MP Childcare Expenses

Emergency, blue-light cunting for MP’s who are having the fucking gall to try and claim childcare expenses for having to work on a Saturday.

One fucking Saturday since the Falklands in 1982. I work two out of every four weekends, you cunts. I get a piddling shift allowance which wouldn’t paint your fucking duck-house. My loathing for these parasitic cunts knows no bounds. Enjoy your fucking Christmas day and Boxing Day, you loathsome cunts. I’m fucking working both. On single fucking time. No expenses claimed here.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

68 thoughts on “MP Childcare Expenses

  1. They are fucking vultures, we have a pretty much complete government consisting of thieves, liers and fucking idiots,and if you give these cunts an inch they take a mile, never has the been a worse collection of cunts in all parties, the country is so fucked…..

    • Actually its give an inch they take a yard/give a yard /they take a mile once a man and twice a child and everything is just for a while.lot of truth in 30 odd year old lyrics

    • Oh, what I’d give to see a Blackadder style election (Dunny on the wolde)

      The previous MP accidently brutally cut his own head off, whilst combing his hair….

  2. So much for workers rights in the EU. Single time for bank holidays, zero hours contracts, the ‘gig ‘ economy. Fook me, decades ago, I was getting double time and a day in lieu for working a bank holiday.
    We seem to have gone backwards.
    Ambulance staff getting normal time for Christmas is fucking scandalous, whilst MP’s and bosses get ever fatter at the trough.
    We’re long overdue a fucking good cull.
    For what it’s worth Gene, you and your colleagues are held in high esteem by many people.
    I’d have been dead ten years ago only for you wonderful people.
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down.
    Good morning.

    • Those at the top only get away with it as there are so many fuckers in this country. Don’t want to work Christmas Day? Dooshka fucker is quite happy to step in and take your job.

  3. Such pettiness must cost votes and so any MP who mentioned this must be pretty dim especially as the looming election is very hard to call.

    • They are dim, as well as short-sighted, greedy, out-of-touch cunts. I hope enough people vote for the Brexit party to get a few of these freeloading cunts the sack and shake things up.

      • The whole system is rigged. You get rid of one cunt at the trough, and another is awaiting a turn.

  4. The cunt who stood up and whined on behalf of the other money grabbers in the House of Bastards was a certain Chris Bryant, MP for Rhonda (however you spell it). I hope his constituents remember that on December 12th and kick his stinking low life arse down the road.

    • Bryant was one of those trying to become Speaker. He did better than the Harman cunt, but Bryant is a poofter. Perhaps he has or is thinking pf starting a family with his husband.

      • Well, there was never going to be any straight white male trying to be speaker. Like everything nowadays, tranny, pooftah, lezza, black, disabled, parky. They’ll all get a job before the white man.

        • Lindsay Hoyle. How the fuck did he get through. Up against aNomo as well. Oh, what a good ENGLISH name. A good honest Nothern English name. With his bland honest ENGLISH face. Who will be fair. Unlike….No, I’ll leave it there.

          • He had the sense to play it straight while Berkowitz (yes, that’s the family’s good old ENGLISH name) was crowing on his dunghill. No doubt whatever he’ll be an improvement.

  5. Don’t forget these cunts will be moving to a different part of the Parliament building (Richmond House, I think) so that the Palace of Westminster can have a £5bn restoration/renovation over the next 10 years or so.

    However, before they can move to their temporary home, Richmond House itself is going to have a £1.5bn overhaul/modernisation to house these cunts.

    So that’s roughly £7bn to be spent on these cunts, and we all know that such budgets are always undervalued, so don’t be surprised if the final bill comes in at something like £10bn – and guess who’ll be paying for that!

    The excuse is one of health & safety; and the high risk of fire (Notre Dame) blah blah. No doubt these, or future MPs, will throw in some superfluous expenses for having to walk the extra few hundred yards to their new temporary homes.

    So £10bn for this, and £80bn for the HS2 white elephant – and yet the country is still fucking skint!

  6. How soon we seem to have forgotten the fact that 99% of these parasitic cunts were caught with their hands in the till claiming for fucking everything barely a decade ago….. how are the Houses of Parliament still frigging standing???

  7. Isn’t children in need coming up soon? Perhaps these poverty stricken cunts could go cap in hand to the BBC and beg for some money to feed their poor starving children. That’s after all the slebs have had their cut obviously.

  8. I’ve not seen Oliver in ages.
    #Who will buy this wonderful feeling?#
    #I’m so high, I swear I can fly!#

    • Great nom DCI you and your colleagues should be on double time AND a day in lieu for Christmas day,
      If its of any consolation the great British public hold you in high esteem.
      Piss boiler that the scüm who govern us are highly paid AND claiming for everything and anything.
      No Shame. No morals.
      No souls. Fuckin lizards.

      • when I worked for the RAC in the call centre many moons ago they actually paid those of us who worked Xmas day 5x the hourly rates.. now the calls are being taken in India & we were made redundant…

  9. The trough never runs dry for these cunts does it?

    Still Emma Watson has cheered me up by describing herself as self-partnered,

    It used to be called single.

    Cunt should stand for parliament.

  10. I’m voting Labour!

    Just seen Corbyn on TV with a nice fit white girl helping him take questions from the MSM. Nice legs, pretty face, well spoken. Not much in the tit department but definitely not a trannie!

    He’s usually with some ugly black fat sow like Dawn Lardbutt.

    Jeremy’s turned a corner, and I for one am won over.

        • Just switched the telly on. Corbyn-‘We’re going to carry this message all round the country’. ‘carry this message’. The way they speak. I remember when they used to say ‘a packet of measures’. We have a ‘packet of measures we are going to carry along with our message round the country’. Beladened by the language.

          • “Beladened”

            That’s a word you don’t see every day, is it? Or ever in my case.

            Nice one Miles.

            PS: Just caught Lord Falconer on ‘Politics Live’ wearing the biggest poppy I’ve ever seen! He must be terribly, terribly, terribly patriotic.

  11. If MP’s really did have an interest in “Child Care” then they would have no problem of organising a spouse to care for the children. Very few MP’s have NO spouse or NO partner, and NO family such as a Nan to look after little junior.

    It gets my goat, when the priority is “kerrchinnng !”

    People with children these days cannot afford the luxury of “paid help” and rely heavily upon family members to help.

    Isn’t it strange that the first thought entering the mind of an MP is cash……Or am I just being a simple arsehole ?

    As for Critical Services, a 24/7 times 365 on a rotational shift system kills you much earlier in life than an arse implanted MP. ( fuck them )

    A little extra is not that much to ask for is it ?

    • They don’t want to use family since they can no longer pay the fucker £60k a year for picking post up from the doormat. Getting paid-for child care is the next money-spinner. Clearly the cunts can’t afford it on the ridiculously low basic £79,468 a year that they ‘earn’. But people on £12k a year are told to go to work and pay for childcare despite it usually being more than then they fucking earn.

      • yeah and they also have to use food banks.. poor bastards

        while these fuckers grease their chins with cuisine, heavily subsidised
        by tax payers hard earned money

  12. Great cunting DCI. We share your rage old son.
    I think it’s fair to say that ‘respect’ for our parliamentarians is at an all time low. Over the last decade or so they’ve been shown to be nothing more than self-centred, self-serving, grasping, hypocritical cunts. The extent of disgust and loathing that I feel is monumental.

  13. MPs are a bunch of thieving cunts.

    Who else has a job that means you can get a free house, free food on expenses? You need your moat cleaned? Just get the plebs to pay for that too. Soldiers’ and nurses’ pay freezed well below the rate of inflation this year? Let’s vote ourselves another pay rise 5x the rate of inflation. Again.

    I’ve said for ages that MPs salaries should not be voted on by MPs. That’s just fucking stupid.

    And expenses? Fuck right off! That utter cunt, Ian Blackford claims over 100k per year in expenses, just so we can hear him say, “The people of Scotland..” over and fucking over again and again.

    Scroll down the page for the top claimers. No surprise to
    see so many shitcunt SNP twats on the list.!/all

    • Basic pay for member of Scottish parliament: £61,778
      Basic pay for member of Westminster parliament: £79,468

      Easy seen why the cunts are so eager to come south. What will the poor lambs do if they get independence?

  14. Great nom DCI. We share your rage.
    I’d say that over the last decade or so, the public’s faith in parliamentarians has gone through the floor. Every day they demonstrate how self-centred, self-serving, hypocritical, greedy, deceitful and corrupt they are. Loathsome, slimy cunts.
    As the classic bit of graffiti puts it;
    ‘Don’t vote. The government will get in’.

  15. This is utterly cuntish on two levels. Firstly I bet they don’t even have to submit a receipt to claim the “expense”. Utter fucking thieving, plain and cunting simple, if they haven’t actually incurred any cost. An expense, by definition is just that. It should only be paid if the recipient proves they have incurred a cost, i.e. by submitting a receipt.

    Secondly, even if they have had to pay out for childcare then why the fuck should they be reimbursed for it? Most normal working cunts have to pay their own childcare costs.

    How do they get away with it? They write the rules, that’s how.

    Greedy, arrogant cunts.

  16. Put the cunts on zero-hours contracts. Which would then be abolished as fast as the cunts could get to the ‘aye’ lobby. Result.

  17. I thought there was already a creche at that fucking shithole.
    Mind you, I wouldn’t want my kids within a mile of all those other cunts’ offspring…..

  18. Good Evening all..

    Yep these fucking blood sucking leeching parasites… (mostly Tories)
    makes my blood boil.. all on the scrounge for whatever they can get/claim.. I remember within the last decade when all their expenses were fiddled & what did they say ” its within the rules” feckers..

    don’t worry about the OAPs freezing to death each winter & the poor homeless/disabled…

    As long as I can keep my fucking stables heated to keep the poor horses warm… paid by the taxpayer
    lol its so unbelievable funny..

    A Conservative MP has promised to repay part of a £5,822 expenses claim for his energy bills after it emerged taxpayers were paying to heat his stables.

    Nadhim Zahawi, a wealthy businessman, said he was “mortified” to discover the error in which he claimed expenses to cover electricity and heating oil for his estate in Warwickshire.

    • The FACTS are as a result of the expenses scandal, 4 Labour MP’S were jailed and 2 Tory peers

  19. I forgot to say that each time these parasites go into the commons they get a extra £305 expenses each day
    … come what may Dennis Skinner’s always there…. lol and they call the homeless/disabled/poor/workless


    • Nice work if you can get it eh,
      And also a greedy parasite.
      Your a good looking chap Fluff!
      Not related to Rtc are you?
      Dead spit of him!

        • Evening mate!
          Moderation having a field day with me tonight, own fault!
          Should know the trigger words by now!
          Had a shite day, van went in garage =£350
          Firework mongs out in force so dogs terrified.
          Feeling proper sorry for myself today,
          And missus got fuckin chinese shite in for Tea!! Hate the crap.😟

          • I keep falling foul of them as well…! Must start thinking some new offensive terms up. By the way had a name change seeing as I’ve actually had a nomination up!

      • Hello you miserable bastard

        You may of heard all this before but,
        My old Grandad fought in 2 World wars & survived. he passed away eons ago but,, He would cringe in his grave of all the shite that’s doing the rounds nowadays
        . I’m sorry but I’m gonna vote Labour on 12,th december

        Another World is Possible

  20. After paying for all the fat useless, fibromyalgia suffering, weak, pointless, cunts kids that I have to day to day, i struggle to give my own kids the things they deserve like beans on toast and a lump of coal at Christmas. In fact I work at least 12 hours a day and more often than not 6days a week. That is why I am relatively displeased at hearing about these cunts trying to fleece me once more. In fact where is that HGV bomb I made earlier, I think my only option is to become a martyr for the working man and stop this nonsense.

    • You are so correct I too used to work 7 days a week when I left school at 15 for £5 a week
      when you think of it I was working for £5 a week for 40 houra & it crap
      .. plus a paper round for £1.6s & 6 pence.. in old money

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