Greta Thunberg (3)

Another day, another cunting for this snotty-nosed, up-her-own-arse, self-important little wanker, with the news that Miss Thunderpants is to star in a BBC (who else?) series about her life and times – all 17 years of it – and her “journey to adulthood”….let’s just hope there is no full frontal nudity.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

‘Two Cunts For The Price Of One’ Offer:

Today we have a special offer exclusively for IsAC regulars: a ‘two for the price of one’ cunting. Yes, this not-to-be-missed deal provides a fabulous opportunity to participate in the dual cunting of St. Grunta of Cuntberg and that usual suspect, the BB fucking C.

Good Old Auntie’s Science Unit has announced a series ‘starring’ climate activist and habitual truant, Greta Thunberg. The series will explore the climate change issue whilst charting the rise and rise of “Little Miss Angry” as she pursues her crusade to save the planet. BBC Studios Executive Producer, Rob Liddell, waxed himself as he burbled “to be able to make this with Greta is an extraordinary privilege, getting an inside view on what it’s like being a global icon and one of the most famous faces on the planet”.

Global icon? What the fuck? All together now: “she’s not a global icon, she’s a very naughty girl!”. Yes, great idea Beeb. Follow this climate change fanatics’ mouthpiece around the world with a crew and a load of equipment, generating a bloody great carbon footprint in the process.

The world’s creepiest teenager and the ‘right on’ BBC, polluting the environment by generating more hot air between them than a Boeing 747.

Nominated by Ron Knee


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130 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg (3)

  1. “Thunberg will meet scientists, politicians and businesspeople”, and they will all be singing from the same doom-laden hymn sheet in their own hysterical ‘climate emergency’ eco-chambers.

    • Nice pic admin! There is a four storey mural of little Greta in libtard central, San Francisco. Very Big Brother with death ray eyes looking for poor cunts driving a diesel car or eating a hamburger.

      • Kindly post a link!

        Anyone else have funny pics of thundercunt? Post them here!

        Love Admin

        You have been pressing “Buttons” haven’t you!

        • I’ve seen some very X rated super imposed photos of naughty young Greta. I would probably end up in Chokey if I post them on here.

  2. I heard some “climate scientist” blathering on Radio 4 the other day – he said something like “I was talking about climate danger 50 years ago”. Obviously, he couldn’t see the irony that we are all still here 50 years later. The climate will always change – a few million years ago we were in an ice age, before that, most of the earth was tropical. Stupid cunts.

  3. How does this cunt manage to look 8 and 80 at the same time? Is it consequence of her lifelong vegan diet? That would certainly explain her thinning, greasy hair, sunken eyes, brittle granny teeth, pasty-ass complexion, nonexistent secondary sexual characteristics (Despite her being 17 years old) and early-onset dementia; on top of her, clearly inspired by a plethora of digestive issues, perpetual constipation.

    • Reckon she farts acetylene.
      Her digestive tract is undoubtedly going the same way as Adolf’s in those Downfall / Hitler Rants parodies on youtube…

  4. Wasn’t New York supposed to be wiped out by the ocean in 2013? 7 whole years later and the fucking cesspool is still there.

    I ain’t trusting this environmental alarmist bullshit until I see some fucking Manhattan elites sitting on icebergs.

  5. Icon? For what? Skiving school, uncomfortably shouting in public, being a spoilt teenager.

    Anyone can shout and scream about anything, but what answers does she have? Fucking none. Yes we burn fossil fuels for energy, we have no other alternative. Yes we breed and kill millions of animals for food, those animals wouldn’t even exist if we didn’t eat them. And yes we pump tonnes of CO² into the atmosphere, there’s over 7 billion of us and we literally breathe the stuff out, what should we do, all hold our breath?

    I notice she hasn’t been to China to preach to them, even though they account for 25% of global emissions.

    Anyway, we’ll most likely run out of resources before we all die of climate change, or starvation from over population, so I wouldn’t worry your little weird head about our 1 degree increase in temperatures over the last 200 years little thundercunt.

  6. Thunderpants has fetal alcohol syndrome. In other words she’s a thick cunt made that way by her mother. Millennials and below are confused needy cunts because shouting was the only way they could get attention in nurseries where they were left when all their mothers decided to abandon them and return to their dumb “careers’.

  7. Its every 16yr old retarded truants dream, own TV show!
    I’ll be glued to the screen!
    She’ll tell a few jokes, maybe sing a cover of a modern pop song,
    Special guests, maybe a band?
    The 1975?
    She needs a sidekick, maybe Orville?

    • Sidekick for the tv show? Harry Halfwit comes immediately to mind. Minus Markle, of course, who couldn’t possibly set foot on this sceptred isle again … unless it’s for $1000,000.00 up front and a guaranteed swathe of worshippers to bow down before her and kiss her well-heeled feet. Oh, and a ban on newspaper reports unless they’re pre-written by (ex)-Royal Sussex people. And an ultra-secret location for the shoot.

      • And … Markle could time her (secret) arrival for the day of Princess Beatrice’s wedding, eclipsing that event entirely when news of the entrance of the Queen of Sheba (sorry, Duchess) Markle is accidentally leaked to the press.

        • Makes me laugh when people say Markle was driven out by racism , who fucking cares it worked and that’s good enough for me.

          • It’s a lefty trop. Loads of people seem to despise Markle, and it’s very little to do with her skin tone, and loads to do with the fact that she’s an on-the-make cunt who disrespected HM the Queen in particular and the country in general. White, black, blue or green, makes no diff. She’s poison in any shade.

    • I can see her now MNC doing a cover version of Michael Jackson’s earth song shouting out the lyrics.

    • Basically she’s the real life version of Gonch from Grange Hill only instead of selling toast to people, she’s just skiving off using climate change as the excuse.

      That makes more sense tbh.

    • Exactly what I was thinking about, this cunt managed to get everything a 16 year old girl wants (A yacht trip, first class accomodation in trains and planes, a TV show) and all she had to do was pretend to give a fuck about the environment.

  8. So, we can assume the dumb faced, anti social little truant won’t be going back to school then? Well, why would you when you can become a multi millionaire peddling the propaganda of the ruling class?
    I have nothing against Greta……she’s just a dumb kid who is being used by the money men to peddle their scary bullshit. They always want us to be scared of something…….if it isn’t there they just make it up.
    Poor Greta, this won’t end well for her and her bastard parents, staying well in the background, will have a lot to answer for.
    As will all the dumb cunts who have swallowed all this climate shit.

    • Shes also forming a climate action band,
      The Spastic Ono band.
      Ill get my bio degradable coat….

    • Give it time as it wont be long before she is caught in a alleyway taking it up the arse by a guy who runs a nuclear power plant .

    • Nah she won’t go back to school. She’s got her career all ready to roll out; telly series, chat show appearances, book deals, travel all over the fucking place, telling everybody else not to travel… The dosh will roll in.
      This child is fucking creepy.

    • She’s not a kid, she’s less than a year away from legally being an adult, she’s just using her stunted vegan body to play a kid but she’s far from it.

  9. Greta and the BBC, that is going to be a truly puke inducing combination. If a programme has to be made, I want to see rigorous questioning of the science behind Greta’s views. I also want to know why the Swedish Police have not arrested her parents for child abuse and why Social and Mental Health Services have not intervened to protect this vulnerable child.

    Of course, this will not happen. What we will get is the BBC fawning all over this hopelessly deluded child as she attempts to persuade the worlds governments to tax the living shit out of us. All under the false pretense of saving the planet.

    • Don’t bet on The Greta being questioned on any of the previous climate apocalypse predictions prophesying that we shouldn’t even be alive by this point.

  10. This surprises me, I believed she would take up XHamsters offer of a series of short films where Greta test fucking machines that run on alternative energy.

    The Solar powered orgasmatron for instance.

    Gretas globally yawning gash and those green friendly men and their fucking machines.

  11. I couldn’t give a Fuck if she’s right or not. I’d rather go out in a blaze of flashing lights,fast cars and bonfire- bearbeques than meet my end in some unheated cave or behind the wheel of my Fred-Flintstone style car.

    Fuck the younger generation.

    • Just our luck to get the only 17 year old Swedish tart who is a fucking Munter.

    • Not me Dick, the flashing lights might trigger latent epilepsy in me,
      Im more going out in a warm bath full of heroin soaping my winky,
      Fast cars? Your cheshire counterparts have had me rolling in traffic 4 times this week in their fuckin tractors!
      Fancy the barbeque though

      • I plan to dip my cock in superglue and stick it up Gemma Arterton. “Death by being Dog-Tied” should be a new one for The Coroner.

    • She’s wrong though, environmental alarmism has existed for decades and its fanatical apocalyptic predictions have never been borne out in reality.

      Not to mention the androcentric element of this, much like the “anti-racists” who consistently judge everyone’s opinions based on their race, the “environmentalists” are so entrenced in human supremacism that they genuinely believe the actions of humans have more impact on the weather than the cycles of the ice age or solar activity.

  12. This will just be another BBC arse kissing fest because climate change is OUR FAULT don’t you know and we’re ALL DOOMED.

  13. No big surprise to learn how far up Greta’s environmentally-friendly arsehole the BBC have become. However, it will be interesting how she will react when she learns of how many BBC production staff will be jetting off to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics in a few months time!

    Rather than sending perhaps no more than the barest minimum, one suspects the BBC will ship over hundreds of the cunts, no doubt all staying in rather fancy hotels and chauffeur driven cars etc

    So what we have here is two cunts in one:-

    a) the BBC pleading poverty and having to sack lots of people (the older quality ones mostly); and yet can find a bucketload of cash for the Tokyo jolly

    b) the BBC sucking on Greta’s titties with her environmental credentials, and telling the world we must do our bit to save not only the planet, but brattish little cunts like her!

    Hopefully if the BBC do send a massive carbon footprint across the world to Tokyo, then Greta will scream “How dare you!” and tell them to fuck off!

    • What I find annoying is that Greta, a Swedish speaker, got hold of a perfectly good English phrase for use when signifying personal outrage and turned it into a laughing stock. We don’t come along and nick your Swedish words for outrage do we? You funkin’ little Ikea twat.

  14. The reality is all this talking will achieve fuck all. These stupid fucking hippies know that. Oh and her dad is a stupid fucking unwashed hippy too.

  15. I’m actually pleased the BBC has commissioned this pile of shit, at a time when their TV TAX is being scrutinised like never before they go and make a series fronted by an emotionally unstable useful idiot in the shape of the brainwashed 17 year old turdberg .
    Hopefully they spend plenty of our cash on this oh so worthy load of bollocks and people turn off in their droves,
    Another nail in the bbc coffin?
    I fucking hope so …….

    • I wait with bated breath to see what BoJo is actually going to do about the hated licence fee. The amount of disgust there is around with regard to BBCunts seems to grow by the day. Like many BBCunt haters, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the cunts as long as I don’t have to pay for the privilege of funding their propaganda. Boris has the chance now to cut the fuckers adrift from public money, but my guess is that he’ll bottle it and come up with some wishy-washy ‘solution’ that will leave things pretty much as they are.
      Get on here and moan like fuck. Can’t do any harm to shout about it if you hate the Beeb.

        • Nice one Q. The more the merrier; it can only help. I’m trying to get a ‘contact the Conservatives ‘bandwagon rolling on the subject of the Beeb, so I hope you’ll pass the contact on to like minded friends. Fuckers.

          • Like the majority (99,999%)
            On this site I absolutely despise the propaganda pumped out by the publicly funded BBC…..
            Another bunch of utter cunts would have to be remoaner central C4 😡😡

  16. Listening to the well informed advice from Prince Baldybollocks and Prince Halfwit i’ve been a bit concerned about my mental health recently. In particular my deep seated hatred for the cunting BBC. I mean it’s not as if it’s some Jihadi (who the fucking BBC love) trying to cut my fucking head off is it? So I went to see my GP.
    So I sat down in the waiting room, among all the Jihadis and other foreign trash and there was a telly on the wall.
    Tuned in to the FUCKING BBC!!!


  17. Millenials worship celebrity, that love island shite, fake tans, fish lips, eyebrows drawn on wi marker pens,
    Designer clothes, they love anything vacant and shallow.
    Once Greta tells them you cant do this or do that, theyll lose interest fast.
    Its the middle class young that like little Greta, doubt shed get much traction with kids on council estates?
    More into hoodies, mopeds an machetes.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me of the virtue signalling brigade start taking pot shots at Greta for being too white, and telling the rest of the world what to do (and then they’ll bang on about colonialism, slavery and oppression etc.)

      They will criticise her for not being dark enough, gay enough, tranny enough, vegan enough blah blah, and that her stardom is purely down to good old White Privilege!

      Just give it time, and this predicted backlash will happen!

      • Fair play to the little tyke for not coming out as gender neutral or self identifying as black. Yet.

    • Do they fuck!, I an sure that girl on the make up counter in Boots uses a mini gloss roller for her eyebrows.
      As for the fake tan, I have seen it at a new level one of the local Mutton (Polish plastic surgery ect) came out the Tan shop and I shit you not she looked like a mummified corpse.
      Maybe it is for some advanced necrophilia fetish her boyfriend has?

      Well that’s the local population slagged off for the day, better get my smiley face on and start at the counter.

  18. Maybe send Little Greta to china and she can lecture them on global warming and harmful effects of pollution I’m sure they would love to hear her solutions. They could always chop her up and make a tasty chow mein outta her or something fuckers will eat anything

    • Good point!

      Why don’t all those libtard twats bleating on about about people not wanting to get close to a Chinese person due to the Virus, and it’s all to do with racism etc, why don’t they fuck off to China and have a “Hug a Ch1nk Day” in sympathy?

      • True Technocunt, thats why shes a hypocritical stunned cunt she can go to all these foreign countries with the most pollution like India and China but the little cunt just wants to wag her finger at western/white countries.

        Shes a astroturfed bitch bought by Soros its Al Gores An inconvenient truth all over again but with a assburgered little fucktart

        It would Mort

  19. The world’s banks understand how things really work or they wouldn’t exist. When the banks stop lending billions for coastal developments all around the world with terms measured in decades, ironically, for such things like power stations – then I’ll fucking worry. Fucking Thundercunt!

  20. If the Chinese have any smarts, they’ll bottle Coronavirus and then crop-dust Africa and the Middle East. That’ll take out approx 2 billion of the world’s population, which will immeasurably benefit reduction in pollution, plus the world will no longer have to put up with the religion of pieces.

  21. I notice the little bastard never shouts about taking mobile phones off the hordes.
    If she did she’d fuck off to Peking in short order.
    Fuck this manky cunt.
    Fuck those fawning cunts in London.
    Fuck all the emergencies they dream up.
    Just Fuck off and die.

  22. I would love to know who is bankrolling her jaunts across the globe. Driving the USA in a shiny new Tesla and jetting from here to there.

    I suspect Cuntberg’s carbon footprint is considerably larger than that of any of us on here, so this fucking pain in the arsehole m1dg3t pipsqueak should shut the fuck up and return to school.

    She boasts that for this ‘crisis’, adults always turn to the younger generation, of which she is one. Really? Not from my experiences. Why turn to a generation of self-important, spoilt, know-fuck alls?

    She is a deluded arsehole and one can only hope that the complicit Al Ja Beeba will have its charter ripped from its arsehole.

    • Well the BBC (ie you and me) are bankrolling her for the next few months at least. I imagine she gets some generous “expenses” from the UN for spreading the new gospels.

  23. This is exploitation of a vulnerable child by cunts who should know better and the sooner someone calls them out on it, the better.

  24. The famous swimming abilities of the dark key combined with a great flood will solve one problem at least.

  25. Well I’m up here in the North waiting for Storm Dennis. Following on the heels of Storm Ciara.
    This latest one will have ‘much more rainfall’ which will fall on already sudden ground.
    All this following on the the extensive flooding in 2010, 2007 , 2003.
    A woman on Look North – We cannot keep going if it keeps flooding’. Said as if it was a routine occurrence.
    There are are more ‘extreme weather events’ and something is causing it.

  26. Cancel your TV licence folks. The BBC is a cunt. I ain’t paying for their lefty propaganda.

    Fuck em.

  27. I thought the little shit had taken a year off school to do her world tour then would be back to her studies, looks like the BBC have different ideas.

    Those bastards are stealing her education; how dare they!

    She is a cunt, the BBC are bigger cunts for indulging the little mong.

    • No doubt she will do Desert Island Discs on the week the TV show starts. Her luxury item? – a 16 inch super dildo, made of recycled latex

  28. Woke up this morning to read that my local town has sprouted an extinction rebellion group – only about 8 of them in the photo in the local rag – should be easy dealing with these few old codgers and luvvies who only come down from the hills at a weekend to do their luxury shop – thanks Greta for making all our lives so much noisier – fuck off cunt

  29. She is symptomatic of the new age of cunt. Before the internet, cunts would have to become aware of a subject, research that subject, then find enough people who were interested enough to do the same. Now, cunts can read a tweet or a social media article which proudly boasts ‘3 minute read’ and become a near expert on any given subject. If they want to go further, there are millions of videos on YouTube, loaded with cod science and hearsay, all presented by swivel eyed wankers who are deemed truthers because their message goes against ‘the man’
    Listening to this freak lecturing world leaders, telling them they don’t get it? Does she have the faintest idea what the figures she is reading out mean? All this with very little schooling, most of which was probably colouring in with crayons.

  30. I am sick of this smug self satisfied windowlicking little cunt…. She has no life experience, she has fuck all qualifications, she has never done a decent day’s work in her life (and probably never will)… Yet her arrogance and ability to tell others what to do and how to think is astounding in its cunt levels… This rubber faced little bastard lectures about ethics and other shit, yet she makes records with those SJW knobs, the 1975, is a pet for snowflake celebrity cunts and fuckers like the Obamas, and stays in top hotels around the world without paying a penny for it… Now she is another BBC pet and Christmas cracker novelty… The BBC abandoned its Schools and Colleges programmes and the Open University years ago… They whined that they didn’t have enough money for them…. Yet out of nowhere they find the (licence payer’s) cash to make an ‘educational’ programme with this condescending little spaz… The ‘Corporation’ has used everything to try and ‘educate’ us ignorant oafish riff raff already… Katie Hopkins was right when she said that every BBC show is now like a finger wagging PC lecture… Doctor Who being the worst and most glaring example (Rosa Parks in a science fiction escapism series?! Fuck off!) So it’s no surprise that the ‘Beeb’ are lecturing us again… But instead of getting a top bollocks academic type or a scientist like the good old OU days with a proper educational programme, they will throw money at this gurning self righteous little chimp with no scientific or geological knowhow to tell us where us proles and peasants are going wrong… Well they can fuck off…

    • “The BBC abandoned its Schools and Colleges programmes and the Open University years ago”.

      WTF????????? When did that happen? Many a lesson back in junior school was watching a Schools & Colleges programme on the telly. Remember the black clock face ticking down with the second markers disappearing as the big hand moved towards the top of the hour? The bastard BBC scrapped it? But they’ve got money for creating who knows much much content in who knows how many fucking languages???

      I’m genuinely saddened and shocked by this. I just assumed the OU was still on the schedules or at least online. Wow! Just wow!!

      (I have lived in Yankland for almost 20 years which might explain me not knowing this)

      • I think they ditched school and college programmes in the early 90s when the BBC decided to “entertain” people with lunchtime quiz shows and antiques and cookery afternoon programmes. My son had these TV programmes when he was at school, and very occassionaly I would see one, and they were far better than the Attenborough with dramatic cellos shit they make at enormous expense today,

    • Excellent contribution, Norman. It’s hard to use brevity when there is so much cuntery present like in this instance with young Greta the evil little voodoo doll, but you summed it all up rather nicely. I don’t wish the young lass any harm — she’s, after all, being exploited — but by fuck I sure am sick of the sight of her and the ensemble that gives her a platform for all of this nonsense. Utterly cringeworthy.

  31. I had nearly forgotten about all this (which is no mean feat). What in the actual fuck?!! It was like Children of The Corn crossed with a slight learning disability. It made Lilly Allen’s recent video post about Labour’s new manifesto seem normal. I suppose this is what happens when you are George Soros’s sock-puppet, are 17 years old, have celebrity parents, and have Asperger’s Syndrome. Climate change activism is all very good and dandy, but just not like this. This young girl is being exploited by powerbrokers and elites — the very people that endeavour to aggressively disseminate their message and policies but who don’t do as they say , but who do as they do (i.e., they are complete hypocrites).

    I reckon young Greta is only a couple of years away from turning into a cocaine-addled, party-going mess; it’s almost inevitable. She’ll look back at that ‘stolen dreams’ video in horror, that’s for sure.

    • Give it a year or so and Hollywoke will be giving us ‘Thunderbird; the Greta Thunberg Story’. Megan Markle in the lead role (a touch of diversity will go down well) with Alec Baldwin as arch villain Donald Trump. A lesbian will be found to direct, and Elton John is writing songs. Phoenix Fad Foods has been contracted to do catering, and a safe space will be contractually provided when young Grunta turns up on set to advise. Cuntywood Films has initially allocated a budget of $150million, with location filming scheduled for 35 countries (but not China).

    • I think she’s Soros’ wank-sock puppet.
      I wonder if Andrew Porchester knows Soros ?

      At a tangent, some Scottish Sheercunt lookalike, Lewis Capaldi, has been singing a song about a woman he loves…his granny.
      Or maybe it’s
      “Wayne Rooney knew my granny
      Granny knew Wayne Rooney”…

  32. A total retard who should have been aborted before birth
    George Soros sponsored little scumbag 👍

  33. If the BBC had any journalistic integrity (stop laughing), then why not interview this child on a fair and amicable basis? I’m sure many of us would like to know and understand her research and extensive study in the area of historical climate change. Perhaps she could discuss any papers she’s had peer reviewed and published which support her world view and which are backed up by indisputable scientific evidence. Maybe she could discuss the years she’s spent in different climates around the world, collecting data and other such important activities. Maybe talk about her degrees in climatology, physics and chemistry. Above all, demonstrate to the lay person why she is so well informed and is coming from a place of personal experience, expertise and knowledge.

    Yep, thought not. Until then Greta – run along and play with your dollies. The adults in the room will take it from here.

    • I think you’ve just about nailed it there IY.
      Although, as with Admin’s link at 11.07, you probably wouldn’t be able to get past her ‘heavies.’

      • Professor, is there any truth in the rumour that Little Miss Creepy is about to be given an honorary doctorate by the University of Cuntford, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to climate studies over the last half century?

        • I was asked to nominate her Ron. However, I had to decline in favour of David Attenborough who probably won’t make it to the presentation ceremony with a bit of luck.
          There are plans to cryogenically freeze the cunt and bring him back as a gorilla.

          • Interesting. Who is behind this plan to freeze the old cunt? Wouldn’t it be better to plant his carcase and let it enrich the environment? I think your Dept. of Cuntology should be sniffing around to find out what’s going on. IsAC needs to be told!

      • I know, right Bert! I’m about 10 minutes in and it’s actually quite disturbing. Who would have thunk it? You’d think it was just a random precocious child having a rant at the grown ups and the media having a bit of an ‘ahhh bless’ attitude towards the whole thing. By the next news cycle it’s all forgotten. But no – way more sinister. Still, the fawning over this child is absolutely bat shit crazy.

        • Yes IY. The whole sad, sorry affair has been no accident of chance but has been planned and orchestrated from the start.

    • Some of her poses sort of remind me of how Jack Nicolson looked batshit crazy in ‘The Shining’.

  34. Fucking retarded cunt.
    I hope someone bashes her skull in with a lump of ice, oh the irony!

    • Or an ice pick. Poetic justice seeing as she’s being used by the left.
      Trotsky,left ,ice pick….oh please yourself.

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