Gordon Brown (16)

Let’s hear it for a – not so much Golden – (more turd brown) oldie, Gordon Brown, the jock with little support, who was one of our worst, though thankfully shortest reigning Prime ministers,who since retirement has reinvented himself into some sort of seedy elder statesman (the sort who stinks of piss and carries a bag of Wurthers Originals round in his dirty mac).

Wee Broon has decided to hold forth on the Coronavirus, and the response to it:


Our leaders are failing us – according to the man who sold our gold reserves at a giveaway price, and was such a fucking coward he sneaked in at the end of an EU meeting, hoping nobody would see him, to sign away more of our independence. Despite that he continues to be a self-righteous, self important, pious, smug crafty old cunt.

Blair’s fuck buddy was a useless PM and an even worse commentator on life today, and he wouldn’t be missed if he decided to fall into the arms of the Loch Ness Monster.

Broon – shut the McFuck up.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

57 thoughts on “Gordon Brown (16)

  1. What makes these has been politicians think that we want to hear anymore of their shite,we didn’t want to hear it the first time around and we certainly don’t want to hear it now.
    Happy for him to be a human guinea pig in the Coronavirus lab.

    • I am amazed at how many politicians who were useless when in their ‘prime’ feel an obligation to dispense further turds of wisdom when totally discredited. Surely crawling under the nearest stone and remaining there is a better option.
      But what the fuck do I know.

  2. Useless cunt then and a useless pointless cunt now. Maybe he would care to let us know what he knows about Dunblane and some children

    • A contentious issue still in the throes of legal dogma SV, which will probably never come out given Browns “somewhat tenacious” lawyers, although according to a Scottish gentleman named only as “Fatty the fish” we are all innocent unless and until proven guilty, or 2:30 Monday afternoon perchance! 😃👍
      Good nom WC, Brown was an incompetent dinosaur surrounded by people with the knife out for him, luckily he cut out the middleman and f*cked himself!
      Shut up and fuckoff Gordon.

    • I’m gobsmacked with that news Sixdog. I’ve just been reading about it and can’t understand how I’d not heard it before.
      I must have been self isolating at the time! 😀

  3. This old tosspot is still at it with his one leader ,globalist,I hate the nation state bullshit.
    Still cannot accept that we don’t want one government and one leader telling us what to do.
    Fuck off and choke on a deep fried mars bar you wrinkly old ball bag.

      • Afternoon MNC – he was unique in being yesterday’s Man before he even accepted the poisoned chalice from Tony the reptile – Blair saw the writing on the wall and threw Brown under the bus, the only problem I had with that is to wish I had been driving the thing!
        Right, back to cleaning the Frenchies blood from the Black Pig – the sea trials in the channel went very well! 😃

        • Afternoon capt Fox.
          Be glad when we set sail,
          the men are getting restless, had to discipline the cabin boy Spoons yesterday, he felt the lash.
          Sets a example to others,
          A rowdy crew to be sure!
          8ll cut rum rations till we set sail and give them half portions of saltbeef.
          Get them hungry before the slaughter at calais.
          A hungry man is a dangerous man captain.

          • So Spoons is the troublemaker eh? I wondered who had written “Captain Fox is a dictatorial lunatic” on the galley door! Half his rum ration, and no food for the crew until Calais!
            I run a tight ship Sir! 😃

  4. Didn’t he come out with

    ‘British jobs for British workers’, that went down well when all the jobs went to east Europeans

    What a twat!

  5. These cunts never know when to shut up and fuck off into a very comfortable taxpayer funded retirement.
    This particular cunt needs hanging.

  6. I once worked with a woman who had an insane ‘thing’ about Brown. She told me that she wanted to come back as his underpants. Now I’ve got a few quirks and foibles myself with regard to fantasies, but this elevates bizareness to a whole new level.

    • Be careful Ron, there are some regular contributors to this site from those who hold ‘ not universally held views’.

    • Dog almighty, that really beggars belief.
      Did she make lampshades out of human skin as well ? Eat dog-turds from the pavement ?

      I wonder if I bend over for Penny, while she’s wielding a 3-ft. cane… is that enough social distance ??

  7. Boz-eyed useless cunt!

    If it weren’t for Treason May this cunt would have the privilege of being the worst PM in history (including Chamberlain).

  8. Chamberlain was a PM who has been judged a tad harshly by History. In a difficult situation he bought time for Britain to get on something like a war footing . Additionally, the man was not at all well. Whilst not an historian I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  9. You’d think he’d be embarrassed enough by his – ahem – legacy, that he’d STFU and stay out of any and all public pontification. Senile old bastard. Needs an unfortunate fall if you ask me.

  10. Remember that wierd thing he did with his mouth when speaking?. Looked like he was giving the invisible mad a blow job.

  11. Fucked himself indeed. Completely undone by Gillian Duffy, the “bigoted woman” OAP from Rochdale who asked him a legitimate question about mass immigration. You know Rochdale don’t you? Famous for it’s highly productive grooming gangs of gentlemen of a certain background.
    He didn’t listen then and he’s not listening now. I saw the little headline in the Guardian……”If only we had people like Brown and Major now.”
    Jesus fucking Christ!

    • Grr, this is bollocks I should be in the boozer six pints in by now!
      Im not made for self isolation!
      Be on free ale as well,
      By 11pm would be singing ‘summers almost gone’ an have my cock out.😞
      Im self medicating with newcy brown, cadburys Caramel an the Moody Blues.
      Im gonna snap Judi Denchs neck when I see her the plague rat.

      • You want to go to the pub, grab a brick and help yourself. ffs, takes a cat from Leicester to point out the obvious. Save any mice you find for me. And there’s nothing stopping you from getting your cock out, at any time, have some confidence. Make sure you can run fast though, those police cars shift a bit.

  12. McBust is a slack-jawed, one-eyed bogey eater. Quite possibly the worst PM in history. I recall the days of 2008/09 when people were wondering what Brown would do to hang onto power.

    The man had long outstayed his welcome then. I certainly do not want to hear this cunt’s ‘pearl’s of wisdom’ a decade later.

    Just fuck off.

    • He was the fucker that gave Miss Peter Mandelson the “Lord” title – again a monumental Brown fuck-up. Of course, he meant Dame Mandelson. He thought Mandy would win him the next election…..

      • He wouldn’t leave Downing Street after the 2010 election for 4 days. He claimed it was protocol which was bollocks. During that period he made the decision to build the 2 aircraft carriers thereby fucking up the defence budget for the next 10 years. A despicable, deeply unpleasant, man. Even Tony Blair could see he was a cunt.

  13. Gordon Brown was born a cunt, lived the life of a cunt and became a political cunt. Today he is alive and well, breathing O2 paid for by you, he dines on the best, paid for by you. He is driven around in a car that is paid for by you,,and is protected by ateam of plods….yes, all paid for by you.

    This fat slobbering one eyed fucker rewarded YOU with cunt policies, with slight of hand and sneaky suck on the tit of the EU as he surrenderdd even more of our sovereignty. The word CUNT ( in this particular case ) falls short…..he deserves something far more appropriate.

    I strongly suggest the word Supercunt !

  14. The Beautiful Kingdom of Fife is now a shithole thanks to Brown and the Labour Party. No fucking wonder they support SNP now.

  15. I used to work at HM Treasury in the days the cunt was PM. He always turned up right at the end of the lunch shift and always had a massive plate of food the fat fucker. I should have glassed the cunt….but then i’m sure i’d be behind bars.

  16. Oi Gordon! you fucking weirdo bastard! How about giving us all a nice bunch of flowers to make up for the gold reserves you flogged off to your rich mates at rock bottom prices? You really are a fucking cunt aren’t you?

    • Yeah the cheeky mono eyed cunt!
      That gold was ours!
      Dont remember being asked?
      Brinks Matted by our own goverment.
      Well i want it back!
      Gordon is a moron.
      Make a good song title that.

  17. I thought he was dead, Jimmie? What a disgusting fucking cunt he is!l I fhe stillwants to glorify his cuntry maybe he should fuck off with the rest of the SNP tribe – kiddyfiddlers the lot of them

  18. What an ugly boring Bastard he is, makes that irritating movement with his mouth when he speaks, probably from sucking of stray dogs, needs his balls booting out of his bag.!

  19. A sickening video. What a bunch of filthy cowardly bastards. As you could see the coppers are gonna do fuck all. You are on your own these days and you have to look after yourself.

  20. Fuck this cunt. It’s so easy to forget that he was prime minister, and the only thing he will be remembered for as PM is the bigoted woman episode. Hopefully he will have a dose of squinters cough.

  21. What annoys me the most about Brown is that the biggest insult he could come up with was “bigoted”. Now of course any criticism of immigration makes labour twats simultaneously see red and piss themselves, and what the Duffy woman said was hardly bigoted by any normal definition of the word, but it was enough to make him furious.
    But the best he could come up with was “bigoted”.
    If he’d called her a “cunt” I would probably have voted for him.
    (disclaimer – no fucking way would I have voted for that fuckpig).

  22. And a big thanks to Gordon the gorgon for selling off William Hill for a quarter of its commercial value – sound fiscal policy there from a Man at the top of his game, who then went on to “save the World” by landing us in tens of billions of Pounds worth of debt because his chums in the city got too greedy – and then selling off the banks we had shares in for a pittance just as they were returning to profit.
    Who thought this cunt would be a good person to lead the Country? Oh yes, he did!

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