‘Racism’ at Uni

A ‘Why-am-I-treated-so-bad?’, ‘ole man river’ cunting please, for the poor, downtrodden ‘people-of-colour’ (forthwith known as POCs) who suffer terribly at university:


How do we know this? Well, Mizz Bakar tells us so in her article…and how does she know? Well, her friends have told her so.

This article is just page filling bollocks. Most (all?) universities these days bend over backward to please and appease the POCs, no-platforming anyone who might upset their tender sensibilities, multi-language signs, prayer rooms etc, etc. IF some ARE given the cold shoulder, it doesn’t seem to occur to them it might have something to do with their bombastic, loud-mouthed antics, attitudes and constant protesting. I live not far from one of these London “universities” (in truth probably just an up-it’s-own-arse Sixth form college), which includes many POCs – in fact they might well be in the majority – and they look (and sound) far from downtrodden.

Perhaps they just enjoy being victims? Mammy!

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

76 thoughts on “‘Racism’ at Uni

  1. Haven’t seen these problems at Fiddler University.

    But there are lots of signs saying ‘No Fat Birds.’

    • And lots of ‘Fight the Gayness’ asking that you wash your hands for twenty seconds with hot soapy water singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice when coming in from outside.

      So these professional victims want to fight racism and bigotry by reverting to 1950’s US style segregation of black and whites?

    • Morning,Mike.
      Morning LL.

      The only people who should go to “Uni” are The Hearties who spend their time playing rugby,smashing up local businesses,burning 50 pound notes in front of beggars and chucking weedy,swotty Eggheads down a well. ( I would have just said Bullingdon Club members but since I learned that Cameron and Osborne were members…well.they can Fuck Off too)

      • PS….Booklearning promotes The Gayness…it should be banned…as should booklearning.

        • Saying ‘uni’ instead of ‘university’ should be fucking banned Chancellor Fiddler.

          I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, I managed to avoid The Gayness both as an undergraduate and a postgraduate. And there was a fuck of a lot of it about!

          • “Saying ‘uni’ instead of ‘university’ should be fucking banned”

            Couldn’t agree more CMC, I just used it ironically – and to be down with the kids as they are all home from their seats of learning.

      • “George Arthur, a frail, pious, academically brilliant, gauche, and sensitive new boy”…..

        served the Cunt right when Flashman taught him and that do-gooding Wanker Tom Brown a few manners.

    • Leaflets handed out to new starters with ‘Be on the lookout for the gay! – Has your friend been seen tapping his foot to a Madonna song? Is he into ‘interior design’? Does he flap his arms around a lot when talking? Have you seen him ordering a glass of wine at the bar? Or worse still, ‘half’ a pint of ale? Then please call, 0800 500 100. We will have the local lunatic asylum release their hounds to capture the gay and put him in a cell. He will then be forced to watch war movies, classic boxing fights and taught how to change the tyres on a tractor. He wall will be adorned with topless pictures of page 3 babes from the past. A priest will stand over him with a cricket bat forcing him to repent until his eyes bleed. He will stay there until he knocks one out over the posters an is then, cured.’

  2. Have had experience of this phenomenon a few years back. End result was (in total exasperation) me telling the poc that my behaviour towards him was nothing to do with me being racist it was because he was being a total cunt. End of contract.

  3. Oh dear, at school she was made to “feel different” at lacrosse matches. Lacrosse? What kind of school plays lacrosse? Sounds an awful lot like the “white privilege” I never fucking had.
    Then we are expected to believe that the Chink students have been “pelted with stones” because of Corbyn 19. Oh just fuck off.
    Here’s one for you. Having cancelled all the school exams grades are going to be teacher assessed. Now that’s going to go down well. I can’t possibly see that going wrong. But i’ve already seen an article by some race baiter in the (Far From) Independent claiming that it is a “well known fact” that black kids do better in actual exams than their predicted grades. This is , of course, because of low expectations of black pupils by white teachers and good old fashioned raaay-sism. Ignoring the fact that Chinks and Indian kids always out perform everybody. You just can’t win with these professional race baiters. Lammy!!

    • Indeed. Chinese and Indian students outperform all over groups when it comes to GCSE results. White British (particularly the males) from low income families are quite low down when it comes to academic attainment.

      It’s all fucking bullshit. They literally want to just give anyone not white the top grades because they hate whitey. End of. Racist cunts.

  4. There is no rascism in the world. It cannot exist as we are all one race. Its is a made up concept to reinforce the divide. There are however cunts of many different colours right around the globe and there are a many, many cunts that attend university’s.

    • Maybe no racism, but there is of course bigotry and discrimination. And it’s far from being a characteristic of whites alone.

      I have no issue with colour or so called race. It’s culture, and multiculturalism in particular, that gives rise to the problems, not the colour of some cunt’s skin or the shape of their eyes.

      These supposed students are a menace to our culture of free speech and democracy.

    • Oh yeah, his connections to the Clintons couldn’t have anything to do with it? Shameless little arse crawler. Get that tongue washed Abdul.

    • That little cunt will feel he has a licence to belittle and bully any white students who are unlucky enough to have tio study alongside the stinking, poisonous little creep. If they complain – well that will be racist won’t it?

      I predict in 5 years time he will be in the UK preparing to take over the leadership from Qweer Charmer, and get a soapy tit-wank from Becky Wrong-Dailey.

    • So he was asked a question and he got the answer wrong 100 times, he’s brown not black……… and did someone mention a soapy tit wank?

  5. You have to feel sorry for POCs during the Chinky Virus crisis. No longer able to go around stabbing people, they must be bored the poor dears. Still, stuck indoors, I’m sure they’ll amuse themselves by working out ways to submit fraudulent claims for the Chancellor’s benefits.

  6. In the long ago at university, many of the share accommodation notices had “Asian (eastern) preferred”, no way would you be to get away with “English first language”. I did dodge a bullet though later working in a hotel I heard the housekeepers bemoan and saw myself the state Orientals , (other than the Japanese) left the rooms in. Grubby, smelly undomesticated cunts be they all and fucking rude.

  7. It’s pretty pointless The Dark-keys going to school anyhow….even “Ham the Astrochimp”….the cleverest Dark-Key to ever live or he wouldn’t have been chosen to go into space…..never learned to just say to NASA …”Get into a rocket and get blasted into Space?…you can Fuck right off,you Cunts… now,where da fried chiggun”

    Ham couldn’t learn English but I suspect that he was still more intelligible with his grunts of protest than the Dark-Keys that I hear on the telly.

    Just give them all a colouring book,a knife and a nice tyre-swing. Stops them getting all uppity and stirring up feelings of malevolence against “Massa”.

      • That’s quite the nicest thing anyone’s said about me for years,D-KC…..some people have been known to be quite rude …not just the tarry-toots either….the fudge-packers have been known to be rather abusive too…and as for the pushbiking,vegan ,animal-rights,trespasser brigade…well,I don’t think that they’d mind seeing a bit of blood-sports as long as it was poor old Fiddler getting chased across the Fells by a pack of ravening hounds.

        🙂 .

  8. I did a post grad at a well known central London uni recently. I thought I was in Islamabad! Star wars fans in full Jedi garb and wimmens sitting separate
    ly from the abdullahs. As for the blatant posters promoting blantant desires to nuke Israel….

    • I never went to university, wasnt something people from council estates did back then.
      Wouldnt of liked it anyway, pale little bookworms, foreign types etc
      Id turn up in a pith helmet an tell this cunt to carry my bags an polish my boots.
      Set out the working relationship from the start.
      Maybe backhand him if he was cheeky.
      Thats what they need.

      • Morning Miserable, I think within the first five minutes of attending university, all IsAC cunters attending would be asked to quietly leave without a fuss after misgendering someone or finding out the canteen is vegan only.

        • Morning LL, think your right!
          Be nice to see the look of horror on their faces as ISAC views get aired!😁😁

          • Fiddlers hounds would be growling at any letterboxes or non-binary weirdos that got too near.

      • I went for a week. Seeing smug posh white lefties (in both senses of the word) and effnicks put me off.
        That, and being forced to do ‘team building’ exercises.

  9. Their claim is that black people can’t be racist because they are an oppressed group.

    Well, let me tell you a little story about ‘oppression’. Back in the late 90s, a mate of mine at the time was thinking of getting into teaching. He was a Tory voter, but a bit of a do-gooder if we’re being honest (but just a nice bloke to be fair to him). Anyway, if you want to become a teacher they usually ask you to get some experience first (a few months or so) doing volunteer work in a school (volunteer teaching assistant, for example). This is needed to get a place on teacher training courses (or it puts you higher up the list for a place at least).

    Anyway, he saw an advert for volunteer teaching in the U S of cotton pickin’ rootin’ tootin’ A.It was in a district of Washington DC. This chap was a Yankophile so he applied. He was told it was in a ‘urban area’ with a lot of ‘disadvantaged’ students, many of whom came from ‘broken homes’. I saw a red flag and told him to be careful and fuck it off. He laughed and went anyway. The volunteer project was to last 6 months.

    Well, he was back home within 2 weeks. It was a neighbourhood that, ahem, possibly ate a lot of friiiiieedd chicken and probably smoked a lot of crack. He said he left after being assaulted for the third time in a week. Two in the school by students (‘SMACK’ ‘I ain’t listnin’ to no cracker!’ to whoops and cheers from the classroom). The final straw was being punched in the stomach and kicked to the ground by a bunch of ‘budding architects’ on his way home. Something about ‘This ain’t no place for some punk ass white bitch!’ They mugged him too. His school apologised but wouldn’t/couldn’t provide him with security to walk him to and from school every morning (about 500 meters walk I think it was). He’d also get racist abuse in the local shops and pretty much ended up crying in his bed.

    Therefore, black people can definitely be racist. This example is tame compared to what’s been going on in Zimbabwe or in South Africa. Also look up the killings of Kriss Donald, Ross Parker and Richard Everitt. You’ve probably never heard of them because the press ignored the cases (to the point that the BBC had to apologise for their lack of coverage of the Kriss Donald case). No four (I think it’s four now, I’m losing count) BBC documentaries for them. No place in the Lords for their mothers.

    Now that, dear chaps, really is racism.

    Fuck off.

    • My mum used to travel through South London on the bus as an NHS emergency call centre worker in the 80’s. They’d go quiet and not say anything the moment she stepped on board.

      Plus, refusing to serve me or my mum in shops/restaurants in the 90s, beating me up as a kid and their general attitude makes me avoid dark keys like the plague.

      Still stuck living on a council estate with the facking cunts.

  10. Slightly off topic….Never went to “higher education”. I left school a few months before my 16th birthday, took an apprenticeship to learn engineering, specialized in machining and have been a manager at a small manufacturing company for many a year. I’m never going to reinvent the wheel but I’ve done more than ok for myself and all these paper credentials/achievements can fuck off, as far as I’m concerned.

    Apologies to any cunters that hold any of the aforementioned paper credentials.

    • I got a degree. At 56 I live in a rented house, I’ve never really had a ‘decent’ job, I’ve been mostly unemployed for 16 years (10 years as a carer), I have no savings whatsoever but £15k of debt and my life is effectively over. If I was to die tomorrow there wouldn’t be a ripple. To this day I wish I’d left school at 15 after getting a bucketful of O’levels. Sadly I listened to my parents. I get nothing, but see cunts from all over the world being pampered at taxpayer’s expense, whilst they would happily see us dead, if not actually kill us. Am I racist? I never used to be but I fucking am now.

      • Evening Moggie.

        Barring the degree and less about 6 years in age, you’re describing me. I also wonder at how, or indeed why, the system has evolved to a point where the treadmill of “high-ed” has become almost compulsory. Coupled with the benefits/welfare culture, working humps such as ourselves will be a thing of the past and consigned to history, if we’re not already. Strange times we live in.

  11. Whatever happened to “Shaun”, of admin fame? He was at, or had recently been, to University as I recall. He’d have some good insights into this non.

    He runs dead pool, and is probably a little busy right now with his day job I imagine.

  12. Khuns lower education – as with everything else – to their level. It seems to be an immutable law of nature.

    For what that level is, look at Haiti, Zimbabwe or south africa.

    • Spunkywankytwattyfucks!!!… oops, sorry, did I say that out loud?

      But back to the subject of edjumacatin’ blacks, the following link explains a lot. Professor Eugene Valberg gives an insightful and very listenable lecture here…


      …from someone who’s done just that and tried to get to the root of the issue centred around the limitations of the vocabulary of african languages and how that affects, self awareness conceptualisation and capacity for abstract and therefore predictive thought. More specifically he proposes the reverse case, where it is the innate inability to so conceptualise that produces the indicative paucity of african languages.

  13. I think we need a “7 for me 1 for the taxman” hide a third under the mattress and cook the books cunting for the whinging self employed.
    What will we do they all cried, we can’t all exist while the lockdown takes place. What about the 80% companies get, what will we weeeeee do.
    Then the chancellor Rishi Valens announces a package to aid self-employed.
    The response ” what’s this ? We can’t live on this” only 80% of profits declared over the last x years.
    Well dont cook you’re books you greedy fucktards. If you’ve got money spirited away for the retirement villa in Benidorm- use that.

  14. It won’t be very long before the ‘Africa’ will be begging the mainly white west to help them with Covid 19.
    There won’t be any problem with white man bailing the fuckers out, will see if Lammy comes out with ‘no more white saviours’

    It’s about time there was segregation at Universities, the students doing proper degrees separated from the cunts doing pointless shit!

    Fuck off,

  15. These hysterical cunts simply don’t understand how completely irrelevant they truly are.
    Anyhow,fuck them.

  16. I think this shit will do for ‘Uni’ in it’s current form. Daughter is finishing her law degree in May and was sent home two weeks ago with all lectures now streamed. Why the fuck didn’t the cunts do that in he first place and save her and many many others fucking £thousands. Graduation also cancelled with the scroll to be sent by post and a ‘see yah fucking later love’.

  17. I read about an all black university in the US where standards were so shity not even blacks wanted to go there.
    The USA is fucked. Thank the white Charlton Heston looking lord that we ain’t them.

  18. Why is this a monkey house uni, its shit like this which is why some whites are racist decause some blacks are always pulling the card, it not that all blacks are cunts, its just that a high proportion are always crying about being downtrodden, its like not all Audi drivers are cunts but allot are and unfortunately for the ones that are not cunts get tarred with the same brush, excuse the pun.
    Stop all the bleeding hearts at a time when racism is at its lowest ever,unless your a chink, once the coloured cry babies shut the fuck up and keep racism smoldering the better, they are no longer black cunts, now they are just whinging cunts but the end result is the same….

  19. Well we now have USA! USA! USA! , they have topped the table, which one Covid- 19.
    Fucking yanks, have to win everything 😁

    • Add a few zeroes to the Chinese total. No way do I believe the figures those cunts are giving out. They did fuck all for almost 2 months, remember?

  20. Can’t really string a coherent comment together on this, the cunts boil my piss so much.
    Afternoon all.

    • Yeah, we all believe that, don’t we. He might be PM but, at the end if the day, he’s just another celebrity.

  21. Racism? They hate us, hate everything about us – except our money, tolerance, democracy, Human rights, laws and our soldiers left dead in the dust when “peaceful” Nations turn on their own.
    1950’s racism and segregation by whites? – Bad.
    2020 racism and segregation by non whites? – Good.
    No problem, fund your own racist murderous thieving incestous disease spreading terrorist scrounging never happy Nations from now on.
    We have come to a point where we have to stop spunking Billions a Year down the third World toilet, stop bending over backwards for b*stards who hate us and would murder us without a thought.
    Little Enoch is going blind? Wank less, or get a whitey with sighty (mean, but it was funny, I just couldn’t help it!) to email the AK toting khat chewing “Government representatives” doing big circles in their 50 Cal mounted Hilux motors outside their dusty slums looking for a Man to necklace, some aid to steal, a Woman to r*pe or a whitey to rob and kill.
    No more foreign aid. I am not a cruel Man and do not enjoy suffering – but enough is enough and the crisis we are in has shown where the priorities lie – we MUST start putting our own first, if that is at the expense of others then unfortunately so be it, because our Country has not spent all it’s history fighting for survival to give it all away to those who refuse to improve or evolve.
    This has to stop, we are peaceful and tolerant as a Nation, but our kindness has been seen as weakness and exploited by evil racist savages who need to be sorting their own Countries or being pretty fucking quiet in mine.
    Right, back to honing the bayonet, Dench won’t hunt and slaughter herself! 😃👍

    • Wouldn’t change a word of that. But why only 9 tickys for the most important post here?

  22. AND a quick addendum – because I have not been self employed for long I can claim Government support to the dizzying amount of sweet fuck all.
    Back to street robbery then! 😃

    • I’m wishing that I hadn’t spent years “minimising” my tax liability, although tbf the odd copper that I’ve managed to salt away is still better than what is being offered..and at least it wasn’t squandered on child-benefits or foreign aid.


      • Afternoon Sir Fiddler, hope all is good with you and our fellow ISAC’ers – I am in lockdown but philosophical, has to be done until we get through this and it seems the Government are actually taking this seriously and doing what needs and will need to be done – I would not be anywhere near as confident in the Maybot or Jezza the Man who would not be King!
        Currently painting at Fox Towers and have turned into a scrounging type by registering to claim Universal Credit, the business is on ice until we come out of the third World and I need to do it.
        Not to worry, people worse off than me out there – this will get worse before it gets better and we just need, to quote the phrase, to “keep calm and carry on”!
        We have f*ck all choice really 🤷‍♂️🍹
        But Pornhub Premium is free, every cloud..

        • Labour or the Lib-Dumbs would have fallen apart like a Chinese motorbike by now.
          Useless cunts…

  23. Wow the bitch who wrote that article is dumb. She cites a study regarding racial disparity in elite university admissions between whites and non-whites with Elite Russell Group Universities, Other Old Universities and New Universities (Polytechnics).

    The study has uncontrolled and A-level controlled figures for each of the 3 University groups and uses aggrigate figures based purely on race but doesn’t control for class background. There is even a disparity within a disparity as the results in many cases show much larger racial inequality the higher the quality of the University group (could it be due to class and proportions of those races with given classes perhaps?)

    The study also shows that after controlling for A-level results in some cases Chinese and Indian students are getting disproportionately higher admission rates than they should (affirmative action perhaps?).

    It also doesn’t seem to account for the fact that Pakistani admission rates are lower than they should be because a certain curtain-clad contingent isn’t actually allowed in many cases to go to university. This study just uses raw, aggrigate numbers and doesn’t account for any variables at all. No better than the BS gender pay gap.

    Might I suggest that if people want a level playing field and to eliminate implicit bias in university admissions that the “ethnic origin” section of the application form should be removed to make the process blind? Just a fucking thought.

    • Maybe there is racial disparity because some are just cleverer than others and that is the end of it. Most of the immigrants we have had come in are bottom of the IQ scale even in the their own country’s so don’t expect them to be Einsteins overnight or even overmillenia

      • Forgot to mention in my rambling earlier posts (cabin fever!) – good nom WC 👍 – I hope in 12 Months time to hear some developing Countries complaining about the stopping of foreign aid which they (have come to) rely on, we face a nightmare followed by a huge debt and clearing up operation and the Billions we throw at overseas aid are needed here.

        • African countries like the DRC and Guinea should be experts on pandemics as Ebola breaks out every few years or so. Oh that’s right, we pay for that mess too.

          • And could they remove the phrase “developing Countries” from the English language – it gives the impression these stone age shitholes are improving!

  24. The answer to these overpriced nurseries is simple; parents refuse to pay fees for your brat, and government/local councils cut off the subsidies.

    Several underwhelming ‘universities’ in England now face the axe because they’ve grown fat on charging 9k a year for Beckham Studies with hand-outs from the council, while their graduates face poor employment prospects because they can’t drive to the other site/office, cant write in real English, can’t speak to anyone over 30 or leave their phone alone. Nowadays many cant operate older office equipment, a problem my own VHS and Spectrum SInclair-weaned generation rarely struggled with. Computers and other gadhets were always fucked in some manner.

    While fees were minimal under Our Lord Blair, charging the gullible to study French poncery and modern dance may have worked, but now there’s nine grand a year on the line and more parents want to see their brain-dead children at least compete for a decent job at the end of it, so demand for utterly useless degrees is down.

    Time to trim that fat and get the geniuses who were going to study for a BA in race theory or culinary arts a job at WHsmith (if they can work the till).

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