‘Clap for Carers’ – Applause for the NHS

A cunting for those who stand outside clapping on command through peer pressure.

Some people can appreciate the NHS without clapping like a spastic, signalling their virtue like some attention-seeking cunt.

I don’t mind modifying my behaviour for common sense purposes, but that is pathetic.

Worse than the Ice Bucket Challenge. Worse than Pavlov’s dogs.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

Whilst the time set aside to applaud the NHS is all very nice, I cannot help but think it is also bollocks in extremis.

Years and years…decades in fact of the NHS being slated, complained about, front line staff being chastised as inefficient and uncaring in a system that is, quite frankly, unworkable (Flo Nightingale would struggle with the fucker) Now, however, Joe Public have suddenly realised that the NHS are worthy of praise in the midst of a pandemic. I actually find it quite ridiculous, as well as deeply hypocritical.

They could have been praising them up until now. Why does it take a global crisis for people to suddenly see the NHS and its staff’s worth? Why the sudden applause? Because they are dealing with sick people? Newsflash: they have always done that. Because they are overrun and over-worked with the sheer number of sick people they are treating and trying to save? They have always done that too. Because they are working in tenuous conditions with limited means, limited staff and limited downtime? Yes, that’s right. they have always done that too.

But let’s now applaud them…..the staff who won’t even be listening to your pathetic clapping as they are too busy trying to save lives and keeping everything crossed that they will not become sick too.


Sorry if I cannot get enthused about this ‘recognition’ of the NHS. It all seems a bit after the fact to me.

Nominated by Nurse Cunty

Mawkish, sentimental, virtue-signalling bollocks. Do we have to keep demonstrating to health sector workers that we don’t despise them? And, of course, it costs nothing which, in my view, makes it worth nothing.

We all appreciate what health workers do, but here’s a thought – how about showing some solidarity with all the hospitality, retail and personal service sector workers who have lost, or are under threat of losing, their livelihoods? I don’t think any doctors or nurses will be losing their jobs over this. I do accept that one or two may lose their lives, like the 76 year old GP in Southend in today’s news, and that they put themselves in danger for our good, but this is part of what they do, as it is with the police, rescue services and military.

We’ll probably be expected to do this regularly in future now, like the obligatory two minutes silences for any newsworthy deaths. I hate attempts to emotionally cajole me into doing something I wouldn’t do of my own volition – Movember, Stoptober, dry Jan, children in need, sports relief, even new year’s resolutions. All a load of old wank.

Nominated by Harry Axwound

107 thoughts on “‘Clap for Carers’ – Applause for the NHS

  1. @DCI get off your high horse and realise you’re doing the job you worked toward and chose. The rest of us don’t get claps when other jobs were hard and neither do our frontline. People who died in WW’s and other global crisis get a single day of remembrance and support.

    Cool you might save my life but remember there will be a time when one of us will save your life…. unless you “introduce yourself as cunt”

    Yours sincerely,
    A Surgeon who’s not a self centered dickhead who wants attention like this idiot.

  2. Why do I have to clap these cunts for doing their job? I’m doing my fucking job and no cunt claps me. They have to be near sick people? Boo fucking hoo. That’s in the job description.

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