Tom Bradby (3)

Tom Bradby is a huge cunt.

We all know that, but if anyone Googles this link in the future, I want to leave no doubt.

Bradby has set himself up as the friend and confidante of Ginger Pubes and Little Miss Sparkle. Before the settlement was reached, he stridently announced on the ITV News that if the couple didn’t get the deal they wanted then there could be a ‘kiss and tell’ expose on the inner workings of the Royal Family.

You could almost see Bradby pissing his TENA pad with excitement in his expectation that he would get the scoop if this was the outcome.

Luckily, the Queen has thrashed out a deal so this is now unlikely to happen, unless Little Miss Sparkle dumps Hewitt and spills her story. Hopefully, MI5 have a case on Bradby and that a mysterious and unexplained disappearance of the ‘UK’s Favourite Newsreader’ can’t come around too soon, as far as I am concerned.

Bradby is a giant turd sprayed in glitter and a massive cunt.

Nominated by Paul Maskinback

22 thoughts on “Tom Bradby (3)

  1. Fuck am I ever glad I live on a little rock in the South Pacific, and in so doing avoid cunts like this Tom Bradby, of whom I’ve never heard.

    However, because you esteemed cunters take the time to anoint these no marks with the cunt water, then dimwits like myself learn of the wider world.
    Thanks to you all and keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks Kiwi! I will be visiting your esteemed sanctuary later this year, I will bring some literature to distribute. Maybe some bunting made from Grauniad clippings to bring you all up to speed

      • Stop off at the big rock just before you get to the little rock. You will never leave.Just remember everywhere on the little rock closes at 5PM.
        ( except some of the pubs, they are great )

  2. Just another woke faggit jumping up and down with his hand in the air screaming Me Me Me!
    What a daft cunt he is.
    Fuck off now.

  3. …..”unless Little Miss Sparkle dumps Hewitt and spills her story.”
    Fucking hell, that’s about the safest bet there is………almost as safe as Greta Thunderbirds going lezza or Kinnock Jr turning out to be a massive cunt. Some things are just meant to be.

  4. “ Bradby is a giant turd sprayed in glitter and a massive cunt.”

    A phrase which covers just about every mainstream tv news journalist these days. 95% of the tv news profession need to be flushed down the toilet – with the exception of Andrew Brillo Pad Neil and Piers Moron. The rest of them can get to fuck, along with Ginger Pubes and the abysmal Little Miss Sparkle.

  5. Yes a safe bet , about as safe a bet as these cunts leaving a loose end like that running around with all their secrets with no incentive to keep her mouth shut. Wouldn’t expect her to make it past a year past divorce before she mysteriously passes away from natural causes !

    Especially if she hooks up with some big mouthed Hollywood cunt afterwards ( not DiCaprio , way too old for him)

    Thinking on DiCaprio, we need an award each year for Anti Cunt of the Year.

    Much as he is an environment botherer DiCaprio’s determination to remain single into his 40s (so no cunt can attack his wealth by tricking him into having children) whilst fucking every piece of 20 year old model skirt he can find is an utter inspiration, so he’d be on my list .

    Laurence Fox would walk it this year though

    • Yes, Laurence Fox would get it. Leonardo De Cuntio is still a bit of a cunt.

      • Inclined to agree but he is living the dream and isn’t a total cunt like Cumberbatch.

    • watching dicuntio slobbering over the pope’s ring whilst he creamed his pants i’m inclined to disagree old bean.

  6. As long as he’s around to video the moment that Megan makes Harry guide her new boyfriend into her well-worn snatch and then orders him to stand by with the tissues for dabbing purposes, fair do.

    • Meghan Markle Fucking Ono probably already has some other hapless bloke on the go already, apart from Henry of Hewitt, that is…. I’d put money on it, Dickie… I can spot a slag at 100 yards….

  7. Tom bradby struggles to remain as popular as sky’s other news correspondents like the lovely Beth Rigby or ginger stunner kay,
    So hes resorted to arselicking everyones favourite royals.
    He’ll come unstuck, only a matter of time before sparkle accuses him of stealing her earrings or selling pictures of her, or Hewitt jr accuses him of killing his mum.

    • It’s a shame Sara Jane mee has that horrible wart thing on her face, she’d be fucking gorgeous otherwise. However I would still allow her to receive my spaff all over her titties.

  8. Probably a very dangerous line to follow, If you look at Harry’s dad and his very brief celebrity status.
    Last seen living in his mothers back bedroom living on a £500 a month army pension.

  9. Who gives a flying fuck what these people do or even if they all die out overnight?

  10. This Bradby cunt is just a no-one trying to be someone. Wheel out the Duke and the white Fiat Uno for once last mission to dispatch the cunt in a Parisian tunnel.

  11. Saw Hewitt on the park and ride bus in Exeter a couple of years ago. He didn`t look well. Nearly asked him if he saw the boy at all these days but cowardice prevented me.

  12. Bleeding Markle, only photo I ever want to see of her is her mooey kissing pillar number 13 in a french tunnel.

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