Piers Morgan

Just shut the Fuck Up,you self-important Sack of Shite.

Screaming hysterically over the answer any “Guest” tries to give,the Pound-Shop John Bull is an expert on every subject known to Man….of course, if hindsight is a gift,Morgan truly is one of The Blessed. He always knows/knew best and woe-betide any expert or professional who attempts to get a word in before Gobshite Piers puts them right with his view. Wonder if his hindsight extends to his decision to print faked photos or tap phones? Probably not,his pompous,opinionated,bombastic Windbag type are quick to forget/ignore anything that might actually expose them as lying,egotistical cowards.

Crawl back under your stone Cunt, before someone splatters you like the slime-oozing slug you really are…and take your “celebrity mates” with you.

PS….I won’t wish that Piers gets Coronavirus…there’s a chance the Wanker may recover from Coronavirus and that would never do.

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47 thoughts on “Piers Morgan

  1. Piers is one of the least objectionable daytime TV presenters imo.

    I don’t watch Good Morning Britain, but some of the videos I’ve seen suggest he rarely suffers fools gladly and is not afraid to put the boot in when necessary. That said, he’s no Brillo, though I doubt he’d ever claim he was.

  2. When that wank puppet Sam Smith was bleating about isolating on Twitter Morgan shredded him/her/it/them.

    Morgan is hired to be the protagonist, His purpose is to look like a cunt whilst putting the other side of the argument.

    Much like with brexit they get the buffoons to voice the views held by many and undermine reasonable arguments against what they want pushed.

    Morgan is a tool in more ways than one.

  3. Tommy Robinson was absolutely correct in everything he said to the fat slug. The cunt couldn’t handle it so just talked over him. What a cunt.

    • It was an obvious attempt Smug to show solidarity with his colleagues that he does not agree with Tommy Robinson and show him to be the Racist that he is not.
      I wonder if deep down he does agree with Tommy but dare not let the rest of the world know it.
      Piers Morgan is an opinionated fucking motor mouth but he knows who puts his bread on the table and knows exactly where to draw the line.

  4. There are worst than Piers, but as a cricket fan, I did enjoy it when he said he could handle the Aussie fast bowling attack (Brent Lee was their fastest at the time). He said they were no big deal.

    Next, the Aussies challenged him to try his luck in the nets. “Put your money where you mouth is, Piers.”

    The daft cunt got all geared up like a pro. Tapping his bat and looking the part as Brent Lee thundered in. The silly twat practically crawled out of those fucking nets within a few 90+ mph deliveries at his head and torso.

    Fucking priceless.

  5. I watched the interview he did with Matt Hancock, it was unbelievable, he doesn’t understand the concept of asking and answering.
    Matt H was getting visibly frustrated and what makes it worse Morgan had been complaining like fuck that ministers weren’t appearing on his show but after this display there really isn’t much point as they aren’t allowed to speak.

    He should stick to kicking fucking woke wankers, much more fun and much less serious!

    • Yeah, it’s mostly PC woke cunts I’ve seen him take apart, all very satisfying.
      Haven’t seen him interviewing many of our disingenuous politicians though.

      • Yer not really taking anyone apart by just screaming hysterically over the top of them,RTC…the likes of Day and Paxman would let them dig their own grave and then just give them a hard look or raised eyebrow….or continually ask them the same question and give them ample time to reply each time…far more effective in my opinion.

        • I bow to your greater knowledge and experience of Morgan’s presenting technique Dick, can only say I haven’t seen him screaming hysterically over the top of anyone in the few videos I’ve watched which my next door neighbour occasionally emails me.

          The last one I received is presented here for your viewing delectation:


        • Couldn’t agree more Dick. You have to have a particular talent to interview people without reducing it to a slagging match.
          David Frost’s Nixon interview was a fine example.
          In these days of Twitter and Facefuck everyone seems to have reduced themselves to a Chav culture of name calling .

  6. Didn’t Clarkson chin this wanker? About the only good thing he’s ever done. You can see why……cunt is asking for it.

    • I believe he did – and also tipped a drink on him (on Concorde apparently). But what a pair of cunts – who would I care about getting hurt the least? It’s like asking someone if they would prefer “gonorrhoea or syphilis”.

      • Tipped a drink on him whilst they were on Concorde?
        Their first World suffering never appears to stop, luckily they are both sooo grounded!
        (Well, for the foreseeable future, anyway! 😃)

  7. He keeps asking ministers on to his ‘show’. And the few that do just get hollered at. He even asks Dr Hilary’s opinion and talks over him.
    Suprised it’s only Clarkson that’s lumped him one.
    The preening one next to him can fuck off too.

  8. Have enjoyed watching Piers in action on the odd occasions I watch TV, the same can be said of Nigel Farage, Andrew Neil and Jeremy Clarkson.

    Very few others (if any) are worthy of my time.

      • Like Charles, he won’t ‘skip the queue’ for a test or potential ventilator on the NHS if needed. That’s if Boris doesn’t go private. Wouldn’t blame him if he did.

  9. I remember in 2004 when, as editor of The Mirror, he falsified information about British soldiers in Iraq. It eventually came out as utter rubbish but by then the papers had been sold and everybody forgot about it.

    He started out as a pop columnist at Murdoch’s The Scúm digging in the gutter for scurrilous gossip and manky rumours on d-list slebs.

    The vain cunt would whore his children off for a story.

      • Knows everything doesnt he?
        The man with all the answers, he’s always right, an shoots from the hip, gives it them straight, both barrels…
        Never trust some cunt called Piers, its a posh puffs name.
        Armchair expert in sweet fuck all.
        Piers, makeups ready for you!!

    • He was also the subject of a DTI investigation after – showing amazing foresight – he bought £20,000 of shares in a company the day before his paper’s city page recommended it. He was cleared in 2004 after a four-year investigation but to show he it was all a genuine misunderstanding and he had not used insider information, he said he would give his profits to charity. Wasn´t that nice of him?

  10. Just had a walk around the town, nothing is open.
    Barbers closed.
    Hairdressers closed.
    Beauty parlour closed.
    Gym and health spa closed.

    It’s gonna get ugly….

  11. Piss Morgan is a horrendous narcissist who loves the sound of his own voice.

    He NEVER lets anyone have a say. He asks questions then when they start to answer, he constantly talks over them and butts in. He is a total wanker. I don’t know why they bother having him question anyone. The guests never get a look-in, but I think that this is what the cunts at GMB love about the loud-mouthed knob end.

    The only good thing about him is that because he is like that, he DOES ask pertinent questions and undermine the arguments of the ‘woke’ of this world when they are on GMB (which seems to be every bloody five minutes these days) which is a pleasure to watch.

    Other than that, he is a stratospheric cunt. The States didn’t want the fucker when he took over from that old fart, Larry King, so they very benevolently sent him packing back here.

    Thanks for that.

  12. The guy is a prick. Just because he’s right occasionally, and his targets are well deserved, he’s still a prick. What we need is someone like Tucker Carlson, haven’t seen much, but he gives his subjects the opportunity to hang themselves by letting them talk and then picking their argument apart bit by bit. The faces he pulls as they talk shit is far more effective than cunt Piers interrupting them.

  13. The guy is just an opportunistic, attention-seeking, virtue-signalling hypocrite with no self-awareness or any real, firmly-held convictions. Translation – cunt.

    PS. he does have one firmly held belief, he doesn’t like yanks owning guns even though he knows fuck all about yank culture, history or their constitution, he saw fit to lecture them on it when he worked there. Did wonders for his career over there.

  14. We are so deprived of anything resembling investigative journalism that this fugly jizz stain is even praised… I hate this fetid sack of shit not only for what he is (a pathetic little shin kicker) but for what he clearly demonstrates has been lost. He is a cunt and so are those that foist this cunt upon us.

  15. I’d always hated Morgan for no good reason really but then when does a cunter need a valid reason to hate someone?

    Then following the Brexit vote I found I quite liked him as he came over as someone sincerely concerned that democracy was being subverted and was brilliantly eloquent in putting the case across and calling out spastics like Alistair Campbellend.

    I liked the fact he’d debate Snowflakes and idiots from the hard left and expose them, I liked the fact he could shoot a killer question that would send the interviewee into meltdown.

    But he’s losing his fucking mind over this virus shit.

    I have to say though his interview with I think the Head of Public Health Scotland was brilliant, Morgan shouting him down and telling him what to do and he jumps in ‘excuse me Piers what University did you get your Masters in Public Health from’.


  16. I get the impression he’d go to town on lefty cunt Susannah Reid’s tight arsehole all day long but she’s having none of it. She siddles up to Ben Shephard though when they’re on together the fucking dorty hooer!

  17. Viz have got him doing a column in the magazine but he’s called Pierced Organ. Picture of him with a big bellend where is forehead is and a ring through the japs eye.

  18. Been a cunt since he worked for the Sun in the 80’s writing bollocks about pop slebs and other pointless cunts. Claimed he was a friend of Gloria Estefan? when she was hospitalised after a crash involving her tour bus or something.
    Other persons claimed he was not or some such bollocks. Why the fuck do I remember shit like this? The ego appears to have grown with the pay packet and I hope that some hero will chin the cunt very soon.

  19. Random one – from my house arrest today I have seen the locals just waddling/stumbling around without a care in the World, walking dogs, visiting people etc – clearly no lockdown here, and these irresponsible jerks will be the first ones demanding an ambulance and a ward to themselves after self diagnosing on Farcebook.
    I was going to call them dicks, but wouldn’t want to take liberties with the esteemed Sir Fiddlers name! 😃
    More painting tomorrow – I shall rename myself Van Gogh after much more of this!

    • Cunts like that are already calling us with false complaints and asking us to ‘Check them over for that Corona thing’. Fucking irresponsible cunts. I’d give them a 9mm pain relief tablet straight between the eyes but the HCPC frown on that sort of thing. At the moment.

  20. My mrs actually listens to this cunt, seems to like his views, she wasn’t overly impressed when i told her this wanker only gets so much attention and is so “right” because he airs his views after the fact, once everyone has bitched on social media about something this arsehead then consumes those complaints and recycles them as if they were his own views, along with James “fat jolly cunt” Corden I’d happily wank over their murder videos

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