Proctor & Gamble

Proctor and Gamble are cowardly cunts.

They have vowed to remove the female symbol from the packaging of their ‘Always’ brand sanitary towel, following complaints from a couple of women, who now call themselves men, but still require the monthly services of a snatch plaster. This is going to be one of those stand back and enjoy the fireworks moments, as quite a few women, and some of them of the feminist persuasion, are not happy with the change, and want the symbol to remain.

Unfortunately, feminism is no longer the force it once was, and it frequently comes into conflict with the xyzzzzzgbt+ community, usually coming off second best. Feminism is so 1980s, don’t you know. In fact, the only time you will hear from a feminist is if they are BAME, as there are a constant stream of those, especially on Radio 4.

After decades of the male element of many things being removed to make them more inclusive, it is now the turn of the fairer sex to experience this nonsense. And, it only takes a couple of drag queens, and one or two schizophrenic women who think they are men to make changes, not years of campaigning. Life isn’t fair, is it ladies?

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

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  1. The whinging cunts have being moving into male ‘spaces’ for the last 30 years it’s time men did the same. I’m going to gatecrash the wamens institute with a 6 pack of stella and demand the sexist cunts stop discriminating against my massive cock.

  2. What a joke, and also the problem is these are popular with the gay.
    They like to use them to soak up the bum juice, shit and spunk after their behaviour…it makes them feel feminine too.
    I’m expecting the Proctor and Gamble to take a gamble on releasing the LGBTQ-+ AJEBDJD especially for the gay.
    The rise of the gay has messed it all up.
    Can’t HIV ‘evolve’ into some super new killer.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • I think these products may exist, after leaving HMF and becoming a British Legion Member, I became inundated with catalogues advertising plastic pants, sanitary inserts, non elasticated socks, stretch trousers, slip on shoes and various other shit (Nice collection of plastic garden tat too!) I am sure there must be some cross over with these products (as ex Navy personnel are also Legion members I can understand the leaky ring piece products)

  3. I look forward to seeing feminazi wimminz, arse bandits, and trannies all fight it out to the death. Hateful cunts, the lot of them. If we can get peacefuls involved, even better.

  4. They should just sell them in a plain box with “CUNT PLUGS” written in large red capital letters on the outside.
    Get fucked.

  5. I wonder if Sandi Toksvig suffers from a heavy menstrual flow? I might enter that Baking programme just so that I can make some nudge-nudge,wink,wink innuendos “OOOH ,do you like a jammy ring,Sandi?” or ” I bet you enjoy a creamy doughut..ha,ha” before finishing with my side-splitting piece de resistance…Hoof her up the Minge,bellow” You’re a revolting,rancid old Cunt and I can’t wait til you fucking kark”right in her face, and Fuck Off giggling.

  6. We were going to have home made scones, with jam and cream for tea. After this Cunting I think I’ll have a boiled ham butty with some piccalilli, or the half a pheasant that’s left in the fridge.
    I didn’t know that bummers used tampons, I thought they used super furry gerbils.
    D. V. iant Cunts.

  7. When the word mansize was taken off the big black box of tissues (and shops own make) and then renamed extra large, I’m not fussed.
    So, why are women fussed about sanitary towels having words related to women taken off?

  8. Box should show ” Wimmins blood sponge” with a picture of an axe wound made by one them genocidal dark keys they used to worry about in Africunt.

  9. Went in three fucking shops last week and fucked if I’m buying Gillette shaving gel or foam. Just haven’t shaved all fucking week. Will go into Superdrug in the town tomorrow to get own brand. I ain’t ever giving them cunts my money, fucking ever!

    • Shaving foam = surfactant + gas + solvent
      Shaving gel = surfactant +gelling solvent + borderline skin irritant

      Surfactant = (essentially) soap.

      Without the gas, soap works just as well. Rub the bar on the wet bristles until it’s slightly foamy: shave. I am a tight cunt and I refuse to buy any personal soap product other than soap…ditto shampoo (surfactant + assorted cosmetic products +water)

      • Be sure to check yourself before you go out.

        Passer by: “You smell nice”

        Komodo: “Yes. I’m using a new soap”

        Passer by: “Imperial Leather?”

        Komodo: “Yes! How did you know?”

        Passer by: “I read the sticker on your face”

  10. Wouldn’t the simple solution for these tools to wear nappies so whatever way it drops out or whichever way you want to put it up it makes no odds, it would be most appropriate in so far they do not understand the facts of life just want to live in an infantile space centered around their own delusions

  11. Fuck me today’s society makes the Soddom and Gomorrah depravity look like minor indiscretions. Any way best of luck to the transformer people as they begin their new lives as lorry’s or jeeps and one last thing to add. Fuck yourselves you mutant cunts. Ok thats me done I’ve got to top up my vitriol levels.

  12. Semi related question, after readimg this nom.

    How much back door action is required for the balloon knot actually starts leaking and these products are needed?

    Guess it’s related to the size of the tool used and the frequency

    Asking for a friend obviously

    • It’s a myth mate. The ringpiece always returns to normal. Me and Mrs WCC have been indulging in some savage anal play over the years, loves it the dirty bitch, and she’s still tight as a fucking drum.

      • You ain’t trying hard enough!! I got in trouble last time for suggesting a search for less-than-family-friendly sexual practices so I’m not going there again, all I will say is that with enough continued ramming things end up not looking pretty…. looking for a particularly well-known red flower with thorns, combined with the anatomical name for the botty, should show you the kind of thing I mean

        You are correct, and yes corrective surgery is available to “Tighten that hole” should the procedure be required these people are recommended, Dont worry Day Admin is still in hospital and I am not so faint hearted.

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