Emily Eavis and Billy Bragg

A joint cunting, if I may, for Emily Eavis and Billy Bragg. Another pointless day filled with YouTube surfing popped up this piece of shite:


Not ever having seen a picture of Ms Eavis, I wondered if it might have been a spoof. However, no, I was mistaken, as there was another cunt who I did recognise, who was presenting the NME award to her – Billy Fucking Bragg. The social warrior who is all for diversity but, unsurprisingly, lives in deepest Dorset, probably as far away from his “beloved” London as one could get.

So, back to Ms Eavis. I know who she is, but have never seen a picture of her. I know she runs Glastonbury – a middle-class wankfest as far as I can tell. So she gets an award and is apparently, “god like” (I won’t give it a capital G as she is not God, she is a cunt) because she rakes in millions of pounds each year for the Eavis family. I see her bearded old cunt of a father was in the audience.

What the fuck is wrong with this country? If you can bear to watch it, I think there is even more shit on this NME thing. What the fuck happened to the NME of old – anti-establishment, iconoclastic newspaper. Now they are more establishment than Jacob Rees-Mogg.

What a bunch of cunts. Oh, and the cheeky cunts have stolen your idea for the middle-finger award thing. Double plus cunts.

Nominated by Lord Cuntingford

46 thoughts on “Emily Eavis and Billy Bragg

  1. The award should be a pint of piss lobbed from the crowd.
    As you mention him, Rees-Mogg deserves praise for having lots of white children that he can support financially.

    • Fuck me Admin, who’d you think you are the NME?
      Theme going on here,
      Lukewarm piss music by ducky darlings.
      Emily and her greedy fucker of a dad should be trampled by their cattle the grabbing bastards.

  2. When I saw the poster in the background I thought it was Commissar Corbynov!

    Christ Billy, we know you’re a champagne communist but do you have to try and mimic your hero?

    Mimicry is the greatest form of flattery I suppose.

    Either that, or you never see Billy and Jezza in the same room anymore? Hmmm!?! 🤔

  3. ‘god-like genius’ – more like cunt cunt cunt no genius just daddy’s now little rich girl – fuck off – stick the plastic where the sun don’t shine – gives farmers a bad name – bet she didn’t dig the ditches to stop the flooding – one big CUNTING

    • ……. and taylor swift is a talentless bint ……… just how the fuck do these people get on in life???? this country’s had it!

    • They didnt seem to turn up on general election polling day did they?
      To busy with queuing up for the new Billy Bragg album?😁

        • Morning Rtc, you ever go to Glastonbury?
          I went a few times in late 80s/ early 90s
          Never paid to get in though, id hate it now!
          Full of love island types drinking pimms and sniffing coke to stormzy.

          • Morning Miserable.

            Never been to any festival, not my scene, even when young. Nearly got persuaded to attend Bickershaw in 1972 cos Beefheart was on the bill, but even that couldn’t tempt me.

            Preferred to be alone with my record player.

          • Only ever been to one festival, Monsters of Rock at Donington when AC/DC were headlining in ’81. No drugs for me, but plenty of beer. The only vivid memory I have is walking there and, on the way, a few of us dangled one of our group over the side of a bridge over a river, by his ankles. All his money fell out of his pockets and we had to fund the cunt for the weekend. Happy days, loved being a teen then, would hate it now.

          • Reading 92 for nirvana. Reading again 98 for new order. What a load of shit. Even then the crowds were largely comprised of stinking crusties and Tom and Ameila types from the home counties.

          • I also remember being at Monsters of Rock – the sight of a thousand piss-filled bottles being hurled at the stage will never leave me – oh, and some cunt lobbed a packet of sarnies at our group.

  4. She should’ve been given an award for having the ‘Cuntiest Father in the Universe.’ Farmer Eavis is a rapacious, money-grubbing inbreed who loves nothing more than talking about how worthy, benevolent, and charitable he is while extorting cash from stoodents. I’ve cunted the gammon-faced bumpkin many a-time, last time slapping Steptoe’s back while simultaneously ripping off workers on his estate. Now he’s passing the crown on to spend more time slaughtering animals and chin-wagging with Corbyn.

    Fuck him and his sanctimonious inbred progeny, shat out into the world to inherit the reins of this festival of hypocrisy and lucre.

  5. Trustafarian is the term, I believe, for privileged trust fund kids who can slum it at festivals because the have no money worries and don’t need to work, due to Daddy being well off.

    They’re a bit like poverty tourists. When the festival season has finished Hugo and Tabitha can just pack up and fuck off back to their lifestyle of swanky London pads in Chelsea and going to trendy artisan vegan restaurant with all the other Raahs

    Being poor and having no money is cool innit?

    25 years on and Jarvis Cocker’s Common People still hits the nail on the head.

  6. ‘ Just because you’re better than me,
    Doesn’t mean I’m lazy,
    Just because I dress like this,
    Doesn’t mean I’m a communist ‘


  7. The only time I went to this wankfest I was so bored I left the ex wife and car there. I was the only person hitching away from the cunts.

  8. Emily Eavis looks like an inbred extra from the film Deliverance.

    Her rapacious cunt of an old man looks like he is going for the Paul Gadd impersonation on Stars in Their Eyes.

    Bragg is the epitome of a Champagne Socialist.


    • She’s definitely an odd-looking bint. She’s inherited Pædo Farmer Cunty’s forehead but there may also be an extra chromosome rattling around the Gary Glitter genes too.

      • With her abnormally enlarged upper mandible and incisors, she could eat several apples, simultaneously, through a tennis racquet.

    • ‘Her rapacious cunt of an old man looks like he is going for the Paul Gadd impersonation on Stars in Their Eyes.’


  9. Billy Bragg cares so very much from his mansion ( with magnificent views ofcourse) of the beautiful Dorset coast line in his olde worlde village and traditional low beamed pubs.
    He’s managed to stay a cunt for 35 years at least.

  10. Chances of me going to ‘Glasto’ are the same as Arsenal winning the title, sub fucking zero.

    A festival of cunts.

  11. Every time I see that old cunt Eavis I get this unpleasant vision of a demented garden gnome violating a pig.

  12. Marxist troubadour Billy Bragg bought his house on the Dorset coast for £630,000 and then planned to sell it for £2.4 million years later.

    So yeah capitalism is bad isn’t Billy ✊💦

  13. Music festivals aren’t my thing, just as well as nowadays they seem to be nothing but cunts watching cunts.
    And was Billy Bragg ever any good as a musician? I genuinely don’t know, mainly because I keep thinking he’s Billy Idol. I mean I know he’s a fucking cunt, but was he ever worth listening to?

  14. Read the NME , MELODY MAKER and SOUNDS Religiously during the early 70’s. In those days it was all about music, can you believe that ? Nowadays it’s all about Wokeness tinged with left wing Politics. It’s not about music anymore. Why ? Because their is no music or Teen culture anymore.

  15. Oh and Billy Bragg needs correcting with repeated beatings to his ugly Boat Race.

    Good Morning All.

  16. Fecking Bragg was a cunt back in my youth and the march of time has only increased his cuntery, my brother was a university student back then who worshipped him and his right on power to the people bollocks purchasing his discs and upping his bank account, everyone of the lefty property is theft twats is now minted. Students gullible wankers to a man cunts of the first water.

  17. Just looked at heading pic, that award says it all cant even use a British insult had to import an American one, fuck me they are so “rad” as is the modern parlance I believe.

  18. I went to Glasto twice in the 1990s, one time went through a cut-through in the fence, second time with a travellers kid with fake tickets. My mad girlfriend at that time brought the Class As.

    Glastonbury doesn’t really grab my fancy anymore. I think all the teenagers and young people would annoy me. I guess Eavis the father has raised a lot of money for charity.

    I prefer Morrissey at least he has been strongly outspoken for and in favour of White Britishness, which is being destroyed.

    There’s a festival near me “Green Man Festival” from what I gather it’s quite middle class and rather posh, but I still don’t even bother with that one.

    Don’t mind a bit of Glasto TV coverage in the comfort of my sitting room, away from the yobbos.

    I truly do my level best to avoid leftists, woke culture, yoofs, “the right on mob” etc. I’m not a climate change denier but equally I would never truly mix with climate change activists, we have almost nothing in common. I don’t do well with the left and far-left, and some of them are bordering on actual AntiFa. Equally, they would not tally with my white ethnostate beliefs.

    Sunday morning, freely surfing on t’ web of lies, just read this beaut, legalising all the surveillance that good ole Edward Snowden first exposed in 2013.
    Article from a few years ago but still very interesting reading though.


    • It wouldn’t be peaceful terrorists or grooming gangs that would be targeted for surveillance, it would be us ‘dangerous fascists’.

  19. What the fuck does she warrant an award for?

    She is a rich little Daddy’s girl who took over his little goldmine that is Glastonbury, where middle class under 20s go to watch shit acts, tread in shit, get high as fuck and shag in a tent. Big fucking deal. She is hardly finding a cure for cancer, for fuck’s sake.

    As for Billy Bragg, he is a joke. all I remember about him from my 80’s youth is that he was a shouty, tuneless cunt with a guitar, belting out party political broadcasts in the form of ‘song’ (and I use the word ‘song’ lightly) Now he is just another hypcocritical, lefty cunt who espouses social justice, equality and standing up for the deprived in society, whilst living in a big, fuck-off, £1.5 million house in Dorset, far from the chance of any lowly riff-raff or ethnic tarnishing his doorstep, the two-faced tosser.

    They can both go and get right royally fucked (not in a Prince Andrew kind of way, though these days I wouldn’t put anything past him)

    P.S. I also cannot stand that cunt Michael Eavis. He has always given me the creeps with that hideous goatee beard of his, that makes him look like his head is on upside down. Urgggh.

  20. The NME went to fuck years ago… It got so shit and sales went so low that they started to give the thing away free (like that libfuck Metro shite that we get on trams and buses)… They couldn’t even give the NME away in the end, so it died a death as a printed publication…

    Last time I saw it in an actual shop was when they had Simon Cowell -of all cunts – on the cover of a Christmas edition… The paper that was once (rightly or wrongly) considered the music bible during the punk and new wave years putting that corporate cunt of a monster and everything that was/is wrong with popular music on its cover told me then it was finished and deservedly so… Now it exists as a very bad website: run by millennial bellends and clueless cunts… The ‘journos’ on this site once referred to George Harrison as the Beatles’ drummer and the Stone Roses drummer as Mani… The levels of incompetence are quite astonishing, even by millennial knobhead standards…. I know they used to employ cunts like Tony ‘Parsehole’ Parsons, Julie Burchill, Charles Shaar Cunt, and Paul ‘cunt’ Morley… But the cunts they employ now take knobheadery to another level…

    As for Eavis? Nepotistic tosspot and plastic socialist, who gets her servants to turn the pages of Living Marxism and the Morning Star for her as she eats her vegan breakfast with a silver spoon… Her taste in music is also diabolically shite… ‘Glasto’ is just full of greedy has been acts like the Stones or U2, trendy ‘n!gg@’ (they say it every two minutes) bollocks like Kanye and Stormzy, or appeal to pooves novelty acts like Dolly Parton, Kylie and Lionel Richie… And let’s not ever forget that ‘Glasto’ booked Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris and the zany student middle class funsters in the audience lapped it up…

    Bragg? A total cunt… A wannabe Dylan, but more like a Corbynist Arthur Mullard… Big nosed honking champagne socialist fucking cunt…

  21. God created Tina Kay’s plump fanny, what the fuck did this bitch ever do to be remotely comparable? Turn a once edgy English pop music institution into a corporate sellout attended by rich white cunts standing watching middle-of-the-road painfully dull sleep-inducing shite. And look what they did to the fucking Charlatans!


  22. Billy Bragg has all the musicality, talent, and charisma of elephant droppings. As a singer, he’d make a great banjo player.
    Maybe I’m being harsh. I think I’ll give “Billy Braggs Greatest Hits” a spin, and revisit all his great top twenty singles.

    Oh, hang on….

  23. Nice to see the Barking bell end again. Very busy with sjw work in his delightful Dorset village so I gather.

  24. Don’t give a fuck about Bragg , don’t give a fuck about her . I’d be more concerned about the dodgy looking guy in the picture with the bald head who looks like Gary Glitter.

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