Rachel Boyle

Rachel Boyle is the academic who posed the question that Laurence Fox shot down on ‘Question Time’.

She attributed the public perception of Meghan to be tainted by racism because Meghan is black. Meghan is not black, she’s as much white as she is black. Rachel, however, only sees Megan’s black heritage. She’s eliminated Megan’s white lineage to suit her own prejudice. Rachel only has one card…the race card. Any criticism of anyone that’s not white can only be attributed to racism in Rachel’s world view.

Rachel’s world view is comparable to looking the wrong way down a telescope. She sees racism in everything and then builds here argument on that premise.

I’ll now go where I probably shouldn’t. Britain is a white nation. There is no white privilege here. You can be dirt poor and white, or filthy rich and white. However, it’s the default race of the people indigenous to this country. Any other race in this country have turned up late for the party, but there are dirt poor BAME and filthy rich BAME people living in the UK in the relatively short time we have entertained mass immigration. I regard BAME folk in the UK the same way I regard white South Africans. They exist, but let’s face it, they can never be considered indigenous people. Some will call me racist, but they are people that don’t understand the true definition of racism.

The twitter mongs and others are out for Laurence’s career, if not his blood. People need to stand up and defend him. He said what the vast majority of people think. We are tired of being called racist, we are tired of being slagged off for being white, we are tired of people like Rachel who are far better of being British citizens than they would be if their parents or grandparents had not come to the UK, cunting us off as individuals and as a nation.

I’d not stand by and watch another human being attacked or deprived of life due to their race or religion, Rachel. I won’t, however, have some cunt tell me I have white privilege because I was born in a nation that is ethnically white. If I decide to go and live in Africa or Asia I fully expect the indigenous people’s culture, welfare and wishes to take priority over mine.

For fuck’s sake Rachel, why are you playing the victim? Why are you not celebrating as a woman of colour that you are able to be a success in this country and that Megan was welcomed into the Royal family regardless of her colour and regardless of her shit show family? This has to be the most tolerant nation on the planet, but you won’t be happy until the indigenous white people are subservient to immigrants.

Fuck off, Rachel. White, black, or whatever, we should be grateful everyday we wake up in this civilised and tolerant country.

White privilege or BAME complex?

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  1. I would refer to her as an ‘alleged academic’ . Having looked her up she does not conform to my idea of a true academic. Edge Hill University is a semi glorified technical college where only the spectacularly stupid apply to lecture or be a student.

    • She teaches in a ‘university’ (which was a woman-only teacher training college for 75 years before allowing males to enrol, in 1959, no discrimination there then) which isn’t even in the top 1000 in the world, situated in a town, Ormskirk, which I suspect most people in this country have never even heard of. And she wants to teach us anything? She’s lucky there are places in this country which cater for lunatics like her.

    • I make no apologies for repeating what I said about this smug woman a short time back.
      She is a lecturer in Education at this Micky Mouse university. If anybody wonders where lefty, snowflake teachers get their ideas, then Edge Hill is their finishing school. You can imagine the crap that’s contained in one of her ‘lectures.’
      She appears to have been a Primary school teacher for just 6 years before she got this post.
      When I trained as a teacher, those who lectured had a lifetime experience of teaching behind them and had plenty of life experience to offer their students. This woman has nothing to offer, other than a phoney Scouse accent and a dogma ridden agenda.

      I don’t think OFSTED have any influence over teacher training establishments. If not, then I think that they should start doing so now. A few visits to places like Edge Hill might just open their eyes to what is actually happening with these young snowflake’s education. OFSTED would rightly concern themselves with what takes place in Muslim schools(or would they?) but I feel inspections of places like Edge Hill would reveal just as much indoctrination, twisting of truths and warped ideologies here.
      It’s time we had a public inquiry into teacher training establishments to drain the swamp.

      • After her QT appearance, she seems to have been promoted with some calling her professor! 😀
        She’s got the same qualifications as me, so from now on I would like to identify as a professor. I would therefore appreciate it if you would address me as Prof. Bertie Blunt 😀

  2. How many times have we read in the newspapers of some dark key or Parking Stanley who arrived in this country a few years ago “penniless” and are now the owners of a chain of supermarkets etc?. I remember when Idi Amin kicked out the “poor” bastards from Uganda, it was the proudest boast of one of them that he came here penniless – and “friendless” (cue the violins) and by 1974 he had magically bought the entire Lewis the Tobacconist chain.

    Are we really to believe he saved the money over two years from his lavatory attendant duty or – and I think this is more likely – the cunt had money stashed away, just, as I suspect, the fuckers who spend £3000 each on a rubber boat to come to Dover illegally. If you are that poor you would never find the money upfront for the boat trip still less retail outlets.

  3. “Rachel Boyle, a researcher on race and ethnicity at Edge Hill University”. She is a lecturer in a third rate “university” in a made up subject which she doesn’t even understand. The stupid racist CUNT.

    • Yes she looks white to me, maybe tanned, but no obvious black heritage unless she said so.
      Chip on her shoulder over race,
      While some black bloke goes to work does 12hr shift and gets on with his white mates.
      Shes a knobhead.

      • She’s got a face like a wax apple & and a mouthy gob full of shite.

        Oh if I were a fireman… I’d love this Cunt to phone the fire brigade screaming that her house is on fire.
        I could just say “unfortunately, I am a white privelleged male… therefore a racist, so I have to leave your house to burn to the ground. I only care about white people…”

        what a fuckwitt she truly is

  4. If a bame person doesn’t get the job: racism.
    If a bame footballer gets booked/ sent off: racism.
    If a bame film director/actor doesn’t get an oscar: racism.
    These are all things that i’ve recently discovered having been informed by highly qualified ‘lecturers’ like this Rachel Boyle twat.

  5. This person is:

    University Lecturer. Race, Racism and Ethnicity researcher.

    Can anyone think of a career more pointless and pathetic?

  6. Fox employed the absolutely correct tacic in my view.He didn’t go all defensive at the accusation, or try to justify himself, or worst of all apologise for any offence she’d assumed. He challenged her head on, and called her comments out as racist. I keep saying that this is how to go with these race-baiting cunts.

  7. I’ve generally found academics to be patronising cunts so I suppose she’s par for the course
    I’m sick and tired of the victim narrative
    Even worse white mongs like lily Allen going along with it …..

    Fuck her !!
    I’m hoping there will be some rowing back on this insidious racial shite……

  8. If it wasn’t for racist scüm like Boyle ramming it down my throat every 5 seconds I would never have known the Markle slag was anything other than white.

    • Nor me. But even on a daily basis I didn’t notice colour until these cunts started hammering it out that whites are all racist, something I am becoming more and more because of cunts like her. And I say this as one that lives in the Black Hole of Leicester.

    • That is very true, the white Tarts on love island are darker than ‘Princess Meghan’ from looks I would have put her at only one quarter tar brush 😂

    • Methinks you protest too much!
      Would you really protest that much about her ramming it down your throat if you could return the favour? 😀
      Afternoon Ruff one

        • Afternoon Bertie.

          As Sir Michael Jagger put it:

          🎶 I’ll stick my knife right down your throat baby, and it hurts. 🎶


    • Indeed.

      When I see Sparkle, I see…as thick as pigshit. I always thought Sparkle was a bit “Essex-like”, wot ‘ad dozed off on the tanning bench, after too much Chardonnay.

  9. There was something on the BBC this morning, some panel discussing white working class boys being left behind, some fucking umbongo came out with well they have their whiteness and the privilege that brings.
    Some guy said that’s great, so someone (white) goes for a job but doesn’t get it, ‘sorry you haven’t got the job but don’t worry you still have your white privilege’

    Sick of these BAME going on about white privilege, some other cunt was going on about the poor BAME communities like it’s worse for them because they aren’t white, I am fairly sure it isn’t because of the fucking wokeness in society they would be prioritised over the indigenous whitey.


    • Perhaps m’Lord Fiddler might run a few drag races. Give the old queens a head start, and then chase them with a few twelve-bores.

      Morning all !

      • Afternoon,HBH.

        I had high hopes of drag hunting ..even the most rabid of “Antis” couldn’t object to that (although for some reason ‘Sabs do still turn up to disrupt it). However when I discovered that it didn’t actually involve chasing Eddie Izzard types across the Fells with a pack of baying bloodhounds, I rather lost interest…luckily The Hounds didn’t; since reading about The Gay City Strollers, (a collaboration between The Ramblers and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation of Manchester) we decided to take no chances and just treat every Rambler as a probable Gay….How those Gays can go so fast in high heels is a mystery to me.

    • Going by the old medical terms for the mentally subnormal, starting at idiot and ending at imbecile.

      Sounds accurate for a bunch of moon-faced, non-binary ‘mermaid goth’ window-lickers.

      Sure the young woman i knew who studied English there would be thrilled.

  10. It used to be the case if you were born into ‘privilege’ you were from the upper class, from a country estate, you went to Harrow or Eton. It seems now if you are from the working class, from a council estate, and you went to the local comp you are still born into ‘privilege’.
    Funny there is a programme on about Harrow at the moment. Lots of blacks and asians – all posh sounding when interviewed.

  11. Oh! Wait a minute! Edge Hill has won a gold award for its teaching excellence . . . .

    TEF Gold
    consistently delivers outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes.

    However, go on to this link and you’ll find, surprise, nearly every fuckin’ university has won this Gold award including Bishop Grosseteste University. Where for fucks sake?
    Established universities such as LSE, Liverpool and Southampton only get a bronze. Sounds a reliable system.


    • The only experience of LSE teaching was about eight years ago when a first year undergraduate asked me to help him . A novice to economics, he had given up attending lectures after six weeks as he didn’t understand anything. When I looked at his notes I was appalled; far too complicated for an eighteen year old to grasp. I spent three hours every day over the Christmas holiday (apart from the day itself) and got him on track. He is now a merchant banker and remembers me every Christmas with some very generous gifts.

  12. If that brat Markle was a white Anglo-Saxon, I would still have an issue with her. People’s reactions to her behaviour and about-face when she married into the Royal Family – an institution that she KNEW came with responsibilities and duties when she married Harry – are NOT based on her genetics whatsoever.

    It angers me when I hear claims from cunt’s like her that this is ‘a race issue’. As usual, the race card is being played as a complete cop-out. Instead of acknowledging that she and the weak cunt she married are basically shitting on the Queen and country (the country that paid for their fucking digs upgrade) and that this move is unacceptable considering she knew what she was getting herself into from the start, as usual they are rolling out that old chestnut of “it is all because she is black”.

    She was also triggered here because she is mixed race herself and obviously has a giant chip on her shoulder. You don’t need to be Freud to have a clue here. You would really think that a so-called ‘academic’ would be more insightful, but then again, what do you expect from a ‘race and ethnicity lecturer’?

    A pile of cunt, as per all of these woke lefties. Just fuck off, Rachel.

    • Meghan got her huge wedding. That’s what she wanted. The rest of it of no interest to her.

      • Think you are very correct there, Miles. I personally think she loved the whole idea of marrying a Prince. The romance and the glamour of it and like you say, the big wedding thing. Now the sheen has worn off and she realises what she has really signed up for, she whines and blubs enough to her ball and chain that he caves in and removes them from the situation.

        Couple of cunts.

        • Don’t encourage him NC, him and Percy are doing the Edinburgh Fringe later this year.

          • We went there last year LL and Percy ‘died’ on stage.
            He didn’t really but I’m determined he will this year!

  13. I want there to be more brain dead Cunts like this on the telly and radio.
    The reason being that once the amount of ‘ woke ‘ nonsense reaches critical mass, the bulk of the population will say ‘ Fuck Off ‘.
    Much the same as people being told that they didn’t know what they were voting for, by an increasingly hysterical procession of anti democratic dickheads.
    Then we had a General Election.
    Ho ho ho !
    Get To Fuck.

  14. Afternoon Jack. I think we’re reaching the ‘Fuck off’ point. Apart from lefty political activists, I think people of many political persuasions have just had enough of it all.
    As this nom. suggests, the key to change is education, education, education.
    I wonder which fucker said that? Fuck me, it was the twat that started it all off!

    • Afternoon Blunty, since this chippy thumbsucker shut down Laurence Fox for being “a privileged white male” it makes sense she was outraged when Harry Hewitt droned on about unconscious racial bias last year – the epitome of a white privileged male. Or is it he got a pass because he towed the progressive line and had the ‘correct’ opinions?

  15. I wonder what Ms Boyle’s views are on anal bleaching. My missus regularly soaks her ring piece in a litre of Brobat. Would Rachel consider her a racist?

    • Is this numb bitch ashamed of the fact she’s of mixed race? If she doesn’t want people to notice, is that why she camouflages her face with paint?

  16. I had no idea the Markle was of a, um, hue until this cretinous living embodiment of cancer spouted it on QT.

    With the growing realisation at how much they are failing, the Marxists are becoming increasingly, nakedly unhinged and rabid. It’s delightful viewing.

    • There’s a story going about that BBCunts have offered her a current affairs series, to be called ‘Boyle On The Arse’.

  17. There’s only one way we can stop all this nonsense and that’s to make Black and White the Secretary of State for Education.

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