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I know that most ISaC users are sensible people who despise social media, what with the epithets of Twatter and Instacunt etc. So why are children and teenagers allowed to use social media? We don’t send kids up chimneys to work anymore and we have laws banning the sales of alcohol to them so why are they allowed access to terrorists, pro-suicide shit, anti-Semitic shit, endless vacuous influencers, the rantings of Rose McGowan, et al? Why the fuck does a child have to communicate with another child outside of school and share documents and images in real time? Its utter bollocks as they simply do not need it.

I just watched a segment on Victoria Derbyshire (VD) about the dangers of social media. There sat a teenage girl moaning about how toxic social media is and how it made her feel bad. Apparently this vulnerable mental was addicted to feeling bad, or some shit. Where were her parents in all this? Too dumb and/or bone idle to block out the offending sites and monitor her device usage, more than likely. Just look at the case of teenager Molly Russell who killed herself after seeing too many suicidal posts on Instagram – the father is calling for the social media companies to hand over data and he mumbled that ‘something more has to be done’ because self-regulation has failed. Exactly where were the parents whilst the daughter was using Instagram and consuming dark and dangerous content?

Apparently, the government are going to do more to make social media sites safer, well good luck with that, sounds like something that might bare fruit in about 50 years time. Social media companies will never self-regulate properly, so why not just ban under 18s from using social media in the first place? Start putting in the national curriculum that social media, and the internet in general, contains dangerous content, from perverts to political extremists, so stay the fuck away from it. Make a public information film or two.

Social media is the same as alcohol in my eyes and should be banned to under 18s. Part of me doesn’t give a toss if parents are too stupid to prevent their children accessing unsuitable content but the other part of me does care and the whole thing gets up my nose because it seems quite obvious to me that a child shouldn’t be left alone to indulge in Instagram, use bloody Snap Chat, nor have unfettered access to the internet. Just as I would never allow any child of mine to have access to bottles of whiskey, then I most certainly would not allow them to use Facebook or Instagram etc. and probably they could have controlled access to Wikipedia and that’d be it! No smart phones either. They can have some coins and use a bloody phone box if the need arises!

Its hard to pinpoint one cunt in all this so I am unable to offer a title. Social Media is a massive snake infested cunt for umpteen reasons, parents who let their kids use Social Media and do not control their access to the internet are at best dumb cunts and child abusing cunts at worst. The government is a cunt because it could just pass a law to prevent kids under 18 being allowed Social Media accounts for starters. The BBC are of course always cunts. In this morning’s VD, the BBC are cunts for not mentioning parental responsibility, or where parents watching could get more information about protecting their children online. Instead the BBC put up the Samaritans phone number.

Nominated by Cuntologist

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  1. Every young person should be made to watch the Mendes film 1917 to see how youngsters dealt with adversity a hundred years ago.
    Then whine on and on about their ‘mental ‘ealf issues’ because someone said they’ve got the wrong trainers/tattoos/etc on soshul meeja.
    Soppy wankers.

  2. The most pernicious bit of social media seems to be those fucking up their own arses “influencers” – apparently the silly cunts take a tent and sometimes a makeup artist and camp outside posh houses so they can model their shoes or knickers again a “sophisticated” background. Let them do it outside their own shitty high rise blocks where most of their punters live as well.

    • Good shout WC …..
      I hate the way Mainstream TV tries to look hip and oh so fucking trendy by giving the “stars” of social media a platform, these cunts are popping up on shows all over the place , just recently SKY in conjunction with part time boxing promoter full time con man Eddie Hearn got the feeble minded and gullible to stump up a tenner to see two of these fucking idiots have a slapping competition!! According to SKY the world was watching? Really?? Any cunt stupid enough to part with their hard earned For that pile of festering shit really needs to go get a CAT scan…..
      Worse still are those cunts WC mentioned the “ influencers” Why would anybody trust a single thing those idiots said ? Like a poor mans end of the pier hypnotist they can only influence the most susceptible weak minded sheeple to blindly follow their utterly worthless biased paid for suggestions…

    • While i agree social media is indeed a cunt, i also think that stupid, weak, easily led people (youth)
      deserve everything they get.
      They copy ‘influencers’ slavishly,
      Believe everything said online,
      Put private information on that could be used against them, then cry when it does.
      Sicial media is meant to just be a communication tool but has become a lifestyle to some.
      What you having for your tea?

      • Continuing the oriental theme Miserable. Thai chicken but no carrots. Sushi tomorrow.

        🎶 I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so
        Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so. 🎶

        • My son likes sushi Bertie.
          Im more birdseye fishfingers.
          Can see how youd eat raw fish if stranded on a deserted island but not when you have cooking facilities.

          • Ask mrs B if you can have sushi one day this week, see what she says!
            Say all your mates on ISAC have it an you feel left out!
            Hehee know what mrs Miserable would do, crabsticks from Aldi “there you go, im having a takeaway”…

          • Had sushi a few times Miserable but I couldn’t eat it all the time as part of a daily diet. You tried wasabi? Like a Japanese horseradish, fuck its hot and looks like mushy peas, never again.

          • Yeah tasted wasabi, way to hot for my palate.
            Dont understand the appeal of it, more a ketchup man, but the japanese like it, who am i to tell them anything?
            That includes advice regarding Godzilla obviously..

          • Mouth-exhaling saves the sinuses but short of not swallowing, I know of no exercise that will avoid the Ring of Fire

          • And and stop press the first thing Godzilla munched in Tokyo was a bulk wasabi delivery tanker (30 tonnes of the green stuff). He was not following my advice judging from all the fire coming out of his nose

  3. Social media is the modern way for survival of the fittest.If your that stupid to top yerself because because somebody called you a nasty name or read about somebody topping themselves then your no use to society.

  4. Suicide is a tragic thing, but my favourite suicide related headline….

    “Suicidal IrishTwin Kills Brother By Mistake”….

      • Tom Lehrer’s “Irish Ballad” springs to mind, for some reason.
        That box set should be on the jukebox in every snopake-infested pub.

  5. Agreed. It was a useful thing for those at long distances but it’s turned into an absolute shit shower as described in the nomination. I binned it after ten years, not looked back since.

  6. The cunts should be on the street doing drugs and alcohol not sitting around on social media, youth of today fucking useless!!

  7. Bit disappointing to hear all this negativity.

    I was going to invite you all to be my Facebook Friends. I’ve got some hilarious videos of kittens to share,a few inspirational quotes and some selfies of me pulling faces.

    Wanna c sum piccies of me hollinobs,babes xxxx
    Hevan’s got anuther Angle…rip

    • Ive got a Facebook page but its a business one, never look at it,
      Every job that comes up on it is a knobhead who’d struggle to pay.
      Missus set it up an she deals wi it.
      Any bookings from facebook have to pay £50 deposit as its a magnet for pisstakers, time wasters and dodgy cunts.

      • I’ve got one too. I’ve never posted on it but it gives me access to spy on other people’s pages…some quite nice bikini snaps if you can see past the squalling brats they normally have spoiling the view.

        • Missus showed me a post other day bit like that, showing me someone i have zero interest in, but her daughter has blossomed into a right stunner!
          I stay away from social media gets people into trouble,
          Happy enough trolling you lot on here!😀

          • Swimming around at the beach near my brothers house, I was struck by the lithe youthful carefree beauty of two 14 year old girls throwing beach balls around. My slightly lecherous thoughts were abruptly interrupted when I realised one of them was my niece!!!

  8. As far as social media goes this is as good as it gets, I did do social media once but to tell you the truth it all went to shit.
    The reason that it went to shit is maybe I am to honest and not a posturing cunt.
    To mix the people you went to school with, and people from your first war, throw in a another war, a couple of ex girlfriends (and the current one) a dab of family and some work colleges/ customers and it all goes to shit.
    I will be frank, we are all multiple persona.
    Every cunter here is.
    A lover
    A husband
    maybe a parent?
    an employer
    an employee?
    The list is endless, each scenario requires a different persona and in each of those circles we take up the required scenario.
    For those of you slow to cotton on when was the last time you told your kid ” I gave your mum a good one last night” exactly, you may bluff your mates down the pub but you do not broadcast it, but social media can become a mine field.
    I had my inert school jolly hockey sticks friends, being told facts that I would rather put to bed, there are some things that you do not share, then a massive break out of hostilities amungst friends with credible death threats.
    On the side line you have former girlfriends and your current who is pissed off ( why do you want to be friends with her? ( well she was a good fuck and I wank over her in the shower when you are not putting out)).
    So its all rather problematic.
    I deleted all profiles ( on line suicide) made my world smaller and so happy for it, even Google has given up on me (teenage YAY).

    on a personal “social media update”.
    Having done the weekly shop I reversed into a tight parking space at Beirut terraces (the place of my abode) I noted that mrs B (mkIII) was parked to the left and white van to the right,
    I said ” I need to be careful here I don’t want to hit his van”
    Mrs B “why ?”
    Me “well he waves at me.”
    Mrs B “b ut I have sex with you”
    Me ” well he waves at me me more often than we have sex”

  9. None of my kids or grandkids could give two fucks for it. It’s for morons. A tiny percent of the population that thought magic grandpa was going to romp to victory. Everyone else is just getting on with life. The problem is these fuckers are taken seriously. I get all my current affairs right here

  10. Much reporting of young people complaining that they have suicidal thoughts, are experiencing deep depression and that their lives are being ruined due to online bullying.

    Here’s a thought, don’t go on social media then. Thick cunts.

    • Haha, bit harsh for you Willie!😊
      Yeah they should get out in fresh air be bullied outdoors!
      Still be depressed but healthier.

      • You can imagine them sitting there with their grandkids, “In my day it was a good ol’ fashioned head down the bogs (by a Fiddler type) and you cant beat a good wedgie before lessons, no its all gone down hill since t’internet “

    • Ian Curtis was well ahead of these cunts. Come on Greta put your neck on the block. When your young you know EVERYTHING. Then it turns out you know fuck all about anything.i miss his music.

      • Me too.
        Massive Joy Division fan, although not New Order.
        Ian Curtis was a Macc lad, an a great frontman, when younger before kids an going out on piss used to blare out “no love lost” and “Transmission”
        While getting ready.

        Ian Curtis

  11. Just been listening to Kate McCaans favourite Lisa Stanfield track: been around the world (searching for my baby)

  12. Greetings Cuntologist.

    Looks like a very well articulated cunting there.

    Unfortunately you lost me after the very first two words…… social media zzzzzzz

  13. What a pile of cunt’ social media is eh.
    It’s everywhere like Somalians, and if you’re not on it you are some kind of outcast.
    I don’t blame the Cuntbooks and Twatters as they have cleverly tapped into and exposed a lot of people’s need for attention and celebrity cravings.
    I blame the sad cunts who live their life on it and put all their information on there and literally where they are etc.
    Now I’m not in any way involved in any dodgy criminality but the Police always check you aaaaht on there if you ever get in trouble.
    I’ve read some stories of twats putting pictures up of criminally funded shopping sprees etc, and then look like right cunts when they’re in the papers.
    Nothing wrong with having a bit of mystique abaaaaaht you and I don’t like the way it’s all linked via friends and ex girlfriends you don’t want to see or hear from.
    I understand some cunt who has got a mate in Australia or something using it to keep in touch but I haven’t so go fuck yourself.
    Ps any Australian female fans who want a tour of Laaahndan get in touch…I’ll show you abaaaht and show you proper British hospitality.
    Only good looking women need apply.

      • All part of the service SH, however I have to get to know the lady first… not something you rush into , it’s about being a gentleman.

        • At what point of the evening do you subtly introduce the subject B&W? Maybe you hint at it at dessert time fooling around with chocolate moose? Or with the mood music on you intimate what could happen later by sticking it in and out at odd moments? Or you say you have a ‘party trick’ that shows your tongue’s flexibility? I am just interested in how you introduce the remarkable ability you have?

          • I have to read the situation and the lady MP, I have to make a judgement as to whether she will be that dirty. I find a few drinks help and if I’m giving her pussy a tonguing I find the ‘oops went to the.wrong place’ excuse works. However when the lady show’s her enjoyment it’s obvious she loves it.

  14. I briefly signed up to Facebook after Mrs Fistula kept on about it… Within a couple of months I just wanted out… I got contacted by people from the pass who quite clearly had mental health problems and abusive cunts that took umbrage if I didn’t reply to them.. When I decided to close my account it took 3 weeks before Facefuck would let me leave… I dread to think where this horrific passtime is heading ? We can argue that kids shouldn’t have access to it but the Genie is out of the lamp and it aint going back… God help the fucking lot of us.

  15. I should of said people from the past not pass .could of been Khyber Pass I suppose.

  16. HEADLINE: Prince Andrew ‘uncooperative’ over Epstein inquiry, US prosecutor says.

    HEADLINE: US denies extradition request for Anne Sacoolas, diplomat’s wife who allegedly hit, killed British teen.

    Can anyone else spot the obvious solution here- give Andrew to the US in exchange for the US giving us Anne Sacoolas.

    If Andrew is innocent of all allegations against him as the Palace are insisting he should have nothing to fear.

    • Good one Willie, I was thinking the same thing myself. I mean they only want his testimony, they’re not accusing the cunt of anything. Somehow I think Randy Andy won’t be using his airmiles to travel to the USA anytime soon.

    • The dissembling arrogant fuck has totally blanked the FBI and their request for a meet, despite stating in that bizarre TV interview he would cooperate with the investigating authorities if so requested.

      Guilty as fuck.

      • Yes Willie, I was thinking exactly the same myself when I heard it on the news earlier this evening. It would be like an exchange of prisoners, that sort of thing’s done all the time.
        And when we hand him over (at the checkpoint) we can whisper “Take your time with him, there’s no hurry”.

        • Fuck that, I’ve got no time for Andrew but he’s one of ours and the yanks can fuck off. A swap for Assange fine. It’s not as if prince Andrew did anything worse than Jimmy Page or Mick Jagger. They’re hysterical about ‘sex crimes’ over there, take a look at this story of a teacher who had a threesome with an 18 year old student the lucky devil:

          They’ve got no sense of proportion they’d probably give Andrew 20 years. Plus they let Epstein get murdered they can fuck off if they think Andrew will be the consolation prize.

  17. As if life up here isn’t shite enough with the SNP NOW wee krankie wants Scottish visas for immigration
    Holy lumping fuck !!!!!!!
    On a cheerier note only 6 weeks till fat Alex’s trial begins
    I hope he takes them all down with him

    • Please no more powers for the SNP, they fuck up absolutely everything they touch.

    • I have never had a problem with Scots. Had good friends and workmates. The SNP have made me a jockophobe.

  18. My mate was talking about Gary Glitter and said that before he got banged up, he fucked an eighty five year old.

    I said, “Don’t be a cunt, everybody knows he fucked kids. He did not fuck octogenarians.”

    He said, “Not an eighty five year old you deaf cunt, a Haiti 5 year old”….

  19. As far as I’m concerned,any cunt who is vain enough to post on social media saying “Look at meeeee!” etc is fair game and just asking to be abused.
    Fuck off.

    • The nomination of the fella with plastic surgery. Human Ken doll then later on had more surgery to change appearance again as some other creature. Vacuous can of can’t.

  20. Never been on soshal meejah, and I fully intend to keep that winning streak going.
    Mrs K uses FarceBook to keep in touch with various relatives and old friends who are scattered across the globe, but as far as I can tell, all any of the thick hags post is shit about being stuck in traffic or what new hairdo they’re sporting this week. I tell her to flush her phone down the crapper and be done with it but she insists it’s important to touch base with them.
    Pfft and fuck off.

  21. Unrelated topic…..the square headed rugby cunts playing for the Hurricanes.

    Kobe Bryant karking it has apparently hit them very hard. None of the cunts actually knew him but were avid NBA fans (for that alone they’re dickheads; it’s a shit “sport”) and as a result “training was very subdued” according to the team manager.
    Grief jacking is well under way on this one and expect it to run and run.

  22. Victoria Derbyshire has been a cunt for a very long time – why anybody watches the bbc is beyond me

  23. Been about 2 years since i deleted my facecunt account. I did make a new one a few months ago to spy on people but got bored within a couple of hours and deleted it.
    Even when i was on there i rarely had more than 30 friends, especially those from school.
    In the end o got fucking bored of the childishness and bitching, and gormless , hysterical Corbynites, remainers and Trump obsessives sharing every bit of clickbait from liberal-left cunt outlets, as well as facebook filling my feed with suggested posts; digital junkmail.

    As for Twitter, i coukd never get on with it. Too many childish twats needing attention and wanting to upset celebrities or start arguments.

    The people i know who spend a lot of time curating their online presence are usually jobless and depressed.

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