Self-Isolation for Old Gits

Cripes and jeepers, things are getting serious. Large amounts of shit are about to hit the fan due to this nasty little Coronavirus bug.
According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, illustrious members of the over 70s club ‘could soon be asked to self-isolate’, for our own protection. This period of isolation could last for months.

Well, this is going to be a jolly jape and no mistake. The obvious questions of how self-isolating individuals are to be kept supplied with food and medications will immediately occur to everyone, but no doubt the government will be working on some form of contingency plan. Well, let’s hope to Christ that they are. The devil will be in the detail, and boy, is there a ton of detail. What does a family do if granny lives with them; lock her up in the box room? What do you do if your boiler breaks down? Will someone be allowed in to fix it? What happens if you have a hospital appointment scheduled, or you need to see the dentist? What do you do if the MOT is due on your car? What about…

Self-isolation is going to be a right cunt and no mistake. Cue Vera Lynn; ‘we’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when…’

Coronavirus: what a sack of Chinese cack.

Nominated by Ron Knee

121 thoughts on “Self-Isolation for Old Gits

  1. What happened? My heart was in my mouth. I tried another browser and that didn’t work either. Keeping ISAC going in these difficult times needs to be a government priority.

    • I was worried myself for a moment. Isac is an essential service which must be protected at all costs.

  2. Could have been an overburdened network stack to the WP boxes; or perhaps it was a DDoS by those nasty Chinese gimps. Or more likely the Night Admin had a Stella too many last night and flicked something really important off in Admin HQ!

    Anyway, is it good to have ISAC back. So well done the bods that did the biz.

  3. Common fucking sense, I can’t understand it, for me it’s pretty simple.

    We know that, in general, chinky flu effects older people worse than younger ones, kids seem pretty much safe. Anyone, old or young, with ‘other’ health problems are at greatest risk. So if you are at risk then take more precautions, it’s not that hard to understand!

    Piss boiling at the moment…. on the news…

    Some fucking Soy Boy stranded in El Salvador, he and his girlfriend have been travelling in South America for 2 MONTHS! , now I cannot believe this cunt couldn’t see what was coming and anyone with any fucking common sense would have got a flight 2 or 3 or 4 weeks ago.
    These cunts are so dim, the foreign office should let the cunts rot wherever they are for being so STUPID!

    • Same here, whining fucking trust fund toffee prats stuck in Peru. One hopes the locals feed them to their pigs after the pigs sodomise them.

      • They can fucking stay there and play those annoying flutes for the next 5 years.

    • Let them use their travel insurance to cough up the return flight. No insurance? Fuck off!g

      • Travel insurance usually sidesteps “unprecedented global zombie panic apocalypses” and the like.

        • Travel insurance, like any fucking insurance, usually sidesteps anything that would make the cunts pay up!

  4. No bog rolls, newspaper isn’t so bad. No spuds. carrots or onions, life goes on. No FUCKING Worcester, FFS every other sauce is plentiful. I live in a very woggy area it’s not for them it’s for colonials. I’m going to have to make an effort to cook nicely now that I don’t have black sauce to kill the taste of bad food.

    • “Errr, one has the Chinky Flu. One has Rod Hull mopping one’s brow, whispering horsey sweet nothings into one’s big lug ‘oles and sanitising one’s Royal Helmet when it needs careful attention”

      • If it’s gets bad for old Charlie boy, he’ll get a lacky to wear his ventilator for him.

    • Well you could fit China in her cunt, that’s for sure.

      Like a virgin?

      Like a sausage in a hallway, more like.

    • Madonna dosnt like to be equal, and also with that face lift so tight im supprised she hasnt got a goatee thats not in the bath water…

      • It’s all about her tho isn’t it? Sitting naked in the bath, with a face like a wax candle. Couldn’t just post a message if she felt the need. What an old bag.

    • That ain’t Mad Madge is it?!!

      I thought it was Hillary Clinton.

      PS why didn’t the old bint stand up and towel off her thinning grey minge if she wants to give the globe a laugh?!

      • Mad Madge is Chinese? According to Guy Ritchie and 4743 others that’s more of a chasm than a chink! 😀

    • Fuckn Hell.

      It’s Princess Sparkle wot did it, attending that Commonwealth Day service. Sharp elbowing her way to the crown. One down just 6 to go.

      Kind Hearts and Coronets* showed what’s possible……

      * just possibly the greatest British comedy ever made.

      • Agree. Watched it just the other day. As a bonus It even has the nursery rhyme:

        Eeny meeny miny moe
        Catch a nîggér by its toe
        If it hollers let it go
        Eeny meeny miny moe.

        Uncensored on my DVD, but I understand the second line was cut out when shown on TV.

  5. I am high risk – collapsed lung a few years ago. NHS have told me to stay indoors for 12 weeks.
    I live in a village. Next to miles of open countryside. I walk an hour a day and seldom see anyone and if I do I can keep away.
    If I lived in a metropolitan shithole it might make sense. Might. But even there you can walk safely and sensibly.
    Sensible exercise is more important than staying locked up. Ron’s points are valid also. Some cunt hasn’t thought this through and fallen back on generalisations. The cunts.

  6. Has anyone else received a text from the govt telling them to remain indoors etc etc. I am 65 and so is wife;both received txt as did older freinds. Any younger cunters get this text?
    So they got my mobile number and age? Just hope they dont know me knob size as dont want they fuckers laughing at me🙄

  7. Wish I wasn’t a raging alcoholic who got sober eleven months ago. Only been indoors for two days and I couldn’t half go a pint of gin and wine mixed. Bit like Airplane, “I picked the wrong day to give up cocaine”.

    • Cancelled all my work an finished up business for forseeable future today.
      In self isolation,
      Missus an daughter working from home already, kitchens now a call centre/office.
      How the fuck do you claim benefits?
      Dont know how to go about it?
      Fuckin gutted.

      • Sympathies Miserable, its turning into a right cunt for at least three weeks but almost certainly longer, at least in some form.
        Hope you can weather it and pull through mate.

          • I’m not an alcoholic never had a problem with it but alcoholism runs in my family tree my father,alot of my uncles were hopeless alcoholics. I could always pace myself with booze or cut myself off before it gets bad. I’m more of a reflective drinker if anything hate the idea of drinking buddies I drink alone but I have had more addictions to drugs then you would believe opiates and benzo’s mostly when i was younger, dumber cunt and they were the hardest to kick took alot years to go through

            Not that I’m advocating but consider smoking pot rather then going back to the bottle west cuntry if it gets that bad for cravings. A quater of marijuana will last a lot longer then a bottle of whisky will has more positive effects too. Tho the downside is eating all your rations of food for the pandemic because of the munchies…

          • Thanks Tits.

            I’m alright thankfully, I was fucking around a bit. The worst has been over for months now and I’ve got a very supporting family. My grown up girls would never forgive me if I went back on the fucking grog as they were the biggest influence in getting me the fuck off it. Take care mate.

        • Cheers LL, same to you, and all fellow cunters.
          Just had some posh woman tell me I should move her!
          No one else, just her, shes special apparently.
          Unbelievable arent they?
          Dont think im suited to benefits, bored already!

          • I think you might find some jobs (not great but something for now at least) working for a supermarket or for universal credit. As other posters are saying, they are getting 100k plus claims a day now. I used to work for the DWP years back and if they get inundated, they take on temps.

            I’d keep your eyes open if interested. Better working for the dokecygzn claiming it I suppose? Some constructive jobs about too, but I think they’ll be shut down soon, unless they’re doing emergency work (floods, sink holes etc) or building or doing work at hospitals or supermarkets.

            Anyway, good luck.

          • The way I read it, Miserable’s got work if he wants it, but has chosen to self isolate. Is that right Miserable?

          • Thats Right Rtc, cant in all faith go in and out of peoples home putting them at risk an myself.
            Also the bloke that works for me is starting to get a bit nervous an might mutiny.
            Give it 3week an see where we’re at.

          • Tell Ms Poshington that due to logistical difficulties you will have to quadruple your normal rate MNC!
            That should shut her up!

      • My sympathies. Hopefully you’ll see better days. Quite a few of us are getting fucked up the arse with a giant wok handle if it’s any consolation?

        All the best

        • The q to verify I. D for universal credit new claims went past 120k today.
          It’s a right fucking mess.
          Good luck.

      • I’m self-employed, and am waiting on the government to announce financial support for the self-employed who can no longer work.

        I think the announcement is due on Friday, which is a few days later compared to the announcement for those in full-time employment. I guess the reason is that supporting the SE is a bit more complicated and they want to get it right.

        We shall see

        (of course when all this shit is done and dusted, and normality has returned the government will be in a world of shit with this extra debt. So dont be surprised cuts in services, tax rises and the usual austerity measures for the next 15 years. Unless we sue the fucking chinks!)

          • My only other concern about this virus and how it has crippled most global economies & societies etc., is what to stop some despot country from doing it all over again with a different strain?

            Imagine Russia, or the Chinks or some backward ISIS-supporting shithole in the Middle East coming out with COVID21, which again will cause global panic and fucking up people’s lives and national economies big time!

            Who the fuck needs nuclear weapons when a chemistry set, a test tube and a few casually dropped fully loaded viles in strategic areas is all that is needed to bring a society to its knees!

      • TT MNC @10:58 – go online, and type in “Claim Universal Credit” on the search bar.
        Also, if you have a mortgaged property I believe you can claim MIRAS (Mortgage Interest Relief At Source).
        Email the Chancellor Rishi Sunak – and tell him to shift his f*cking arse.
        And contact bungling Boris – google “contact The Prime Minister” and fill in the form, and don’t hold back – the rich are fiddling while we burn.
        The self employed in the UK are being left to swing in the wind while the Chancellor hands over hundreds of millions of Pounds to arts and the fucking theatre – we need to put the boot in on this one.
        Good luck Sir! 👍

        • What are you Foxy?
          Ill tell you what you are,
          A fuckin diamond!!
          Thats what.👍👍👍

  8. “Don’t go outside unless you need food and nobody can get it for you. Try food deliveries.”

    Old timer goes online and tries to book a shop. First available slot 3 weeks away. Old-timer goes food shopping because he has nothing in. Shelves empty. Shops packed with locusts. Tries again next day because the only meal he could’ve made from his shopping trip was a light bulb and boot polish stew.

    I think I see a problem with the government’s logic here…

    The old timers and at riskers need guaranteed, once a week food deliveries. Or they’ll die by catching it by going on fucking fruitless food hunts.

    • One of the great conundrums Cunty.
      I’m over 70 and asthmatic, so I’ve been told to stay in. This means the wife’s got to go for shopping, so that puts her in the firing line, and I feel guilty as fuck. And if she gets it, I’ll get it anyway…
      What a fucking cunt.

      • I have read that elderly couples/singles are going out shopping regardless because food is a fucking necessity otherwise what’s the point.

        People in my village are taking precautions by wearing masks and gloves when they shop. Looks really odd of course, but its probably the best you can do to not getting the bug in public.

    • Online shopping is a doddle. We’ve been getting the bulk of our provisions that way for years, cos we have no transport.

      Probably take a couple of weeks from date of order to be delivered right now though, due to increased demand and temporary shortages.

      • We’ve always done our own shopping. Now we can’t get on to register with anybody cos everybody else is trying to as well.
        I wonder if it will settle down after a bit, or if the powers-that-be will find some way to get emergency packs out to self-isolating old gits?
        ‘May you live in interesting times…’.

        • Good afternoon RTC,

          I have been trying to get onto Ocado for days now. I have done my list but they aren’t offering delivery slots.

        • Even if you get a slot it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get what you ordered.

          I booked a slot a week ago with Asda, for April 11th (best they had at the time). But when I started adding eggs, chicken fillets, Cravendale milk, it was all “out of stock”

          Hopefully this might be replenished by the 11th, otherwise you may end up with some vague substitutes or SFA!

        • Afternoon Wanksock.

          I don’t know about Ocado. We only do Sainsbury’s and Tesco. And last delivery was two weeks ago – they’ve probably come under a lot more pressure since then.

          My next door neighbour went to Morrisons this morning. They had everything he wanted, including eggs…

  9. The government are caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of self-isolation.

    The notion of staying indoors, is valid because it means less chance of getting the bug. But on the flip side, what does one do for food and medical supplies? Rely on the family? But then that might put them at risk. You could try online deliveries from the supermarkets, but good luck with that.

    I have read that other countries are in similar boats – this global virus is unprecedented in some respects; and yet most of the big organisations like WHO and the UN are throwing out conflicting messages as to what is right or wrong.

  10. Fell your pain w.c.c. I can only stay off the drink for 6-7days,then its off to the races again for days and daze.
    If its any use to you am felling like a bag of boiled shite today after 2 bottles of £ £6.00 red last night. Its a trap.
    You at work today? Stay safe

    • Yes mate…well sort of…working from home for the duration, still fucking boring without the old ale crutch. Never mind though, onwards and upwards . Try not to over do it though mate, teetotalers are the worst I know but I’ve never felt better being sober now after thirty years of being a total cunt for it. Take care.

  11. People should check on older neighbours and ask if they need anything. You can get it,leave it on the doorstep,ring the bell and step back. We’ll all see if our community spirit is alive and well or if we are all selfish cunts.

    • Old boy (89) two doors down am helping him out.
      Community spirit?; we have a gate to our block and if its not shut kids with bikes scooters thunder through the path. The old boy gets upset. I close gate every time but younger neighbours dont. Tried telling them but they dont give a fuck. Community starts with the little things.

  12. I went for a brisk walk in the park yesterday, Steely Dan ‘Ellis Auditorium 1974’ on the Walkman, pure bliss, sun was shining, couldn’t ask for more.


    4 in every 5 cunts who came toward me made absolutely NO move to distance themselves as per government instructions. Un-fucking-believable!

    If I saw a wretched old cunt resembling Scrooge & Howard Hughes’ love child marching toward me, I’d run a fucking mile – even without the threat of Coronavirus!

    Not these lemmings. CUNTS.

    • You need Willie Stroker walking in front with a two metre long pole clearing people from your path Creampuff or is he self-isolating at his B&B?

      • You buy a mask yet ruff tuff?, I’m not brave enough to go outside yet I need to get a mask myself also

        Haven’t heard much Steely Dan live, I believe Jeff the skunk Baxter was still in the band in 74′ tho ruff? Shame he ended up leaving. My favourite Steely Dan album is Pretzel Logic all their other albums were hit or miss for me and has my favourite song Any major cunt will tell you…

        • No mask TitS, just careful to steer clear of other cunts. Most masks ineffective anyway, worse still they give you a false sense of security.

          Yeah, Skunk was still with them. Ellis Auditorium ’74 was recorded just a month after Pretzel Logic was released.

          I rate all Steely Dan albums up to The Royal Scam. They were at their peak with Pretzel Logic. My favourite album remains Countdown To Ecstasy.

        • favourite dan album is the royal scam. title track on it is on topic wot with all the gimmegrants washing up to this sunny island.
          the musicianship on aja is sublime tho.
          Am using a sporran as a face mask. can keep me shiv and sanatiser in it.

          • oh and saw them ( well fagen) last year. acoustics in the venue was fuckin rotten. £120 fuck me.

  13. Solution to deliveries is fucking simple too but the fuckers won’t listen.

    If you’ve ever been abroad you’ll know some countries do supermarket deliveries by motorbike and car. You can put the fresh/frozen stuff in bags that have ice packs in them. Them you put them in large plastic boxes. You see this in Asian countries in particular.

    You’ll be breaking a few health and safety rules, but fuck it. Needs must
    You’ve got shit loads of people needing work so here’s an answer, surely. If you want a delivery like this and choose frozen stuff, then a tick box that you won’t sue for a dicky tummy should do. Up to the buyer. If you worry just buy tinned shit.

    It’s fucking obvious but they just don’t see it. Anyone who owns a car or motorbike could help out (and get paid/free fuel no questions asked etc).

    We have numpties in charge (all parties) who aren’t thinking outside the box.

    My suggestion would save people having to go out for shopping every fucking day.

  14. Wish my dumb stepfather would take this corona virus thing more seriously. He’s going to die if he doesn’t. He made dinner yesterday and I yelled at him for being so naive of the severity of this virus told him to just cook for himself for now on. Old cunt just doesn’t get it I tried explaining it to him but he just thinks its funny old cunt might a lick of dementia tho i dunno

    If I get it I have a 70-90% chance of surviving it but if he gets it and hes severely fucked for good. At least my mother is taking this a bit more seriously but still worried he will infect her through his carelessness

  15. Londoners still packing the trains and not keeping a distance. That place needs locking down.

  16. Anyone see the Met Police footage of those cunts on Shepherds Bush Green fucking SUNBATHING yesterday?

    What is wrong with these morons? I am really getting so angry about this now. Crowds on the Tube, cunts having a fucking mass barbecue in some shithole in Coventry, now these utter arseholes thinking this is some fucking jolly where they can supplement Shepherds Bush Green for fucking Benidorm.

    Coronavirus is highest in Londonistan right now and here are these morons, encouraging it along. The only way of us standing the remotest chance of flattening the curve is for everyone to stay in. Do they want this virus to go on and on?


    • There was a report of cunts in the West Midlands having a BBQ NC, the police to be fair respond by kicking it over and telling them to fuck off home. Some selfish younger cunts are also holding ‘coronavirus parties’, sometimes a crisis really brings out the worst in human nature.

      • And yet you can bet your bottom dollar if these cunts actually get the virus their parents (or parent in most cases) will be demanding that their little poppets get immediate NHS treatment!

        “Never their fault: always someone else’s”, is their maxim

    • These mad cunts should be tazered. Hoarders, looters and profiteers should be shot. Fuck them and their ‘human rights’.

        • UT, this is where, for once, I agree with that frightful Plastic-Bumley wimmin…
          “Gas-Dont’cha just lurv being in control ?”
          She could set a useful example by self-gassing.

  17. I was watching a nature programme about Africa. A herd of buffalo were approaching a pride territory. Shuffling along at the rear is a fat old bull with a gammy leg.
    That’s my father-in-law….

  18. Greta “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” Thunderbirds has announced via MSM that it is “extremely likely” she has the Coronavirus.

    This little snippet shows just how intoxicated this love child of Pippy Longstocking and Ross Kemp has become on the sweet nectar of MSM exposure.

    I, for one, could give a tinker’s toss.

    Fuck off.

    • To quote the great Corp Hicks……Whoopee-fuckin’-do

      Even now, these publicity gouging cunts can’t help trying to say me me me

    • “this love child of Pippy Longstocking and Ross Kemp”

      Fuck me that was funny. Cheers!

    • How convenient that she comes up with a story to get her face back in the headlines when her climate mission has been silenced due to something ever so slightly more important, that being a global pandemic.

      I bet this revelation was the concoction of the adults controlling her and her every move.


  19. The bad and the good.
    The bad; just read about some arsehole in New Jersey who was asked by a supermarket worker to keep his distance. The cunt laughed, coughed over her, and said he had coronavirus. The shithead was promptly arrested under terrorism law. Get in Yanks. We need some arse-kicking like that here. Hope the cunt gets thrown overboard off Guantanamo.
    The good news; a couple of teenagers who live across the road are going around pushing a liitle leaflet through oldies’ doors, offering to get essentials like milk and bread for us if they can. There are good people out there!

    • Any cunts going around to old timers houses and offering to shop for them, taking the money and then keeping it…need to be hanged.

      No reports of such a thing yet (thank god) but you just know some cunt will do it.

      • Never be shocked at how low people can go…you’ve not seen the worst yet I can assure you.

  20. Worked all your life? Paid a fortune in tax and National Insurance? Then do the right thing and die quietly at home without causing a fuss.
    I would say unbelievable, but unfortunately I can’t – because this is happening.
    Our rich, cruel arrogant Government do not have a fucking clue what they are doing.
    Line them up, Unkle Terry knows what to do.
    Good nom RK – everyone has value irregardless of age.

    • I can think of a few who don’t.

      Loads in fact, come to think of it. Shami Kickercuntin’s on the radio right now. No value whatsoever.

      • Punchbag? Sandbag? Gulag? Shami very quiet about this crisis until she can invent some way to spin it as racism against wimminz.

        • I’m surprised that the miserable looking cow hasn’t stuck her civil liberties hat back on and started yelling about how the government’s measures are infringing human rights.

          • At the present time and onwards severe anti social behaviour that annoys the ISAC community should lead to the oven at once.
            Any Covidcunts get first prize.
            Fucking trash.

  21. Isolation is okay. Staying at home isn’t just for the over 70 year old contingent. It is a necessary measure, to interrupt the virus transmission between people.

    I am currently missing: pubs, beer, girls, prostitutes and massage parlours and sex parties. Prossies are right in the firing line, unless they can afford to give up or switch to webcam for 6 months.

    Also, no more kissing ladies’ arseholes for the rest of the year. Rimming or anallingus is another way in which you could catch the VIRUS.

    Sometimes when I’ve got a bad HANGOVER it feels like I’ve caught something FATAL already.
    AWAY ya cunts!!!
    Can’t even have a good hard casual fuck nowadays without thinking you’re going to catch something.

  22. post: Gov chief medical officer recommends fucking birds from behind “Doggy Style” with a strong condom, a medical mask, and two thick brown bags and gaffa tape on the woman’s head.

    TBH, if some fit bird of the tele, there are many, said she had coughes and sneezes, Id still take my chances, and bang her, tidy.

  23. Got an email today that Wickes are closing all stores. But it’s all ok because you can still order online for delivery. So if you need that urgent new ballcock so that you can flush your bog, you can now order it online, hoping it’s the right one, wait a week for delivery and pay £x for the privilege. As I speak, the web site has introduced a queueing system due to ‘unprecedented demand’ and the current wait is 5 minutes. Because who knew that shutting all your shops and telling them to go online would overload your fucking websites. Galaxy class mismanagement.

    • Not allowed to call it ballcock anymore, nope it’s a float operated valve now. And say goodbye to stop cock; that’s a stop tap now. I shit ye not; I completed a two year plumbing diploma five years ago and that’s what the cunts taught us. I was forty fucking five and the oldest in the class.😆

      • I presume you can no longer call the people, who come up with these alternative names for stuff, fucking knobs either.

  24. But in more important news the dirty minge bucket Katherine Grainger who holds an Olympic medal has the temerity to complain about funding for athletes due to the postponement of this years Olympics:

    I’m sorry; call me a kill joy but there’s a fucking pandemic going on in case ‘Dame’ cuntflap hadn’t noticed.

    Who cares, country and people’s livelihoods first not a bunch of elitist snowflakes who want to secure their funding, though there are a few fitties whose camel toe’s I am going to be missing this year…

    • She shouldn’t worry. I’m sure that this is very high on the PM’s ‘to do’ list; probably even as high up as no. 500,000.

  25. I’d love to think there’ll be no coming back for cunts like Wetherspoons and Sports Direct…. But as we’re already witnessing right now, our nation is full of inbred pig ignorant fuckwitted mongs with a short memory, who’ll be busy frequenting these holes when they’re back open….

  26. W*nkerspoons and S*ite Direct will be facing rather a hit in customer footfall after this I think.
    Tim Martin is an ex Barrister, greedy drunken old c*nt who does not give a f*ck who he kills as long as the chav gravy train keeps rolling.
    I have a vision of 6-9 Months in the future as Boris the Morlock addresses Parliament – “Brrhhh, blaaah, bit of Latin, brrhh – as we suffer financially I have to cancel all the fantasy money I promised after being elected and need to declare a “period of austerity” – because we’re all in it together, brrhh”.
    I would burn fatty Ashley but given the flaming blubber it could be Years before that c*nt goes out! 👍😀

    • Fucking hell Foxy; the fire would be visible on the moon. Grunta Thunderbox would be after you for heating the planet’s atmosphere.

  27. Attention: Mr Ron Knee

    Ronnie, you’re a gent always up with the latest. Could you tell me if anyone has asked the Chin-ese to apologise for the Corona virus/Covid 19? People are always asking us for an apology for the British Empire (which happened long before any of us were even born) yet as far I can see no one is asking the Chinese to do anything by way of admitting their monstrous crimes against humanity (and animals).

    ‘Sorry we robbed you so many innocent people, world. Sorry about the poor animals. We didn’t know what was going on in the provinces.’ Something along those lines would be a start. Oh, and a few million trillion in compensation as well.

    If this topic has already been addressed, pray forgive me. I am still residing in the early 20th century.

    • Don’t forget that f*cking massive compensation cheque from the bat snafflers – 2.3 Trillion should just about cover it.

    • Afraid not, M’lady. Asking the Chinese to apologise would of course be considered racist and xenophobic by snowflakes everywhere, esp. if it’s referred to as ‘Chinese flu’ in the process. It wouldn’t be worth all the trouble that SJWs would stir up, the gobby shithouses, and they’d then demand that we apologise to the Chinks for hurting their poor feelings.

  28. And the EU’s response is to lock themselves in their palaces as the people die.

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