Tom Bradby (2)

Time was when ITV newsreaders would simply do their job, ie sit up straight, speak clearly, wear a jacket and tie and read the news. We all knew Reggie Bosanquet and Alastair Burnet appreciated a few pre-bulletin sharpeners “A G&T but forget the tonic “ but these blokes had real world experience and some fought in wars. Sandy Gall spent years embedded with the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan long before it was fashionable and even had the pineapple face worthy of a few shrapnel wounds.

What do we get now? A right bunch of fairies of which Tom bloody Bradby is Exhibit A. No mate, I don’t want to see you dabbing your eyes and expressing your opinions at the latest Syrian atrocity, I don’t care that you’re best mates with Mr and Mrs Hewitt (*) and I certainly don’t give a flying shit about your over-publicised ‘battles with insomnia’, still less read your latest novel.

Tom Crybaby….the very template for modern day emoting and self-entitled opinionating. And you and the rest of your ilk can stop waving your arms around whilst you’re at it.

* 90% of whose woes are entirely self-inflicted

Nominated by Isaac Hunt

60 thoughts on “Tom Bradby (2)

  1. Snowflake cry baby cunt – look at me l am so anxious about people’s suffering. Just fuck off you useless fucking prick.

  2. Personally I care not a jot how Bradby is feeling or need to know how he’s sleeping, I care even less for his political allegiances or face pulling antics , like anybody else providing a service I expect him to turn up on time , do what he’s paid to do (hopefully in a professional manner) then fuck off once he’s completed the job ….. End of story
    All these cunts on TV today want to transcend their fields of expertise, our programming is littered with the debris of a 1000 useless shows
    Stick to what you know ya cunts!!

  3. A worthy cunting. I gave this tit his maiden nomination some time ago, but I am surprised this is only the second cunting.

    This fawning wanker gets right on my tits. Always has an opinion, is clearly anti-Trump and anti-Conservative. He also thinks he is some kind of comedian.

    Stick your opinions up your chuff, Bradby, and just read the fucking news then piss off.

    Yer cunt.

  4. News is a different game now. It’s entertainment. Roll your eyes at anything B**x*t-related, frown while reading your autocue, gurn at “right-wingers”, squint at Big Don; News read by emoticons.

    If Trevor McDonald were dead he’d be spinning in his grave.

      • Holy Doughnuts, Ruff Tuff, that’s a tad harsh, isn’t it. Years of dignified service, painstaking neutrality, forthright, distinguished reporting…

        Good day sirrah.

        • Trev wasn’t so much a cunt back then but he certainly is now. Have you not seen some of the rubbish faux docümentaries he presents these days? Top-tip: don’t waste your time.

          • Does he only pop up at the start and end, with some voice-overs in the middle, like that bone-idle David Attenborough?

          • He (Trevor) spends most of his time asking inane questions and making statements of the bleedin’ obvious, as if they were earth shattering revelations. Subliminal message: I’m a serious journalist.

            Trevor to serial killer: “what made you kill?”
            Serial Killer: “I dunno… guess I just enjoy it sir.”

            Close-up of Sir Trevor looking suitably shocked and concerned…

            I can’t watch Attenborough. He’s another irritating cunt.

      • Good Morning RTC

        I think I will put him in my next deadpool if you or BSC (or whatever name he is using this week) don’t nick him first.

          • Tuffers, you should write-up a nomination for Trev (though I couldn’t possibly contribute).

          • Can’t stand the Attenbore, personally.
            Aren’t there several of them ? Or am I having a nightmare…

  5. Another operative of the emasculation project. Can’t be having populations of fighting-fit white males when the time comes that we are taken over by other ‘forces’ aka moose limbs. No, we must all be subdued on T-lowering anti-depressants for our ‘anxiety’ whilst we wait for the next ‘Buzzfeed’ or ‘Vice’ brainwashing update on our palm-screens that we are addicted to.

    It’s truly frightening how it’s taken just 20 years, since the inception of the internet and mobile phone madness, for ‘them’ to get their way.

  6. This kind of shit is precisely why I made the decision to cut the mainstream news out of my life entirely a few months ago. You know what – it’s like a weight being lifted. I still go to work, pay my bills, world still spins on its axis but I don’t have this agenda-loaded fuckwittery rammed down my throat any more. So you lot are now my only contact with the wider world.. that’s good right?? You’re all trustworthy aren’t you – wouldn’t feed me false info??

    • You can trust us never fear!
      Ill take full control of any financial aspects of your life also.

      • Thanks mate, that’s genuinely brought a tear to my eye – and made my ringpiece loosen up a bit. I’ll dig my Paypal details out

        • No rush Cuntan, if you get time dont forget to knock up a letter of executor of your will,
          Done same for a few chosen lads on here, theyre all reaping the rewards of my expert advice!👍

    • I haven’t watched any national news in years and stopped reading newspapers at the beginning of this year. I will occasionally glance at the Metro but not for the main news, just the 1-paragraph fillers. I switch my brain off when the news comes on the radio, and ignore 90% of the local news as well. I don’t give a shit what’s happening in Nottingham or Derby and, frankly, don’t much care what’s happening in my hometown of Leicester either but sometimes need to know if the buses aren’t running. I don’t feel I’ve lost out by being ignorant of the ‘facts’ and find all I need to know right here, inaccurate, apocryphal or otherwise.

    • Martians did land a while ago looking for intellegent life but couldnt find any so they fucked off again /something sbout give it another 200 years or so?

  7. The man is a copper-bottomed Cunt for attending Meghan and Harry’s wedding and neglecting to kick Prince Woke in his newly discovered ginger Cunt as he walked up the aisle….should have dick-slapped Meghan around a bit too.
    I,for one,wouldn’t mind Royal weddings being tax-payer funded if we could see a bit more of that type of behaviour.

    • How come you weren’t at the wedding Fiddler?
      I went! Looked out for you, security stop you?
      Wasnt in yer wellies was you?
      Didnt miss anything anyway,
      Food was shite nipped down the road to a burgervan.

      • At the wedding i was talking to meghan and thought ‘she seems down to earth’ she was telling dirty jokes and knocking back rum!
        Turns out it was BWCs sister not Meghan!
        Wasnt impressed by the Queen, smelt of piss an mothballs!
        Phil the greek was more my cup of ale!
        We got on great!
        Drinking and throwing darts at a painting of the peoples princess!
        Hes alright for a foreigner.

      • Unfortunately I am no longer invited to Royal weddings since being caught up in a highly-publicised police raid at the local brothel, balls-deep in some slack-clackered,filthy tart… just imagine my shame and self-loathing when my neighbours picked up their copy of The Sun to see that I’d been nabbed doing the future Princess Diana.

        • Hehe, my father inlaw did mix with the royals a couple of times Dick!
          He does that horse an trap racing thing, like the royals hes horse mad,
          Doubt id fit in, only eat food wi gravy on, like to eat meat with my hands,
          And easily forget etiquette once ‘in my cups’!

        • Ignorance is bliss, Dick. If you’d seen the assorted wharf rats and p1keys who went through her when she lived in Oban, you’d have self-partnered.

        • Sounds like uou took a normal day out of my fucking life /but royalty dont do it for me /princess di hmmm maybe with a bag over her yead and up the like sluts tho

    • Dick,

      After our discussion on the Kellogg’s thread yesterday, I phoned Durham University to enrol on the course ‘Dick Fiddler – What a Cunt.’ Someone in the Admission’s Office told me to piss off and stop wasting their time. Fucking snowflakes.

      I’m still going to write those books and I’m envisioning a trilogy…
      ‘The Fiddler No-one Knows’ (Xmas 2020)
      ‘I, Fiddler’ (Xmas 2021)
      ‘Fiddler – A Life’ (Xmas 2022))

      The final book is an obituary so if you could drink yourself to death in about October 2022 to boost sales that’d be great.

      • Have you read Dick’s book CMC?

        The Cunting Postman Had Fucking Well Better Not Ring Twice If He Bloody Well Knows What’s Good For Him, Bastardising Wanker.

        Xmas 2017 bestseller – still available in all good degenerate book shops.

      • I’d love to help you out,Mike,but I just couldn’t bear the thought of the pleasure given to so many people by the announcement of my demise….unless.of course. we could make it a “Bobby Ewing” style death where it was subsequently announced to be all a “nasty dream” and I could arise from my grave like some foul-smelling,malevolent product of a diseased mind?
        I’d like that.

        • I like it. I could turn my trilogy into five or six books.

          ‘Fiddler – The Return’

          ‘Zombie Fiddler From Your Anus’

          It’s a gold mine. If we make enough money, I can buy ‘the other pub.’

  8. Can you imagine the horror that the offspring of this Cunt and Kay Burley would be ?
    Fucking wankers.

  9. Tears are the currency of high profile virtue-signallers.

    Spout some bullshit that no one will believe…meh.

    Spout some bullshit that no one will believe with a few crocodile droplets leaving your eyes…oh God! How I feel for your plight. You poor, poor thing!

    Turning on the waterworks is the oldest trick in the book to garner sympathy (especially if caught doing wrong) or support for a (usually pointless) cause, but rather than see through it – in the modern age of the terminally offended and the totem pole of identity politics victimhood – those years are lapped up like nectar.

    Oh boo-boo Tom, cry me a fucking river! No doubt the ITV wages and book sales will cheer you up!

    Q. What do you call an unhappy wealthy person?

    A. An unimaginative cunt!

    I want my news readers/reporters to be stoney-faced, whether covering a wide-eyed baby seal with an ice pick through its skull, or stifling laughter when the pound shop Robin Hood – Commissar Corbynov – is telling you about free EVERYTHING for EVERYONE (including illegal cunts) and that there’ll be no extra taxes on workers to pay for it all. 🤔


  10. News anchors and political correspondents today are the biggest bunch of sour faced libtard fuckers ever inflicted on a patient nation. With a few honourable exceptions, such as Andrew Neil, Christian Fraser, Ross Atkins and John Humphreys, they are, to a man, utter snowflake cunts.

    Added to your excellent Exhibit A, I give you –

    Exhibit B – Emily Maitlis
    Exhibit C – Laura “ wonky face” Kuntsberg
    Exhibit D – Robert Pest
    Exhibit E – Nick Baldyhead
    Exhibit F – Mischal Hammas
    Exhibit G – Andrew Marred
    Exhibit H – Fiona Brute
    Exhibit I – John “ white face” Snow
    Exhibit J – Kathy “thicko” Newman
    Exhibit K – Kay Burley
    Etc, etc, etc, etc.

    None of these are a tenth of veteran newscasters like Sandy Gall and John Simpson ( an arrogant cunt but at least not a Libtard) or even Kate Ady who had real world experience and were never Libtard mouthpieces ( or perhaps I should say “ ring pieces”).

    Fuck off.

  11. It’s a great posting, a solid cunting. Where do we go for news these days? Not opinion, not agenda tainted propaganda, just news based on known facts.

    • Maybe not a perfect solution but Reuters AP, AFP, etc – which is where our broadcasters get most of the hard news they work into their agendas.

      The older reporters (Snow, Ady, eg) were trained as such. Find the story. Tell it. Your opinions don’t matter. It’s only around the 70’s you had much chance of getting a byline. You were not a celebrity. The purpose of newspapers and news programmes was to deliver the news. A good reporter (often a drunken, slovenly cunt who got his best material in the pub – there’s nowhere better) was known for his good stories, not his thinkpiece maunderings. As Captain M remarks, it’s all about entertainment now, and the celebrity cult.

      Essential cunting, thank you.

  12. I have had a little experience with news teams, their manners vary, there are the Bolshoi “The people have to know and you must not hinder us types”, the quiet ones that seem to be doing their stuff and then release a load of bollocks and of course the cunts that film things that you dont want them too. (do not film the bunker next to the building because when it goes on TV the baddies will recognise it an shell it).
    There was a common denominator amongst them all, They are never there when the shit goes down, at any time they can fuck off out of it, and its more to do with getting the story than caring about what is going on, I dislike them all.
    Even Martin bell managed to piss us off.

    • I’ve been on both sides of this argument – HMF (though far away from the bullets) and local newspaper reporter (rather briefly). And I agree. In fairness, I’d say that even a well intentioned journo can get the story spectacularly wrong simply because he’s been dumped into a situation he knows nothing about – we assumed they’d get it wrong and consequently gave them fuck-all, very politely, if we could.

      I’ve been in the position, as a reporter, of trying to get a story off the police, under instructions from the (Trotskyite) editor to tell them it was off the record although it was scheduled, with added bias, for the front page… ultimately counterproductive as the police will never talk to you again, and dog your movements from then on, but I think the watchword with hacks in the field is to trust none of them. Especially the friendly ones.

    • Martin Bell now does begging ads for little brown babies, or similar.
      Think I prefer donkeys and tigers, if that doesn’t sound too Z…

  13. First world white privilege whining, but he’s got the right politic’s and fiends so he’s not called out on it, cunt

  14. The cunt needs tasering everytime he acts like a soppy cunt.
    Caught him on the news once and he was making it difficult watching by trying to add a bit of his character or whatever he calls it.
    He’s been hanging around celebrities too long and now thinks he one.
    Send the cunt to downtown Raqqa to report to us…with no bullet proof vest.
    The cunt.
    Go fuck yourself.

  15. I’d forgotten all about this cry baby until this cunting emerged.
    Both a blessing and a curse I think.
    What a snivelling twat he is.
    Big gold chain and a Mogadishu holiday for him.
    Fuck off.

  16. What a beautiful day cunters… well it is in London.
    Sunny but not hot, crisp air and I’ve got the day off, and I’ve finished my fry up.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Great cunters think alike.

      I love the cold, crisp Autumn especially when it is chilly but sunny out. Invigorating.

      Taking delivery of some king crab later, gonna wrestle with a leg and claw tonight, adding some pasta in home made sauce and a choice fucking tipple.

      For once, it’s promising to be a good day.

      As for Tom Bradby, I shot my load on his first nomination – really can only echo previous sentiments about the cuntliness of all modern newsreader fuckers who, in the age of 24hr news/wokeness/digital social media backpats, want to be the story more than they want to report real news.

      If there was any justice, Tom Bradby would find his sub-normal head in a vice and the cuntitude would be crushed out of him, slowly, over a period of 4 days.

  17. I find Tom very useful. He has a habit of pointing out something that’s just been shown is really terrible when it hadn’t really occurred to me. Thanks Tom. He starts every broadcast with his face set in exactly the same position. I wonder if he’s aware of the honour being shown him here. I might email him.. on another matter 15 more found in the back of a lorry in Wiltshire. The driver is Irish. Why this Irish connection?

  18. Tom Bradby ( we all call him news cunt in our house eg news cunt’s on dad ! Thanks Jessica. ) is just another posh twat in the phalanx of liberal biased journalists who are allowed to infect the airwaves with their wimpish ways like Owen Muck dick of Guardian fame. With their hatred of morality ,law and order and their own people they are allowed to indoctrinate for the left whilst creating a facade of impartiality. However there is some good news regarding this simpering cunt . He is mortal.

  19. I’m very happy that someone mentioned that sour faced sambo cunt Trevor McDonald. I’m not going to call him ‘Sir’ because the nearest his sort should come to a knighthood is having a fucking sharp sword waved at their minging heads! Looks down on all his tribe because he’s got a job, and doesn’t eat KFC! Fucking dribbling old cunt head!

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