The NHS (7)

As from April, the NHS can refuse to treat anyone who they consider to have made a racist, homophobic or sexist remark:

So if you voted Leave, better not let on, cos it’s a known fact that the 17.4 million potential patients who voted Leave are racists.

If your children have a pet gerbil, best keep it under your hat.

And whatever you do, don’t call the female staff “love” (or something equally offensive), otherwise you’ll find yourself out in the Hospital car park before you can say “Bernard Manning!”

Nominated by Ruff Tuff Creampuff

97 thoughts on “The NHS (7)

  1. So I can now be refused medical attention if I express an opinion a particular member of staff subjectively judges it to be offensive?

    Abusing medical staff is wrong but this seems like an opening for personal prejudices to be used to refuse treatment. Old sailors with a hula girl tattoo for instance, most medical staff will view it in context but there will be one feminist lesbian who finds it offended to all women kind.

    Will they be making it optional to contribute to the NHS?

    • So basically the state via NHS can decide to kill anyone it doesn’t like the opinion of, what world are we now living in, it’s unbelievable.

      • Almost the one where they check your social media score before you get treatment, a job or credit.

  2. When I get Coronavirus and need hospitalisation will they turf me out if I complain about the 6′ bearded shemale treating me, previously known as Dave and now known as Sandrine?

  3. Outpatients will be having bouncers on the doors to throw us out, but at least Eddie Izzard will get priority treatment, not to mention the lesbos and poofters who have got their butt plugs wedged in their arses.

  4. Possibly not my best timed nom…. in my defence I did submit it almost a month ago.

    I’ll get my face mask and protective coat.

    • Facts are facts RTC, NHS staff put up with a lot of crap 365 days a year , anyone attacking medical staff should be refused treatment, mental health patients obviously a different approach is taken.

      The problem with allowing snowflake ideals to permeate decision making on sanctions comes with the extreme variation in the melting point of individual snowflakes. A comment that would go unnoticed by one person will cause another to melt instantly.

    • It’s too late RTC. You’ve already got a great big “Do not resuscitate” sign hanging over your bed!

    • Do not pass go, do not collect three months worth of bog roll.
      You’re an absolute shower, RTC.

  5. Will they include Feminists, peacefuls who rampage and snowflake millenials who hate the patriarchy too?
    So much for the hippocratic oath then, if we’d have kept up a proper training program for our nurses and kept sisters, matrons etc none of this woke nonsense would be happening.
    Oh well, when I shuffle off this mortal coil, which is about 15 days time according to the media I’ll at least know that I’m leaving a world where inclusiveness and diversity thrives.
    Arse biscuits.

  6. Excellent. Another example of socialism. We pay for them but they tell us what we can and cannot do .
    Listen snowflake cunts if I pay you then you do as I say not the other way round.
    Some twinkle can take offense at anything and hey presto they don’t have to work but still get paid.
    I’ve said I’d before, time to get rid of the NHS. Let me keep my money and I’ll pay my own monthly medical insurance. The NHS might have been good once but not anymore.
    Staffed by fat nurses and scrawny female doctors more interested in their body image than patients. And as usual they cover each others backs to make sure they all still get holiday pay, sick pay and a job with no mechanism for failure.

    • I’d hate to be you when Nurse Cunty and DCI Gene Hunt get their hands on you!
      After an uncomfortable ride to hospital in an ambulance, you might arrive to find a nurse waiting for you with a rather large suppository in her hand.

    • I’ll let you tell that to the ambulance crew’s face when your aneurism bursts.


    • ‘You do as I say’???

      That’ll be an interesting conversation if you’re ever in my ambulance, son. And it’s a conversation you’ll not even come second in. I can be a right CUNT when it comes to giving pain relief. Just ask the last gobshite who’s trap ran away with him. A pleasure to see a grown man cry in pain, sometimes.

      ‘You’ll complain’?

      What’s got two thumbs and doesn’t give a fuck?👍👍

      • I can tell you’re angry DCI! To change the subject, can you give us any inside info on the virus?
        I appreciate that if you do, you might have to kill me! 😀

        • No more than is already in the media, mate. The scariest thing about this IS the media. That and the gullible fucks that lap that shit up. Selfish, bulk-buying cunts. If anyone’s going to croak it, I pray it’s them.

  7. but if you’re an antisocial druggy, drunk, chav, fat and irresponsible cunt, that’s okay they’ll look after you etc.

    • I would posit that the one’s most likely to be calling NHS staff lezza, poof, tranny cunt(?) and other hateful names will be the junkies, drunks and other fuckwits. Those users such as myself, and I would think most of the cunters on this site, having been taught manners and from the comments posted also having a sense of honour, would be well looked after in any AE. If they survived the wait.

      • I would argue that you are vastly more likely to hear it come from the peaceful persuasion and/or those of a darker hue.

        What happens then when its decried to be “phobic” to refuse treatment to a phobic “of colour”? I think we all know who would ultimately win that oppression contest if it came to it though.

  8. you will love this, My brother is banned from the local GP surgery.
    Being a small rural clinic it is only part time, so when my brother phoned it redirected to the sister surgery.
    The receptionist answered the phone x practice y surgery. Oh! he says “I normally deal with the woman who looks like a baked bean at z surgery!”
    Answer,” I am the Baked bean lady Mr Benny”…..
    He is currently banned from the practice.

  9. I half heard an advert on the radio this morning that ended with something like ‘protect your NHS’. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the NHS be protecting us? And if not, why the fuck are we paying for it?

  10. Why can’t this work the other way around? If I deem the nurse or Doctor to be a cunt, then can I have ‘them’ banished from the hospital?

  11. They spout this shit, but the reality is that they will not refuse treatment to anyone.

    Can you imagine the stink in the press if they did? ‘Doctors and Nurses refuse to treat the sick and injured’…… is more than their life is worth in this forever offended and indignant world which we live in these days.

    From a personal point of view, I don’t see why ANYONE in their workplace should have to tolerate abusive and violent people, including patients. I couldn’t give a shit about their personal beliefs – sexist, racist, whatever, but I take great exception to being spat at, or hit, or sworn at when just trying to help someone. I don’t give a fuck if they pay their NI….that doesn’t mean you have the right to behave like an aggressive cunt in a hospital.

    During my nursing years I had a chair thrown at me that bounced off of the door frame I was standing in, I was scratched and kicked numerous times, usually when helping a doctor put a cannula in and I was called an “ugly bitch” and “you look like a witch” by some fucking cunt of a teenager who had been admitted for head injuries he sustained after crashing a moped he had stolen.

    This would not be tolerated in any other workplace. Why should NHS staff have to smile nicely and tolerate it just because these cunts are ‘sick’?

    Yeah, so sick they can behave like that.

    • I wouldn’t mind Nurse C, some of these comments made here are not joking! Unbelievable!

    • The last time I was in hospital in London I witnessed black African ( as opposed to black Caribbean ) nurses treating old white men like shit.

      • Yes, I have witnessed the same and there is zero excuse for that. I worked with foreign nurses whose bedside manners left a lot to be desired. They were total cunts actually.

        I couldn’t believe the way they talked to some patients and visitors. Barking orders and no niceties whatsoever. As you say, mostly fucking African nurses from Nigeria (usually)

        I am not saying nurses/staff are perfect (nobody is) I am just saying that nobody should expect abuse and violence at work*. Patients have channels to complain about staff and treatment through PALS and even the media…..what do staff have? FUCK ALL HELP. Certainly not from ‘managers’, who could not give a single fuck and just tell you to shut up and work.

        * Except Riot Police and Armed forces on combat duties (just thought I would clear that up)

        • You’re trying to save my life? How DARE you? You SLAG!!! (etc)

          I have difficulty understanding this mindset. To which the logical response is “fuck off, then.”

          I’ve suggested elsewhere that, NHS managers being as numerous and as hopeless as my own, they should be evicted from their nice offices and these repurposed as critical care wards. The managers would take up less space as porters and cleaning staff, even, if they have a braincell left intact from their last meeting, as trainee nurses. Several problems solved there, I think.

        • Nurses don’t need a fucking degree to be a great carer of the sick. Blair is a fucking cunt . The NHS is the last colonial system in this country trawling the third world for workers. It took my daughter years to become a nurse because she didn’t go to cunting university to be indoctrinated into cutting off children’s genitals.

          • My mother was a nurse during WWII and a nursing sister in the early 1950s. She was dismayed by the quality and attitude of some of the nurses she encountered when she herself was hospitalised in the 1990s.

          • RTC given the choice between a Bandsman or a member of RAMC go for the bandsman, army regimental medics are normally from the regimental band and gentle I saw a RAMC medic break a needle in a solider’s arm during pre op meds, his stabbing technique had a lot to be desired.
            In-fact most of the RAMC people below doctor were fucking weird, combat medics are cool……If I give you this morphine can I shove this lillet in that hole?
            You can say no, but I will do it anyway.

          • Would you care to elaborate on your last statement? (I already know it’s bollocks. We are well versed in looking for/safeguarding/reporting FGM, I’m just giving you a chance to help yourself out).

    • I once had someone with a gunshot wound rather close to a hospital, as you can imagine he was making a fuss about it, however there was no exit wound and it was a little to close to an artery for my liking.
      we couldn’t loose face on this so I had my mate start to rip up a sheet and I chucked a bayonet in a pot of boiling water.
      The patient jumped up, pulled his trousers up and fucked off down the hospital smartish on his own steam.
      Note I did not refuse treatment, he refused treatment, there are ways round these things.
      (The hospital pulled a 7,62 out of his inner thigh and he was back with us in a week)

    • Hear fucking hear, Nurse. The ‘I pay your wages’ cunts are the worst kind of cunt. I hold a special magazine of rounds in my imaginary Glock for cunts like that.

    • Roy Hudd has evaded the Dead Pool. Along with Genesis P. Orridge and Max von Sydow.
      We should hang our heads in shame.
      It’s a fucking disgrace.
      Get To Fuck.

  12. At least all those illegal cunts smuggled in and working for cash as farm labourers/drug-dealers/whores/kitchen porters, etc won’t be seen for free by the NHS as they have contributed fuck all in taxes to society.


    • You’re being sardonic Herr Captain, ain’t cha? Illegals are the only ones who WILL be seen for free. Guaranteed. And because they don’t speak English the staff won’t be able to tell when they’re making offensive comments anyway.

      To be on the safe side the NHS should ban all whites cos everything white people say is racist by default.

      • Works both ways old chap.
        Most of the nurses are not English speaking so will have no clue if some some poor bugger calls them a cunt.

        • They only pretend not to understand English in order to annoy their white indigenous patients.

          • Forgive my facetious comments, Ruffy though as Terry says, they don’t speak much English. They’re usually whingeing, “Back een Bucharest, I voz top qvalified durctor. Giff me top job, big vages. Now me vorking as nurrrse and stealing drugs but not enuff money. You Eenglish racist.”

  13. Slightly off topic, but the Coronavirus has now shown the stupidity of uncontrolled immigration of 15 million plus in the last 20 years. Nothing against the NHS frontline staff, just past and present governments now shitting themselves because too many people live here and the NHS will be swamped. Well done bellends.

  14. The Third Reich move into NHS Policy management! I would say unbelievable but we seem to have nonsense like this on a daily basis.

  15. The trouble with this pronouncement is if I’m being treated by an African nurse and I say that European borders should be closed to Africa, and she construes that as ‘racist’, can I in theory now be refused treatment? Will I have to make some kind of formal apology and lick the boots of the Nigerian nurse? It’s just another half-arsed poorly thought out half-measure. There should be a properly thought-out, comprehensive, criteria for denying treatment, and being ‘racist’ shouldn’t be one of them as everyone’s racist. The first cunts to be denied should be those without the right to fucking live here.

    • No, you shouldn’t be guilty of a hateful hatecrime (although if you voted Leave that will be counted against you). Because African countries are closing their borders to UK and US travellers too. In fact, if a Nigerian nurse should make a crass remark along the lines of Europe being the epicentre of the pandemic, call your lawyer.

    • Not seen a doctor in years, but if i did need treatment im going to be in a frame of mind to discuss political topics,
      And wouldnt want to offend someone helping me anyway, regardless of skin colour, sexuality, ethnicity.
      If your pissing blood out of a wound it can be Ru paul an Owen Jones,
      Long as they can stitch me up couldnt give a fuck.

      • My GP is a Muslim woman of colour. I take care to put on my best Jeremy Corbyn impersonation whenever I’m in her surgery.

        • Same here Ruff one – a Muslim lady.
          Although she’s quite good, she didn’t want to finger me for a prostate exam. Funny that! I can’t understand why.

          • Maybe it’s not just us who are racist and sexist Bertie?

            I’ve not had my GP for long. The only thing she’s done for me is send me for a blood test to check out a suspected thyroid problem.

            She interpreted the result as negative, but am not entirely sure I trust her judgement.

            Oh, and she also gave me a flu jab.

          • Mine examines me at a distance! These whites can pass on some nasty illnesses you know!

          • Mine keeps sending me for blood tests but they keep coming back Shiraz positive.

          • I don’t even know who or what my doctor is.
            Last time i went it was a fat irish woman with food stains down her jumper.
            Not the most reassuring of health professionals,
            Looked like she should be selling spuds on a market stall.

          • Or selling alive-alive-o cockles and mussels outside the girls bogs at Skegness trawler wharf

    • Oh, give me blonde blue eyed Finnish girls every time, yummy!

      Or Swedish, Czech, Danish……

      • There’s no truth to the story that when Flabbotasaurus had to go to A&E she sat patiently for five hours. When the nurse appeared she said to the Flab, “Sorry about your wait.”

        Flabbot replied, “Yes, it must be all the chicken.”

    • Which hospital was it, I briefly worked at Whipps Cross a few years ago and didn’t encounter a single attractive nurse. High turnover of staff in my field, even the locus (including myself) wouldn’t stay as didn’t want to be associated when it all went tits up. Hope this is Flabbotts local, she’s in the best of hands!

    • Further proof, if any was needed, that Flabbott the Hutt is indeed a fucking moron.

    • There’s a blue-eyed, blonde nurse at the ED I ‘deliver’ to, mostly. I have to resist the urge to pop to the gents for a milk everytime I see her.

      • Perhaps on a slow day you could conspire with your driver to fake an emergency relating to your good self and present at triage on the trolley.

        If she’s on duty you will immediately become tumescent and the nature of your ailment will be self evident

        Between teeth gritted with distress advise that it won’t go down and suggest that she “manipulate it two or three times“.

        [She does so]

        ”Ooooooohhhhh that’s better! Should be able to walk out in a straight line now.“

  16. It should be known as the international health service, they could get David Milliband to run it!, shouldn’t be entitled to any treatment unless you’ve paid in to the system or been born here, Sort the wheat from the chaff

    • David Miliband will be far too busy come April 4th getting his tongue up Kweer Charmer’s arsehole. “Oh fuck charity” he will yell in New York that day.

  17. Oh dear Ruffers, that slapping sound you hear is Nurse C pulling on a latex glove…

    • I didn’t mean to say “you’re looking very nice today in your nurse’s uniform Nurse Cunty.” Honest….

      • Ruffers, are you old enough to remember when nurses used to wear a PROPER uniform, crisp light blue with a white pinafore type little thingy at the front? And dark stockings held up by filmy suspender belts…
        The NHS uniform code hasn’t half declined is all I’ll say on the subject.

        • another one of life’s tragedies Mrs B MkII was an H grade nurse perscriber when I met her and not only did she not have to wear a uniform but she had fucking thrown the thing away!, her college pictures were like the ultimate carry on fantasy!

          Life has really shit on me at every possible turn, I expect to win the lottery on my death bed.

    • But they’ll only go to heaven with the child virgins if they take some kafirs with them.

  18. So basically M’Tembe, fresh off George Sore-arse Ferries, get preferential COVID-19 treatment over Joe Bloggs because Joe Bloggs happens to think the systematic demographic replacement of Brits with foreign cunts is wrong?

    No doubt M’Tember will go on to lead a full and healthy life, after taking a few with a knife, o’course!

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous! You are there to treat people, not make judgement on their “wrong think”.

    If Amjam Chowdury rocked up calling every cunt an infidel, do you think for one bastard moment that the NHS wouldn’t treat him!?! Of course they would cos… waycism.

    And define “waycism”? Is the hard of hearing old dear a “waycist” because she can’t understand the Dooshka, Dooshka of a nurse, or the mutterings of a punkawallah daktari?

    Get fucked! Refuse Brits treatment for “so called” waycism at your fucking peril!

    Once this bug has gone, any cunt doing this WILL be deported! And I say WILL be deported because it will only be the BAME NHS contingent moaning about “whitey” won’t it!


  19. I was taken to A&E after a road accident – I was quite a mess and in the kind of pain that is not pleasant to remember, but I didn’t feel the need to be a c*nt to the people treating me. (Although I was saying some bizarre things after the rather strong pain relief apparently!).
    Sometimes pain (and pain medication) brings out the more bad tempered side in people, this can be understandable but a jerk just being abusive and aggressive is not on – if perpetrators (and a lot of them are repeat offenders due to alcohol and drugs) receive a custodial sentence for this type of behaviour word will quickly get around. And this behaviour will decrease. As it should.

    • We understand that, Vernon, honest! And some are fucking hilariois when on pain relief. But too many are Cunt Positive and should be given over for organ donation.

      • Agreed DCI – it takes a minority of c*nts to spoil things for the rest!
        Tazering of troublemakers I say – they will be less keen then!

    • When i was really bad on the alcohol (bottle of whisky a day) i ended up in hospital and they gave me chlordiazepoxide (libruim) to stop the withdrawals etc and it sent me totally nuts. I was already fueled up on whisky when they gave me the meds and even though i cannot remember exactly what went off i was told they was just about to call the security and the police to get me out of the hospital before my friend managed to calm me down. I was totally out of it and cannot really remember much.

      • Fun fact: librium was going to be the name of the drug in the film equilibrium that suppresses emotions, until they realised it was a real drug. Thas why it was changed to prozium. Good film. Why do people say ‘fun fact’ when its not fun at all?

        • It’s fun in the sense it’s something mildly amusing to occupy the mind when there’s fuck-all else happening, like right now

  20. I call every guy ‘mate’, and every girl ‘darling’. Even nurses and doctors. They’ve never had a problem with it. I aint changing who I am and how I talk just because snowflake woke cunts think any nice thing you say is ‘offensive’ in any way. I am sick of this kind of shit, its everywhere! I was told off at the council for an innocent comment (that i’ve said for years) because the woman didnt like it. If a nurse refused me treatment because I said darling, she would then know what real abuse is.

      • Rob Paxevanos is the pint-sized host of an Australian fishing show. Each week he seems to line up with a female fishing companion, never of the tugboat variety, and he always refers to her as “mate”.

        It definitely does not sound right and I know exactly what the little chihuahua is thinking.

  21. The NHS ceased to exist years ago. It is now simply a logo that can be franchised. See Octagon ( Health ) taking over a GP practice near you quite soon.
    Primcipal Contractors. Serco Mightie G4S ( in its many guises ) and a whole raft of others.

  22. Lets not forget that only applies to racism towards the blacks , although apparently racism towards the whites doesn’t exist .

    • Yeah, if a pole beats you up while calling you a ‘white english cunt’, thats just assault. But if you hit anyone foreign, for any reason, the police think its ‘racially motivated’. My mate once punched a gay guy, he didnt know he was gay, and the police called it a ‘homophobic attack’. Ridiculous.

  23. I hate needles, so when I need anaesthetic they distract me with a hot nurse. The last one was a gorgeous, blonde 20-something who was czech or whatever. I told her she was too beautiful for this job and should try modelling. She seemed very happy with that, no complaint about sexism or anything. Wish i’d got her name and number, she was lovely! I didnt even notice the needle…

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