Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

A right royal cunting please, for this elder son of Diana who spent part of last evening at the BAFTAs ceremony decrying the lack of “Diversity” among the winners, as no Dark Keys won an award (this time).

“We have to do more” he wittered on sounding like Anthony Blair in ultra pleading voice. I was waiting for the “it’s not fair” moment, but either it didn’t come, or I dozed off before it came.

Willie really IS a white privileged male, and I am sorry that he found it necessary to climb aboard the duckies bandwagon. Perhaps he is thinking of a career on the stage? – he and his lovely wife to become the new Sir Donald Wolfit and Rosalind Iden – the actor-managers touring and treading the boards throughout the country during wartime, with special free matinees on Monday afternoons in Bradford for the Parking Stanleys.

In the meantime, might I respectfully suggest he shuts the fuck up.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Prince William on diversity at the BAFTAs…. Brilliant!

More awards for actors because they are ethnically or gender-identifying (sic) diverse rather than because they’ve turned in a good performance. Cunt. Best bet would be to stop the fucking awards altogether.

They get paid outrageous sums to do a job. Fuck off. Do the job. Get paid. Move on to the next job. Awards? Bollocks. Cunts.

Nominated by Brian Stoa

92 thoughts on “Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

  1. It’s not Whitey’s fault if the ethnics can’t act. I genuinely felt that they deserved an Oscar for ‘Planet of the apes’ until someone told me it was all done by CGI.

  2. The lefties have overlooked the fact that the Japanese director has swept the board with Parasite. Even though he only speaks Japanese, he gave very dignified speeches unlike the rambling dribble from the luvvies. Any dar quays that won played the race card in their acceptance rants.

    Here’s my advice to dar quays – to succeed in life, pay attention at school, learn to speak good English, learn a trade, be a good citizen and don’t play the race card. But you won’t, so large fries with my burger please.

  3. If ‘woke’ whiteys like old shiny above didn’t give succour to the whining tinted ones then this problem would exist on a far smaller scale.

    The relationship between the bedwetters like William and whiners like Stormcunt is repulsively symbiotic. I wonder if Kate gives him a vigorous Royal Nosh for his ever so caring efforts.

    Great cunting and fuck off shiny bonce. You cunt.

  4. I preferred it when the Royals adopted a “Never Complain,Never Explain” attitude and confined themselves to opening the odd new shithouse,eating cucumber sandwiches and treating the Plebs as a lesser breed.
    They didn’t try to make themselves “relevant”.They just lived their lives with an air of entitlement and disinterest in the views of Commoners…and we had a grudging respect for them…they really were something “Special”…almost a breed apart.

    Now they are no better than the rest of the “Luvvie” types…preaching at the “little people” while living a life totally disconnected from that of normal people. They’d do well to remember that we quickly tire of our “celebrities” and move on to the thoughts of the next vacuous footballer or pop singer.

    I don’t want any Royal family after the Auld Trout goes and if the younger Royals continue on the path of losing their “mystique” I may well get my wish.

    Fuck them.

  5. *Edited for naughty word.

    I preferred it when the Royals adopted a “Never Complain,Never Explain” attitude and confined themselves to opening the odd new shithouse,waving disinterestedly at Bert and Doris nutter-types as they sped by in their Rolls and just generally treating the Plebs as a lesser breed.
    They didn’t try to make themselves “relevant”.They just lived their lives with an air of entitlement and disinterest in the views of Commoners…and we had a grudging respect for them…they really were something “Special”…almost a breed apart.

    Now they are no better than the rest of the “Luvvie” types…preaching at the “little people” while living a life totally disconnected from that of normal people. They’d do well to remember that we quickly tire of our “celebrities” and move on to the thoughts of the next vacuous footballer or pop singer.

    I don’t want any Royal family after the Auld Trout goes and if the younger Royals continue on the path of losing their “mystique” I may well get my wish.

    Fuck them

    • This is NOT a pop at Admin. who I genuinely thank for their efforts,but I do wonder about a Mod.filter that considers the name of a long green salad vegetable more offensive than my suggestion that The Gays stick it up their arses.

    • Good Morning Dick

      It is going to be a big problem when Her Maj is no longer around. The Monarchy is the 3rd oldest institution in the world after the Papacy and the Japanese Royal Family. I think people respect the Queen precisely because she is a little remote and has always been above politics and controversy like diversity at the Oscars and crap like that. .At the same time she has also managed to make her views clear such as having the flags out on The Mall to celebrate Brexit. It is a fine balancing act that I am not sure Prince Charles can pull off.

      If we do dispose of them then they will have to be replaced, no doubt by some ex politician and his Mrs, first in line no doubt Tony and Cherie. That bloody woman tried to style herself ‘First Lady ‘ when TCB became Prime Minister. Next in line, I suspect would be Mrs. May and her old man or maybe John and Sally Bercow.

      Frankly I would rather have our head of state chosen by God than any of the alternatives.

      • I agree with everything you say WS – I think though he won’t be quite so adept as the Queen, Charlie will be miles better than that drippy son of his. I shouldn’t be surprised if ITV and Simon Cowell start doing a “Find The X Factor Monarch” on Saturday evenings the way we are going, with Ant & Dec and Phillip Schofield as an incipient queen,

        • Ant and Dec , now there is a proper pair of over televised cunts , i’d love to have the chance to beat them unmercifully.

      • True enough WS, but at least “President” Blair and the fragrant Cherie would only be there for a fixed term. We also wouldn’t be paying for every member of their extended family ad infinitum.

        I wouldn’t object so much to a vastly slimmed-down version of the Royal family,but the present bunch are pretty appalling…Charles…a spoiled raving Nutter. Andrew…enough said. Edward…Oooh er Ducky. Harry….a congenital idiot. Beatrice and Eugenie….lazy,pop-eyed Munters.
        I don’t like the look of William and Kate’s eldest either…already looks like an indulged Wastrel.

  6. Does this cunt not realize he’s helping to alter the culture of this country to favour a tiny minority and attack the majority?
    Another craven, virtue signalling little cunt on a guilt trip.
    The minorities are already massively over represented on TV and in films.
    Every ad has a black and a white playing happy couples. It’s a lie.
    Cowardly cunt ,shiny,trying to reach out to his hopeless spoiled brother and his ethnic wife.

      • “And the BAFTA for dealing goes to”….any f*cking black!
        “And the BAFTA for getting a white b*tch pregnant and abandoning” her goes to…any f*cking black!
        “And the BAFTA for st*bbing people goes to”…any f^cking black!
        “And the BAFTA for eating fried chiggun and smoking weed whilst signing on goes to”…any f*cking black!
        “And the BAFTA for throwing a petrol filled tyre over someone’s head and lighting it goes to”..any f*cking black!
        “And the BAFTA for constnatly whining about alleged white privilege goes to”…EVERY F*CKING BLACK!
        There you go Kunta Kinta, awards for all of you, and for the lucky few a free plane trip to Jamaica!

        • Fucking brill !!!, i saw on the news this morning there is around 20 or more being flown back to Jamaica , there was obviously the blacks protesting about racism etc . Well hang on a minute you spear chucking fucking jungle bunnies there fucking rapists , murders , thieves , drug dealers etc. Oh but that don’t matter does it because there fucking black what next diplomatic fucking immunity. What a bunch of whinging lazy good for nothing cry racism CUNTS!!!!!!!

        • That Bafta for getting a white woman pregnant and fucking off is well deserved VF. i watched a programme awhile ago about benefits etc and there was this white woman on who was claiming for 7 kids. The boyfriend had fucked off and yes he and all his kids were black. Not only that but a month or two later she was on this morning in a debate because she was gonna use her benefit money to buy a fucking horse!!. I do wonder if she bought a black one.

    • I find it difficult to understand that someone elected by the public to represent their interest is complaining that the vermin that prays upon society is being deported under the “When will black lives matter” banner, well they do matter, the deportation of this scum stops them being exploited by drug gangs, do women matter? I believe one was a rapist, and the thing that twists my scrotum is that when we return non blacks does he say anything? Does he fuck.
      Now who is the racist cunt?

      • Well said LB – r*pists, thieves, dealers and killers – who will be doing the apologising when one of these f*cking scum r*pes or kills the next time?
        Will we deport the victims?
        I have used this one before but it is appropriate – “a Man does good business when he rids himself of a turd”.

      • Rapists, armed robbers, violent class A dealers and killers – just the kind of cultural enrichment we need!
        They wouldn’t have half as much energy to complain after a hard day of rowing that slave ship by jingo!
        “But they came here as children – they don’t know anything but the UK”.
        Knew how to continually break the f*cking law though didn’t they?
        Get them out, back to the mud huts and crack epidemic.

  7. reprinted from :
    There was the usual outcry about lack of diversity. Now presumably this meant that no BLACK people had been nominated for awards this year. Now, a FOREIGN language film WON the main Oscar of best film, and THREE others to boot! And it was Korean, AND when they received the gong, couldn’t speak in English! Just how much more bloody diverse do you want to get!? Sorry, what was that…….. Oh, the film Parasite should have had a black lead, OF COURSE! (Finding a chubby 5’6” black actor with slightly slitty eyes and speaking fluent Korean might be a bit of a problem though! Now was THAT racist or just being diverse?)

  8. Does this wanker not know that the people he is trying to suck up to are the very same cunts who would have his baldybollocks head on a spike outside Buck House? The libtards hate the Royal Family just as they hate anything British and traditional. Him and his half brother didn’t even inherit half the brain power of their vacuous Sloane Ranger mother but, like her, they can’t keep their fucking stupid mouths shut. Don’t they employ advisers and shit like that?
    Pair of cunts.

  9. So what the fuck is the MOBOs all about then? And isn’t that inherently racist, exclusive and lacking any hint of diversity!

    And if the Dark Keys defend it by saying “It’s needed in order to represent our own achievements….” then clearly it laughs in the face of libtard logic once again. You can’t defend one awards ceremony because it ticks all the Woke boxes despite being exclusive (to dark keys) and non-diverse; and then bang on about the BAFTAs et al and describe it as racist, and also exclusive, but to white privilege .

    Imagine if we had a WOBOs – Twitter would be in 24 hour meltdown!

    And in anycase, shouldn’t these complaining dark keys shift their colour-blind criticisms toward Asians/Orientals (China, Japan, Korea), since the latter seem to be making great strides in making themselves noticed without all the fuss and drama.

    • There are just some things some folk do better than others.That is how life rolls.
      However, in fairness of this ‘imbalance’ and many others that are being highlighted, how about we have nine white blokes line up for the next Olympic 100 metre final. I feel an outrage coming on.

    • Could I suggest “MOBLO” – (Music of the black lynching origin) – no?
      Poor form!
      MOWO? (Music of white origin – ooh, but that would be waycist)
      Pwince William, Tim nice but dim, and like privileged unnecessary royal parasites across the board will never enter the real World.
      Now get those r*ping drug dealing k*illers on that f*cking plane to Jamaica!

      • KKK i’m a big fan and it’s funny you should mention that because believe it or not i have a homemade klan hood . One of my labrador;s is pure white , well i couldn’t miss the opportunity to see what she looked like with it on her head lol. When i think about it i really am a cunt lol.

  10. It’s a white nation, if we were in a black nation we’d expect black property to win awards. Does Bollywood dish out awards to whites?

    Maybe blacks can choose some different subject matter, slavery and black urban thuggery are so last year.

    It’s all about demographics really isn’t it.

  11. Hang on a minute, wasn’t “black panther” a towering success?
    Surely on the basis of this, the best marvel film of all time, all black people should get all awards for everything even if they are not actors?
    Come on everyone, have some common decency.

    • Sexist! Captain Marvel was the best MCU film. Brie Larsehole said so.

      Actually they’re all shite apart from maybe the first Iron Man pic…

      Cinema is dead…

  12. Got it! The reason for the lack of ethnics in the bafta awards is that none of the cunts was good enough to win one this time. Could I have stumbled on a profound truth?
    Looks like our Willy has woke up.

    • Enough of the obvious truth there BB – the snowflakes won’t like it!
      Why try and put effort into anything, just black up and wait for the awards to come flooding in!
      Bastards one and bastards all
      In their wokey Bafta hall.
      Got no talent ‘cept for crack
      But lifelong favour ”cos I BLACK!

  13. Who in their right mind would watch this utter bollox of wokeness.
    Laughably worthy cunts slapping each other on the back.
    No thanks.

  14. Why doesn’t the cunt go back to his own family at sundays roast and have a think about how ethnic diversity has worked out for his brother.

    I hear Wills Kate and the kids are now off to Australia to walk the ashes of the bushfires. Bit late cunt.

    • Why don’t they fuck off to China and mingle amongst some “infected” Chinese?

      After all that’s what some cunts are complaining about over here with supposedly “racist” passengers refusing to sit next to Chinese on the bus/train!

      If some members of the Woke Royals want to lead by example, go hug a buggy Chinese!

  15. It’s a shame, I don’t mind the chap but his advisers obviously felt the need to make him spout this bollocks. He should have added a joke about his sister-in-law’s pubes.
    His mother was an utter cunt though.

  16. Just have two separate set of awards

    An all White and an all BAME , fuck integration.


    PS, it wouldn’t be long before the BAME cunts would be fighting amongst themselves, to many of one lot and not enough of the other 😂

  17. The sad pleading voice of this slaphead and his fellow bullshitters make fall into an immediate coma.
    Which I enjoy as they are all cunts.
    Goody gumdrops.

    • Ask him this. When was the last time a coloured actor put in a fantastic performance and was refused an award because he was not white? No I can’t think of one either. So shut the fuck up until you know what you’re talking about, you privileged twat.

  18. I think i might moan about diversity ,i might moan that we should have our own white tv channel and as Techno cunt said above lets moan we haven’t got our own white music awards or we haven’t got enough white news readers or enough whites on the adverts. Speaking of adverts has anyone keep noticing that black twat with the beard who constantly pops up on adverts ? , if you notice he’s always with a white woman as well , who may i add always seems to be pregnant. Fucking diversity? as Nan Taylor ” what a facking liberty , they come over here stealing our jobs the thieving bastards , Diverity? “What a load of old shit”.

  19. I cunted this gormless turd a while back. Cannot see the point of him at all. Clearly a chip off the old jugears block. A total waste of taxpayers money, just get rid.

    His wife however not bad and far too good for him but desperately needs a real man and a tongue up her arsehole.

  20. The naivity of Wills and Harry is astonishing really. These two brothers-in-charms are ultra determined to build on their mother’s legacy of being the people’s princess it’s plain to see.
    Each new day appears to bring forth more cuntfoolery from them for us to nosh on.

    Wills, it seems, has chosen to address the diversity (or lack of) issue that is so beloved of the WOKE brigade. As the future King William V this is risky in my opinion. Why? because the diversity issue is an opinion that some, but not all people share. The Queen steers clear of sharing personal opinions for a very good reason and that is for every opinion there is an opposite one. When was the last time we read on the front page of a newspaper that Her Maj has opened her big mouth again about so and so? William is inviting ridicule and anger from a position of priveledge by appearing to be an apologist to persons of colour.
    He has no need. The film awards are judged according to merit by people that have an impressive resume in the business including persons of colour no doubt. The man is a fool, he’s no more qualified than you or I to judge whether there are too many white actors.

    The house that George built is going to be The house that William demolished when the very people he wishes to empower eventually rebel against a white family owning vast amounts of land and property being at the top of the tree looking down. Stupid cunt.

  21. I wonder if he was just showing solidarity with his demented and pussywhipped brother? Obviously missing the point, that his sister in law is a cunt’s cunt by any definition and that her genealogy is the least of it, but woke-America’s perception is that we loathe her because she’s mixed-race. (And I’d say it’s more because she’s American).

  22. He’s at Leicester General Hospital today with his wife, daddy and horse. Perhaps I ought to go round and twat him with a bedpan full of shit.

    • Fair play to the cunt. He’s at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre today. I learn: “The DMRC is operated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and began admitting patients in October 2018.

      It delivers in-patient and residential rehabilitation to serving members of the Armed Forces for complex musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, including complex trauma, rehabilitation following neurological injury or illness and in-patient care for joint and soft-tissue disease.”

      This time last year he visited Triumph and had a ride on a 1200 Tiger, (he’s owned a couple of Daytonas) so I have difficulty in cunting him completely. At least he does the job he’s signed up for.

      I take it you do not mean Headley Court, closed 2018, a place of excellence and a money pit for help the Hero’s, who invested a lot of money in the facilities and buildings only to have the whole lot sold off.
      A bone of contention between the legion and Help for Hero’s is the investment and loss of funds used on existing MOD property’s that are then scrapped.

  23. I’ve even had this shit in low paid customer service jobs I’ve had. “We don’t have enough ethnic minority’s in the roles”. So what? In any industry, job, profession it should be down solely to the individuals ability to do the job not the colour of their skin or their background. So fucking sick of it. This is institutionalised racism against the white race. Can you imagine if a company said they’re aren’t enough white faces in a company?

      • I’d vote for Princess Anne as a President, but I rather think she wouldn’t put herself up for the job. Pity.

        Agreed, Vernon, the rest of them (“juniors”) all fuckwits, pervz, fraudsters, slappers &c…

  24. I don’t know how they can moan about diversity , British Gas advert two faggots holding hands and a black cunt fixing the boiler . Now you tell me that isn’t catering for diversity.

  25. A disciplined member of the modern royal family.
    Important to keep the family business going.

    Keep WOWing the peasants and they’ll continue to fund your parasitic existence.

    Posh benefit scrotes.

    Liz and Phil should be the last.

  26. Fuckin baldy cunt, the reason him and his Ginger half brother fell out is because Hewit refused to nick him one of Eltons wigs when he last went to receive some of Reg’s jizz.!

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