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Good afternoon cunter’s

Fresh reports are flowing in of another peaceful misunderstanding in Stretham London,

A peaceful wrapped in his novelty body warmer accidentally injured a number of people with his pen knife whilst showing it to them, A police officer would seem to have had a negligent discharge with his side arm killing the gentleman.

This has been described as a “Terror related incident”, But we at Isac know that when the Guardian comes out tomorrow it will be a different story.

Carry on cunting!



101 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. You can bet your life that Sophie Khan cow will on,claiming that the police should be disciplined for excessive use of force.

    • Afternoon Ron, the random member of the public and his antique narwhal tusk were having a quiet Sunday afternoon pint when this all kicked off.

    • Speaking of Sophie Khan, I cunted the slag last week, and, I think you did too, Ron. I’d have thought that that trollop would have jumped the queue. Stupid bint’s not fit to lick a coppers boots, let alone critisize them.

      • She’ll probably be coming up soon DCI; Admin can only prioritise on postings I guess. Her comments were nothing short of a disgrace, in my view she should be subject to disciplinary proceedings herself, but as an effick female, she’ll dodge that bullet no doubt.

    • Blimey, they have libraries that open on a Sunday, I didn’t realise that many people could even read in that neck of the woods.

  2. Fucking Police Brutality!!

    I am ashamed of my country and want apologise to anyone effected by this clear injustice!

    Just kidding, nice one mr plod….. keep up the good work!!

  3. Is it yet again someone on a watch list? Are we going to hear the same tired old bullshit?

    • On a watchlist, arrived as an asylum seeker, previously convicted for terror and released early…Expect ‘lessons must be learned’ rubbish and the usual police promise to ‘keep the muslim community safe’ insults shortly.

    • I sometimes wish one of these “mental health” issue Peacefuls would stab a Libtard while shouting lots of Snackbar diatribes as well as declaring a hatred for the West etc.

      but even with all that damning empirical evidence, The BBC and Groanian will still somehow twist it in such a way as to blame the usual suspects.

  4. Breaking News? Somebody who believes in an imaginary, bearded man who lives in the clouds and hears voices in his head but also asks his imaginary friend for help five times a day by kneeling on a tea towel then patting the floor because this is how you’re rewarded though mostly your pleas fall on deaf ears so you return to the big book that was compiled through rumours and hearsay which fills you full of contempt and tells you to despise any non-believer…..

    ….has become a bit mad and stabby? What a surprise.

    • Wasnt one of the previous attacks in this part of London?
      Rings a bell.
      This has to stop, how many ISIS fighters have returned and are walking the streets in OUR country?
      Its madness, weak at the top, politicians, police, judiciary, all soft.
      This will keep happening unless they pull their finger out with a decent deterrent.

      • I thought St Reefem had become a bit gentrified but no, still the same shit-hole packed to the rafters with non-British parasites making hand-over-fist cash, paying zero tax, contributing nothing though remembering to endlessly admonish the country, belittle the natives, and perpetually cry racism.

      • MNC, I do not know if you have seen four lions, but you yourself would be a prime target, when I say pull up a sandbag, you do, you hold to most of I say and do not question it.
        They do not have to be an ISIS fighter, just a billy bullshit agent provoker, Nice bit of bollocks history, a few photos, word perfect on the que ran and ” You Ismail could join my beloved brother akmehed in paradise” cut down to pop down to robert dyas buy something sharp, dress your self up as a red bull advert bobs your uncle fannys my aunt, job done, next please.
        Oh Humad you remind me of a good friend who died in the Jihad, (to be continued) notice I left out the “and I will Martyr too” because I am down the offy for a bottle of vodka for some white trash

        • Not seen it Lord B, heard of it.
          Know they work through propaganda and encourage others through religious dogma.
          Wondering why the powers that be allowed the ones that fought ISIS back here, seems madness.

          • It’s a bloody good film Benny & Miserable!! Chris Morris at his best, hilarious.

          • Evening mate, like i said to Lord B ive heard of it, know its about young british muslims heading the call but thats about it!
            Know your into your films, so if you say somethings good or shite i tend to just take your word for it!
            Like the ISAC version of Barry Norman😁

          • I do actually do reviews in my spare time for a film website; getting hard now though cos you have to be aware of all this woke crap. I got in stick for criticising an all female scifi film cos it was, you know, shite; apparently I was being sexy though, or something like that. Funniest line in 4 lions for me is when the jihadi boys are psyching themselves up for death to western consumerism and one of em shouts “Yeah! Fuck mini Babybel!”

          • Remember you saying you got a bit of stick, ganged up on, know your really into your horror films.
            Yeah suppose nowadays you have to be careful, at least on here mate you know the audience is sympathetic, and can say what you want.
            Watching ‘life on mars’ at moment👍👍

  5. Just watching the silly cunts on BBC news
    ‘Why in Streatham, it’s not central London’

    Well no you cunts but it full of fucking foreign cunts, looking at the videos, it’s hard to spot the white man.

  6. 🎶Don’t blame it on the sunshine
    Don’t blame it on the moonlight
    Don’t blame it on the good times
    Blame it on the muzzie 🎶

  7. The only party that can stop this is For Britain. I’m not trying to be an advert, but really guys go and watch Anne-Marie Waters’ vids. She’s trying to build up a literally just common sense party. She’s not afraid to say what needs to be done about the ‘I’ problem, and she’s a lez who hates the ‘progressives’, to boot.

    • I think it is for the collective to make that decision they despite a massive government and media backlash voted for brexit twice

  8. I heard on the news but the abject reticence of any news agency to indicate if it was “peaceful” or ” aspiring architect” related had me straight over to ISaC for the real skinny!

    Sad indictment of affairs when you have to use trusted internet sources to get the full SP rather than lamestream media.

    Wasn’t an issue calling out Darren “fucking” Osbourne before his engine was even switched off was it!?!

    Fucking anti-British media cunts!

    We do have a dedicated news team to bump or write these articles, Unfortunately they were delayed by “pressing matters on the allotment”

    • I agree totally with your observation and find it deeply worrying. The BBC bangs on about being ‘the most trusted news service in the world’ and yet more ordinary people are turning from it. I would love to be a fly on the wall at some of the big wigs’ pow wows.

    • You are going off script, there will be subliminal messaging soon, over and over and over.

      ‘Diversity is our Strength’

      Sadly there will never be a radical message about rooting out, detaining, deporting, locking up ‘those who wish to do us harm’ it’s all about liberal values, anyone who dares to deviate are either silenced or declared racist! Unless it’s about detaining and locking up Tommy R, then it’s fine, no trial needed he is guilty!

      • Some deputy leader of the greens was on channel 4 news and guess what diversity is their strength apparently

    • Pressing matters on the allotment…
      You have big red buttons, I hope ? They are there to be pressed…
      Goodnight Frankfurt ?

  9. Fuck me, this is practically on my doorstep!! I was there, in the Wetherspoons on Friday night.
    I wouldn’t mind having a big bet it’s a fucking Somali. Those bastards are everywhere in Streatham. Fucking trash.

  10. We are riddled with terrorists and their sympathisers.
    Waiting for them to get stabby is a cowardly disgrace.
    Round them up and put them in concentration camps.
    Add their families and any cry baby cunts also.
    Overall I vote Heydrich.
    Fuck them all.

  11. It’s been revealed within the last hour that the Streatham attacker is in fact a Scottish drug addict who goes by the name of Amaff Maheed.

  12. Make ‘breaking news’ posts like this a regular feature please. This one was great.

    To be frank We would rather it did not, Breaking News, Means that something has gone wrong, people were hurt, lives ruined, some poor chap is currently facing interrogation for doing his job, at the same time he is probably struggling with him self about breaking the first of the ten commandments, and there is nothing that you can say that will change this, Breaking news is sometimes bad.

    • Totally understand that it would usually be grim news, but it allows us all to vent spleen on the cunts responsible without taking over some poor cunters usually well deserved nom. Such as this great opportunity to grind down on this wanker.

  13. Well I for one am disgusted. How many more times do we have to see such horrific police brutaltity perpetrated by evil, heterosexual, colonialist white men against poor peacefuls going about their legal business??? It HAS to stop; these people have every right to spread the word of Mozza the sand monkey in their delightful stabby, explodey, beheady, rapey ways and I shall be straight off to the Grauniad comments section to put this point across. Peace be upon you.

  14. The police seem to have adopted a shoot to kill policy. Hooray. However, it won’t be long before the libtards start noticing and moan about it.

    These special vest wearing/blade wielding types cannot be rehab’d and it is far cheaper to put them out of their misery rather than put them in a prison. Shame they didn’t put Lee Rigby’s killers out of their misery.

    Let me put you straight, there is no shoot to kill policy, even on the battle field! There is however a duty of care policy, The responsibility of the fire arms trained officer is on protection of the public, Fire arms training is very intensive, more so than any other country (as the UK trains them) at the point of firing a weapon the officer has to be clear in their head that the target is a threat to the public, them self, or another officer.
    it is to say “very black and white”.

    p.s. I used to live in Streatham, over 25 years ago. It used to have a John Lewis and it was a nice middle class area. Now it is a shithole. Might as well be Yemen Street, Yemen.

    • My brother lived in Streatham 35 years ago. It was much as you describe. John Cleese lived there, we bumped into him on a couple of occasions.

      • Small world RTC 🙂

        To think Sir Roger even lived in Streatham at one point as did Susannah York (her daughter attended my school, a few years below me.)

        Never saw Cleese mind.

    • There seems to have been much media debate over whether Abdul Scissorhands should have been kept in prison & how this could have been achieved given the current state of our namby pamby, wishy washy, bleeding heart, put the criminal first laws.

      Now, the law won’t be changed over night, but I’d like these radical IS cunts locked away till their knob rots. When they do renounce thoughts of evil, put them together on some remote Scottish island & never let them mingle with ‘everyday’ daft twats.

      On the interim, cut this cunts bullet ridden head off with his own weapon of choice, put in on a sharp stick & send It on a tour of UK prisons to let any radical bastard know what to expect if he tries carving up Joe Public.

      I’m wasted on here…. I really am 🙂

  15. Suckdick is off already……”terrorists seek to divide us and destroy our way of life. They will never succeed here in Londonstabistan.” Oh, please fuck off and take your communidee with you, cunt.
    Same old same old. Now where did I put those fucking candles?

  16. I wish mad mo had stabbed some of those cunts who queue for hours at Madam Toosads Waxworks.
    Perhaps a quick shank between the ribs will become part of the tourist trail. Licensed peacefuls could sell authentic London lung punctures while you get arrested for photographing plod.

  17. Fuckin’ hell, the police are giving tips for terrorists now!
    On a news report now, some idiot named other areas where police would not have been able to get to as quickly. WTF – talk about making things easier for the terrorist. This type of information should not be revealed on the media. We will never make progress until we start appointing senior police officers of real calibre.
    Still it’s very reassuring that the fooking idiot of a local MP has told people not to be afraid as it’s only an isolated case. Bless her.

    • As we know murder is totally against the teachings of the ‘holy’ koran, so anyone who kills immediately has nothing to do with islam or other muslims. How convenient.

    • Wa hey! Just looked up who this MP is for Streatham and immediately found that she is Ribeiro-Addy who was chief of staff to Diane Abbott. Why did that not surprise me? No wonder her stock phrase is ‘don’t be afraid.’ Nuff said.

      First we take Londonistan, then we take Berlin.
      Before we can rebuild an empire, we must first of all take back what we have already lost.

      • Just seen you Rachel Boyle post Blunty, sorry Prof. Bertie Blunt, what is your professorship in?

        • I have it on good authority that Blunty is Professor of Cuntology at St Cunt’s College, University of Cuntford. His main area of expertise lies in the development of methodology for the detection and categorisation of cunts in the political and media spheres, and he is special advisor to IsAC on these matters. No doubt he’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

          He is actually a special adviser! we could ignore him but he makes us run round the playing fields in our keks if we do.

          • I’m continually Striving to improve Admin’s service to the IsAC community. This year we are aiming to achieve the gold award in cunt control, which is the industry standard.

  18. This used to be Chucky’s constituency before he decided Labour wasn’t remoan enough for him. At least we won’t have to listen to his fucking excuses and bullshit.

  19. Why aren’t fucks like the one today locked up in our own style Guantanamo Bay? This fucking soft touch, wet fart, do nothing to upset the PC Brigade out of touch twats we have in charge. In my book we are at War on our own isle. Do you think The Donald would have any qualms about locking up pieces of shit like this with no charge if he thought they were a danger? No, because he thinks of his own peoples safety first. Britain, a place run by cunts for other out of touch with reality cunts. Fuck off.

  20. I love the breaking news format, well done the admin team. I know it can’t be available all the time, but it’s a great idea. I actually got the news here first. I’ve been enjoying the news lately, all the wankers moaning, but the totally one sided biased cunts have worn me down, so I have been ignorant of world affairs all day.
    Glad to see that because these maggots are strapping empty red bull can to themselves, they are sure to be martyred, which to anyone with a functioning brain means dead. For the relatively cheap outlay of a couple of 9mm rounds, this piece of shit is prevented from causing a costly trial and incarceration. Some prick went snackbar in Belgium at the same time, surely no coincidence, and he suffered the same fate too. Win win! Of course I was interested in what a few of our political figures had to say, and they didn’t leave me wanting. Suckdick Khant gave his usual speech about terrorists try to divide us but they won’t succeed, yawn. And magic grandpa, true to form, expressed his sympathy for ALL those involved, where as other politiocos reserved their sympathy for the victims. Can’t keep a cunt cunt down.

    Thank you,I think I expressed our opinion earlier, Truth be told I was well into a rather exotic bit of Dwarf porn when the Boss had some little shit bang on the door, being a gent I chose not to answer, then the little darling launched a brick through the window with a note on it, weekend admin was a doss before these stabby chaps arrived.

    • They should be straight round to the cunts house, put a bullet into the empty skull of each family member, 2nd cousins, and close the mosque where he worshiped the devil never to re-open.

  21. Streatham was already a fucking toilet when I worked and occasionally socialised there in the early/mid90s. Even then the Nigerians were pouring in at a rate of knots and it’s only down the road from Brixton so the aspiring architects were already making the clubs and bars no go places for humans.

  22. What the fuck is wrong with these senior police officers?
    Another one on the news complaining about witnesses filming the action and exposing the identity of police officers. I don’t condone fuckers who do that but surely the bloody police involved in this operation should be wearing face masks?
    No. No. No . No. We must give the terrorist a level playing field.

  23. Ex police twat on LBC.Rent a twat saying “We the police”. No,you cunt, you retired so get back to pissing up your pension.Twat.

  24. Latest on Al-Beeb: offender had just been released from prison for previous “terror offences”. The system works!!

    • Entirely predictable. There’s an entire generation of muslims who have had terror sentences of 3-8 years for this or that and then naturally get released back into the community. It’s a wave of terror that’s been waiting to happen. But don’t expect to hear anyone talking about it they’re just isolated cases and white supremacy is a much bigger threat.

      You know I think that we should just let the weak get attacked, blown and raped by these mohammeds, there seems to be no end of cunts defending them. Lie in your bed you foolish cretins.

    • They had to release the cunt before they could shoot him, would have been tricky to explain a bullet in the head in the scrubs.

      • I don’t know, remember the guy who died in nick after going down for lobbing a bacon butty at a mosque? That was a textbook example of ‘nothing to see here, move along..’

      • Shame for the poor sods who had to get stabbed in order to give the police the excuse to slot the wanker.

  25. BBC headlines tomorrow :
    Budding scientist slaughtered by racist bigots.

    Has anybody seen my rainbow clogs?
    Arse biscuits.

    • Probably got triggered by a Katie Hopkins tweet, it really wasn’t his fault.

  26. More breaking news – the cunt was recently released from prison! Because OF COURSE HE FUCKING WAS! How many times is this going to keep happening before SOMETHING changes?!?!

  27. This is Allah’s war. God is great! First so-called terrorist-related attack of the year. I wonder how many more we’ll se this year. Seems to me that the MET now have an almost zero tolerance policy when it comes to terrorism (chiefly brought about by the Paris incidents in 2015, as I understand) and very much adhere to a stricter shoot-to-kill policy (if there is such a policy here in the UK).

    It’ll be interesting to hear what the liberals and lefties make of this. Such interesting times we live in.

    • Racism, the rise of the far right, racism, Tommy Robinson, racism, Farage, police racism, Boris the racist, Brexit, little Englander racism, climate change, the racist BAFTA awards, the internet, racism and good old reliable “mental elf issues” (caused by racism obviously)
      Everything but the real reason…….the gradual overrunning of our country by primitive savages. It’s like inviting the Apaches to come and live in Dodge City (and pay the cunts to do so)

  28. I am really worried about the carbon footprint created by all the police vehicles used in today’s incident. Also those fascist Islamophobic police used lead bullets. Lead? I give up. I am all for totaling a mudslime but if they do not offset the carbon emitted today I be on to the phone to Suck Dick Khunt.

    my god you could be right!
    Next question is, do you intend to consume the deceased?

  29. There are rumblings in the press that this cunt may have kicked off after being spotted by coppers following him; so you can bet they will be getting the blame soon

  30. Naughty cant say the W word here, there were more valid points that you could have highlighted.

    • Is what ok for the Major to say in Fawlty Towers when referring to the Indian cricket team, but I accept your edit

      In his anecdote, the Major tells Basil Fawlty that he went to the test with a woman who “kept referring to the Indians as n*gg*rs. ‘No, no, no,’ I said, ‘the n*gg*rs are the West Indians. These people are w*gs.'”


    Raised in single parent family of five kids, who do you thinks paying for the food they eat and the clothes on their backs? Us, and his response is to hate and kill us because we’re not muslim. His cunt of a fucking mother says he was radicalised because he was in prison and because of the internet. Prison and internet, things that white people just happen to be responsible for, funny that – unlike all those pure and halal and islamic things like dirty rugs on the floor and unlit hovels. These cunts are unfit and unable to cope with the modern world of civilised people.

  32. Glad to see the lump of dirt flapping around on the floor like a dying fish, I’m so glad that it’s dead.!

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