Corona Virus Profiteering


Humanity, it appears, is so fucked up that even in the event of a worldwide catastrophe such as COVID-19, aka ‘that shit that the fucking chinks inflicted on all of us’, there is disgusting and blatant profiteering going on, all while the great unwashed are simply trying to take measures to protect themselves.

This kind of stuff really, really gets to me. It is bad enough when sellers say, ‘Well, if demand is there, of course we will hike the prices up’. Ordinarily, one would say, ‘Well, ok. Business is business’, but when it comes to a growing, potential pandemic, you would think there would be even SOME modicum of decency in these avaricious fuckers, but sadly no.

My Mum suffers from lung problems. She is borderline COPD, an asthma sufferer since early childhood and at 78 years old, her asthma has worsened with age. She is really susceptible to just bog-standard viruses and when she gets sick, she gets REALLY sick. Her blood oxygen levels drop and her breathing becomes hard to manage due to her being compromised by illness. Since this bastard Coronavirus has cropped up, she has stated more than once that ‘that’ll finish me off if I get it’. Upsetting to hear, as you can imagine.

To try to calm her worry and make her as safe as possible, I went Googling for an FFP3 respiratory mask and hand sanitizing gel. These two things are good items to have, especially the hand gel. Even without this shitbag virus, the age old advice as to how to manage and control infection is hand washing. Anywhere and everywhere, especially in public areas, so hand gel that dries on the hands is the thing to have. Carry it everywhere with you….pocket sized. The mask was in case of REAL dire straits, although I wouldn’t put it past her donning it to next week’s hairdo appointment, just to add a bit of drama to the salon…….

Anyway, to say I have been sickened by the profiteering going on on the likes of Amazon and Ebay is an understatement. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds for just the very basic surgical masks. Tens of pounds for small, 60ml bottles of hand sanitizing gel, something you could get for a couple of quid prior to this virus emerging. Supposedly, the likes of Amazon have stated that they are keeping tabs on sellers who are marking up their goods to extortionate levels in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak……well you could have fucking fooled me. You don’t need to be bloody Columbo or Sherlock to work out that THAT is because they are taking a cut of the profits, so will pay that lip service, but actually do fuck all.

It seems that we are seeing the best of human nature at present in the experts, clinicians, health workers and scientists that are doing their utmost to contain, address and deal with this virus, but also THE WORST of human nature, in these greedy, cynical, money-hungry cunts.

Fuck them all to hell.

Nominated by Nurse Cunty

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125 thoughts on “Corona Virus Profiteering

  1. The other side of the fence is the fucking public trying to buy up our ffp2 masks, which are fucking dust masks!
    As you can imagine the Builders are getting pissed off that we are running out, what next Hard hats as motorcycle helmets?

    Brendon Padbolt, formerly Lord benny resident of beirute.

  2. ‘while the great unwashed are simply trying to take measures to protect themselves’

    By washing?

    Sorry Nurse.

    • LOL Miles….it’ll probably be the first time most of these chavs have seen anything resembling a cleaning solution touching their bodies, here in Londonistan, home of the Chav, centre of all things cuntworthy.

      • since most deodorants contain alcohol, would spraying your hands with loads of linx work?
        a sort of pikey hand wash.

    • Cunts.I just tried to flag up these profiteering Cunts on Ebay, but it’s like pissing into the wind. Ebay are hiding behind a facade of respectabilty,but they are as money grabbing as the next guy.

  3. Good nom Nurse C!👍
    Afraid in any event people will see a opportunity to line their pockets.
    Aldi do bottles of hand sanitizer about 50p, that fit in your pocket, missus has them in her handbag an I have them in my glovebox in case i accidentally touch a peaceful or chink.
    Dont know about masks though, im not buying one, ill wear my old Donald Trump mask.

    • Aha! So you were lying Miserable when you posted on March 1st:

      “I never wash my hands Rtc.
      Its hard for viruses an bugs to take hold in my body, hostile environment!
      Tends to be them that get ill!”

      I rest my case. 😊

      PS: Good morning.

      • Morning mate!
        Yes I was lying, wash my hands after no2 on toilet, or after picking up dogshit,
        My dogs shit i hasten to add, not just any dogshit.
        My sister Rtc has OCD and is terrified of germs,
        She must wash her hands about 50times a day!
        Im more of the school of ‘toughen your immune system’.

        • #MeToo Miserable. Am a man after your own heart.


          Lady Creampuff’s a bit OCD – cleaning products coming out of her ears! Everything imaginable, apart from elbow grease, that is.

          Never cleaned behind the fridge-freezer to my knowledge. Better tell her I saw some Corbyn-19 lurking there…

        • Nowt wrong with dogshit. I always keep some on me shoes…..just in case.

          • Used dogshit in tanning leather! True.
            Look it up.

          • Morning MNC

            I am in the leather trade (just hanging on in there) and they use to use it to soften leather. Not any more as it stinks too much. A long time ago I had a couple of butts in the warehouse, the staff walked out until I removed them.

          • Morning Wanksock,
            See validated by a craftsman of the trade!
            They thought i was full of shit myself didnt they?
            So boys an girls stockpile dogshite for after the race war/ corbyn 19 virus apocalypse!☺

          • Speaking of dogshit, how come you never see white dogshit anymore? When I was a kid in the 60’s I always used to see white dogshit on my way to school.

          • Serious answer to the white dogshit conundrum: Used to be that responsible dog owners got bones for their dumb chums to chew: good for the teeth , source of calcium and nourishing marrow, all-over Good Thing, and kept Fido happy for hours. But the supermarkets don’t sell bones. and instead owners have to buy heavily-packaged inferior substitutes at exalted prices (or find a traditional butcher and discover what garbage supermarket meat is, in the process)

            Also, of course, where civilisation still persists in remote regions of the country, owners still pick up their dogshit and bin it, so only the odd turd of any colour is still seen on the pavement (insert waycist comment here).

            We return you to our normal programming (ie endless coronavirus doom shock horror).

    • My 73 yr old Mother has health issues & you don’t want to take unnecessary risks.
      I’ve banned her from walking aroung markets & charity shops for the present, & drilled into her the need to wash her hands – especially if going into town to meet her friends for a cuppa.

      I’ve been trying to get some more hand sanitiser. Shop shelves have been cleared, & the greedy bastards on E-bay & Amazon are charging £10 for a small bottle that you would’ve got down Poundland a few weeks ago.

      My Cousin (who is a nurse) tells me it has to have at least 60% alchohol content to be effective…….. Thinking of putting cheap Vodka in a spray bottle !

  4. Media coverage has been the usual hysterical response; I shudder to think how many elderly people have been convinced that the Grim Reaper is on his way for them.

  5. I would horsewhip these bastards through the streets and then set a pack of starving dogs on them, the fucking cunts.
    Saw a photo yesterday of some cunt on a railway station wearing a full on gas mask. No wonder everyone was looking at him…….which was obviously his intention in the first place. Wanker.

  6. Nurse be cool.
    Firstly face masks may protect to a degree against bacteria but are useless at preventing viruses. The holes in the fibre are so big that a virus passed through one as easily as you walk the a door.
    Second forget handbgels. Just wash your hands regularly using good soap and hot water.
    Third the government is over egging this so if it is bad they’re arses are covered but chances are it’ll be like the avian flu of the past that did diddle.
    Your mum is compromised so needs to be extra careful so avoid densely populated areas and wash hands regularly.
    These parasites never miss a chance to up the price…people can be rank.
    Unless you want to live in isolation in an airtight room just carry on and take sensible precautions.


    • Normal anti bacterial hand sanitizers are great for killing bacteria but do fuck all for viruses except move them about on your hands. If you must use the shite then it has to be at least 60% alcohol based which will kill most viruses. Having said that Mac, you are correct, washing properly with soap and hot water will remove viruses from the skin. ( wash for at least 45 seconds)
      A properly fitted N95 or a P2 mask will filter particles down to 0.3 microns 95% of the time. Given that the COVID-19 virus is smaller ( <0.2 microns ) then masks are not really effective but may give the wearer some illusion of protection.

        • Morning miserable. The advice is not to shake hands with anyone. Use fist bumps as a greeting or the one that really creases me up is knocking knees together!
          At 6’8”, your knees are so high up, you’d be busting so many ball sacks and kneeing ladies in the cunt if you tried it.

          • Morning Bertie!
            Id rather die or coronavirus than embarrassment by ‘fist bumping’.
            No, afraid its a solid handshake and a lingering coronavirus death for me!😜👍🇬🇧

      • A mask may not protect against a virus but at least it means that if some cunt sneezes his snot will be all over his own face, not yours.

    • Jess Phillips discovered the local shops have run out of face masks, so she has taken to wearing her jockstrap over her nose – which explains why she passed out twice yesterday

    • Timely and sound advice, Mac. A bit more detail, though. A coronavirus is about 150 nanometres ( nm – millionths of a millimetre) across. This means that, on its own, it can pass the best dust masks (~300nm pore size) But most of the virus floating around will be attached to snot sneezed by infected cunts, water and dust particles, which are considerably bigger, Hence a *well-fitting* mask does offer some protection.

      There is also beginning to emerge the suspicion that infection rates have been greatly underreported (everywhere) and that the proportion of people having the virus but not showing symptoms has been underestimated. Which means that the death rate is proportionally lower than the existing figures indicate. So don’t panic!

      • The reported number of cases outside China is doubling in a little under 4 days. For homework, cunters, calculate how soon it will infect all 68 million in the UK at that rate, starting at 53 cases today and assuming a doubling every 4 days.

        P.S. As I know you are mostly either lazy cunts who can’t be arsed, or thick cunts who just can’t, I’ll tell you: I calculate that it runs out of brits to infect by 25th May. Now obviously it will slow down somewhat from it’s current growth rate before it gets to that stage, but make no mistake, this is going to be a big deal.

    • Umm, I am cool, thanks very much.

      I am NOT freaking out about coronavirus. My elderly mother is, hence why I got the mask and gel for her. She has health deficits that make her more susceptible and isn’t au fait with this kind of thing. N95 and FFP3 masks are used by the NHS and other professionals in contact with the virus, so I disagree that they are ‘useless’. Hand gels are best as they do not require water. They are portable. You cannot take a public toilet/ washing facilities everywhere with you. They DO kill viruses, as long as the alcohol contact is above 60%. I carried Purell Hand Gel, clipped to my pocket when I was nursing, given to us by the ward bosses. Trust me when I say that the NHS would not shell out for a pile of shit that does not help with infection control.

      I worked in A&E during Swine Flu. Yes, we just got on with it and did not have time to worry, so I am not getting my knickers in a twist over this…..just concerned for my Mum.

      I am not sure why you see the need to school me on this, but thanks anyway for the advice.

        • What I find really callous Nurse C are those cunts who, when interviewed say “I’m not worried. It’ll only kill you if your old or sick.”
          Don’t any of these fuckers have elderly parents or grandparents?
          I suspect it’s the same people who said “ we’ll have another EU referendum, as these old people who voted leave won’t be around then”
          I hope these cunts when they get old, have no NHS or family to care about them.

          • 100% agreed, Bertie.

            If you are young with a good immune system and no underlying issues, you have the ability to fight this, but not everyone does and to dismiss it just because you are all good is pretty mindless. My logical brain is saying that other viruses of this nature have evaporated with time, but from a daughter’s point of view, it worries me a lot, especially here in Londonistan, where we have a shitload of exposure to all and sundry from anywhere and everywhere. I know how unwell my mum gets with a common cold…and this virus is an unknown quantity in many respects.

          • I can see we all have very different relations with our parents.
            I have been ordering home delivery Chinese Meals from a 0 health rated take away for my mother for some time.
            I may have to bite the bullet and buy her that once in a life time trip to see the great wall if she carry’s on (I think Gin and Tonic is the antidote)

          • It’s obviously a wicked plot to kill off all Leave and Tory voters!

        • I can Trump that by being a know-it-all who’s simply right all the time. That’s what it says on my business card anyway.

      • No one was schooling you Nursey. Just pointing out the difference between anti bacterial and anti virus for those less informed. Also no one said N95 masks were useless. Just pointed out they are not 100% effective against viruses.

      • Hear, hear, Nurse. We carry hand gel and have the masks in the Infection Control bag. They are effective. I’m a trainer in using the masks.

  7. I saw an AIDS cure on fleabay for a tenner.
    I got some just in case I’m a bigger cunt than I thought.

    • man goes to the doctor and says he is concerned as his boyfriend has been diagnosed with aids.
      Doctor says “Don’t worry, there is a natural remedy! change your diet completely, eat nothing but Vindaloo curry’s, eat prunes for pudding and take no liquids apart from Guinness”
      About a week later the guy crawls back into the surgery.
      ” Doctor you bastard! I have been on the toilet for a week!”
      Doctor looks at him and says.
      “Yes but now you know what your arsehole is for”

  8. The stock market will fall , caused by clever fuckers selling high end prior to the anticipated collapse, only to buy back their shares at a much lower coast, and await the rise in value. Ahmed,Ahmed and Ahmed &Sons will hide their goods and await the inevitible price increase, raking in a cash surplus which will be deposited the traditional way in the “invisible bank!
    Face masks ( priced at £2.99 per one thousand ) will now go to the highest hysterical bidder, and the Scooter Muggers will divert their activities to “Mask Snatching” and “HJanmd Sanitiser Raids”

    Hysteria is a wonderful thing for the economy isn;t it ?

  9. Humanity ain’t pretty, hope your mother stays virus free Nurse. My daughter just got her first job as an RN, she’ll be working in a trauma unit. Great timing on her part.

  10. The media keep updating number of cases, now 90,000 worldwide with 80,000 of those in China. I may be misinterpreting these stats but I assume that this count started a few weeks ago so the early ones have either died or have recovered and are no longer infectious.
    The UK have 53 people confirmed as infected, not quite in panic mode yet…..

    Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!!

    • Correct Sick.
      Think that’s about 0.0001% of the population.
      What is the fatality rate? Anyone know?

    • It’s very hard to get a perspective on this because the media and as usual the Brussels Bullshit Cunts have gone into panic overdrive. If it’s going to be as bad as the 1918 outbreak of Spanish Flu which they reckon infected 500 million people worldwide with possibly as high as 100 million fatalities then we are in trouble.

      • As long as those deaths are mostly in Africa and Asia then who gives a shit?

  11. To show I’m not an racist against asians or the chinese. I’m gonna walk down to chinatown and kiss asian girls, women at random.

    I won’t hold back on the tongue either, I’m going full french kiss mode take that you alt right racist fucks! Love is stronger than the corona virus

    • Iranians are licking monuments to prove Allah is stronger than a virus.

      worse still Iran has released a large part of it’s prison population to prevent the spread amongst inmates, logic dictates they are going to fuck off over the Turkish border and head to Greece

      • Breaking news!!
        Allah rushed to hospital!
        Not expected to see Thursday.
        Muslim world in shock☺

      • It could happen here. Worse case scenario is to release some prisoners. Added to that police might not investigate some serious crimes – no change there then.

        • I saw that! I thought ‘what’s the fucking difference, they’ve not been doing that for at least five years!’

          • The thing is Shagga, what would they redeploy the Police to do? – controlling hand gel riots on the High St? Moving bodies to the morgue? I’m at a loss to understand what expertise the Police could offer to the situation.
            I suppose the worst scenario would be supervising food rationing or looting control. Gets a bit scary then.

    • Some of those chinky birds my look pretty but watch out for yellow fever.

  12. There’s panic buying and hoarding here mostly date rolls as though they’re expecting to shit themselves to death/die like Elvis, on the bog even though we’re self sufficient in dunny paper production. I’ve noticed the local Oriental shop is running out Chinese stuff, couldn’t get any Chinkiang vinegar or mushroom superior soy😭, not that anyone seems to go in there now

  13. I thought everyone already had massive stockpiles of canned food, toilet paper etc from when civilisation ended on January 31st.
    From what I can gather this thing is similar to flu, which kills loads of people every day. Of course if you’re already vulnerable flu is a big worry and so is this (hope your Mum is alright Nurse Cunty), but the usual thickos seem to have been somewhat unnecessarily stirred up.
    They’ve just had one of those announcements on the radio telling people to wash their hands, something beyond the capability of a lot of filthy bastards.
    And yes, profiteering form this is a cunt’s trick.

  14. Nursey, you should see if any of your light-fingered ex-colleagues could get you some. 😉

    • Sadly, as soon as I left nursing, I became persona non grata with all of my work colleagues and friends, Betty. They avoid me like I smell of farts or something. It is like leaving a very cliquey club.

      I was only thinking the other day that it is unfortunate I am not still nursing as I could have accidentally on purpose ‘forgotten’ about a mask I had left in my pocket…….

      • Don’t you think you could be enticed back as part of this army of volunteers to help out? 😂😂😂
        Have you ever heard such fuckin’ nonsense?
        It’s very similar someone asking me . . ..
        “Bertie, Betty Bigtits is off with the virus today. You don’t mind taking 80 kids today in the hall.”
        What? Have three times the usual number of kids slobbering all over me?
        Fuck off Headmaster, I’m going home.I

        • In the direst….DIREST of circumstance I might think about it, Bertie (but after 10 years out of it, I am not sure they would have me, or have any confidence in my very rusty nursing abilities) but other than that…….

          Nahhh, they can get fucked.

      • That’s a shame. Nurses can be such dicks. You should’ve worked with me. I’m great and am always on the lookout for what would look better in my cupboards than theirs, which is excellent in times like these. Allegedly.

      • I gave one of our masks to a colleague for his dad with similar circumstances to yours, Nurse.

  15. Agree on all points. It beggars belief that some cunts would cash in, however, the fact that this site even exists indicates in the strongest terms, that those cunts do share our world … well, when I say share I mean ‘exist in parallel’. The cunts.

  16. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of viruses being transferred from filthy lucre.
    With this in mind, and being a public spirited gent, I have set up a money laundering service with a business partner of mine.
    For a mere 10% of the gross, your filthy bunce will be rendered hygienically clean, by Nancy and her team of cheerful ragamuffins.
    Send all your lolly to ……

    Fagin Enterprises,
    Backwater Lane,
    Olde London Towne.

    You know it makes sense.
    Good morning.

    • Obvious scam. But for genuine Currency Laundering operation by esteemed Experts with much much experience in money Matters, please kindly send your infected paper money collection to:

      General Abongo Nkwacha VC, KBE
      Post restante

      Debit cards also cleaned. Don’t forget to supply bank details.

  17. Is this ffp3 mask from Amazon priced at £14.99 no good then?

    My Mum is 85 in a few days and it would be good to get her a mask as she lives in London. I feel this piece of kit would stop her touching her face too;

    • As they retail normal at £3.99 inc that is a £10 mark up, we buy at around .39p per unit (but we buy more as a business than you could imagine).
      Yesterday we had some e-bay twat try and buy 3,000 units of FFP2’s
      so judging on your figure ,our cost £1170, sold at £11,970. our profit £10,800, his would be £33,000.
      that is taking the piss somewhat.

    • Blimey, compared to some I have seen, that is a steal (albeit a still heavily marked up steal), Cuntologist.

      I saw a 60ml bottle of hand gel when I was trawling for my Mum t’other day on ebay……..the fucker wanted 40 FUCKING QUID for it!!!

      Greed knows no bounds……

      • My local Asda, Nurse Cunty is still showing 250ml Dettol and Palmolive antibacterial handwash for £1.40 as still in stock.

        • Here in Londonistan, these things are sold out everywhere, Bertie. It just shows the power of the media as people are going bloody bonkers….like they are stocking up for Armageddon!

  18. Just saw a picture of the porridge chompers’ Minister of Health on the BBC website announcing two more cases up there. Fuck me, she looks like a month old corpse.

  19. I’m not sure if this is related but at the weekend the cash-point machines seemed to be unusually bereft of the folding stuff.

    I tried 3 separate places in 3 different areas of the local region (1 major supermarket with 3 ATMs, the Co-op I usually use and have never had this issue before, and the local “Free ATM” that I loathe using as it’s attached to the local untrustworthy Mo’s gaff).

    The Co-op were also limiting the amount of cash back from the maximum of £50 to a max of £20 per transaction.

    I tend not to carry or hold a lot of cash – you never know when you could be “enriched” by a stabby type – but I do like to have enough about me such that if a card machine at a till isn’t working, I have enough £££ to cover the transaction. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way?

    It may be purely coincidental but it’s very strange for all 3 (in disparate locations geographically) to be affected at the same time.

    As for Amazon, et. al., profiteers. There is nothing that puts the boot in on one of these cunts as bad reviews. If a product (sanitary in this instance) is being touted at 10x its original worth because of the current unease caused by Covid19, then I suggest giving all of their associated products a 1 ⭐ review stating that you object to profiteering, and/or the same on Trustpilot. As soon as anyone sees those they will avoid the fuckers like the plague (pardon the pun).

    So – online shysters/profiteers – you may make a bit of mark-up now because of a situation that no-one has any control over, but once that passes, enjoy the bankruptcy!


  20. My mask arrived by courier this morning, so I was most relieved. Gimp masks are a great deterrent in every way! ARF ARF!

    Flippancy aside, avarice and money-grabbing can do one. Parasites are odious cunts who can fuck right off!

    • I might invest in a gimp mask myself. I am certain that nothing will get through one of those fuckers.

      It will also give the old Wombles in my Mum’s hairdresser’s something to talk about when I take her for her appointment next Saturday…….

      • All this talk of gimp masks and nurses is getting me hawt under the collar. I need to go for a lie down now. 😘😉

        Ps:Seriously, though, gimp masks are fucking ‘orrible and disturbing things. They deserve their own nomination!

    • Funboy doing nothing to put an end to those scurrilous rumours 👍

      • Indeed, shagga (how many of you are there, incidentally?). Drive me and my entire family of mouth-breathers to drink and institutionalisation — and maybe even suicide (again).


  21. The Corona virus is bad, maybe. Almost nothing can stop capitalist profiteering.

    If someone has 50 pallets of hand sanitizing get and think they can sell it for a 50 times mark up then they will try to. We may not like it, but Western society is a capitalist foundation society.

    Stock markets saw losses e.g. -10% but might see losses of -50%. With cheap buy back opportunities for the savvy. We were way overdue a correction or crash anyway.

    It would be a very interesting time to be travelling in China, if not also quite terrifying. Stories of apartment doors being welded shut to keep people indoors.

    Everyone should take sensible precautions for themselves and their friends families colleagues and strangers.

    I have even temporarily stopped visiting saunas and prostitutes.

    Still, if I was down the pub and “pulled” a pretty young Asian woman, Corona virus news headlines would not stop me from French kissing her.

    • Rumour has it that the virus can’t be spread by tongue plunging.

      *******. This has been a public misinformation broadcast ********

      • Ah, Bertrand, me old chummage. Knew it wouldn’t be too long before I was graced with your wonderful cyber presence. How art thou, old boy? Fine an’ dandy, one hopes.

        • I’m fine but I ain’t no dandy!
          Where’s yer bin?
          Don’t breathe over me. You’ve just come back from Northern Italy haven’t you?

          • Been a bit busy, paradoxically, doing sweet nuffink. Nah, on a serious note, new adventures and moving things along in the pipeline; new chapter in funboy’s life. Some of you seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on these noble parts of the cyber world that one wonders where you all get the friggin’ time. Not necessarily a bad thing as it’s a spot o’ fun and informative in equal measure, but still . . .

          • Yes well I wake up a lot at night and I need something to put me back to
            ISAC works and is more fun than counting sheep!

          • One must prioritse. Any time I get an invitation to a social event, or phone call from relatives, I simply say ‘Fuck off, there’s Cunting to be done!’

  22. Can’t we make our own hand sanitizer with rubbing alcohol- cheap and plentiful right now?

    Just the alcohol will work, the virus has a fatty shell so detergents work but anti bacterial stuff doesn’t

    • I marvel that something 15% of 1/1000 mm across could have a shell or any kind of skin

    • I did say, whisky.
      Kills that chinky shit virus no messing!
      Carry a hip flask, if some chink or johnny foreigner approaches, spit it in their face neutralizing them!
      Wash hands in whisky, swill, gargle, swallow the whisky.

      • I saw a white chap with a tan today. Gave him a wide berth as I thought he’d likely returned from holiday and is infected. Yes I actually thought that!

    • The Chinese shop still has cooking spirit 50%, 500ml for $3. Don’t drink it as an old work mate of mine downed a bottle or more a day and died of a heart attack as it’s chockas with salt so derros in China won’t drink it.

      • In Jockland once I needed some metho for my camp stove. Grocery store? No. Hardware store? No. Had to get it from a chemist, and he wanted to know if my purpose was legit e.g. I wasn’t going to drink it. Presumably it’s a controlled substance because the Jocks habitually drink it despite the foul additive.

        • I fail to see the point of controlling denatured alcohol (ie meths) considering the colour and poisonous methanol were added to stop people drinking it in the first place. You can get pure ethanol on the UK internet without even trying. WARNING: Dilute the fucker – a lot – before drinking. It will really fuck with your insides if you don’t.

  23. For fucks sake it’s just a fucking virus, trade isn’t going to be brought to a halt. Manufacturers and sellers might just have to take greater precautions and up production of certain in-demand products that’s all. Panic buying, and bulk buying for the purpose of profiteering, is a far bigger threat to empty shelves. Cunts buying thousands of bog rolls to put the garage is what’s depriving people of going on the weekly shop and being able to wipe their arse as normal – stupid idiots.

    • The bog roll crisis started with the stupid media going on about if we had a no deal Brexit ….
      The media need to be shut down, free press, the cunts need locking up.
      I will be ok, I only buy the expensive luxury big rolls 😂

  24. Amazon is experiencing a rash of ripoff artists thanks to Covid –

    Newsweek checked the Amazon website and found listings “averaging around $40 for an eight-ounce bottle of Purell (hand sanitiser – K), over ten times the typical price. One listing offered a case of 12 one-ounce bottles for $3,892.84, which equals just over $324 per ounce.”

    Note also:

    Washing hands with soap and water is a better hand hygiene method, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC says that “alcohol-based hand sanitizers don’t kill ALL types of germs.” In addition, “Hand sanitizers also may not remove harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals like lead. Handwashing reduces the amounts of all types of germs, pesticides, and metals on hands.”

    Offhand, I’d imagine that a soap bonds better to the surface groups on a virus than alcohol does, and virus particles are then likely to be easier to rinse off.

    • The hands would need to be reasonably clean for the alcohol based sanitiser to be effective and if you have done a good job with soap and water you wouldn’t need the hand sanitiser, overuse may cause the skin to crack.
      I used to work for a company that made antibacterial hand wash and alcohol sanitiser (70/30 IPA/Water) , when we tested the antibacterial hand wash (active Triclosan) against just hand wash the difference was marginal on E. coli.
      Just give your hands a bloody good scrub with soap and water, if you go out wear rubber gloves, the queen has caught onto that one 😂

  25. Dear NC:

    I have just read your post. Please accept my apologies for this delayed response.

    It is always difficult to reply to such a message. One feels humbled by it for a variety of reasons that are not apparent in the immediate commentary. Suffice it to say that as one exchanges opinions, however frivolous, a camaraderie develops, an understanding, and, with some luck, a platonic friendship in which every sort of belief, understanding, or anecdote can be exchanged without recriminations.

    My mother is elderly and suffers several significant health issues. As I reflect on the age of our parents and our own fleeting lives, the only source of strength to “finish the race” is, quite simply an obedient heart.

    I was told recently that every form suffering that I experience, whether my own or those close to me, has its unique purpose. I was told to “offer it up”; “”it” being the actual physical pain, emotional agony, and mental anguish. And “it” applies to everything from a mild discomfort or annoyance to agonizing paroxysms.

    I am quite certain that I am not alone when I say that when I personally experienced genuine, serious physical pains last year, the thought of “offering it up” never occurred to me at that time. And oddly, none of the Schedule II (2) drugs in my system, of which I had several, were of the slightest help in relieving pains or allowing me to think with lucidity. I kept wondering when I was going to experience that “high” everybody else seemed to presume and predict. It never happened. I thought of everything, including praying, except the offering.

    The lessons I took home from this unexpected and serious experience were significant: the professionalism of every attendant, at every level of service, was like the entire sequence of events which transported me to their care and guided my recovery: Providential. And upon reflection, this ailment and its healing, like the entirety of our lives, at its heart, remains an impalpable mystery of fortuity and grace.

    Tell your mother everything in your heart — you will not be able to later.


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