Wayne Rooney (8)

A half-time bucket and sponge and orange cunting please, for the old granny-shagger himself. Poor old Wayne, who looks as if he is wearing the lavatory brush round his chin, thinks he and his footballing friends have been treated as “guinea pigs”:


Certainly paid more than a guinea, though. If any member of his family fall ill, he is promising, er, sorry, threatening never to play again – so every cloud has a silver lining.

I am sure all manner of NHS staff are in much more immediate danger than a bunch of posing footballers.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Yes, the spud-faced scouser with pubes stuck to his head is having a tantrum over the coronavirus. Perhaps because the bingo halls are now shutting and he can’t hang around outside to bother the grannies?

Perhaps. But it seems it’s because he thinks multi-millionaire footballers like himself, are being used as guinea pigs, as they were ‘forced’ to work as the virus starting spreading. Now ‘Wazza’ is off work and will be for some months, on full pay. Wazza has homes all over the place, millions in the bank and he and his wife and kids, are in the extremely low risk group (he would’ve said if anybody wasn’t) when it comes to the Coronavirus. If needed, he can afford the very best care.

Wazza, who hasn’t had a decent game for about 10 years, is now threatening to quit the sport due to being used in such a way. That is, being regularly tested (so he can be treated quicker than anyone else) and being paid about 80 grand a week to sit at home.

Mr Potato Head also fails to mention that there are thousands of care workers, hospital workers, shop assistants and other workers in ordinary jobs working through this mess and putting themselves at risk of infection. Many who work in jobs like the catering industry (and many other jobs in general) are being laid off without pay. These people can’t pay their rent/mortgage or buy food now. Businesses are going to the wall and this cunt thinks he’s the one needing sympathy?

Fuck this granny shagging, spud-faced, pube-bonced, entitled, out-of-touch, scouse retard.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

28 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney (8)

  1. No big surprise to be honest.

    Perhaps this entitled cunt should spend a week working the tills in Asda, or cleaning out the bogs at the local hospital, or performing some voluntary work for the vulnerable, the handicapped, the infirm etc who need constant support through these difficult times.

    The bloke is a gold plated cunt of the first order. And if you don’t like the situation over here, Spud, kindly take yourself and your fucking precious family (plus any old grannies you may have tucked away someplace) back to the States and never bother coming home!

    Bye bye, cunt!

  2. I can see where he’s coming from to be honest. Sportspeople would’ve been at higher risk due to the nature of their occupations and I doubt Rooney would’ve wanted to risk catching it and giving it to his family.

    • If it bothered the tuber faced thicko so much he could have flat out refused. Its not as if the self-pitying twat doesn’t have enough to retire in opulence, I mean, how much does a veteran hooker charge for crying out loud?
      Go fuck yourself Rooney, you horrifically dense has-been.

      PS: I just received a text stating prince Charles has the Chinese disease. Is this the start of another “me too” movement?
      Arse biscuits.

    • The last time I saw any football l saw 23 people spread over a fucking football pitch, not exactly crammed together are they.

      • And if they have to social isolate on the ground there’ll be no tackles, no diving, the game should have more goals and there’ll be none of that usual copulating after each goal.

  3. So Spud has a column in the Times? No way could this chuff write an article. Ghost written nae doot.
    b.t.w, had trouble getting on to isac this morn,page prohibited,not available etc. Be careful out there

    • I am with Earl on this we all need to try and keep safe and football should probably have been stopped before it was. However I have been listening to an economics Professor this lunchtime on the wireless and he reckons that more people will die if there is a 6 1/2 percent drop in GDP than will bid from Bat Soup Flu.

      Rooney is still a bloody good footballer, I saw him down at the Liberty this season and he ran our boys ragged.

  4. Does anybody really believe that this half wit actually “wrote” that article? The cunt couldn’t string six words together to make a sentence. It was written by a journo looking to stir up controversy. Wayne was probably asked to read and approve, got a headache after the first two sentences, said “that’s sound la” and fucked off back to his native Scouseland in search of ageing prozzies.
    Come on…….Wayne Rooney writing for the Sunday Times? You’ll be telling me Alex Salmond is innocent next.

    • Welcome to the “random words” lottery! Lots of things trigger modding, but I believe Admin are working through them.
      Oh, nearly forgot – Rooney is a cunt.

  5. What a horrible self important little cunt.
    Who is needed at this moment in time,medics,care workers, scientist or an overpaid footballer with a spud for a head,a pea for a brain and a lump of rock for a heart??
    Fuck off .

  6. I thought it was the red side of Liverpool that were cunts, but this blue must be missing out on media attention due to the lack of sport at the moment. His brood-mare of a missus must be panicking as the lack of media attention on her probably makes her realise that she isn’t as important as she thinks she is. Take your foster hair and slosh pot wife and fuck off…. but you can’t, because even with all your money you have to do as your told and money won’t get you out this mess we’re all in. Join the queue like us you pair of cunts….but stay 2 metres away.

  7. Hold on, Wayne is thinking of others here, some of his favourite ladies are of advanced age. He could totally fuck a granny next time he’s fucking a granny.

  8. Poor Rooney – guinea pigs? No, the guinea pigs were your real parents – a potato and a turd. Perchance the £140 Million you have in the bank will make you feel better.
    And I do not believe this grunting shit flinger could write his own name in faeces.
    Rooney is a cunt.
    That is all.

  9. Football, for me, I didn’t mind playing it with friends all those years ago. Jumpers for goalposts.

    Perhaps if they changed it to ballfoot, where the football is now a pretend foot and the players have to run after the foot but walking on their hands.


    I’m sure it will be a hit. What you reckon? 🙂

  10. A young man (as he once was) earning £300,000 a week, yet he still goes to cheapo massage parlours and screws ugly old grannies. WTF
    HE COULD have been screwing Victoria Secret models and top birds of the tele.

    Must have a soft boiled head, but he was in the dunces in school. He’s not the only thick as fuck professional footballers, there are many many many of them.

    I don’t mind Colleen Rooney, I think she’s okay, I pity her being stuck with him, I think she’s quite nice, apart from her husband.

    Vaguely connected is that other scouser Kerry Katona, she was pretty fit and fuckable 20 year ago, but nowadays she looks like one of Wayne’s Grannies, she has absolutely RUINED herself.

  11. Rooney demands the right to bum Men in a bath! “Ey, ey – Christiano, put this grey wig on, tell me you’re 90 and bend over lad!
    On a darker note, cabin boy Spoons and head of armaments Sir Fiddler have broken into the Captains cabin of The Black Pig, and after helping themselves to a Months worth of rum rations are taking pot shots at me with muskets and making loud complaints pertaining to alleged lashings, brutality and starvation by Captain Fox!
    Some bitter failed ex TV presenter and professional Manc offered to help me but I refused, shouting “this is mutiny Mr Christian”! 😃

  12. I’m a season ticket holder at Sheffield United. Is the world surviving without football at the moment? Of course it is. Would the world survive at the moment without Doctors, Nurses, Food Workers, Goods drivers etc? No it wouldn’t. Football is irrelevant pretty much like anything that comes out of this cunts gob. Always remember this cunt for a couple of things. Once saw a five year old run up to this prick and ask for an autograph, not many people there at the time. He looked down at this lad with utter disdain, carried on walking and got into his Jag. Slagging off hard working England fans after a particularly abject performance at the World Cup in South Africa. The prick is a scrubber with money.

    • The mouthing off to cameras about the fans at the end of that match will be my lasting memory of this Man United cunt.

      Hoo-ee, what a cunt.

  13. I see Wilfred Zaha is letting NHS workers stay in his properties free of charge. A noble gesture eh? Well not so noble since most of them are empty since his usual renters have disappeared because of the CV. But what fuckin shocked me was the number of properties he owns : ONE HUNDRED and fuckin FIFTY !! All from kickin a fuckin ball around. Have we gone fuckin mad?

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