Julian Glover and Richard Leafe

Julian Glover and Richard Leafe are cunts. “Who?”, you ask. Exactly. I was unaware of either until a story popped up on my Sky news feed.

Leafe is apparently the head of the Lake District National Park Authority in Cumbria, who claims that the Lake District, one of the UK’s most beautiful natural landscapes, and an area beloved by millions around the world, needs to change, “to attract a more diverse mix of visitors.”

Glover is the author of a report championed by Leafe, in which he claims the Lake District is a “exclusive, mainly white, mainly middle‐class club, with rules only members understand.”

A club, is it? Well blow me down! Here I thought it was just an area of outstanding beauty, where the only rules were “turn up, enjoy yourself, and don’t litter the place”. Obviously, I was wrong and need to turn myself into a re-education camp as soon as possible.

Perhaps we’d better stick Beatrix Potter in a burka, and drain Windermere in case it triggers anyone who can’t swim. Install stair lifts up Scafell Pike for the obese, and make sure hotels in the area make their menus more inclusive – breakfasts of Cumberland vegan sausage, BAME pudding and halal bacon.

Peter Rabbit in blackface, perhaps, enjoying traditional Kendal Jamaican patties. Jemima Peking-Duck for the Asians, Squirrel Nutkin emptying his nuts in Tom Kitten for the alphabet people. Reinvent Mrs Tiggywinkle as a one-legged lesbian mother of eight ethnically-diverse kids, and the Tailor of Gloucester as an evil capitalist exploiting his workers until they rise up under literal communist and feminist icon, Ms. Moppet.

Jesus Christ! If this is the state of the world today, can the last sane bugger out of the UK please switch off the lights.

Nominated by Le Cunt Noir

Richard Leafe is a cunt!

This bellend is head of the Lake District national park authority, and he wants to attract a greater diversity of visitors, as he thinks large portions of society feel excluded. Too many white people apparently, and this threatens its status as a national park. Also, there is poor accessibility for the disabled, in an area that includes Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak.

Perhaps this is the crap he has to accommodate to secure funding, but that would still make him a cunt for not speaking out against it.

I can’t imagine there are measures in place to exclude or discourage certain people from enjoying these areas. I would rather eat a builders bag full of dogshit than go to a football match, but I don’t feel excluded when they happen locally.

Perhaps I’m being a bit old fashioned, and the three peaks challenge of the future could be done on a mobility scooter, with a celebratory KFC on each summit.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Like to tag onto japseyes nom,
Saw this earlier on news an it pissed me off.
Making the Lake District more accessible to raspberries an ethnics.
Cutting mobility ramps through Wordsworth country? Fuck that!
The whole point is to see unspoilt countryside, push your bodies limits, and get away from others,
This Dickie Leafe is a fucking Moron.
I climb the top of scafell pike and its full of peacefuls?
Well footing can be slippery an it gets misty up there, come down a lot faster than went up.

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

Who’s stopping minorities going to the Lake District? Was there an advert somewhere that said; “Non-whites, stay the fuck away from the lakes”? Is there some kind of physical barrier that magically stops everyone except white people going there? Or maybe…just maybe…they’re not going to the lakes, because they don’t give a fuck about the Lake District.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

63 thoughts on “Julian Glover and Richard Leafe

  1. Needs to attract a more diverse range of visitors? How about opening a shop selling knives, and building a mosque? Might help.

    • A Kentucky fried chiggun outlet by every lake and on every mountain may help too i thìnk.
      Inñit bruv.

    • Need to attract a more diverse range of visitors?

      I have it – I will open Alluhs Snackbar, some peaceful and tolerant visitors will need an energy replenishment because I presume the 12 Year old girls in the area are f*cking good runners and tiring to catch!

      • There is a quite decent kebab shop in Bowness.
        I didn’t see either of these cunts in it though.

  2. Why would ethnics be interested in the Lakes. The Khyber Pass is a lot more dramatic.
    Who knows? Helvellyn could turn out to resemble the scene of Custer’s last stand.

  3. One reason why I moved to the LD was to escape all the diverse scumbags in Birmingham!

    Now I find we get tick-boxing cunts like Leafe, who seems to think the people of the LD are racist, bigoted and stuck in the 19th century with their colonial thinking! And according to him we should encourage all the diverse dregs to leave the big cities and come up here to add a bit of multiculturalism and open the eyes of those very same bigoted xenophobes!

    Well that’s all very well for him to say that because he won’t be around should the floodgates open and the LD ends up like the south east of England and most other urban areas. He will have fucked off somewhere else while we suffer the fucking consequences.

    No where is safe from these fuckers. They scream diversity from their mansions and ivory towers, but always keep a safe distance from the reality of their actions.

    • I’m glad you were able to escape to that beautiful part of the country Techno.
      Whatever the reason for immigrants not being there, for fuck’s sake keep it that way, and I shall continue to spend my hard earned holidaying in the Lake District away from the wretched bastards.

    • “They’re not people Tubbs – they’re monsters”

      “Why is that little tinted boy f*cking that sheep Edward”?

      “Because it’s his lamb”

  4. Sometimes youll see outward bound courses in the lakes, did one myself canoeing on Windermere, potholing, overnight hike, etc
    Good stuff, enjoyed it! Occasionally youll see one with inner city kids, loads of dark keys,
    And theyre not interested, they dont know how to behave in that setting.
    Nothing to stop them going, apart from theyre lazy thick twats.
    If they fuck up the natural (beautiful) landscape to cater to these fuckers,
    Im not joking, if im on a ledge above em ill ‘accidentally’ dislodge a big rock
    Once a few have fallen off summits, kissed speeding boulders etc
    Theyll stop going.

  5. These people really boil my piss. If they can’t attract townies, fine. There’s plenty of gash tourist attractions across the country without ruining a vital scenic and wildlife area. The Lakes are under quite enough pressure as it is without wheeling in Avocado Man Or Otherwise Gendered to add to the erosion and be bitterly disappointed it hasn’t seen a snow leopard next to the car park. Apologies, cunters. This issue makes me incoherent with rage, and I am happy to endorse this specialist cunting. Evil metropolitan townie cunts, empire-building on our natural heritage.

    • No need to apologise Komodo. You’ve never seen the need up until now!

    • Want to enjoy the Lake District? It’s easy – go there, put one sandal in front of the other and repeat!


  6. Wonder what Alfred Wainwright would have thought?
    Alway chuckled when he said that he hid when other walkers were approaching because he couldn’t be arsed to say “Hello”.

        • I’ve seen an increasing number K, but home bred ones, not the dress-wearing terròrists.

          However, it’s bad enough in Keswick in the Summer months when every wingnut from the other religion descends on the poor town for Christian conventions as if the lakes and mountains belong to them. You can’t move without these credulous cucks asking whether you’ve opened your heart to Jesus.

          • Stay clear of Grasmere, is all I can say. Not only the host of golden daffodils mob but also university field trips.

          • Grasmere has the worlds most suspicious shopkeeper.
            The cheeky cunt followed me around his shop like i was a thief,
            Paranoid fucker, nice place though!

  7. I spend a lot of time in the Lakes as a lot of my family lives there. This virtue-signalling is insane and unpleasant and serves as much purpose as putting a zip-wire over Windermere or a Nando’s on Skiddaw. Next they’ll be trying to change ancient names; no Haweswater but Misundestood Woman’s water; no Buttermere but OliveOil mere, The Old woman of Conniston, Scarfell Pîkey…


    • There are enough foreign folk alone with the number of Japanese tourists crawling over Hilltop, Beatrix Potters house and other attractions. Nobody seems to discourage them.
      Beatrix Potters books actually form part of Japanese school curriculums. Why they’d wish to study literature from that nasty racist country, England, I don’t know.

  8. Ask one of these cunts if we shouldn’t make Britains cities more white so as to be more representative of the wider nation and watch their head explode.

  9. Scarfell Pikey 😁😁 that made me laugh. I wonder what this pair of cunts would say if thirty pikey caravans parked up and they proceeded to trash the place in their usual style.
    A taste of what the rest of us have to put up with might change their minds about “diversity” . Pair of out of touch, ignorant fucking libtards.

  10. I saw the most vicious fight that it has ever been my pleasure to witness in The Lake District. A few of us were renting a cottage in Bowness on Windermere while doing some tree-work after the storms of 88(?). Two women were going at it outside a hotel which had a bit of a nightclub…never seen the likes of it..braying each other with stilettos,raking eyes,headbutts..it had the fucking lot. I stood awhile with the two bouncer lads on the door admiring the sheer savagery while one of the bouncers told me that they never tried to break up fights between women because the women would invariably turn on them and it wasn’t like they could just spark a woman out…Gentlemen they were.

    I love the Lakes and sometimes go in the winter when it’s not so busy…keep the “diverse” out or they’ll just turn it into another stinking shite-hole.

    • Some enterprising cunt will start selling weatherproof burkas or quick dry turbans so the Lakes can be enjoyed by all.

      • There’s a shortage of letter boxes in the Lakes, so the burka wearers will have to keep on the move.

    • It’s that toxic femininity which feministas deny the existence of that makes them do it Dick. Once saw two hags fighting outside a pub and it was indeed an incredibly vicious affair.

      • Once saw 2 goth girls fighting (sisters!)
        Proper going for it!
        Never been more turned on in my life!!

    • I used to work doors DF, any fight between Women leave them to it – saves being f*cking blinded or the heel of a stiletto in the larynx!

  11. The problem is the country ISN’T WHITE ENOUGH, if it were All White we wouldn’t need diversity!

    All this shit is just box ticking, the whole point of have ‘places of natural beauty’ is just that Natural, the Lake District is fucking white, naturally!

  12. What we need to do is wait till summer and then burn the place to ashes via arson thus copying the Australian model of green enlightenment. We can then blame whitey and save the planet.

  13. I remember a few years ago a voluntary lifeboat station was refused funding because they did not rescue enough disabled people and ethnics. “Well I was down the pub when it all went dark. Next think I knew my wheelchair and me was strapped to a raft in the Channel”. The current “ethnic sport” is rubber boat racing across the channel. Frankly nobody cares if ethnics go there or not provided they behave themselves although there appears to be small chance of that. To date, in over 30 years assisting with fell races, I don’t recall a single ethnic entrant and provided you are fit, can read a map and accept there is a degree of risk nobody is stopping them. I would remind them that an event like the Lakes 50 or 100 and the Old County Tops Fell Race are extreme events.

  14. The pitiful thing is that once they DO attract bigger crowds, there’ll be another fretful bout of handwringing over how everyone is fucking it up with litter, dog shit (can’t forget the ESAs!), etc. Basically what happened with Wyddfa.

  15. I used to live on a National park, we went through fazes, family’s in matching waterproofs with maps and compasses ( Excuse me peasant could you show me where we are on this map?).
    Then horse riders bussed in with horse boxes ( I am sorry love, its a bridal way your horse box wont fit down it)
    Then the mountain bikers (Coming through!)
    Finally the road cyclists (Fucking Olympics).
    Our rural and quiet existence has been shattered by trend and funny enough the National Trust (who own the second access to the village and do not snow plow it) by making us more accessible we became prisoners.
    We all have car cameras due to kamikaze cyclists and are a breath away from open warfare with the National trust, The top car parks (before a favorite place for illicit sex) are now chock a block with assorted four by fours with bike racks.
    Steps where no steps had been before, work party’s of woke hippy’s and the occasional body dumped in the woods.
    Its all shit now
    Been on a lot of Army training areas too, Not fucked up, diverse flora and fauna….know why? the obvious thing would be to say no cunt can get there and you are right its not fucked up because it is inaccessible to lazy cunts!
    Mohammad, Ndoki, sebastian and tarquin are all welcome they just got to lift their legs to get there.
    Put in paths and steps, make it easy, maybe a few food outlets and its fucked!

  16. If these two Gaylord’s want diversity go eat some jerk chicken. Kaffir lovers.

  17. The Lake District is too white? When I was there you could hardly move for Chinese. They couldn’t get enough of the area’s natural beauty. Stood shaking my head as I watched one of the cunts taking a video of a bin lorry reversing up a street.

    • That made me laugh outloud SO!
      Showing the family back home, all exited! Bin lorry! Look! Haha

      • “Aah – bin rorry, is that where they put the worthless trash”?

        “No honourable Son – you are thinking of the House Of Commons”.

        Charity gig for Meghan and little James anyone? – Daddy has chopped their funding!

  18. Ethnics do not want to go to the Lake District obviously otherwise they would, for fucks sake we cannot keep them out of the country not much chance of keeping them from the lakes. Pair of fucking dildos, how come cunts like this get all the best jobs

  19. No no no and thrice more fucking NOOOOOO!!!!

    150% behind this cunt-nom for he is indeed a pillar of pure crystallized cunt! They threw this card down about 5yrs back IIRC but I believe it was coming from some cunt involved in Mountain Rescue honking about the organisation not being diverse enough.
    With the Lake District Nat. Park being a public body this must all originate under the requirements and direction of the Public Sector Equality Duty. (the operative word here being “DUTY” i.e. they MUST COMPLY)


    Just to put one point to rest concerning equality of access, we have it, it’s called the M-fucking-6!

    I spent a lot of time in Wray Castle training as an R.O. for the merchant fleet and the images of and affection for the lakes is engraved upon Chop’s memory. Even more spectacular in Winter in my view. But what to make of Mr. Leafe and his ilk? More importantly how to answer these endless ‘6th form Socialist’ pleas that we must, MUST “embrace diversity”. With this sort of shit you don’t piss about, you get right in there with a deconstructive flash-bang by confronting them with the undeniable proposition that “diversity” is merely code for “fewer white people”! I work them along these lines. Here’s my first reply to such wankery as…

    Cunt – “It’s not very diverse round here is it!” (usually announced a little too loudly such that bystanders get to admire the utterer’s woke credentials)

    Chops – “Uh-huh; So tell me, why do you hate white people so much, what’s wrong with white people?”

    Cunt – “Eh? What do you mean? I didn’t say that.”

    Chops – “Yes you did, you just said there aren’t enough bl@ck people here which tells me you want more of them.”

    Cunt – “Er yes… but… (by now you should be able to see them mentally fumbling for reverse gear desperate to back out of this one and wishing to fuck they’d kept their virtue signalling trap shut.) …but …

    Chops – “But fuck all! A piece of geography can support a certain number of individuals and no more, if you increase the number of one you must reduce the number of the other group or all must accept a lower level of living and I for one don’t want to do that and I venture I can probably speak similarly for the majority of white people if that question were ever put to them…which it never has been by the fucking way. Therefore to increase the number of bl@ck/effnick people requires an equal reduction in the number of white people. Why do you want to do that to us? It tells me that at the very least you like us less than them. Why?

    Cunt – “No no I don’t want less white people I just want more bl@ck people… erm… as a percentage.”

    Chops – “Now you’re just being a cunt, you and I both know it equates to the same thing unless you really are a dumbass as I suspect must be the case. So once again for the audience at home – Why do you hate white people so much that you want to see less of them?”

    …and so on and so on… The reason me and the boys sail dinghies is that (equestrian sports included) it’s one of the last white bastions. So far it seems to have dropped below the woke-dar search beams and (so far) you will rarely if ever see a non-white on the water. I just like it that way. Is that a crime? ‘Twould appear so.

    Remember lads ‘n lasses… Diversity is just code for ‘fewer white people’. Stick that up their fucking ring next time some cunt starts banging the diverzidee drum. The cunts.

      • Yeah only sport they like bar cricket is sailing!
        Ought to club together an get a catamaran.

        • Well it’s not so much “sailing” is it, more drifting randomly across the busiest shipping lanes in the world at the mercy of wind and sweeping tides, on unlit, grossly overloaded craft whose seaworthiness would be bettered by a length of Kingspan, with a 40yr old 4hp outboard and 50,000 tonners on T-boning right angled headings barreling past at 30kts! Now I’m by no means risk averse but if someone asked me to put my boys aboard… and pay the cunt £3k for the privilege…

  20. Start hosting a Drugs, Knife, and Chicken festival at Windermere to get the Ethnic’s interested, then slowly introduce a section for Rape, laziness and Benefit Fraud, see how quick it turns into Soweto.!

  21. They should build a few Grenfell towers there……..plenty of sub lets available, illegals welcome, no questions asked, benefits advice provided by experienced Yewman Rites brief.
    It would attract effnicks like moths to a flame.
    Er………poor choice of words but you know what I mean.

    • Still baffled as to how five thousand people could cram themselves into a burning building – perhaps the multiple Grenfell fraud cases going on as we speak could give an indicator with regard to this baffling phenomenon.

      Wait, I think I may have it – you mean, some people who claimed they lived there didn’t, and shit loads more were raking it in by illegally sub – letting?

      No, nothing to see here – clearly just being waaycist, obviously!

  22. Trump should bomb that Julian and Richard.
    Trump: “Let’s make the lake district great again”

    • Given the ‘ethnics” propensity to dropping their kegs and dumping in public, that will be the one thing there will be a lot more of, now if these two cunts are happy to clean up afterwards?

  23. I went to the lakes for the first time last year. I currently live in Somerset between the Mendips and the Quantocks. This area sees very few ethnics of any origin ever (I’ve found myself staring once or twice because it’s caught me by surprise to see Black or Asians about the area). By contrast, I’m from the East End of London and I was amazed at the number of Asian and Southeast Asians around Bowness, it was like being back in East Ham. In fairness, I didn’t see many Afro-Caribbean and a lot of the Southeast Asian were Chinese and Japanese (which suggests that people several thousand miles away know it’s there and want to visit). So contending that it needs more diversity promotion is I think misguided bollocks.

    No one is preventing black or Asian or any ethnic minority people from going to the lakes and or anywhere else in the UK. The actual question is: does going to the Lake District, the Quantocks or any of our quaint seaside and country towns, woods, hills, mountains fit in with their cultural view and or aspirations? Or are we assuming that because they are UK citizens but not present in relative numbers that in some way they are put off by potential discrimination, or don’t know these places are for all? Afterall, all those businesses will happily take their money?

    I rather suspect, based only on my mates ex-wifes opinion of going camping in the woods of Essex, `that’s white people stuff, I’m not going’, nor did either of his sons (bugs, bees, having to walk a hundred yards to the bog, using communal showers (not that that seemed to be an issue at the gym), fuck all to do but look at trees and shit).

    Without knowing too much about the background of either of these characters Julian Glover and Richard Leafe, I rather suspect that they have created a mental false positive. And that is is probably a direct consequence of ‘Wokism’ and now, unfortunately, they have fallen into the current white British cultural trap, of believing they are doing something wrong, or not doing enough when it’s the case that fuck all needs doing, take off the hair shirt, relax.

  24. Go on a litter pick and love the countryside mission. Not anything but a white face giving up their free time to protect our beautiful heritage.

    Just saying

  25. Don’t suppose they are bum bandits and grown tired of sheep shagging and have decided to encourage a more diverse choice of participant ?

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