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Chinese pollution levels before the virus and now

Seeing as the entire world is now approaching the zombie apocalypse due to our eastern friends’ culinary habits, I think folk are justified in their anger towards the Chinese. Yes, not every person in China, but the cunts that help perpetuate global pandemics by creating a demand for these ‘wet markets’. This one has been on the cards for a while, but the fuckers just carried on regardless.

However, the likes of the BBC are complaining about Trump and others calling it ‘Chinese flu’ or ‘Wuhan flu’ or other variants that ‘stigmatise’ China. The WHO and some politicians have been at it to.

Well guess what you woke cunts? Most people are now praying that they’ll keep their jobs. My job is on the line now. I can afford to be paid for another 2 months but then it’ll be up in the air. Was about to move home and buy a new car. All up in shit now. My sister was told she’ll have to go part time now. She has a 2 year old daughter and has a mortgage with her other half, whose job is also at risk now.

Add to that, everyone worrying about older or at risk relatives and having to isolate them. And of course, the difficulties in getting shopping done and these cunts are more interested in policing the sounds that come out of our heads?

Fuck right off! As if we can be bothered with your woke shit right now?

This disease came from Wuhan, China. Due to filthy habits. And it’s the umpteenth virus to come out of the same country for the same reasons.

And have you noticed how the BBC et al never question the figures out of China? Are we supposed to believe that Italy will end up with more cases than China? Really? Like those fuckers running China wouldn’t lie to the world, would they?

No, I call bollocks on that.

But it would be nice if we could all just call it ‘Chinese flu’. When this shit is over, it would be nice if the rest of the world told the Chinese to pay up or be alienated. Stop trading with the cunts and close borders to them. Deport any of them too if China refuses to pay up.

Sure, economies will take a hit by not dealing with China, but look at the hit we’re all taking right now.

About time the woketards got their priorities in order. Because now is not the time for these cunts to tell us what we should and shouldn’t say about this crisis.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

The Chinese communist party are the biggest cunts on earth. These fuckers new about the wuhan virus back in December and murdered “wistleblowers” to “save face’ . They are the same as the German national socialist workers party and should be faced down by the rest of the world as such. We should stand with Hong Kong and Taiwan. We should divorce our economy from them. Fuck China. Stay strong, look after the old and teach the mong millenials freedom is never free. Thank you for you attention. End of message…….

Nominated by Smug cunt

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  1. Back in the mists of time I delivered coca-cola and on one occasion I took some to a chinky restaurant,
    as I put it around the back yard there were bins full of water with some unrecognisable meat in it, fucking disgusting filthy bastards the lot of them,
    is it anywonder that nobody has ever seen the actual kitchen in their shitholes, deport the lot of the cunts,it’s not as if they serve any purpose.

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