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The most pernicious lie in the Coronavirus scare campaign is the claim over ‘herd immunity’, or, to be more blunt, the claim we are about to be subjected to a Government-sponsored genocide of the old and sick.

Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance had stated that in order to finally defeat the virus, 60 per cent of the UK population would need to contract the disease at some stage, building up sufficient natural biological protection to protect the more vulnerable members of society.

This was immediately seized upon and spun as an attempt by the Government to perpetuate a new form of natural selection.

Rebecca Long Bailey’s media team took to social media to claim: ‘With the current mortality rate, that’s 780,000 deaths. Which amounts to almost twice the number of British civilian and military casualties in World War Two.’

But as a No. 10 official explained for the umpteenth time: ‘Our objective is not to secure herd immunity. Our objective is to flatten the curve of the virus’s spread to ensure the NHS and other services retain the capacity to protect the most vulnerable patients.’

Staggering that a contender for the Labour Leadership and potentially a Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition or – God forbid – our future Prime Minister – should stoop so low in order to gain political power as to spread such irresponsible fake news.

But then her nickname is ‘Wrong-Daily’…

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98 thoughts on “Rebecca Long-Bailey (5)

  1. When the fuck does the contest for most woke cunt to replace Magic Grandpa end? And will cunts like this either win or sink to the obscurity they have earned?

    • Shes great isnt she?
      Discovered socialism while working in a pawn shop scamming the poor out of their valuables through financial desperation.
      She remembers her dad worried sick as docker about what “dat fuckin Thatcher” had done to industry, she was 2yr old at the time.
      Showed promise at a early age.
      Her an truth arent on speaking terms and shes going to run the country?

      • She also lied about “working as a solicitor for the NHS.”

        Turns out she was a solicitor* at law firms Halliwells, Pinsent Masons, and Hill Dickinson, where she “specialised in commercial law, commercial property, NHS contracts and NHS estates.”

        Not exactly working “for” the NHS then. More like working for private firms specialised in fleecing the NHS and UK taxpayer.

        This lie, along with further mangling of facts, exposed in a recent interview with Brillo:

        * It’s not even clear she was qualified in that role.

        • That interview with O Neill was like a parody, i hope she wins the leadership of the Labour party. It will mean years in the wilderness for them.
          Thanks for putting the link up RTC.

      • He worked Salford docks at the time when container ships got too big to use the ship canal. Fuck all to do with Thatcher. Even a 2 year old could have worked that out.

        • She was two when Salford docks closed – but “grew up worrying if they would shut”.
          I think the phrase “lying cunt” sums this one up.

    • April 2nd CC the voting ends, followed on 4th by the enthronement of Kweer Charmer on the rimming stool, conducted by Lady Mandelson. No audience allowed but all the pansies will be giving him jazz hands.

  2. The Scavenger Party would seem rather apposite for Labour.

    Rather than offer support during this crisis they are constantly picking through the bones to see if they can spin it for lame political point-scoring.

    Boris is a but of a blithering cunt at times, but I think he has handled this problem with pose & reassurance: rather than trying to lay down the law with an iron fist. It’s only the minority of fuckwits in this country who choose to ignore his recommendations that he has the bring in a lockdown short of martial law. But again he was pretty flexible and reassuring when he said that too.

    But Labour hate all this common sense, and rather poking the stick at the selfish mindless fuckwits out there they continue to take a pop at everything Boris does and says.

    Desperate despicable cunts, and Long Bailey probably wouldn’t know how to wipe her own arse without approval from the obnoxious Momentum group

    Hope she gets C19, the irritating little turd

    • Nicely summed up Techno.
      No matter what Boris does these turds will poke at it and sneer.
      They’re so bitter at getting their arse handed to them they can do nothing else but take a pop at him and the Tories.

      • *Rather than offer support during this crisis they are constantly picking through the bones to see if they can spin it for lame political point-scoring.*

        This afternoon the bloody PM programme started on Wireless 4 at 4.30 just as my hands were not free (I was using superglue in the shed – not watching Pornhub), and the queen of current affairs Evan Davis came on with some of his usual sneering about Boris’ talk last night and “what it means”. I thought then that if it had been Magic Grandpa who had made that same broadcast last night and the ramshackle pseudo Commies who were calling the same shots, the BBC wouldn’t be half as forensic. In the same way the Friday evening “satire/comedy” (it’s neither) The Now Show would be far more tolerant.

        • If Magic Grandpa had been in charge, we wouldn’t have stopped incoming flights yet & would still be welcoming boat loads of illegal immigrants (provided they weren’t Jewish of course).

          No problem getting people to isolate at home though, as Statutory Sick pay would be £1000 per week. Wouldn’t worry about having to wait for a hospital ventilator either, as the country would by this stage, have been bankrupt…..

          As for specky liar Wrong-Daily…. I wouldn’t let her run a tap.

  3. Fuck me. Rebecca Mong Bailey isn’t the most attractive of the species, is she? I haven’t been a massive hit with the ladies throughout my life, though I’ve had my moments, but even I would consider turning down the chance to pro-create with this creature. Are Sophie Marceau and our Becky even from the same planet?

    • She looks like a bird I fisted after a stag do in Doncaster years ago. She was a ‘Ten to two-er’, I think the phrase is?

      Enlighten please

      • Too drunk to do much else. I’d had about 15 pints and could barely see, let alone get down and nasty. We were all staying in some strange little hotel. Pulled her just before closing time in a seedy club. It’s all a blur. Finger went up. She made sounds that made me think, ‘Oh, she liked that I’ll put a bit more in’. This continued until my fist was in.

        I think I fell asleep then (I assume I took my fist out first). She was leaving as I went to vomit in the bog in the morning.


        ‘One night in Doncaster’
        By Cuntybollocks
        Mills and Boon Publishers 1998

        Yes I recall similar in my youth, shaved and showered down the pub pulled a pig back to her place, turned the light off, a passionate embrace and stubble burn from her, quick check (male or female) un hook the bra and tom and Jerry tits, they were like run over traffic cones (The sort you only see on band aid videos but white) any way after confirmation a little finger, a bit more then it was oven mitts, I have to say I lost interest at that point because it would have been a side rubbing exercise, nuff said.

      • Always liked “one-armer” to describe a drunken conquest so unattractive you would gnaw your own arm off at the shoulder rather than risk waking her the next morning.

  4. I’d hazard a guess that the race for the leadership of the Labour Party train-wreck isn’t uppermost in most minds just now. People have got other things on their minds than who’s going to lead these losers.
    Regardless, I doubt that many people are impressed by any of the contenders left in. Wrong-Daily, as the committed Corbyn-19 successor, looks the most dangerous, but at the same time, is probably the least likely to win back the support that the party needs to gain power.

  5. shes just envious that a chinese virus can destroy the economy faster than Labour would have.

    Governing after this crisis will be a lot harder than during, the piper will be collecting his payment once the reaper has finished the harvest.

  6. If she was PM and trying to handle this crisis she would be more concerned about the identity politics behind it all:-

    why are dark keys suffering more?
    what about the Gays, are they more vulnerable?
    Should the non-binaries receive priority NHS treatment?
    Should white working and middle class men go without treatment if they don’t support Labour?

  7. Even Lammy supported Boris’s action plan from yesterday. When interviewed, he was in broad agreement and had no criticism to make. Lammy for Labour leader, I say!

  8. In a perfect world she’d be an infant school teacher or teacher assistant. Helpful, displaying compassion, helping serve lunch and not diddl-ing the children. Instead, being a wo-man, she’s elevated to a position far loftier than which she can cope with, intellectually, adversarially, energetically, even televisually. In a year we won’t recall her name.

    • She’s another Jo Swinson – totally full of herself with her own sense of entitlement and deluded importance

    • An astute observation of the woman. You make the point that her niche in society does exist, she could contribute and be a useful if largely invisible member the community.

      • I was referring to Spectacularly Wrong Daily; Jo ‘ I could be the next PM’ Swinson is so deluded as to be u able to contribute anything useful.

    • “In a perfect world she’d be an infant school teacher or teacher assistant.”

      Respectfully beg to differ General. I wouldn’t want her indoctrinating any child of mine.

      • More of a Municipal Recycling Services Principal Manager in a local authority.

        i.e. she is a dustman and dustcart organiser.

        • She would need a large vehicle to catch the s*it which permanently comes out of her mouth.

  9. We can be enormously thankful that these cunts are not in power. All the bollox of labour is laid bare with they’re irrelevant crap. Go fuck yourself speccy you utter cunt.

  10. There’s no way I would entrust this woman with an infant class. These are the formative years which are so important for their social and emotional development.
    Exposing them to this creature could scar them for life.

    • I reckon it’s like a badly packed kebab. Lettuce everywhere.
      And chilli sauce.
      Gotta go, need to throw u..rgghhhh

          • “Warm garbage” – the new fragrance for the deluded commie about town.
            Developed in the Gulags Jeremy read all about at private school whilst waiting for his shoes to be polished.

    • I just hope that it is being at home in the present circumstances which is responsible for you chaps having a rather lurid outlook on life. This site already has B&WC; we do not need any of his acolytes. Begone, Begone!

  11. Do you not think she is using the same team as Dianna to cut costs, the math seems very similar to me, However don’t let that deter you as I note that people vote for lammy and abbot (although I feel some of them may fall away after taking the Covid19 challenge on Facebook)
    and I would like to know who the fuck thought of this great idea!

    Fucking great that has pissed me off!

  12. Certain media cunts as well as this silly bitch totally misunderstood (deliberately for political reasons), Patrick Valance was very clear when he said herd immunity will a occur naturally over time and that to a certain extent is desirable to prevent further spread. If someone is immune they cant spread the virus, it’s fucking simple but he wasn’t advocating herd immunity to kill off the old folk!

    The only thing we can be thankful for is that Corbyn and his bunch of cunts aren’t running the country, if anyone think Boris is fucking thing up then multiply that by 10 or even 100 under Labour.

  13. Agreed.
    Diane estimated itll cost the country £7.50 in lost revenue, er, maybe 750 billion? Look stop being racist ive lost my calculator!
    Be dead already with Jeremys peoples front in charge.

    • And she reckons we’ll be in lockdown for twelvty weeks when the firey ball weighs heavily in the sky.

    • Don’t knock the Flabbott, it’s not her fault 5 out of 4 people don’t understand maths.

      • 6 out of 3 don’t understand why Dumpy Diane still has a job.
        And I’d be two of those seven!

  14. Wrong Daily wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Thunderbirds.
    Corbyn likes her so avoid.
    Infact avoid all three of the dozy woke ridden twats.

  15. The doolally sow is not going to win anyway. Gormless Blairite turd Sir Keir Shitstabber (who refuses to reveal who is funding his campaign) has the contest sewn up.

    Boris will make vegan mincemeat out of him.

    • RTC: I bet that little shit Lord Sainsbury has a stake in the old queen – the prices in his supermarket have risen in recent times, and we all know what a Blairite arselicker Sainsbury is.

  16. I wonder if b&wc……..oh never mind.
    Long Bailey looks like a made up doll.
    Labour are the party that keep giving…cunts

    • B&WC probably has; his standards remain abysmal despite numerous offers/threats of therapy.

  17. Who gives afuck what she says or thinks?
    Might as well ask the opinion of a dog turd.

  18. Nobody is mentioning the death rate in the UK. It’s quite high when you compare it with Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

    At time of writing this..(cases/deaths)

    UK 8,077/422 (5.2% death rate)
    Austria 5,137/28 (0.54% death rate)
    Germany 32,781/156 (0.48% death rate)
    Switzerland 9,877/122 deaths (1.23% death rate)

    I think questions need asking here. You’re over 10x more likely to die of Corona in the UK as you are in Germany. And that’s with their healthcare system bring much more burdened than ours.

    Not the fault of the staff (not blaming them they do a great job) but fuck me…those figures are piss poor.

    • Yes, I can’t understand the reasons for this. It can’t be put down to an earlier Draconian lockdown as Germany’s measures seem to have roughly coincided with ours.

      • Most of our cases have probably gone undetected due to lack of testing. Seems Germany leads the world in testing.

        • Which means they’ll get their butts kicked again.

          I wonder if she’ll order her Minister of Armaments to enact a nationwide scorched earth policy…

    • “Nobody is mentioning the death rate in the UK”

      because it’s bollocks…8,077 cases because we’re not testing
      100,000 tests out of 68,000,000 people = fuck all

      In reality, there’s probably a million or more people in UK with the active Virus by now. The only ‘real’ figure is the number of deaths & expect this to rise sharply. We’re following the same curve as Italy & Spain, just 2 weeks /1 week later respectively.
      Many WILL DIE. Just exactly how many depends on whether selfish cunts can stop having BBQ parties, the fucking braindead cunts

  19. Greta Thunderbird recokns she has the chinky bat flu virus.

    Kama? Or I am being a cunt?

    • There’s your ‘existential crisis’, Greta.

      Actually, despite her being annoying as fuck, I wish her no harm. She’s just a kid with mental issues (obsesses about one thing) and pushy parents.

    • Probably due to all that global travelling over the last 12 months. Oh the irony if that were the case!

      No doubt she’ll blame climate change or some such convenient shite!

      • Yes it’s climate changes fault for forcing her to embark on a world tour to harangue folks about it

        • And the crew in her sailboat were Italians, Chinese and Iranians, all directly back from a dragon boat race in the wuhan river where the training diet was poorly cooked convulsing oozing pustulated horseshoe bats. So I imagine

  20. Hang on! Was not Spekky Wrong daily in Rentaghost? Nadia Popov? Oh , sorry that was Sue Nichols but uncanny resemblance.

    • Is there a sleb, or one of their relatives , who hasn’t got it?
      They must be either:
      (a) very unlucky
      (b) very careless
      (c) very desperate for attention the lying, publicity hungry bastards.

  21. Becky and that Ian Lavatory character could star in a new Carry On – Carry On Westminster. A pair of comics.

  22. I think the chinks are missing a trick by not serving an eyelid with these bat dishes….

  23. Becky! Becky! Becky!
    Carthorse calves and specky.
    Our Country you would wrecky.
    And we would have have no leccy!
    Get back in your pig pen Becky.
    ‘Cos your a c*nt I’d love to decky!

    Comparisons between my good self and John Betjeman are flattering but inaccurate! 😃

  24. Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend when the clocks go forward which means we all get to spend an hour less indoors….

  25. Her name is Rebecca Long Bailey
    I think of her almost daily
    My cock in my hand, wanking away
    I think I have gone do-lally

    • You and me both.

      Another month of this chaos and I’ll be a full on spastic.

  26. Prediction that some chav will call their isolation baby ‘Covid’ in December.

    You heard it here first.

    • Been calling our baby-in-the-belly, The Corona Kid for couple weeks now. I think covid sounds a bit too park or yid.

  27. Totally useless, irrelevant wannabe.

    As an aside, where’s Jezza and his motley crew been during the recent shitstorm?

    I’m sure I wont be alone in thinking that he is breathing one humongous sigh of relief that he didn’t win the last General Election.

    Fair play to Boris. On face value he often appeared to be a bit of a buffoon in the past, but he seems to be delivering like a true statesman now.

    Jezza on the other hand, is still learning to run a bath!

    • Jezza’s in his lame-duck period of opposition leader, which means he’s less than fuck-all useless.

      I’m surprised brits takes so long to appoint a successor, in Oz it’s all done in a week

      • Matt Hancock always looks like a kid thats been bollocked off his dad, like hes on the verge of tears,
        Irritates me for some reason.
        Stop crying!!
        I might start too if you dont pull your finger out an help the self employed you gormless crybaby cunt
        Having to put myself at risk working till you sort it you crybaby fuckin helmet.

        • Top news MNC – Rishi Sunak has ring fenced £160 million for immediate crisis distribution – to the arts and fucking theatre!
          You genuinely could not make this up.
          Government advice for the self employed? Go bust, poor people – but whistle Rule Britannia whilst you wash your hands of course – thanks for that!
          My advice for Boris? Get a punch proof jaw you fat morlock bastard – I am coming to see you.
          Very angry.

      • What ticks me off is every time I have seen him since Boris made him Health Secretary he has been wearing his NHS bender lapel pin. I know he probably has to in the name of diversity or whatever but it adds to his overall cuntishness.

        • They need the helpful little badges LL – it tells them what job they are not doing.

          • Very true Vernon, I mean frontline staff are certain to care more about using correct gender pronouns than having enough PPE’s.

  28. That arsehole Jeremy Cunt used to wear that badge, presumably exactly the same one.
    A Union Jack lapel badge on all of the wankers would be nice. Fat chance…….that’s raaay-sist.

  29. Bad news – the good lady will not let me go to London to duff Boris up – “You cannot sit still on a train for two hours without doing something ridiculous or starting a fight, and you probably don’t have the fare”!
    I gave her a firm look from behind the door and she has decided it’s time for me to do the washing up – that taught her!

  30. Oh, Becky – back to Madame Tussauds with you. we don’t want poisonous little communist rats like you, we don’t want people who would wreck the economy, that’s China’s job!
    We don’t want terrorist sympathisers who hate our Country.
    Did the worst election hiding in a hundred Years teach you nothing?
    No, clearly – but we love you for your comedy value – sitting in a room at your Mums with your little frozen outfit screeching “I have got a date, lots of lads like me” as you wipe the tears from your eyes.
    But you will show them – wait while you grow up and see what happens then.
    “Becky! Becky! That smelly Jeremy is outside, he wants to know if you’re playing out”..
    Sad, so sad.

  31. Specky Becky always reminds me of that kid playing The banjo in Deliverance minus the glasses 😀😀
    “As with everything Communist Labour always read the small print”

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