Macey Duff

This disgusting bush pig is seeking attention for having body hair, like it’s anything to be especially proud of.

It’s the same narcissistic rubbish we get from feminists who get their heads shaved, how it’s empowering and how evolved they are compared to common humanity – if a man has body hair it’s just hair, but if a feminist has body hair it becomes somehow special and precious. If a person chooses to shave or not, it’s just a personal choice. You’re not special. The way this revolting yeti looks is vomit-inducing. Her need to seek affirmation and acceptance for the earth shattering achievement of having hair growing from her skin is pathetic – “My appearance isn’t important so look at me and celebrate my growler!”

Nominated by Agent Double-O Shagga

59 thoughts on “Macey Duff

  1. I wonder if she would be so ebullient about her body hair if she suffered from facial hair. Would she walk around proudly with a full beard, like Peter Sutcliffe?

    I think not.

    Piss off, hairy minge and arseholed woman.

    • macy duff = pubic fluff (the new rhyming slang).
      Now to go off topic as an answer to the first topic.
      You will recall the horror of the breakup of Yugoslavia? Rape pilage ect ect.
      Well I had the Privalidge (Thinks about that for a minuet) of fighting in Vinkovci, (next town after Vukovar) and I came to a conclusion.
      The inhabitants of the town were aged, mentally deficient or really really poor! every one else had fucked off!, However there was an abundance of women with shawls, aprons, black dresses, Wellington boots and beards.
      I and my colleges regularly congratulate each other on the defense of the area, but secretly I suspect that there was nothing worth nicking or fucking there.

      • Macy Duff – I’m going over to the urban dictionary now to put it up for peer review. Log in to cast a vote on it’s acceptance.

  2. Just what the fuck is that abonimable hippocrocadoggapig?
    The only saving grace is the few remnants of clothing hiding what ever Dantean horrors that lie beneath.
    Back to Hades you satanic harpy.

  3. I’ve slept with some ugly fuckers in my time but I don’t reckon I could get drunk enough to want to even touch this toilet brush.

  4. Hahahaha hilarious.
    I love these cunts. This is the same tart who will be desperate for a man and child when she hits 40 but she’ll have burnt her boats as she’ll have spent 20years hating men…..unless she’s a dyke.
    Sad deluded minger.

  5. I would like to thank Admin from the bottom of my cold and callous heart for holding back till after breakfast before posting that truly repellent header picture.

  6. Can you imagine her naked…..It would look like she’s giving Leo Sayer a shoulder carry………

  7. Minge hair can be very pleasing to the eye. But beware, amongst that lush growth hides a lot of human waste that can go unchecked . I’m talking arse clinker dangling off the crack hairs , it sets like concrete and can be very hard to remove once it’s set hard.
    Now we move to the Fanny gash where it can harbour all sorts of soft cheese and a very unpleasant stench of Urine.
    My advice to young Cunters just starting out on their quest for Pussy. Always go on a reconnaissance fly by over the said hairy arse and minge before plunging your tongue in there. Here endeth the lesson.

      • Hey BWC, you tongue Maceys arsehole youll be coughing up hairballs!
        Looks like shes got Billy Connolly stuffed down her socks.
        Notice shes light of beard though?
        The little puff.

    • Reminds me of one bird I went down on and then sprung up very quickly when I realised that her fanny smelt like a septic drain.

  8. Ugghh that’s brought back repressed memories of hirsute instructors, male and female from state mandatory swimming lessons in the early 80’s. Massive thatches jutting from tight swimsuits. I’m in need of a lot cheap whisky to purge the image from my mind.

  9. I shave my legs, it feels nice, nothing to do with oppression you daft hyena.

    • You a shemale, Shagga?

      Nowt to be ashamed of if you are. Some of your type put real broads to shame.

      • I started doing it because my leg hairs would tangle and knot when getting a monthly massage, only once they’re nicely trimmed do you realise what you’re missing – particularly if you wear long underwear or base layers in the winter, no leg hair snagging and itching is heaven.

  10. I can tell just by looking at the horrible ugly bastard that she would undoubtedly stink the place out. Disgusting manky unwashed unhygienic vomit-inducing stinkbag. Boak.

  11. Macey Duff had to change her name by deed poll a few years ago to escape embarrassment. She’s had such a fishy, foul smelling snatch since birth, her parents named her “Dacey Muff.”

    • It is an apt spoonerism although the fish species is obscure to most except coarse fishermen!

      • Very true Three Strokes. I did possibly think of explaining that but then thought fuck it! I don’t have to do all the work do I? 😀

  12. I think you would need a machete to get to her lady bits, but who the fuck would want to go there. Channel four have some shite about female public hair that men are making them shave. That’s right dears we are all nonces. For fucks sack.

  13. Those hairy legs make me want to puke.. It must be like shagging a Neanderthal , having sex with a species far down the evolutionary ladder.

    • Speaking of species far down the evolutionary ladder. Dianne Abbott says she’s ‘standing down’ from the shadow cabinet when the next leader’s in place because she hasn’t fucked any of the candidates and so has no chance of a job anyway.

  14. Is this the girl our gay ISAC friends would go straight for? I wondered what women would look like if they stopped shaving their legs. Now I know. Pubic hair is not a problem, in fact I prefer it, although Macey would probably need a regular trim. Under arm hair, now that’s another thing entirely. If it was trimmed, maybe. God those legs look fucking horrible.

    • Hey remember the lovely Fiona onesanya the disgraced Labour cunt?
      Apparently when she was in the nick, she threw a diva asking for almond milk, one of the other lags shouted “its not bleeding Costa!” Hehe

  15. An attention-seeking circus freak, bangiing on about individuality and empowerment blah blah.

    I am surprised a rag like the Mirror gave her the time of day, but then again it does have a knuckle-dragging following, so she and her followers would fit right in.

    I bet she’s a real delight come a hot & humid summer’s evening and she stinks to high heaven!

  16. Well at least we know bigfoots little sister is alive and well…
    This hirsute harpy isn’t newsworthy, she’s just an Attention seeking Cunt and a fucking hairy one at that!!

  17. It’s a bloke. Legs are those of a bloke. Unless they’re transplants?

    Either way – fucking wankstain, you are a revolting mess. And, haven’t wimmin been saying this (I won’t shave the hairy bits to prove I’m liberated/right-on) for years and years? Don’t fuckin’ shave if you don’t want to. Nobodies making you.

    Just stay the fuck out of my line of vision you vilery.

  18. Couldn’t give a toss. S(he) is going to get more shit than s(he) was expecting by putting all these pics on social media. ‘Look at me. I’m special.’ No you’re not. You’re a cunt.

  19. Fucking disgrace , i remember around 15 years ago i had pulled this girl in my local village pub and went back to her place. Went up to her bedroom got naked and her pussy was just covered in hair , the worse i’d ever seen . My instant words were “you need to shave that ” , we still had sex though .

  20. God, I keep coming across the image of this creature on the site, even though I’m trying to avoid it and it’s making me sick. Honestly.

    • Same here it’s killing me! If there’s just one instance the internet should be censored that hairy fucking beast is it!!

  21. A quick whiz through X-Hamster would probably find you dozens of birds just like this one, nothing special except she isn’t doing hirsute porn.

    Recommend she takes a course of fuck off tablets (always read the label, don’t take more than the prescribed does etc … don’t call me in the morning).

  22. Reminds me of the time I was in deepest Injah, during the last days of the Raj! The Mem Sahb was want to take in a new maid. Awfully hairy creature, mind you! Reminiscent of a giant spider, as she scuttled about the place. That said, she was in possession of a truly magnificent handle-bar moustache! Apparently she’d had it since birth!

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