihana give me a gobble just as long as she didn’t go all “ethnic” on me and steal my wallet to pay for drugs and chiggun.

    PS…All Gays wear heavy makeup….it’s one of the well-known symptoms of their illness.

  2. Spot on Sixdog. What the good old BBC fail to realise is that the people they pander to are the ones that still live at home with mummy and daddy who pay the licence and when they eventually leave home won’t pay for the tv as they get there fix from pay and go tv like Now and Netflix etc
    So basically the generation who they fawn over and appease with all this shite will never pay for it and the BBC will just slowly go under the bus on its own accord.
    If the fee isn’t abolished by DC and Boris then we will just see a slow death hopefully in my lifetime.
    Between repeat after repeats and biased news the bell tolls for Saville Towers.

  3. What an absolute barrel of cuntitude!!
    How fucking low can the BBC go ?
    Oh for the glory days of Jaime theakston
    and the spitting mockney chef

    After making a cunt of himself Cummings could go a long way down the road to redemption by pulling the BBC’s snout out of the public cash trough , it won’t be easy as this hogs been chowing down on the fat of the land for years……..

    • Good point. The BBC led the libtard charge to stitch up Baldybollocks. I hope he’s one of those cunts who harbours a grudge and persuades the Toffboy to fuck this nest of vipers to hell the fucking sly, anti British bastard cunts!!!
      Or, at least, privatise the fuckers.

      • Scummings harbours a very serious grudge, history has shown he is not a Man to cross.
        But if he makes the Biased Bolshevik Controllers subscription only I demand he be Knighted!
        Glow up my fucking arse – this is what six Year old kids do!
        Narcissist freaks.

  4. The BBC is obsessed with metropolitan bullshit and social media. We should not be paying them to produce this type of degenerate shit. Let commercial interests take it on, who will soon find that the audience is small and not lucrative.
    As pointed out above, the cunts who might watch this don’t pay for it. Pandering to preverts, degenerate trannies and assorted shirtlifters is not in the BBC remit.

  5. There’s been a lot of gay nominations lately. It’s all gone a bit Catholic church on here. I don’t mind the old Perry Comos or if someone’s a bit Stoke. Catholics are cunts though and this programme looks shit.

    • I don’t think the vast majority of contributors are bothered about “the gayness” JCL – just the relentless promotion of homosexuality as the norm.

      • I don’t think the vast majority of contributors are bothered about “the gayness”…..well,they should be……The Gayness is an extremely cruel and insidious disease. A great deal more time and taxpayer’s money should be spent getting to the bottom of this sickness before we are all overwhelmed.
        I think that “‘lockdown” should be extended indefinitely so that we can all be kept “safe” from catching The Gayness.All public-toilets should immediately be bulldozed as I suspect that they are nests where “The Gayness” lurks and multiplies.
        The Eggheads and the Govt. should forget about this WuhanFlu nonsense and throw every resource that this Country can muster at investigating this illness…..I suspect that there is a liberal media cover-up involved….we all know that their ranks are stuffed full of raving Nancies who won’t rest until we are all mincing down the street in dresses and full make-up shouting “Oooohhh,get her” at each other.

        I fear that rural Northumbria will become the last bastion of the true Man unless I am listened to and my advice heeded…and let’s be honest, The Govt. has listened to some fucking dodgy advisers “success-rate” at predicting the course and outcome of The Gayness can’t be much worse than theirs,can it?

        • You’re absolutely right Mr Fiddler. There ought to be a ‘daily uodate’ on the Fairyness. Graphs showing where this transmittable disease is most prevalent should be shown. ‘Test, track and trace’ as well. We must develop an app to find out who has got the sickness, who they have been in contact with. The ‘P’ (Pooftah) number has gone through the roof in recent years. We have let it run riot in many ways. Personal Protective Equipment should be issued as a matter of urgency especially reinforced underpants.

  6. The BBC motto used to be Nation shall speak peace unto nation, now it seems to be Mincers shall speak left wing bollocks to everybody.

    • After the permanent hatchet job the BBC do on Sleepy and Moby I imagine (and hope) their tenure is limited.
      Fake news spouting propaganda vehicle for the commies, get rid.
      Glow up? Grow up.

    • Not sure about everybody but the old, white people the BBC hates are the only cunts still watching.

      Word from the streets (studies in demographics) is that no cunt under 35 bothers watching it.

      • I imagine lots of old white people watch Al-Beeb because it’s free for them. (As far as I am aware).
        I watch it so I know who are the first people to hang from traitors gate come the revolution.
        And for Martine Croxalls lovely big matronly tits of course! 😄

  7. The BBCunts just don’t get it. They are so self-absorbed that they don’t realise that the vast majority of the population are sick to the back teeth with them. Like someone else pointed out they are making programmes and pandering to cunts who don’t pay the TV tax anyway and probably never will. I saw this somewhere, apologies as I have forgotten who mentioned it it. They have a statue of George Orwell in the piazza of New Broadcasting House who must be spinning in his grave to be associated with the cunts. This quotation is inscribed in the wall next to him: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” – except that they have missed the comma off after ‘all’. Stupid dopey cunts, they are far up themselves that they don’t realise the irony.

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