Dead Pool [154]

Just a minute, it’s congratulations to our old mate Dioclese who correctly predicted sales of the century legend ‘Nickle Arse’ Parsons would be the next to shuffle off the mortal coil. No obfuscation or deviation, just dead. Parsons was 96 and died after a short illness.

He was a consummate gentleman and had excellent choice in female co-presesenters.

On to Deadpool 154:

The rules

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think are next to conk out.Picks are first come first serve.No duplicates allowed.You can always be a cunt and steal other players picks from previous rounds (Like Black and White Cunt frequently does)

2)Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

95 thoughts on “Dead Pool [154]

  1. Stanley Baxter
    Dickie Davies
    Bill Ward
    Luke Rhinehart
    John Astin

    Brexit bonus pick ……..
    Patrick Stewart. ( Cunt )
    Thanks for the extra nom Shaun.
    Bang on Dio, thought we’d missed Parsons !

  2. Raul Castro
    Anne Buydens
    Eileen Ash
    Thelma Barlow
    Beverly Cleary

    Brexit Bonus pick, floppy haired, silver spooned cuntwipe, Hugh Grant.

  3. Congrats Dio…

    John Carpenter
    Hal Holbrook
    Al Leong
    Derren Nesbitt
    Chrissie Hynde

    Brexit bonus pick (if indeed there be such a thing) David Attenborough.
    If not, fuck him anyway…

  4. Giovanna Ralli
    Angela Lansbury
    Earl Cameron
    Jimmy Carter
    Little Richard

    Good Shot, Dio.

    Bonus Pick…James “Whalebelly” Corden…no idea what he thinks about Brexit,but he’s a repulsive Cunt anyhow. Render the Unemptied -Pisspot down for lard.

    • He is a Remainder who preached for us to Remain the night before the Referendum.From his US chat show naturally.Lard arsed cunt

  5. Olivia Newton John
    Michael Barratt
    Jet Black
    Geoffrey Palmer
    Frank Windsor

    Well if there is a bonus shot there, then I am going for old undertaker himself, Colin Jeavons. Sorry Colin.

  6. Camilla Parkyer-Bowels
    Jilly Cooper
    Joannaaah Plasic-Bumley
    Ton Koopman
    Daniel Barenboim

    Bonus bollock is Campbellend, Molestor of the Pipes

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