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Youth offending service department-Hillingdon

Oh deary me what a bunch of cunts this group must be. They are so misguided that they thought that getting a load of dark keys, white wannabes and peacefuls together for a chat a cup of tea and a biscuit would solve the problem of knife crime in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Nope what actually happened is that the started stabbing each other at the meeting itself. Sadly some youngster lost their life. These self serving we can fix it groups are full of such misguided cunts it’s unreal.

I can see the YOSD committee now listening to David Lammy, Doreen and Flabott and blaming themselves ‘the average white man in the street’ for the F nick knife crime instead of telling them to fuck off

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A cunting for what passes as government in this overcrowded isle. An aspiring rapper was attending a knife awareness course at Hillingdon councils town hall in Uxbridge youth offenders section most likely. Guess what he got shanked and died. Well loved , fell in with the wrong crowd, etc etc. No one was checked at entry to see if they were carrying knives, spears, axes whatever. Fuck me what is going on!!! Stabbed to death at a local authority knife awareness course tragic but shit I laughed so much I was almost sick. Paper stated he was of Dutch Origen most likely Somalie family refugees in Netherlands then moved to uk when the lure of better benefits called

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  1. Now I’ve reached the grand old age of 45, I sometimes find myself looking out at the wider world, and thinking to myself, ‘has every cunt gone totally mad?’

    This site and you cunts are literally my oasis of sanity.

        • Just looked it up, it was ’77, great gig, I was hit on the shoulder by a bottle some cunt across the road threw at a group behind me. I was only 13 and have no idea who I went with.

          • Too young to see them live Mog unfortunately (that sounds sarky but it isn’t)

  2. Tough shit.
    Little cunts playing at gangsters , whos the genius who said ,”no point searching them’?
    Hold this meeting regularly. Soon have the streets safe for the elderly.

  3. What’s the point of setting up a knife-awareness course anyway? Most Londonistan dark keys are already aware of knives, apart from the aspiring rappers and footballers busy learning their trades….

  4. I’m obviously a sick cunt. When I read this, I pictured them all going apeshit (no pun intended) and had a little chuckle to myself.
    Not funny that someone has lost their life, of course, but funny that these bleeding hearts have reached a level of stupidity where they imagined sticking all this pond life together in the same room would be a good idea. Serious “womp womp wommmmp” moment.
    I’m a bad man.

    • I imagine it must have been like the seen in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” which I was just watching. The scene were the gorillas in the forum go mad in the wanting to kill humans.

    • I am sorry but I found it funny in every sense. The fatality is the punchline.

      I think we should be setting up taxpayer funded ‘Free Knives’ kiosks across South and East London and just let them sort it out.

  5. An invitation only event, dress code casual, bring a bottle (and knife)
    I guess it wouldnt be PC to search them before entry!

    Money Well spent on youth services!


  6. Monday Morning……..Hillingdon Council Offices

    “How did the knife awareness course go?”

    “Oh, one or two difficult moments but everyone’s aware of them now. Just one sugar please……any of those digestives left?”

  7. Ive 2 scars where as a young lad i got stabbed in a fight, one on my left bicep the other right shoulder near my neck.
    Own fault, big fight lots of lads fighting.
    Fabian the youth worker would say its not my fault,
    Thatcher’s austerity,
    Failed by the system (tory)
    Police oppression
    But Fabian would be wrong.
    Young lads fight! Its natural, why we have wars, burn off the testosterone an thin the herd.
    Need a war, send these cunts too,
    I fancy we forget brexit an declare war on the EU.
    Everyones a winner

    • The only trouble with that is that war is increasingly remote-controlled. Suicidal attacks by battalions of motivated youngsters against machine guns, gas and barbed wire are SOOO 1917. Join the Campaign for Real War now!

    • Start hiring convention centres. They were at it last week as well at a cinema in Birmingham for the screening of a new film, if it wasn’t for innocent families there they should have locked them in and let them get on with it.

  8. If you import backward savages from parts of the world where this savagery is simply a part of normal everyday life don’t expect to improve society. The cunts are every mp, politician, common purpose cunts we have elected into power. And us for electing them. Were fucked

    • The U.K. is set up to run with a generally law abiding,considerate population. This is because the indigenous population is civilised. The influx of different cultures has meant that our systems are no longer ,to use that awful term , fit for purpose. Where an Anglo Saxon will response to a quiet word in their ear the newcomers may have to be bashed over the head with a lump of wood to achieve the same result.

  9. I worked briefly at a punishment and correction centre (and it does what it says on the ticket)
    A director was appointed who had previously been in charge of the city police, to say he was not liked was an understatement.
    One of the first things he did was revoke the knife rule, Prisoners were allowed a knife no longer than 4cm long unpointed (due to a diet of dried meat and sausage).
    Apart from the obvious difficulties the prisoners had in consuming hard tack there was a rise in stabbings and slashings.
    Before in any confrontation all prisoners were equally matched so there was no knife play, after his scheme it was obvious that the only people who were carrying were those intent on stabbing.
    The scheme was revoked and the prisoners re armed, the director of the prison died a few months later driving down the mountain in his car when his brakes tragically failed, his car left the road and careered into a grave yard and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

  10. Our local YOS tell the kids they’re stupid cunts and although their job is to defend them, if they keep being twats there’ll be a breaking point where they’ll have to recommend sending them down. But then, we are a 99% white “communieee”.

  11. The cunts that do this are only one generation removed from apes. You can’t reform them by inviting them around for a chat over a cup of tea and a hobnob. That British sense of fair play and being reasonable is not going to cut ice with them. You can take an ape out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the ape.


    • Knife awareness course? What a brilliant idea. If the cunts weren’t aware of knives before, they are now. We need more of these courses set up at venues so that these stabby little morons can hack at each other until there’s only one left. Then we throw him in the clink. Job completed.

  12. Too young to see them live Mog unfortunately (that sounds sarky but it isn’t)

  13. We all used to have wait for a heavyweight title fight to watch two dark keys knock fuck out of each other. I’m suddenly all for these young offenders programmes. No one gets paid and the cull continues. I’d definitely get it on pay per view.

  14. Hillingdon used to be a nice place, relatively, now the ghetto has spread out to take the whole of london and beyond.

    This multicultural experiment has gone on long enough, when do we get to hear the results and the conclusions?

    Do these cunts trying to fix the problem ever stop to think about the cause? I know we hear about poverty, lack of opportunity, absent fathers and all that sociologist jizz, but come on, how did we get here?

  15. Show these simian cunts any film with violence in it and they will go mental and murder each other.
    It’s fantastic! !
    News reports such as this really boost morale.
    Fuck em all.

  16. Sounds like a Grade A Chimpout, poor result though, few more casualties would have made my Christmas.!

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