Flaunting your wealth

A show and tell ‘look what I’ve got’ cunting for the obscenely rich who flaunt their wealth on cuntstagram and then seem astonished and bewildered when some cunts rob them at knifepoint.

Recent example Dele Alli.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to buy nice things if you have worked for it and have the money. But you must be a bit of a mug these days if you advertise the fact you have a £150,000 watch on social media for all to see.

Would you walk around the seedier parts of town with a wad of £50 notes hanging out of your back pocket?

I believe that Kuntye and and Kim Kuntdashian have suffered a similar fate in the past from flaunting their possessions on social media.

As an aside I seem to remember a few years ago that thieves planned to rob Dolph Lundgren’s house in Spain and then realised it was Ivan Drago’s house and got the fuck out of there faster than B&WC’s tongue would go up Sophie Turner’s bumhole. 😂

Nominated by Harold Steptoe

71 thoughts on “Flaunting your wealth

  1. These flash Cunts are in for a backlash when we have a global depression!
    Loved by simpletons at the moment who idolise the Beckhams/Kardashian’s etc, public opinion will change when they cant afford to feed the kids and some slebs cunts bragging about a new luxury car.
    Its vulgar to flaunt your wealth, thats why the queen doesnt wear the crown jewels, and dresses like a dosser.

  2. Good nom……such people are utter Cunts.

    As I said to my Land Agent as we drove in my Mercedes 4wheel drive around my vast Country Estate, these pretentious Wankers are a curse. Some of them have the nerve to try and buy their way into my social circle…as if we would want the common little Oiks on our Grouse Moors or at one of our exclusive masked-balls.

    They deserve robbing and if they go to the less salubrious parts of town ( Co*n Town) they can hardly be surprised if some aspiring architect/rapper/footballer decides to relieve them of their gaudy baubles.

    Such common types should be taxed ’til the pips squeak…the money raised should be given in the form of grants to those who protect and nurture the Countryside…it’s damned expensive running a Hunt/Shoot/vast fishing lake.

    Fuck Off.

    • Morning Mr F…these “masked balls” of yours: is there not a risk of a council person sneaking in under the radar and in disguise?
      Or, God forbid, a person of colour (wearing gloves too, obviously)?
      I suppose they’d give themselves away though, by asking if your canapes came from Aldi.

      • Oh the Hounds can pick such sorts out at the drop of a hat…common people and Dark Keys all have the same odour…fast-food,market-stall deodorant and….failure.

        This is why I could never hold an “…is a Cunt” event at The Towers (well,that and the fact that you’re a bunch of Cunts and Mentals)

        Morning Mr,C-E.

        • You’re a little late for that, I’m afraid. I’ve already infiltrated one of your balls dressed as a waiter and have seen first hand how you deal with the ordinaries, anti-wealth and anti-farmer protestor types trying to crash the party. You could have been harsh, setting the dogs on them, but in the end, you let them off scott free, showing your gentler, more magnanimous side…

    • I’d be worried at a masked ball (not that I’d ever be invited, of course!)

      What if one of the gays sneaked in and copped a feel of my sack? You wouldn’t know if the cunt was small and wearing a mask and frock.

      Sounds fraught with danger to me, my Lord.

      • I have a cunning way of rooting out The Gays,CB. I leave a plate of Mr.Kipling’s French Fancies at the Gatehouse…it’s a well-known fact that no Gay can resist a Mr.Kipling French Fancy. I place the Fancies on a metal tray which I have connected to the electric mains by cleverly adapting an old electric fence which is normally used to pen the Bull into his paddock…I have,of course,upped the voltage to deal with The Fruity Gentlemen….it’s an amazing and hilarious sight,a 6 foot,semi-shaven man getting blown out of his stiletto shoes and ballgown by electric….and when his wig catches fire…well.the tears are running down my face.

        Not that you need worry…as you so rightly say,you wouldn’t be invited anyhow.

        • Dick a word from the wise.
          I used to have an electric fence as part of my fox defences, I got pissed of with having to change the battery so I installed a solar trickle charger into the system.
          Any way one day I had to work on the fence so I disconnected the battery, I was then shocked to discover that the pissy little solar trickle charger was more than proficient to keep the fence going in a very aggressive manner.

          • They can be savage affairs,Lord B.

            I’ve had many a zap when trying to duck under the single-strand one I use in the horse paddock….the horses are cleverer than me,they stand and must listen for the clicking to stop when the battery (tractor) gets low….they then just push their way through.

            Hope the greyhounds are keeping OK.

  3. These thick twats in the Premier League show off their 100k watches or 500k cars and then cry when they get robbed at knife point in their mansions, the thick cunts.

    Perhaps don’t advertise that you’re home alone with a few million quids worth of jewellery in your bedside table, you thick cunts.

    • Although it was funny when some scousers/pikeys tried to rob the 6 foot 4 inch borderline criminally insane Duncan Ferguson in his home.

      This is a man who punched and kicked a spacca fan once upon a time. This incident along with a few others (involving a headbutt during a game and assaulting a fisherman) put him in prison for a while.

      Regarding the house robberies (some daft cunts tried again!), on both occasions the hospitals ended up with new patients in their casualty departments (not Mr Ferguson).

      • Is that the same Duncan Ferguson who was allegedly shagging a teammates wife who subsequently topped himself ? Big Dunc is just as big a cunt from what I gather.

          • Yes CB allegedly. Not saying he’s not an hard cunt but he will know the truth and I hope it haunts him if it’s true.

          • Always felt there was something funny about his suicide. He seemed right as rain in an interview the day before he was found dead. He had a good job without too much stress and expectation (Wales manager) and was loaded. Of course, he may have had a natural ‘imbalance’ with regards to chemicals in his brain which caused a deep depression, but I always felt something off about it.

            Still, I hope the rumour is wrong. But if true, then I agree with your sentiments.

  4. If a few good things can come out if coronavirus then I hope one is massive pay cuts for footballers and no mark talentless celebrities.

    Sadly I fear were so far gone that average Joe will continue to worship at the alter of these false idols. Dozy cunts.

    • Can you imagine gazza on £200k a week just as well their threatened with phone evidence wherever they go otherwise every nights a party night

  5. I suppose what I mean is that if you flaunt your wealth in a vulgar way, you make yourself a target.
    There are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to liberate you of your trinkets.
    People don’t seem to realise that criminals also use soshul meeja.
    For a lot of them it’s like browsing on Amazon.com [other online retailers are available].

  6. The shite these morons buy only appeals to other morons. Footballers, boxers and rap ‘artists’ are the pinnacle of the flaunt your wealth culture, now being joined by the social media influencer cunts like those Kardashian vermin, one of whom is in the shit for……flaunting wealth she didn’t have.
    Something is only worth what the dullest or emptiest cunt will pay for it. Twenty grand for a handbag? I don’t give a fuck who made it, twenty grand? Only a fucking prick who wants to boast that they spent a ridiculous amount on an unnecessary item would buy that shit. Get the fuck out.

  7. A while ago when I was in Slovakia, my friend had this amazing shit idea, he was going to hire a pimp mobile 4×4 and go into Ukraine, very nice car it was too, wife kid’s all going.
    Thing is where we were going in my studied opinion was not suitable for wife and kid’s also to be driving said pimp mobile was going to draw a lot of attention and some of it the wrong type.
    Had to sit him down with the father in law and have a heart to heart about the plan andthe fact that chances are we would end up walking back with no money phones or passports so the idea was vetoed .
    Some people are a little dense.

  8. I recall that cunt Bono advertising Louis Vuitton luggage in magazines some time ago. Why would anyone buy such distinctive suitcases only to have it first to be stolen at he airport or worse still have people think that you are influenced by a greasy turd?

      • I was working airside at an airport for a while, and watching the baggage handlers work makes sure you pack your luggage carefully, and get a tough case. They would park the baggage train about twenty feet from the carousel, then make a game of who could throw the cases the furthest. Some made it, some didn’t.

        • From the terminal window I once watched in amazement as a bagger put a cat box roughly on the cargo conveyor. Somehow there was a jam at the planes cargo door and the box tumbled 10 feet bouncing over and over! The bagger ran over picked it up checked inside looked around and put it back on the conveyor

  9. Top cunting HS,
    Doesn’t matter who you are, thieving cunts will rib you and it doesn’t matter how big or bad you may be a knife or a gun will calm down most wannabe heroes.
    Is it worth dying or serious injury for a watch etc?
    These wankers showing off on social media are absolute cunts and I find it funny when I read abaaaaaht some drug dealer bellend who doesn’t work and is driving abaaaaaht in a 20 grand motor and advertising his welath on Instagram.
    The smart people with money and smart dodgy cunts don’t let on that they have money and some drive abaaaaaht in a work van with overalls on.
    A lot of those super posh Aristocrat types wear old clothes and generally look a bit scruffy…you should never make assumptions based on looks.
    As for Sophie Turner I definitely would. 👍🏽

    • Who the fuck are you then?

      Oh its you B&WC, good morning. No wall of ice can keep you from a posh totties bumhole.

      • Morning LL, I would have licked that whole ice wall till it melted to get to lovely Sophie Turner, especially if she was wearing her G.O.T attire.
        She really has that posh, slightly snooty look abaaaaaht her (which I like) which requires a good pounding. 😁

    • Ha ha I thought you’d like that B&WC. I remember you saying you liked the look of her.

      Tbh I would too, although I think I prefer Natalie Dormer who was in it ages ago. She looks like she might be a bit mucky in the bedroom.

  10. As my name suggests I like the finer things in life. However, it is tempered with sense so rather than having a posh Swiss watch I have a Grand Seiko, superior engineering with understated style. Only a genuine watch enthusiast recognises it so I am less likely to get robbed. Mind you, I see no point in visiting cities and avoid them like the plague.

    • There is nothing wrong with having fine taste and buying quality that last much longer than cheaper shite and preferring quality things…I used to be into modern furniture etc when younger but now I prefer quality antiques. You get so much craftsmanship for your money and the fact that they were made in times when people it seemed took a lot more pride in their work.
      I’ll be buying a nice Chesterfield and club chair for my London flat soon, accompanying drinks cabinet.
      Someone said to me a long time ago…’cheaper is more expensive’ and they are right. 👍🏽

      • Are you using Dick Fiddlers supplier of fine antiquities and tasteful home furnishings B&W? The Fiddler Amber Room, Great Hall and snug are truly magnificent, none of that cheapo IKEA or Argos tat that would make him choke on his tripe and onions.

        • I eat my tripe raw,LL….drop of vinegar and plenty of black pepper…you should try it,any decent butcher will carry honeycomb tripe….not so sure about Lidl’s so perhaps you may struggle to locate any.


          • Morning Fiddler, I was a Saturday lad in a butchers, raw tripe and brawn put me off for good I’m afraid. The Caribbean contingent loved a bag of pigs tails and trotters to stew up. .

          • Morning all, u try to buy antique furniture outside of London due to crazy costs here LL. I bought a nice antique wardrobe from Aston a while back…love the thing and a good price as well. I will be shipping all my old furniture I have stored to Jamaica to furnish my house aaaaht there. Your right abaaaaaht the pig tails and trotters as well…although I’d eat it, it’s not really my cup of tea alongside cow foot and chicken foot.

    • Is it the hi beat?

      I have the only other watch that performs 36,000 beats per hour.

      Terrified to wear it outside the house. Its also a bit large and uncomfortable.

      Same with the Breitlings.

      I choose a rather plain German brand of watch for every day use.

      • No , the Grand Seiko is a ‘run of the mill’ 28,000 boy. I am thinking of buying a Spring Drive.The chap who led the team developing Spring Drive.spent the best part of three decades getting it right. WTF did that cost Seiko? I also have a quartz GS . The bloody thing is so accurate, less than half a second a year (! ) that I leave it on GMT.
        I dislike watches over 39 mm in diameter; something to do with the ‘ big car , small dick ‘ theory.

        • This is why I use the German one.

          Automatic using the ETA 2824-2 movement and loses about a second a day.

          Also only 39mm. Anything bigger looks like a carriage clock on my wrist.

  11. I have a couple of sexy yanks living in the flat which overlooks my bedroom and living room windows. I always see them doing the washing up and know they must talk abaaaaaht the sexy tanned bachelor man who lives in the flat. Fuck knows where they work as all they seem to do is walk their dog and and walk around in gym wear and I knew the previous owner of the flat/house and they must be paying at least a grand a week rent.
    Anyways the sexier taller one was walking down the outside stairs to throw some rubbish in the outside bin and she was wearing a Burberry trenchcoat…which probably costs abaaaaaht 4 grand… Maybe she was trying to impress me. I’ll have to conveniently be around the next time she is wandering abaaaaaht. The rich cow/cunt.

  12. I used to work for this married couple who you could justifiably label as ‘nouveau riche’. All they thought about was money and how they could impress everybody with their recently-acquired wealth. Instead of making sure their employees were looked after to ensure the continuing success of their business, they gave jobs to relatives who weren’t interested in working for a living. When they got rid of me I made a prediction that the company would fail, because there were so many square pegs in round holes. It took five or six years but it happened. And whenever I think about it I get this warm smug feeling of satisfaction.

  13. One thing that boils my piss is the modern need for expensive bits of plastic with different symbols on, than the bit of plastic that your vehicle came pre equipped with..
    Fucking personalized number plates…
    Absolute fucking waste of time & effort.. Number plates are there so that our plod can find & fine you when you happen to go faster than our draconian speed limits..
    In a ridiculous attempt to prove to the world how much money they have & how important they think they are. People with private plates are utter cunts..

    • Strange where I live is well, not the most prestigious of places, but There are some nice cars with personalised plates, probably not paid for, but then again when I go to the ritch places most of their stuff is on the never never.

      Trying to think of the woman, Sarah Getty? think that was her I went round her house once, tiny little cottage in the sticks that is falling apart and full of shit, woman has millions (not one or two) but she looks and lives like a bag lady.

    • Reminds me of a number plate I saw in Rotherham years ago. 50UL MAN. Me and my mates stuck an R at the front of both plates. Bit juvenile but it made me laugh.

  14. Actually I think it’s quite useful that these money obsessed, self centred fucktards advertise their vulgar materialism. At least they are being honest vis a vis their essential cuntishness. If they get robbed then good, fuck ‘em.
    I much prefer that to a snide little taxdodging shit like a certain well known BBC employee, whinging and crying about the poor “child” refugees and asylum seekers while feeding off the British taxpaper like a vulture picking at a juicy bit of roadkill.
    Total hypocrite, total cunt.

  15. Flaunting your wealth? Never – the last time I did that at my Northumbrian holiday home a very angry chappie shouted “have you stolen my tripe – it’s a fucking disgrace”!, and proceeded to chase me up and down with a bunch of ravening hounds, traumatised me for life it did!
    I generally buy expensive stuff, but not new – I am not so gullible that I will fall for the shiny new thingy advertising and quality lasts well and does the job well. (It’s also a good principle in terms of recycling).
    I also buy a lot of Laura Ashley furniture used, people get rid of it for next to nothing when all it needs is a clean, so I clean it with my cleaning machine thingy (professional cleaning is also one of my sidelines), then sell most of it for good money – always a market for it.
    Flaunting your wealth will just attract the wrong type of moped riding ruffians, ask Michael McIntyre! 😄👍

  16. A couple of years ago I had to go to the funeral of one of my wife´s relatives outside São Paulo. We were offered a lift by the dead guy´s son, a spoilt, bearded, sunglass-wearing show-off from a wealthy family. To my horror he turned up in a fancy BMW. Now this might not mean much in some countries but zooming around the streets of Brazil in a car like this is generally only safe if it is armour plated and accompanied by a back-up car with gun-toting bodyguards.

    This prick was so stupid that he could not even follow the GPS and ended up taking us into really dodgy favela-like territory. To make things worse, his grandmother, who was 90 and in poor health, suddenly had to go to the bathroom. This mean pulling up outside a sleazy breeze-block bar. Everybody piled into the dump and left me in this shiny big car. At one point a couple of people ran out shouting that there was a guy with a gun inside. I freaked out as I was worried about my wife and everyone else but was scared to leave the car in case it got stolen or was hijacked with me in it. Fortunately, the gunman was just going to the crapper as well – guns are common there – and everyone got out safely. This playboy prick´s desire to flaunt his wealth not only put everyone in danger but meant he was late for his own father´s funeral as was his grandmother for her son´s.

  17. Ironic the use of Harry Enfield’s Loadsamoney character.

    I always loved the Brummie ‘ Scuse me sport. I could help noticing we are considerably richer than yaow’.

    Particularly when they get get shown up by the hotel owner.

  18. Made me laugh, the two thieves in New York who nicked some suits from a lockup in Brooklyn not knowing it belonged to John Gotti and The Gambinos. Gotti brought them to his club and said to the two cunts who had by now shit their pants “I’m a thief and you two are thieves, but you cannot thieve from me”. Lesson learnt me thinks.

  19. Flaunting my wealth in public?

    Before the lockdoom it was buying and eating a large pasty from the ‘West Cornwall Pasty Co.’

    Seven quid!

    • If your ever in the Plymouth area Cuntimus try and get your hands on an Ivor Dewdney pasty. There’s about six shops throughout the city and a ‘giant’, and it is giant is £3.20.

      As for watches, I’m Tag Heuer man myself; got an Aquaracer and a Formula 1 Chrono. Not too pricey, but fuck me! £150k for a watch.

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