Liu Xiaoming

A slitty-eyed cunt nom please, for the Chinese ambassador to the UK.

At the time of writing, 813 people have died worldwide from Coronavirus, with 37,000 infections, mostly in mainland China and 27,100 confirmed cases in Hubei province alone. The disease has now already overtaken the 2003 SARS virus death toll of 774 and it’s probably only early days yet. Coupled with the fact that the Chinese government seem to have been rather inept in reacting to the outbreak and the doctor that tried to warn them about the threat, Li Wenliang has himself died from it, this bug-eating little turd has the temerity to suggest that the UK overreacted to the news of the outbreak. Also, slitty man accuses Brits of hatred and waycism to towards people of Chinese heritage, as the virus spreads.

Does Mr ‘Sly’oming really expect us here in good old Blighty to accept the predigested, oven fresh bullshit that he accuses us of? Or is this simply barefaced arrogance from the representative of a country that now believes it is so powerful, that it can do no wrong? I think possibly the latter.

Well, now that people are beginning to drop like flies in China and confirmed cases are rising here, I wonder if his statement “it’s time for science, not rumours” will come back to bite him on his yellow arse.

Cheeky CUNT.

Nominated by Dai O’Rhea

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  1. It may seem selfish but I’m planning to go to Japan again in the late Summer so I hope it continues for a bit and reduces flight prices.

    Seriously if someone with this gets on a train at rush hour in Tokyo on a Friday there will be thousands more cases. Mental shit that is.

      • Disqualify China from competing.

        Japan has already banned ALL flights from China and Taiwan from landing on its soil.

        • Given We’re already halfway through February I can see this happening actually.

          First Olympics with a proper boycott since what 1984?

  2. I wont eat anything out of the Chinkies since that time they poisoned me after I did my “Chairman Mao” impersonation while waiting for my food…had to shit in the cup at the 12th hole when I was caught short while walking back across the golf course to where I was staying.
    However I have started going back in there and just sitting waiting….one sneeze from Old Wan Hung Low and it’s off to quarantine for him and his old trout of a wife/mother/granny (never too sure just which she actually is).

  3. The search for the cure is a no brainier, I listened to some one withering on about about an antidote in initial stages.
    Great give it to the Chinese, with their record on human rights human testing would start tomorrow and it is all fast tracked.

    • I’ve no doubt that any antidote developed by the Chinese will involve powdering the head and genitals of some rare and endangered animal.

    • Our useless politicians have hocked so many of our assets and our infrastructure to the Chinese that the CUNTS are already too scared to do anything that may upset our Oriental masters.

  4. It seems in common with the rest of the 21st century that people are unwillingly to accept consequences for their actions. Nobody wants to stand up to the might of China so they skirt around it.

    • Democratic countries should form a bloc against the Chinese. Either they become democratic or we import none of your cheaply made rubbish, your choice.

    • The advent of political correctness has also brought about the loss of accountability!

  5. This has been coming and it won’t be the last, maybe this epidemic will be the one to take 100 million world wide out.

    Humanity likes to think we are top of the tree but some bug or other will get us. I’ll give the Chinese some credit for not fucking about with human rights when faced with a virus outbreak, I’ll also give them credit for building a hospital in less time than it takes our lot to schedule the initial scheduling meeting to discus the possibility of building a hospital somewhere sometime in the future..:….:maybe.

  6. What a load of fuckin’ hypocrites the Chinese are.
    What if a virus outbreak had originated, for the sake of argument in neighbouring Vietnam. The Chinese would be all over it like a rash (excuse the pun LL) with a complete lockdown, troops all along the border, all wearing silly masks that don’t work.

    In the interests of public health, you must always use a handkerchief to prevent the spread of germs.
    Confucius say, man who sneeze without tissue take matter into own hands

    • Just to emphasise the hypocrisy, the latest Chinese news reported that Beijing has ordered everyone returning to the city to go into quarantine for 14 days or risk punishment in the latest attempt to contain the deadly new coronavirus, state media reported.

  7. Dear Chinese
    Stop eating disgusting shit and spreading disease you stupid, fucking, yellow, cunts.

  8. Fucking hell, not another cunt accusing us of racism. I don’t about my fellow cunters, but I’m starting to get really, really angry about this now. Doesn’t this fucking dog botherer realise how many thousands of Chinks are quite happily living in the UK without any problems whatsoever? He has no idea what racism is but as were constantly being accused of it, I think it’s time to go full on white supremacist.

    • Certainly wouldn’t make any fucking difference to the way people already talk about us.

        • I aglee, we are reast lacist countlee in de worrrd. We never lude about Chinese peepur, always porite.

          Luff Tuff cleampuff – he speak no ries.
          Luff Tuff cleampuff my he-lo!


      • Why should there be this assumption that you’re racist if you’re avoiding Chinese people? It’s called self-preservation for fucks sake. In the same way, I would avoid Russians if it had originated in Russia or Welsh people if it had originated in Wales. I’ve already told Mrs B that I wont go near her if a mutated Tonypandy strain breaks out.

  9. There was a time, not so long ago, when the Chinese were quite happy to be isolationists.
    Amazing how a thriving economy courtesy of nasty Capitalism, concentrates the mind.

  10. Chinese immigrants buying property in my suburb is on the increase. I reckon many purchasers just managed to extract their ill-gotten gains from mainland China before being executed. There’s also younger Chinese who rent local flats or reside in same that their wealthy parents bought. They have an annoying habit of pushing shopping trolleys to their front door then leaving empty carts on council nature strip scattered over the landscape from arsehole to breakfast time. They’re a bloody eyesore. Plus, Services NSW, the Government mob who dispense driver’s licences, have quite negligent ideas when it comes to issuing licenses to these moneyed cunts, most of whom couldn’t drive a duck to fucking water.
    I’d give some of the better looking skirt a bloody good seeing to though.

    • I ordered some Chinese food last night.
      When it was delivered, the Chinese man said “£20 prease .”
      I asked him “do you know what Katie Price’s son is called?”
      He said “harfey pwice”.
      I said “cheers Ting Tong, here’s a tenner now fuck off”

  11. Stats for 2018, show 68,000 people died globally from the common flu virus ( Source CDC 2019 )

    CDC estimate the figure to be far higher, as many countries lack the structure to record these deaths.

    SARs ( last 2008 ) figures vary from 680 to 900 due to difficulties in reporting.

  12. Wouldn’t believe a single figure issued by these Chinese cunts , lying appears to be a national past time , anyhow what do those fuckers expect eating wild animals? Originally we were told they had been eating bats? But now it appears these fuckers have been chowing down on pangolins as if that’s any better!! , Get down to Tesco’s or your local butcher and buy some proper meat you absolute cunts, And stop spreading you filthy viruses…………

  13. The Chinese will literally eat just about anything. After reading about this coronavirus pandemic, and finding out about China’s eating habits, I told myself that there was a very good chance I wouldn’t eat a Chinese takeaway ever again. After seeing this video, I can say categorically that I definitely will never ever eat a Chinese takeaway again. No chance! 🤮

    What she’s eating is called a geoduck — a giant edible clam. Apparently, she’s eating it live, and the reason for her slapping her food is to stop the water from gushing out (so obviously she did it wrong!). This video is both bizarre and somewhat disturbing, so if you’re easily offended or squeamish I’d advise you to skip this one.

    PS: I actually retched when I watched this, and it doesn’t get any better with repeated viewings! 😮

  14. I said to my local Chinese waiter:
    ‘Waiter, this chicken is rubbery’.
    ‘Thank you velly much’ he replied.
    I’ll get me coat.

  15. It’s not surprising that it being the worlds most populated country and a population over nearly 1.5 billion that the virus spread so quickly , oh well fuck em China needed a bit of culling .

  16. The dinks may have gifted us this from either suspect bio-warfare research (several of the Chinese “expert’s” have been roped in. Or it came to humans because the Chinese will eat anything with legs that isn’t a table.

  17. Too much media hype and scare-mongering about this strain of the cold virus. That’s all I’ll say about the matter for now.

    • Two Labour MPs are currently ‘self isolating’ because they attended a conference where one person who also attended has since been diagnosed with Oranginavirus…

      Workshy cunts.

    • I can see your point DCI but at the other end of the spectrum, there are as many others who are too flippant or dismissive about it. Perhaps a balance or sense of proportion is required?

      • It is, Bertie. A lot of people that have croaked it, (a medical term😉), were already ill, anyway. This just finished them off. We’re taking precautions in my Trust, but, we’re not as worried as the media are…

  18. It was reported this week that according to an encyclopaedia used by children in China that the civit cat, the animal responsible for the SARS outbreak is to be regarded as a rare delicacy. So the dirty locusts have learned nothing. It’s funny how they are practically world leaders in intellectual property theft and espionage, all the technological advances made there are a result of that, but when it comes to medicine, they don’t want to know. Who needs real treatment when you can do a bit of powdered lion cock.

  19. I have fucked more than a few Chinese women, prostitutes. They serve a purpose. There was a few Chinese brothels in Cardiff till the authorities got wise to it.

    I’d prefer a young Thai “lady” though, built for good and cheap fucking.

    About the Chinese and food preparation, it would be enlightening to visit Chinese kitchens and restaurants, hidden camera footage, would be worth checking out.

    I’ve gone right off foreign food nowadays, and am even questioning foreign pussy.

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