Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean, no not the skater, the cunt below: –

‘The psychologist behind the UK’s main deradicalization programme for terror offenders says it can never be certain that attackers have been “cured”.

Christopher Dean told the BBC some terror offenders who take part in his Healthy Identity Intervention (HII) scheme appear to regress because of their uniquely complex identities.’

Well, he seems to be spot on with hindsight doesn’t he? After his shining example, Usman Khan (surely some relation to another cunt Khan) went on a murder spree. I wonder how much we pay this cunt for his HII scheme, which doesn’t work? I’m no psychologist, but for fucking free, I know what does work:-

Throwing away the key.
Tough US style detention.
No access to fucking Saudi funded Imams.
And, when all else has failed, a copper with a gun.

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38 thoughts on “Christopher Dean

  1. Another chancer peddling some libtard bullshit which is jumped on by the politicians because they haven’t got the bottle to grasp the only answer to the problem.
    Hang every one of the bastards! Then hang the fucking politicians, followed by this Dean cunt!

    • In the same way that we have league tables for schools, hospitals etc we need to have league tables for these schemes. If their promoters are confident regarding the success the scheme will bring they can have no complaints about being held responsible for results.

  2. At least this cunt has the good grace to admit that he might be wrong. The real cunts are the lefty woke brigade who will say that terrorists don’t need rehabilitation because they are loving souls forced to do these things by an evil and racist West.

    But your right – the terrorist rehabilitation scheme is a cunt. Just hang the cunts and have done with it.

    • “Rehabilitation”? Hmm, 5.56 MM, delivered twice. There you go, no longer a threat.


  3. I don’t have to be a Psychologist to know that a true Zealot of any stripe is unlikely to ever be fully “cured”. Once a true Nutter has got something stuck in their head they can never quite bring themselves to admit that they may not be 100% correct. However childish their view,everyone else must accept that only they are clever enough to see the whole picture. We see it with certain religions and also in other scenarios..”Remainers”…some of them believe (still) that hysterically screaming and calling everyone else stupid will win any argument. Changing Sex… again, some refuse to accept any other point can be valid and just resort to screaming abuse at anyone who disagrees. Abortion…same thing…no deviation from their views can even be considered..

    There are other examples of the true Nutter who apparently believe that they are so important that only their view counts and that hysterical childish ranting is better than actually considering a point from the other side.

    If it has taken this Quack this long to realise that a true Nutter will never accept that anyone else may have a valid point, he should just open his eyes and take a look and listen at so many other “…..Rights” fanatics.

  4. There is only one cure for all of these evil bastards, like the one last week who admired the killers of Lee Rigsby so much that he “prepared for terrorism” to become a copycat, and was luckily caught but yet made himself a fake suicide vest in prison, and that is that at the earliest opportunity they take the eight o’clock walk to meet the executioner

    • Bit of a thick cunt though, the flaw in the plan was that they would be martyred.
      Prison officers do not have access to fire arms, and A cat prisoners do not have access to the kit to make a viable device.

      • Morning LB – the mudslime “religion” dictates that if a peaceful is offed by a Woman they cannot be martyred and do not go to paradise, now if we can just get a few boatloads full of Yazidi ladies..

  5. Ivan Pavlov made a study many years ago, where he rang bells and fed dogs (they salivated)
    Christopher Dean’s experiment is very similar, You tick this box you go home.
    There is a notable fact in both studies the base subject remains the same.
    Pavlov’s dogs remained dogs and Mr Dean’s Terrorists remained terrorists although they had made remarkable progress in dribbling and saying the right thing.
    I cant think of any turning program where the subject was not re-employed in violent activates that has worked, I can point you in the direction of a lot of successful operations with tame terrorists though.
    The London bridge solution is the only one I am afraid (also much more economical)

  6. A lot of justified anger about this one, the rot needs to stop because our Country is being invaded by stealth and our future is being slowly stolen from us and with every atrocity we are supposed to forgive, understand, appease, light candles and all gather round in a little happy clappy circle crying sad little tears – not for the victims, but for the f*cking perpetrators! NO! We are at war, and need to fight back, do we need these bastards marching up Downing Street with a black flag before generation wokeflake wakes up?

    We need to act, NOW, or our Country is lost.

    Could I suggest “The Vernon Fox re-education centre”, where the naughty peacefuls have to, ahem “concentrate”, stern discipline for these naughty chaps is assured, because lets face it – “Arbeit Macht Frei”

    Consoling myself with checking out Carol Kirkwoods huge matronly breasts, lovely girl she is – remember boys, this is what we’re fighting for! 😉

  7. “… can never be certain that attackers have been cured”…….I know an absolutely foolproof way, and it’s much cheaper than this woke libtard shitstain bullshit option, and we already have the means, so no extra cost. All it takes is 1 x soldier, 1 x SA80 (or whatever other weapon is to hand; a MILAN anti-tank missile would be my choice) and 1 x round for said weapon. Don’t waste funds on a blindfold.
    If you televised it on pay-per-view, £5 per terrorist executed, it’d probably make a fucking fortune……..

    at a unit cost of £7,500 (1984) per missile that is not the most economical way of doing things, Mind you at $115,000 for a hellfire I think we got value for money on Jihadi John

    • Unfortunately the SA would probably jam! Our Saturday And Sunday chums from Hereford United football club tend to favour the M16 and Anton’s finest vintage from 1947 – they do the job.

  8. It fucks me off when cunts with their completely irrational view that all cultures are the same are not challenged. Some tory cabinet cunt speaking about islamists said, as if he was breaking bad new, it may take a generation to deal with the terror threat. I just wanted some journalist with a pair of balls and a braincell to yell ‘A GENERATION!? TELL US SOME THING WE DON’T KNOW! What reason is there to think islamisist will EVER stop trying to kill us, it hasn’t happened in any country on this earth yet!

    Time to start calling islamists what they are so normies might begin to get it – they’re muslim supremacists who don’t believe non-muslims have the right to live.

  9. Most of you have probably seen an old sea mine at the seaside, it’s just a shell, the explosives and detonator has been removed to make it safe, it’s just a shell.

    You can’t do this to a human being, as we have seen. They don’t put intact sea mines on the peer because they’ve promised not to explode.


    • I’d love to put intact sea mines on peers – starting with Lord Hesseltine, Lord Kinnock, Lord Prescott and Lord Hague.

  10. The Liberal “soft” approach to dealing with a problem. Dealing with weeds that have invaded the garden reuires a strong and powerful weedkiller. Feeding and nurturing weeds only encourages further spread, and eventually the weeds take over your garden.

    I therefore thoroughly recommend the “Green” and “Eco” approach to keeping your garden free of “invaders”. A thorough dousing of agent orange to expose the little cunts, followed by a good t”torching” is by far the most effective method of weed control.

    Further to that , may I suggest gardeners invest in a “wall”. Victorian Walled Gardens were very effective in preventing un invited guests to your manor.

    I rather suspect Dick may have already made efforts to protect his lawns !

  11. I think it should be compulsory for students of all ages to be forced to read the unabridged, unedited version of both The Bible and the Qur’an. And I’m not talking about the touchy-feely goody-two-shoes versions either, but the whole “stone the cunts to death for doing something bad” or “marrying children as young a possble” etc etc.

    Only then will these soppy libtard twats get a clear picture of how religion is seriously fucked up, as well as giving them an insight regarding the ultimate goals of religious fanaticism are.

    But of course it will never happen because we wouldn’t want to frighten or stress out their delicate snowflake mindsets. As a consequence you will always get twats like Dean who seems to know what needs to be done to rehabilitate those cunts who just don’t give a shit.

  12. For a second I was scratching my head thinking what’s that Ice skater bloke from the 1980’s Olympics doing diagnosing terrorists? (Until I reread the fucking Cunting……again. DUh)

    Forgive me, it’s Monday!!!!

  13. Is it me or does the above Christopher Dean look like that celebricunt chef cock womble Gordon Ramsay?
    Both of these cunts require at very least a good fucking slap together with an almighty kick in the balls.

  14. This is what gets me about these touchy feely cunts.
    A convicted terrorist enters a heated hall dressed in a done up coat concealing a fake suicide vest and knives. And nobody thought to question or search the cunt. Because? Racist? Profiling? Against his yewman rights?
    What a bunch of cunts.

  15. Brusthom Ziamani, another peaceful who attacked prison officers in Whitemoor, shouting Alan’s Snackbar…..

    The media reported he was assisted by another muslin convert inmate, 5 officers injured, this is the first prison attack to be classified as a terror offence.

    We have a cunt who is in prison for a terror offence, he commits a terror offence in prison, so what next. Increase his sentence, more intense ‘rehabilitation’, like it’s ever going to work, he can’t be released, CUNT!

  16. His program is a bit like a program to de-religion people.

    I’m trying to think of a time when that has been successful? You know a moment when some Young Flat Earth fuck knuckle has a science epiphany and realises god doesn’t exist, and bad things happen to good people the same as vice versa regardless of belief system.

    A cunt blinded by the ‘belief’ that inside every ‘utter fucking cunt’ a nice person is desperate to get out. Cunt.

  17. The softly, softly approach by the do gooders in charge has now brought us to this stage. Burning poppies, a slap on the wrist. The hook handed bastard in London preaching hatred on the pavement whilst coppers watch on, nothing done until the Yanks arrest him. Don’t like the way this country is? Easily solved, just fuck off. And they wonder why Donald Trump is popular amongst ordinary Americans? Simple, he thinks about them and their safety first. The worm is starting to turn, ordinary people are totally fucked off with this PC bullshit. It’s time for a change.

    • Forget it. This country is now run by highly-paid cunts, who live in their own protected world, for the benefit of minority groups of all shapes and sizes, a large number of whose ambition is to see as many of us in 1000’s of little pieces scattered all over the Underground, Concert Halls, Arenas etc. We are the real enemy of the state now, not these murdering, grooming, raping, thieving bastards.

  18. Useless, self-righteous kaffir twat; even more useless scheme to “cure” malignant personalities.

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