Mike Ashley (3)

Mike Ashley is a cunt, I would be tempted to say he is the ultimate in cunts. He treats his staff like shit and encourages his supervisory team to adopt aggressive and repressive disciplinary tactics.

Now we find the stupid greedy oafish fat fucking cunt feels that his shitty knock off Fashion Not Sport shit shop is essential for the UK’s well being in a crisis.

Ashley, NO you fucking cunt.

It’s not essential, it’s cheap mass-manufactured shite you sell for too much money to ignorant cunts who don’t actually do sport, they just like to look like they do sport, the fat fucking oafs wandering … or waddling about in tacky Nike shit slippers, and voluminous baggy sweat pant set out to disguise their obese carcass underneath.

I hope you are fucking ashamed of yourself using a national crisis to leverage your shit shop into the essential category. Fortunately for your employees, the public, the transport systems, the police, NHS and all the vital services we need to stay healthy, the government has called your obtuse cunting bluff and told you to fuck the fuck off you utter cunt.

Nominated by GGRF

That despicable cunt Mike Fucking Ashley is a cunt among cunts, buys from cunts, supplies to cunts all the while acting like a total cunt, this fuck monkey has hiked his prices up now the the gyms are shut, talk about taking advantage of his customer base, they should boycott sports direct and shop elsewhere, just so the greedy, sweaty, slave driving cunts goes through the hoop, his staff would be better off working for someone else anyway as they all have to suffer this utter utter leather clad cunt cunt, treble cunt….did i mention cunts Mike Ashley you cunt, fuck you…

Nominated by Fuglyucker

64 thoughts on “Mike Ashley (3)

  1. I hope the fat cunt goes bust. He won’t though, he’ll lay off staff on no pay and expect them to be loyal to him and his shitty company when it’s all over.

    Well fat boy, they fucking won’t!

    • Yes, but they will.

      People have been swinging on others tits for centuries and that will not change now.

      Do you think Pavel is going to stop working for this cunt overnight? Like a pet mutt, you can whip it, beat it and starve it but it will still come back tomorrow.

      • I disagree. Once people are laid off with no pay (while he sits in a well stocked mansion counting his billions) they’ll have a different attitude towards their employer. Some will stay, but many, I feel, will tell him to fuck off

        • Fair enough, everyone has an opinion.

          After nearly thirty five years working in the private sector I’ve seen people crawl back when their comfy lifestyle is at threat.

          This is what has caused panic buying, people see their own private paradise being affected so act selfishly.

          The number of people who have come forward to help gives me hope though, as long as they can leave the Fuckbook, Twatter and other look at me stuff at home.

  2. Personally I think his stores are an essential service, I mean what if you have a hankering for addidas trainers on toast ?…

    • I do like Lonsdale tracksuits. Cheap, comfortable with a facking lion on the side.

  3. He’s an opportunistic cunt who treats his customers and staff like shit. Anything to squeeze an extra million here and there and he’ll be on the case, even if there was a mass famine in this country and people were dying on their feet!

  4. Dont panic, but Jug Ears has Corbyn 19. He is self isolating. His footman is wiping his arse with a telescopic grab and his toothpaste is squeezed remotely by a team of flunkeys.
    The good news is that Camilla is clear and should be fit to run in the St Leger later in the year.

    • You’ll be hearing from my lawyer in the morning, for I have just choked on my Yorkshire Tea, and my keyboard & monitor is now saturated while I still struggle for breath after laughing at your astute St Leger gag.

    • Charles is self isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19

      Andrew is self isolating at Winsor with Jennifer-15

  5. What a cunt this man is, representing shit employers and an easy target for the eat the rich cunts.

  6. We should all remember which non essential cunting business refused to shut as per government advice and were only thinking me me me. Boycott the fuckers into administration. Start with Sports Direct…..

  7. Another rapacious cunt who like Branson never misses an opportunity to line his pockets no matter who or what it effects , Coronavirus? Open for business, Ebola? business as usual but closing half hour early on Sunday
    Bubonic plague? Opening hours may vary please check your local stores website
    In these dark uncertain times the country needs a lift and seeing this fat cunt going to the wall quickly followed by sunbed loafing Brexit hating charlatan Bransons virgin failing from the SKY would be an ideal tonic …..
    fuck them both……..

  8. If you had to predict last week which organisation was likely to get uppity about having to close this one was the one. On the other hand our Morrison’s is doing very well, plenty of food , Golden Hen £1 a bottle and very helpful staff. I have always liked them and their fresh meat is invariably superb.

    • Never trust a man with a mullet.
      Member of the Trough club with the rest of the fat cats.

      • I’m barberphobic. Mine hasn’t been cut for 4 years. At least I’ve got a good excuse now.

        • Let that mane flow free RTC – when I was a biker (Used to run with an, ahem, “angelic” group of chaps – quite rambunctious they were!) I used to have hair right down my back – now it just sprouts out of my chest! 😀

    • That’s bhis chain of pubs fucked vwith any luck. They’re a blight on the landscape.
      Does this fucker not realise that by doing this sort of thing it feeds in to the mindset of being exploited and that socialism will fix all that.
      Stupid greedy selfish cunt .

  9. Hands up who thinks Branson’s a cunt. Stuck on his island. I hope theres a tsunami to wipe the cunt off the face of the earth.

    • Hand firmly raised.
      As for Ashley the grubby fat little cunt, put a blade in my hand id happily open his fuckin throat.

      • My good lady has suggested she works from home – I asked her which one, then told her not to as I don’t like her!
        She gave me a rather rude response!
        Off to hide in the shed 😃

      • Hello MNC I’ve a personal axe to grind against Ashley He convinced Shirebrook District Council to approve his massive warehouse complex That included The Beast of Bolsover Dennis Skinner and is Labour followers Ashley said he would employ local workers first when the complex was built He didn’t and hasn’t all he did was employ half of Eastern Europe The bloke is a total con man and an absolute cunt 👎👎

  10. Well him and Richasfuck Brancuntson must be plotting to get some more free wonga out of the tax payers the UK, while they sit on their island an yachts, taking the piss and laying off staff with the 8 weeks off no pay request that would not even put a minor dent in his fortune. Both Epic Cunts of indescribable magnitude.

  11. From time to time I look into various companies from an investment perspective, I looked at Frasers (owner of Sports Direct) 2 or 3 days ago, and in my notes I wrote: “Mike Ashley is a massive fucking Cunt”

    He’s like Philip Green x 100. Hope no-one is relying on any pensions from this CUNT.

    Two great noms!!

  12. I have loathed this fat cunt ever since I saw him on the local news when he rocked up to one of his slave camps near Derby. At security he was made to empty out his pockets (like all his staff have to) and the cunt pulled out a roll of £50’s, must have been well over a grand, more than one of his slaves earns in a month and this cunt had it as spare change. Not that he was rubbing their noses in it, was he.

  13. Another store on my list to boycott along with Starbucks, Gillette, Burger King, Subway etc.
    Only way I can protest is with my wallet.
    What a cunt. Not as big as Branson though.

  14. Ashley? Fat mean greedy drunken bullying human sewage who treats his employees like shit.
    I have big fists, and would very much enjoy warming them up on this turd.
    Good nom, detest this Man.

  15. My local BP garage is offering free petrol to emergency services, good on them.
    The local curry house has risen to the challenge and are offering a mahoosive 10% discount to NHS staff. With a profit margin ranging from 150 to 600 % I’d have thought a decent gesture would have been to offer 1 free meal a week of a standard chicken or veg curry and rice. Talk about soliciting business under the guise of being charitable in a national crisis.
    And they’re all called Mo.
    Parasitic cunts.

  16. As long as you mean punching the fucker Vermin and not the other, although a good fisting from all his staff followed with a spit roast by Romanian beggars is exactly what this shit stain deserves…..

    • Two in the bod, one in the head – never fails! Then give porky Ashley a f*cking good booting as he is grovelling on the floor, relieve him of his watch and all the thousands in his pockets!
      Good old fashioned Yorkshire straightener!

  17. A jumped up barrow boy who has made his billions by exploiting his workforce and treating them like shit.

    To be fair he must have a good brain and good head for business but clearly not a nice man at all, just like the other hard nosed entrepreneurs who put personal wealth and greed above everything else and to the detriment of their fellow man.

    In other words, a cunt.

    • Gallows, strong rope, swing.
      When the meltdown occurs people like this c*nt will be the first to be purged – humankind has no need for his type, and all the money in the World won’t save you from a baying mob Mike!
      Bugger, while I have been typing my burning stave has gone out, bad form!

  18. I’ve got to start pissing more in his shop doorways after a good skinful.
    Horrible fat greedy oaf.

  19. Not only is he a fat pie eating cunt but I read Sport Direct’s business activities are potentially being investigated after aunty BEEB announced they had received a report from a SD manager informing to hike prices on certain sports equipment that can only be used indoors, this included a darts board, dumb bells and some other knock off shite he sells.

    Wouldn’t piss on the cunt if he was on fire…

  20. My mate was a trading standards inspector.. He said Sports Direct would blatantly sell counterfeit goods .

  21. This is why I’m a capitalist; you get to vote constantly. Assuming you have any money at all that is, which everyone in Britain does. Including the wide-loads that frequent this cunt’s stores. We get what we pay for.

    • It always makes me laugh to see the obese sub human slugs waddling out of these sports sewers with tracksuit bottoms and trainers – the only time these f*ckers would run was if Mcdonald’s was doing a free promotion – 58 big macs. 73 portions of chips, extra dripping and lard, oh, and I nearly forgot – a small diet coke!

  22. Clearly Mike’s role as supplier of the Uniform of Choice for county lines gangs should guarantee him special treatment… just saying

  23. I’ve got more quality fabric in my laundry basket than this cheap n nasty cunt has in all of his stores.
    The very name “Lonsdale” which evokes memories of the 1960s and suggests quality is sickening.
    A pair of kecks made out of budget supermarket toilet paper is more robust than the I’ll-fitting cap that this avatars sells.
    Just stick to producing wedding suits for Scousers you filthy sweaty skid mark !

  24. I’ve had no response from Mr Ashley’s offices regarding the link to this cunting I emailed him (as long as it got through the firewall, spam filters, DMZ etc). One assumes he’s suitably chastened and even at this very moment writing cheques for all his staff to ensure they are adequately compensated during this crisis.

  25. He Looks like Levi Belfield. Both are prize cunts of the highest order.

  26. Well there you, Mr Ashley has apologised for his gaff. It does take a big man to do so …

    As long as he doesn’t let it happen again. I shall refrain from sending him strongly worded letters richly embroidered with colourful invective.

    Well done team, take Saturday and Sunday off, tell your boss I said it was OK.

    Coronavirus: Sports Direct boss ‘deeply’ sorry for virus blunders


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