What a load of horseshit this white elephant is turning out to be!

Years ago it was first mooted the overall cost to connect London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and other Northern Cities, would be around £30bn.

Not surprisingly this was “readjusted upwards” to £56bn in 2015 to factor in all sorts of “miscellaneous and unexpected costs”.

But it doesn’t end there, because just a few days ago a leaked government review (by the Hs2 chairman Douglas Oakervee), suggested the final bill could be upwards of £106bn – almost twice the 2015 guesstimate!

The review suggested that the government should continue funding the project despite the concerns regarding rising costs, while also admitting there was “great uncertainty” regarding the overall economic benefit of the project, especially for the Midlands and the North.

Even more concerning but not completely surprising is that the chairmen of various construction companies with vested interests in the project (not least Balfour Beatty, Skanska and Morgan Sindall), have recommended the government should proceed with the project regardless of the final bill!

Well, that’s mighty white of them given that all they’re concerned about is making as much profit as possible, even though they won’t be the cunts paying for the fucking thing!

The trouble with these capital projects is that once you start them it’s rare you can actually stop them when the costs start to rise. One only has to look at the ongoing farce that is London’s Crossrail project, which is currently 3 years overdue and £4bn over its original £15bn target in 2018)

The Channel Tunnel is another example of a project going way over budget, as was the London Olympic Stadium in 2012. And I am sure there are plenty of other examples where no one really gives two fucks about cost, because we all know who will be there to bail them out!

I don’t know who the financial project managers are for these projects, but they sure are shit at their jobs. But its okay, because good old Mr and Mrs Taxpayer will be there to dig them out of the shit, while at the same time making sure the bigwig investors receive nice bonuses despite the delays and cost overruns.

HS2 can go fuck itself!

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  1. But for a mere £106 billion you could get to BIrmingham 200 minutes quicker!

    These days I’d put off going to Birmingham till the last minute.

    There is only one thing I enjoy more than going to Birmingham and that is going away from Birmingham.

    • Bunch of corrupt cunts, the only reason it’s being pursued is because of all the back handers and bribes these fat cat cunts are taking. Makes me fuckin sick how we all just fuckin sit back in this country and take it. HS2 will be of fuck all benefit to me yet I still have to cough up for this fuckin cluster fuck of a project. Absolute bollocks, I hope the cunt derails on its first fuckin journey CUNTS !

  2. Meanwhile, your local police and fire station’s closed due to budget cuts….

    A High-Speed, over budget, top notch cunting, Techno.

  3. Oh, I don’t know. The overall cost is likely to stand in at less than 10 years worth of foreign aid budget.

    I am not saying that HS2 is a success story by any means, but there has been far less hoo-haa about the splurging of around £120 billion of taxpayer’s moolah in the last decade.

    At least with HS2, we will benefit from an improvement to our infrastructure network, as opposed to having faded memories about millions of pounds of our earnings having been splurged by our profligate rulers on the Ethiopian Spice Girls or little brown folk in Pakistan given Visa cards with free cash in their bank accounts, courtesy of a £1bn windfall.


  4. Good cunting. And I don’t agree with Andy Burnham that it will bring prosperity to t’North. All that will happen is that people will commute daily from Manchester to London where the decent jobs are. Andy Burnham’s right on everything, yes?

    There’s a perfectly decent rail service to Manchester and Leeds. Improve that infrastructure maybe. But nobody wants to go there because they’re shit holes.

    • I’ve had to go to Leeds twice when I lived in Rochdale (don’t ask) and I couldn’t believe that a 30 minute drive took an hour and a quarter by direct train.

      • To put this into perspective, trains from Leicester to Kettering, about a 6 miles shorter route, take 21 minutes.

      • What’s wrong with Rochdale, Gracie Fields, birthplace of the CO OP, widest bridge in the world (fuck off Sydney)

        Yes I know it’s full of peacefuls who like to rape young white girls….. what’s not to love!

        • My ex wife of 12 years was from Rochdale. She never mentioned the bridge. I looked it up, very interesting, thanks for that.

          • I killed a rat in Rochdale.
            Proper one not one of those Sheffield uni ones.

            Just saying.

    • If HS2 does materialise don’t expect cheap fares and a guaranteed seat (unless you’re business class).

      It will no doubt be like the fucking cattlesheds we see today, with cramped sweaty conditions and being forced to stand all the way from Manchester to London and paying £100+ for the privilege of getting their 20 minutes quicker (which will never happen given how unreliable our train network is)

    • What Andy the hare lipped mayor of mancunia isnt telling us is that it’ll never pay for itself.
      By the time its broke even in say 70yrs itll need a complete repair job,
      Its not a priority, its a vanity project an it keeping with modern Britain completely fucking useless.

    • After many years of complaining that it’s too expensive to electrify the line between Manchester and Leeds over the Pennines, they’ve now decided to go ahead with it, at a cost of £3bn. Leeds and Manchester already have decent links to London and the South, so we could have just spent the £3bn on this and been better off in the North. People up here only travel between the Pennines anyway, fuck going to londonistab. We’d have saved over £100bn of tax money.

  5. What is never mentioned In all this HS2 bollocks is, after the taxpayer has paid for all the infrastructure , who is going to be running the trains and making all the big bucks? Why do I see the grinning face of a certain tax dodging hippie emerging over the horizon?
    Let’s save some money……..just give the cunt a big chunk of taxpayers money and not bother with building the line. He can take it back to Cunt Island and spend the rest of his days counting it.

  6. Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his navvys managed to build the entire great western railway with picks and shovels in three years. We are useless cunts over run with planing cunts and lawyer cunts.

  7. Are there not enough ways of getting to Birmingham from Londonistan and surrounding countries? Why not spend the money on improving the transport links between the northern cities. Cannot see how saving a few minutes on the journey to Birmingham is worth x billion pounds. Fucking twats putting the house of cunts (lords) on Neptune would cost less.

    • And anything that would obviate the need of going into London and trying hard to get out alive the other side would help.
      I believe the Oxford-Cambridge line is being disinterred. I’d be worried that it would be full up with farty academic types, and probably that silly old bat Bateman who does pro-Remain lectures in the altogether. Enough to make your Travellers’ Fare hot brown liquid and slice of Huntley & Palmer fruitcake go down the wrong way.

  8. In any case it will probably be cheaper to be chauffeur driven by Prince Harrys redundant driver whilst being sucked off by Meghans lady in waiting than paying the London-Brum fare.

  9. “……putting the house of cunts (lords) on Neptune would cost less”

    What a great idea, BB. 👍

  10. Whole thing is just another scheme to give “Big Business” another open taxpayer-funded cheque.
    In an Age when more and more business can be done remotely,is it really necessary to spend billions on shaving a few minutes off travelling time? There are plenty of more deserving cases which would improve our crumbling infrastructure than this gigantic con.
    Don’t expect Boris to cancel it….his “friends in The City” wouldn’t like that,and they’re the ones that count….not the mug taxpayers who’ll be funding a railway that nobody wants or needs.

    Whole affair reeks of Corporate corruption.

    • We whinge on about a 39 billion Pound “divorce” bill for Brexit,and yet nobody seems too bothered about a 100 plus billion Pound bill (and I bet it’ll be double that if the truth was known) for some fucking funicular to get a few people to London a couple of minutes earlier.

      Meanwhile our power-stations,road-network, Emergency Services,housing stock,schools…in fact,the whole fucking Country quietly crumbles as Big Business profits….never mind, “We’re all in this together”.

      Fuck Off.

    • One hundred and forty billion Pound bill to bail out The Banks in 2008 so I suppose that the same again shovelled at the same types of “Businessmen” isn’t so surprising….they keep this Country running,don’t ya know?

      • Steptoe and his “Magical Money Tree”? We need a fucking “Magical Money Forest” to keep up with feeding the Financial/Business Leaders who run this fucking Country.

        • Private sector: A contract is costed, a time scale is agreed and it is signed – this is how contracts are done in the private sector, every penny and every second is accounted for and if the Companies try to overcharge or take the piss with delivery time they get crucified with penalties
          The public sector (OUR MONEY!): Rt Hon Percy Wilberfoss – Smythe meets with Sir Roger Sharkcunt, CEO of Rippit and Fuckem PLC, who deliberately underprices the contract to make sure “the right company” gets it, (nudge nudge, wink wink, Million Pound contribution to whichever Political party is in charge) and completely fabricates an end date which is simply unachievable, the companies do this deliberately knowing that as soon as the contract gets underway they can take the flying piss by demanding more and more money and knocking the finish date further and further back, and getting what they want by whining that “the company will go bankrupt if we don’t receive this necessary extra funding”.
          Sorry, but NO – you got a price, do the fucking job or we will remove your licence to operate, close down your business and asset strip the fucker until we have recovered all the money you thieves have cost us, then award the rest of the contract to another company WHO DO THE JOB! This is how it’s done in private business, and it works.
          What will probably happen is HS2 will terminate a few short miles outside London and fuck the North – just like always and this is exactly what they planned in the first place, but the bonus is a few London 150,000 a Year corporate fucktards can get a jolly nice house in ‘t North for peanuts and get to their city jobs 20 minutes earlier.
          A conspiracy, and it STINKS!
          I intended going to Downing Street in my Sherman to discuss this further, but the train bringing it is delayed..
          Vote Vernon Fox for “robust contract negotiations” (Oof, thud, whack – that’s that sorted then), and any dissent will see Sir Fiddler “coincidentally cleaning his Holland and Holland” as negotiations proceed! 😄

    • I remember whilst an undergrad being in an economics lecture and being told that we were moving into the era of the reverse welfare state, taxpayers’ money going to corporations on over expensive projects. HS2 is just one of a long list of white elephants

      • MOD Procurement contracts? The largest albino pachyderm of all time!
        Why is nobody being fired over this? And HS2, or any one of the three hundred plus Civil Service contracts which are over time, over budget and are not delivering what we want.
        Anyone recall the debacle of having no aircraft carriers and having to “share one” with the French? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? All that money to have it fumigated and the Worlds biggest reverse gear removed! 😄

        • And the scandalous PFI stitch up which was embraced by both Labour and Conservative governments. It really is about time that someone was named, shamed and shot over these outrages.

  11. 1 hour 20 minutes from London to Burningham. But we haven’t got time. We’ve only got 1 minute 40 seconds left. According to the Doomsday Clock.
    We need a new timetable.

    • If the Doomsday clock is run by a private company on a Government contract I feel confident we can squeeze more time, just a small increase in costs and it should be OK..

  12. Like a dopey twat I should have included a link or two backing up my nom, but I probably went into trauma after seeing pics of Jess Phillips looking aroused (don’t ask!)

    I wouldn’t mind Hs2 if there was a pressing need and that we were awash with cash, but there is no pressing need and we’re still fucking skint given all the spending cuts in the emergency services and other government public services.

    And what difference will saving 20 minutes make getting to London from Birmingham? As soon as you step off onto the platform you’ve got to deal with what feels like the Black Hole of Calcutta, while not getting stabbed, mugged, raped, pick-pocketed and generally fucked about with.

    And as Freddie rightly points out, the Taxpayer will continue to subsidize this bollocks when the so-called “private” train operators take over the line. Just like today they will be supported by our money while also earning dividends for their investors, while all the taxpayer gets is fuck all and commuters pay more and more for a shittier service!


  13. An utter fucking waste of our hard earned cash! 106 biilion to connect the two biggest shitholes in Britain. Imagine rushing out of Londonistan on the fastest possible train only to find yourself in fucking Birmingham (or vice versa)! Suicide rates will soar.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if HS2 was actually some kind of global masterclass of engineering – fastest train on earth perhaps? But no. Just another example of British mediocrity to line the pockets of a bunch of blood sucking, corporate construction cunts.

    Fuck HS2! I’ll drive thanks.

  14. What’s the point shaving 20 minutes of a trip to Birmingham? Just leave 20 minutes earlier! Or spend some of the money improving the existing track and rolling stock.

    Complete waste of £100 billion …not to mention the destruction to some beautiful parts of the countryside.

    Dozy incompetent cunts.

    • It is extremely aggravating for people living in the sticks but are “in the way” of the HS2 route to find compulsory purchase orders popping through their letter boxes and told to get the fuck out of your little village to make way for this shite!

      • The Cunts would face something akin to The Last Stand at The Alamo before they shifted me and The Hounds.

        • Morning Dick, you remember the farmer who refused to move for the m62?
          They built around his farm?
          One sides northbound other side southbound, hehee,
          Admire him, but must shave value off his property?
          Taking my lad to university in Hull we argued over it,
          My lad thought he stood in way of progress and said he should of been forcibly removed, i said that it might of been in his family over a hundred years, why should he move?
          Anyway despite going ‘uni’ my lad doesnt know his arse from his elbow.


          • Christ he ain’t woke is he miserable?? Must make for some fun arguments round the dinner table! 😃

          • Hes a fuckin little know it all Cuntan is what he is.
            We clash loads, but then as a young lad I did with my dad.
            Tried to tell me awhile ago i was in the wrong over right of way on a road,
            As it happens he was wrong,
            Told so also told him to shut the fuck up an comment when he actually passes his test the cheeky fucker!😀

          • Tell him you’re coming out of the closet and going full tranny, and that you expect his support at this difficult time; that’ll have steam shooting out of his ears!

          • I do remember that,MNC….what a mental old Cunt.They should have built over the top of him…typical bloody-minded old Yokel.

            I’ve nothing against progress just as long as it doesn’t effect me.

          • Now im surprised there Dick!
            Thought youd be sympathetic!
            Fellow northern land owner! Farmer!
            Im totally on his side, like anyone who stands up for themselves,
            An the 62 is fine going around the farm!
            Everytime i pass it (quite often) I toot my horn in support!😀
            Although on reflection he might of thought i was taking the piss?!
            Wasnt tho.

          • If you ever find yourself battling against ‘progress’ Mr Fiddler and the Fiddler estate is under threat from a bypass or affordable housing, then your fellow IsAC cunters are ready to step in.

            I have never used a shotgun but am handy with an antique narwhal tusk and Miserable Menace is a crack shot with his catapult and peashooter.

          • Very kind of you LL,but I fear Fifth Columnists. I sometimes get a vague hint that the odd IsAC poster may not be totally sympathetic to my cause……I may awaken to discover that I’ve been foully Vegified and my Hunting-Horn shat in.

            It’s a real worry,LL.

          • Hee hee Fiddler, I have no idea who your talking about. The Earl of Bumholia and MPG could rustle up some recruits from the Blue Oyster Bar after closing.

          • The Khymer Rouge used to have a charge of “not understanding progress”, not sure about the exact wording but used it as an excuse to kill and dispossess people across Cambodia, along with other bizarre rules such as killing anyone wearing glasses because people who wear glasses are intellectuals, and therefore trouble causers who needed eliminating (this goes a long way to explaining why my Cambodian Specsavers shop did not do well!), as the World looked on and did nothing.
            And could I nominate Aung San Suu Kyi for a second Nobel Peace Prize for vermin control – she knows how to deal with infestation!

  15. Whats the point of building this super duper train line when the ones we have are shit.

    All train lines go to londonistan and then back out again.

    Case in point, i live in Aylesbury and work in Slough. Had some car trouble lately so had to get the train a few times, it costs 35 quid (SINGLE!) and takes 2 and a half hours. Of course, i have to go all the way to marylebone, then take the tube to paddington and get the train back towards slough.
    There is a direct line to Beaconsfield from aylesbury, about 8 miles away from work, how long does it take to travel by bus to where i work? An hour and a half.

    Its pathetic. It shouldnt take the same amount of time it would take me to travel 90 miles to bournemouth by car to travel 8 miles down the road by bus.

    Absolute Bollocks.

    • And while im on a rant about trains. What the fuck is with them not knowing what platform the train is going to be on until 5 minutes before it leaves?

      Those human calculators known as the Germans have train timetables that tell you what platform the train will be at several days in advance.

      • Most continental stations just have posters up for the whole year, and nothing is changed.
        Decades ago, when I lived in Londonistan, I was convinced that the cunts at Victoria deliberately withheld the platform info for Epsom and Leatherhead trains until the last bloody moment. Fuching cunts.

        Off topic, caught the last 20 m of an episode of “New Tricks” tonight, and the crooked lawyer (Baroness Khan !!) was unbelievably like Chuckyerbalti.
        The end of George Gently had a character called Anthony Baugh (located in Durham area…), a real greasy pole climber, standing in front of a mirror, rehearsing his speeches…
        “I’m Anthony…Tony, you can trust me”
        Somebody in the production companies had a b good soh, or a crystal ball. Eerily prophetic.
        Worst of all, endlessly punctuated by that steaming pile of cuntitude from HSBC, with the cuntmaster himself, EI Addio. Bastardverminscum.

  16. As with any tax payer funded endeavour take the original costings ( which are always given to the lowest bidder knowing full well they can’t fulfil the task at that price) and double the fucker.
    Not heard of one of these scenes that hasn’t.
    If they were to say that the new link would be used for freight mainly to get the fucking Tesco lorries doing 40mph on the M1 up north quicker I would probably say what a good idea. But they haven’t and their not so fucking do one.
    Even when it is built and for some inexplicable reason I need to get to Birmingham from Londonstabistan I wouldn’t be able to pay for a ticket as they will need to recoup the money somewhere don’t they. Should take about 100 years to break even. If its that important you need to get to Birmingham for a meeting pick up a fucking phone.

  17. It also means all those gimmecunts hanging off the sides of the train will be able to a town near you 20 minutes quicker!

    Although the upshot is that at those kinds of speeds they might end up under the wheels.

  18. This project is, and always was, to benefit London so the cunts can get to and from somewhere unpleasant and northern quickly. Let the midland and northern inter-links fall apart just so fucking Tarquin can be back in time for organic hummus and avocado. No need for offices in the far wasteland north of Watford.
    Fuck HS2.

    • Im getting sick to the back teeth of southern immigrants heading this way!
      The house of Lord’s, this Tarquin bloke, Sixdog Vomit, etc
      Can’t move for southerners swanning about trying to buy avocados and fennel infused Tea, go back to where you came from!
      Nowt for you here!😀

    • And that was always the lie, that somehow it was to benefit the whole country. Once London is part of the plan everybody knows that the only real beneficiary is London.

      • Have you escaped from Royston Vasey and The League of Gentlemen Miserable?

        This is a local shop for local people. There’s nothing for you here. How much to leave the shop? Seventy? Eighty? Alright a pound.

        • Afternoon LL, Royston Vasey is somewhere i know well!
          I used to get tattooed there,( called Hadfield really) next door to Hilary Brises butcher’s!😀
          Looked at a house there fairly recently.
          Just got back from Mam Tor in the peaks, or ‘shivering mountain’ as its called, long hike with the dog, and a cup of Bovril at Blue John mine.
          Great day! Better than working!👍

          • Blue John Cavern? Went there with school as a kid, it was all over outside and I found loads of the stuff – they should have known I was an expert skip rat!

          • Thats the place mr Fox, only place in the world where ‘blue John’ a mineral is found, much prized by the Romans.
            Mam Tor that sits above it had a Bronze age hill fort on top an i kid you not our ancestors must of been hard as fuck because the wind can almost knock you flat!

          • I thought for a minute you meant “blue john” is what you did while you were there

      • Property prices in the North will be at a premium when Londonistan is under water (ask Greta), I am sure we will treat the desperate soaked Londonites fairly and make sure we do not exploit them 🤣

        • Maybe this is a cunning plan by Boris to get as many of the culturally enriched to move out of London and into the provinces to share that “enrichment” with the yokels, despite costing £100bn+

  19. Probably worth mentioning that if this was cancelled and all the money pumped into the NHS, police etc the service we received from them would still be piss-poor whilst they continue to be managed by cunts.

  20. Been to Germany numerous times and being a bit OCD I find it heaven. Trains running on time, efficient infrastructure, hard working and productive. I know a few people don’t like the krauts but I take them as I find them. We could learn a lot but I ain’t holding my breath with our clusterfuck run fucking country.

    • Same here Bob, actually find Germans in their own country are decent and welcoming (in every other country on earth when on holiday they are prize winning cunts)

      • Certainly are welcoming CTC. One of the best nights out I’ve had was with some Dortmund fans in Hamburg after they’d played them. Funny lads, proper hard drinkers but sociable with it. Brother actually got chucked out of the brothel at the Rieperbahn when they found out all he had was 7 Euro’s in his pocket.

    • In many ways the things we want for our own countries are what the Germans and Swiss already do. They have respect for the rights of the majority over the minority over there – the good of the many outweigh the indulgence of the few.

  21. I’m Scottish (hail from a Shiitehole called Blantyre in south Lanarkshire . . . and, no, I’m not an SNP-supporting, English-hating mouthbreather, you cunts 😉 ), so this really is of no great concern to me, though I think I read somewhere that us jocks will end up contributing billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to this project (truth be told, I couldn’t give two hoots).

    I actually quite like the train as a method of transport, so I don’t really have a problem with it. Just seems to me, initially anyway, that there is the usual bad planning (and, therefore, more expense). I think this is a publicly-funded project — courtesy of grant-in-aids — so might be cheaper than a PFI project (I’m sure there are probably a few Politics/Economics graduates on here who’d be more qualified to answer this). What I did hear that seemed a bit farcical is that the entire HS2 project — both phase 1 & 2 — may still get scrapped after all this time. It’s only taken about 10 years of planning — and is currently costing £250 million per month! From this point of view, it’s a fucking disgrace! Pure waste of time and resources.

    • I was supposed to go to the new PFI Norfolk & Norwich hospital for a minor op under local not long after it opened; admissions office very apologetically phoned me and said I’d be seen a lot quicker if I went to the Wes Suffolk, in Bury St. Edmunds.
      Had a lovely Betjemanesque day pootling about on old branch lines…
      If vets can operate on a wide range of animals, I’m sure they could sort us out too.

  22. There’s only one question that needs prompt addressing here and that’s just who the fuck needs to arrive in either shagnasty, peaceful infested conurbation 20 minutes quicker, I mean, really?
    Get an earlier train, its worked since timetables were invented.
    *Yes, I know timetables are arse gravy.

  23. The tories have spent 40 fucking years closing down local train services and beautiful historic quaint local stations because they don’t pay for themselves and are spending all that money saved on this fucking abomination, tearing up the countryside so cunts and twats can travel between the already well-serviced main cities 20 minutes faster! This is criminal mismanagement of our railways and to the detriment of this country. Incompetent fucking cunts.

    • precisely!

      And its another clear case of the majority who rarely use the railways (or at least not for InterCity purposes) who will be hamstrung with this debt for decades to come. While the tiny minority who will eventually use HS2 won’t give 2 shits because if they’re business cunts they can just stick the fare on expenses just so long as they can get to some shithole 20 minutes quicker, which will be spent fucking about on their phones or scratching their balls waiting for their 1 hour meeting. A meeting that could have been done via video conferencing back at fucking base!)

      • I was about to comment from outside the American airbase where I am currently located, but some stupid yank bitch has just killed me, can’t drive these cunts!
        Bring the “alleged killer” to the British Courts.
        Why? Because the Yank administration are cunts, “special relationship”? My fucking arse, grow some balls UK.
        That is all.

        • I know we have an independent judiciary and all that, but someone in government has got to do what they can to get Assange off and let the cunt go free as a big fuck you to the yanks.

  24. Anyone remember the “Tilting Train” from way back in the 80s? I think it was in service for all of a couple of years, but BR pulled the plug when they realised it was a sack of shit – always breaking down, gave passengers motion-sickness when going round bends, and cost upwards of £80m.

    Meanwhile other countries developed their own high speed tilting trains that actually worked, most of which are still in service today!

    And in any case, if they do spend £100bn+ on this piece of shit, I bet they won’t have fixed the annual problem of “leaves on the line”, “snow on the line” or “the tracks have warped due to the hot weather!”

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