Keira Bell

I would like to nom for a cunting one Keira Bell.

This 23-year old woman has decided to take legal action against the NHS gender clinic for not challenging her enough on her transition to become a man. She decided to start with the transition at the age of 16 and was prescribed puberty blockers and has had her breasts removed. As she has got older, she now accepts the fact she is a woman and regrets taking the steps to be a man. She now blames the NHS for allowing her to go through with it at such a young age.

Again it seems to be a blame game and seeing a chance of compensation for a decision she clearly made herself. If she wins this case, then this country is well and truly fucked.

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Nominated by Telly as it is

A Jerry Lee Lewis, “Goodness gracious, I’m All Shook Up” (something there for the 6.5 Special generation) cunting please, for Miss/Mr Bell (I am not sure if the silly cunt itself knows what it is):

It seems Miss, or Mr Bell, when a butch tomboy girl as a teenager, fancied the idea of becoming a man. She did, but it seems he/she didn’t like having a dick and is now blaming the NHS for ITS own fucked up, muddled thinking.

I doubt, given the burdens the NHS is constantly under, it press-ganged her into having two off and one put on, but it seems that Bell now thinks the NHS shouldn’t have taken any notice of its ramblings, as it was underage at the time. Looking at it today, it seems to be either an effeminate male or a slightly butch female. Arseholes and tongues need not come into it, as far as I am concerned anyway. The mind boggles.

I’d say grow a pair, but I suspect that would cause Bell even more heartache.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

A 23-year-old woman who is taking legal action against an NHS gender clinic says she should have been challenged more by medical staff over her decision to transition to a male as a teenager. A judge gave the go-ahead this week for a full hearing of the case against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust:

Let’s get this right, the stupid bitch wanted to get a sex change.

Despite patients actually in need of serious medical attention waiting months for their operations, money was spent on this individual who was “prioritised ahead of and received the non urgent treatment that she wanted.

Now she has the audacity to try and screw even more money from the NHS for actually carrying out her wishes at no cost and to the detriment of others.

The NHS should be for British people only with genuine and urgent medical attention which in my humble opinion should not include badly thought out and fanciful sex changes/transitioning.

No wonder the NHS is struggling to cope. It’s hardly rocket science.

Nominated by Willie Stroker

96 thoughts on “Keira Bell

  1. Typical woman, changing her mind. Too late love, you wanted to change sex, they cant refuse as its anti-trans. Its your fault, deal with it.

  2. There seems to be a fucking great dick sprouting out its head. If we’re lucky the trans mob will lynch it as an apostate and save us a few quid.

    • Remove the great dick out of her head and replace it with a nice big .50 cal round and take this cunts head clean off.

      • Let me just grab my Grizzly Big Bore 50.Cal Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle. ”Had the bullets custom cast from solid bronze.”

  3. Just watching the undateables , as ever there all mental as fuck but i will be expecting to see Keira Bell on here soon. I shouldn’t watch it really cause i’m very cruel and take the piss.

    • Unbelievable still watching the above programme and they have only set up a date with a young lad who has aspergers (who looks normal) with a fat black girl with down syndrome. This show has surly got to be one biggest piss takes just to make them all look like cunts.

    • I applied for that show and they set set me up with an elephant, literally an elephant. When I complained they said, ‘Look who’s talking elephant-balls.

  4. *** DEPORT IT***
    A trio of three brilliant Noms. What a stupid, stupid, stupid woman/man,IT.

    It is quite imperative that the court, judge, NHS, refuses this man-woman-man chancer even a faint whiff sniff of compensation.
    Keira should be prosecuted her/him/itself for £500,000. There are older folk who wouldn’t even understand these articles.
    The Trans situation in the UK and rest of world is fucking nuts.

    I am minded of Leslie Ash winning approx. £5 million from the NHS for career damages, absolutely outrageous, the talentless cunt.

    We are grateful for this website, cannot really write so freely and truthfully on mainstream social media.

    • Maybe after the sensible judgement re the transbender passport (and didn’t the “thing” look a total feckin freak ??), this u-bend-woppit will be told to sod off.
      By a man in a dodgy syrup and red and black dress, or Lav Lord, as we commonly call them.

    • Dust to dust, ashes to ashes…

      Am eagerly awaiting a remake of Death in Venice, with the lead played by Emmaaah Ratbag (Dame).

  5. Unnecessary (patient requested) caesarians are also a massive waste of NHS funds. Thats when a cunt doesnt want her cunt to be ‘ruined’ by childbirth. Simple vanity there.

  6. Fucking hell, had to go into older posts on this one, is is the most replied to cunting yet????im sure some beedy eyed cunter must know….

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