The Liberal Democrats


A Busy-doing-nothing, deeply sincere and inclusive cunting please for the political party who is to the smack of firm government what Alan Carr is to heavyweight boxing – yes it’s the Lib-Dems, who, in an effort to prove how fucking pointless they are, has decided to put off their “leadership” election for a year (due to Coronavirus, they say, more likely there isn’t anybody good enough to take it up):

The current incumbent, as “acting” leader (though not acting very well) Ed Whatshisname, is up against dimwitted four eyed, EU worshipping fuckwit
Layla Moran (who yesterday whined that the government put “Brexit before breathing” as we wouldn’t subscribe to the EUs ventilator scam). The daft cow couldn’t lead the Monster Raving Looney Party as she is gravitas-free.

When will the sandal wearing, Archers worshipping, knit your own lentils supporters of this pointless party realise just how useless they are?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

43 thoughts on “The Liberal Democrats

  1. I didn’t even know these cunt were having a leadership race…where has Jo Swinson pissed off to? Rumoured to be given a peerage… wouldn’t surprise me to be honest.
    Fuck the Lib Dems, and I hope that ‘We are the party to stop Brexit’ senile cunt Vince Cable gets Coronavirus.
    The cunts.

    • We’ll be giving posthumous peerages to Hitler and Goebbels next – “well, they were always nicely turned out” – thanks for that Jeremy!
      Swinson is a deranged zealot who should never be allowed any power and never allowed a seat in the House of Lords (Lady Swinson of Treachery) – she is a fackin nutter!

  2. With all that’s going on I’d totally forgotten about the lib dumbs…..
    If there is a more irrelevant organization in Britain I haven’t heard of it. Pointless cunts.

  3. The LibDems are a footnote in good tones and a total irrelevance in a crisis.

    These cunts will sign millions into poverty for a mention in the news.

    • Looks like that cunt Ed Davey, the bloke who wants Jo Swineson back on the establishment ‘inside’ asap as a member of the H of L. Fuck it, the Limp Dicks are already massively over-represented in the House of the Living Dead as it is.
      Speaking of Swineson, that’s a massive waste of a half decent pair of bangers.

      Nice work, WC!!

      • Ta for that. I’ve come across his name several times lately but I had another face in my mind. Clearly I’m confusing him with somebody else.

  4. These cunt are irrelevant now, and should remain so, as I think the concept of liberalism may have been the first casualty of the Coronavirus outbreak, as humanity shows its fuck your jack I’m alright attitude is just below the skin.
    I know there is a cunting in the pipeline, but I can’t wait to vent my anger on über Cunt Corbyn, and his telling any cunt that will listen (the BBC and the guardian) that the desperate measures that the government have put in place to try save the collapse of the economy are what he would have done anyway, and vindicate his Marxist election manifesto. Yep, trillions in debt is exactly where we would be with that FUCKING CUNT and his collection of FUCKING CUNTS if they had been elected, and that’s without the Chinese flu. Him and McDonnell are making the most of this crisis for political gain, and it shows them as the truly despicable skum that they are.

    • This time next week Magic Grandpa will be ex leader as Kweer Starmer will have been enthroned as the latest no-hoper, Arrangements are in full swing. Earlier today, I broke house arrest rules to attend Mandelson Hall, which as you know is in Mincing Lane, to see the rehearsals of the Labour Ladies Topless Orchestra, and I have to say, under their conductor Jess Phillips and leader Emily Thornberry, I have never heard the orchestra in better voice. Jess’s nipple tassels were getting a real workout as she beat time with maraccas, the sweat dripped off Yvette “Sugartits” Cooper as she thumped her drums, and perhaps the only jarring note was Diane Abbott squealing in pain as she attempted to play the accordian. Elsewhere Margaret Beckett sat open-legged and open mouthed as she fingered her cello. There was a song or two from the close harmony Ben Bradshaw & The Bum Boys – rythym personified.

      They will be the team next week as they play Bye, Bye Blues as Qweer himself performs a soft shoe shuffle, before falling arse over tit and ending up spiked on the end of Dawn Butler’s double bass.

      • Something deep down in side of me, leads me to believe that Yvette Cooper is a fucking dirty bitch, in the boudoir! I bet there’s fuck all that she wouldn’t try! The same something that leads me to believe that Jess ‘soap dodger’ Philips has a growler that resembles a fucking big Owls nest!

  5. They remind me of horse flies buzzing around and feeding off the arseholes of goats, sheep, cows and of course horses.

    Flying from one party of arseholes to the next, hoping to be taken seriously while continuing to ingest more and more shite!

  6. Excellent Noms!! Swineson tipped herself for Prime Minister what a joke and then lost her seat, that gave me such a satisfaction of belly laugh. She, Swineson, is ferociously ugly, even more so than Jess Phillips. I wouldn’t mind an hour feeling the weight of Swineson ‘s massive udders, with a pint of warm oil, obviously with a coupe of stout paper bags on her wretched ugly head / face.

    What with the real business of a UK & Global pandemic the existence of the Lib Doughnuts had slipped my mind. It truly shows their miniscule relevance that they can go without a leader for well over 12 months, by the time of their rescheduled leadership race.

    Calling it a race is a leap of fabulous imagination, more like two old drunk geriatric snails, neither of which actually wants or deserves to win.

    The Moran woman, I find her VERY good looking, one of the finest looking ladies in British Politics, bugger the Coronavirus I’d cheerfully suck on her rosebud anus morning noon and night. And bang her so hard she forgot her political allegiances and stayed at home in bed only wearing stockings suspender and high heels, alternating between baking cakes and fucking me.

    Here in Wales there is one remaining Lib Dumb “Assembly Member” Kirsty Williams in Brecon. Here’s hoping she’s voted out in 2021, will give me another great belly laugh and by that time we will finally be allowed back out in society and in pubs.

    Great noms. Couple of fine Cunts.

  7. Lib dems have always been harmless fantasists indulging in their wishlist dreams.
    That was until that fucking dangerous twat Clegg got to play statesman and could stamp his feat and sulk to get his own way.
    Hopefully never again will these cunts get close as some of them are nearly as dangerous as Corbyn or Flabbott etc.

    • Swineflu looks genuinely mental in the picture!
      Sort of face peers out of a asylum in Russia or Romania.
      What a bunch, bet even Fred an Rose didnt go to their swingers party.

  8. So much for being inclusive. Where’s the obligatory key and goat worrier?
    Have you ever seen three glibber looking fuckwits??

  9. The fossilon the right is completely away with it. The one in the middle looks like an inmate of one of her majesty’s institutes for the slightly challenged and the spud on the left looks like he’s just dropped one.

  10. 2019 was a pretty fucking dismal year , seeing the hunchback then bojo getting the runaround in Parliament orchestrated by the pompous dwarf bercow was hugely irritating but the Lib Dem’s supplied the best TV comedy moment of the year , full of bravado due to a decent showing in EU elections the dim witted mentalist swinson talked up her chances of being the “ kingmaker “ and maybe even more , watching her lose her seat on election night I laughed so hard my liver popped out of my ear!! The look of UTTER disbelief on her face was fucking magical!!
    I’ve never met any cunt who’s had the bottle to tell me they voted for them?
    Absolutely nobody! Not EVER

  11. Swineflu wouldnt be out of place selling turnips on a medieval market stall.
    Know the bloke on the right is me Burns from the Simpsons but the other guy?
    Keep forgetting his face!
    Try it!
    Look at the picture, read the posts, by time you get back here youll of forgotten what he looks like.

    • Well said FtF – methinks there’s a serious reckoning to be had when we are out the other side of this.
      And about f*cking time in my opinion.

  12. Memorable Ed Davey! I claim my prize of a toilet roll! (It’s just like crackerjack!)
    Just watching BBsatan the impartial broadcaster trying to accuse the Government of negligence because Boris and half the Government are ill – where the f*ck would we be with your favourite cabbage boiler Red Jez BBC?
    Yep, the answer rhymes with “plucked, ducked and tucked”!

    • I remember seeing this non-entity being grilled by a House of Commons Select Committee when he was Energy Secretary in the Pig Fucker’s coalition government. He was trying to defend the privatisation of the energy market and he actually said it was working well. I think he was the only one in the room who believed it, the useless fucker. The cunt is a mass of contradictions as well, his wiki page makes interesting reading. A bit like his bumchum Clegg, I have no absolutely no idea what the twat has achieved in his life to merit a knighthood.

  13. “No, no – you don’t understand, don’t inject me with that, I’m a Politician – everyone loves me and I was nearly Prime Minister! Vince! Vince”!
    “Of course you were love, and I’ll bet it was only Lord Nelson and the Mysterons that stopped you, like last time – have you stopped taking your medication again”?
    “F*ck me, her again – we told the caseworker last time to make sure she took her medication, she thinks she’s off to the House of f*cking Lords now”.
    “Just get her in the ambulance and get her back to the institution, we can’t help someone that far gone”.
    “Oi, love – those chairs aren’t yours – put them back”! 😃

  14. Not much to say about the nom but I resent your comments about my lovely future wife Layla Moran. Although I do agree she needs to shut her fucking mouth and put a sock in it………. or a cock in it……. ideally mine.

  15. Are there actually 20 LimpDumps ? As they are all intimately acquainted, and, I reckon, share everything, they might beat the Corbyn-19 lurgy.
    They could have their circle-jerk in an old Nissan hut, somewhere on Salisbury Plain.

  16. Nice rack, bad fizog and completely nuts.

    ‘Britain’s next Prime Minister.’

    Fucking mad bitch. More chance of my wanksock becoming PM.

  17. The Liberal Democrats make Labour look electable.
    And I’m pretty sure Vince Unable is Professor Yaffle from Bagpuss!

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