Katie Hill

Katie Hill
If you are an old dodderer like me you have heard of Fanny Hill but probably not Katie Hill who has resigned as Democratic Congresswoman for California after admitting to have had a “inappropriate” relationship with a female member of her staff. She also seems to have been swinging both ways and getting a length from another staffer, this time a guy, at the same time.

“It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country,” sobbed Katie who then blamed her husband for all her problems. Incidentally, he was banging the female staff member at the same time as Kiss Me Kate.

Head of the coven Nancy Pelosi, aka Speaker of the House, who represents the shit-filled streets of San Francisco, praised Hill for making “a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class” of House Democrats but said “we must ensure a climate of integrity and dignity in the Congress, and in all workplaces.”

Pictures of Hill, showing a tattoo of Nazi Iron Cross and posing naked while smoking a joint and having it off lesbo style, have been published and are out there in cyberspace if you want to see them.

I feel sorry for poor old Bill Clinton who now only has memories of jerking off onto his staff´s dresses to make up for sharing a bed with harridan Hillary. Trump must me laughing his pants off.

Nominated by Mr Polly

45 thoughts on “Katie Hill

  1. What the internet giveth, the internet taketh away…

    I am most enjoying watching so-called politicians hit rock bottom as some tired old hack trawls through their back catalogue of tweets and Facebook shite finding all those juicy “it’s not who I am now” posts they once made.

  2. Strange that in America you have to resign for sexual gaffes. This woman should come to Britain where she would be welcomed with open arms by Justine Greening, Cressida Dick, Jess Phillips and the Lesbian Labour ladies.

    I wonder how the likes of Keith Vazeline and Mangledbum or Nick Boles would cope with American politics?. I don’t think old “Bareback” Vaz would go down too well, seriously ill or no. Wanna buy a washing machine, buddy?

  3. Why has she put a gaffer tape square on here chest and black paint on her groin? Is that what fashion is these days?

  4. P.s. the only Katie Hill I know of is a blue Peter presenter whom dressed up as captain Janeway.

  5. I wonder if Wee Jimmy Krankie is putting it about down the Aberdeen fish market. Eewwwwww, I wish I hadn’t thought of that now.

  6. I thought It was a picture of Bjorn Borg on one of his coke fuelled escapades but when I saw the lack of headband I realised my error.

  7. I just hope the hon’ member for Hackney north & Stoke Newington doesn’t follow this hussys lead.
    It would be traumatising to see the fat cunt with her gorilla vulva hanging out, in that pose.

    • A thought has occurred to me to repel illegal entry on our southern shores naked effigies of said honourable member (jesus!!!) of Hackney North and associated shitholes planted at regular intervals along the coast, a sight to deter even the most determined of architects and doctors

  8. Horrible cheap looking blonde American hag and a whore to boot. And yet still she has more honour than Benn, Granny Grieve and the countless other cunts infesting the so called “ Mother of Parliaments”.

    Fuck off.

  9. You may feel sorry for Bill Clinton, Mr.Polly but I don’t. That rapey old crook should have been slammed into prison years ago.

  10. Why doesn’t she use the Bill Clinton line of ‘i did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski’.
    Apparently Bill thought having his cock sucked didn’t count as sexual relations.

  11. Trump should walk the 2020 with the state the democrats are currently in, and the freaks they are putting forward to beat the Orange One.

    • Michael Bloomberg is considering running in 2020 despite being 77, didn’t lefty Orange Man Bad detractors whine about billionaire septuagenarians running for POTUS in 2016?

  12. A deathly silence from the libtards and wimminz groups I see!

    And I really cannot believe how in denial Nancy Pelosi is when she talks about Hill making “a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class”, while completely ignoring her lascivious, and some would say quite offensive, private life!

  13. The DemoNRats are the party of twisted, psychotic, deviant Saturnalia. Do we really need reminding about the Clinton’s direct involvement in drug hits, child trafficking, and that nothing-to-see-here street in Washington DC rammed with pizza joints bearing well-known ‘P’ symbols. This whole shenanigans of the last three and a half years – Russia! Ukraine! ad nauseam has NOT been about Trump – if you believe that you’ll believe anything. Hillary was MEANT to win to implement the final stages of The Plan, it would not have mattered one jot who the Republican candidate was, the situation with all the conspiracy, secret investigations and impeachment lunacy today would be exactly the same as it is today. These EVIL, STYGIAN bastards thought they had it in the bag and when they were usurped, they got PISSED OFF big-time, resulting in the shit we have had to endure for nearly four years. Demons throwing tantrums.

    And to top it all off, here’s Mutti Merkel ‘warning’ us about not safeguarding democracy and freedom… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7667599/Germanys-Angela-Merkel-marks-30th-anniversary-fall-Berlin-Wall.html#comments

  14. A response to Kravdarth here from the Lidl thread, I though I’d put it here so you read it and I’ve quoted your bollox beneath.

    @Kravdarth mentioning slavery and joking about that is ok though is it?
    Coming from you who mentions ‘That cotton won’t pick itself’ and ‘Ole man river’ etc.
    I think you are and usually talk a load of total shit.
    How many slaves died during hundreds of years of slavery etc.
    You obviously have a problem with black people, yet conveniently forget the blacks from all over the commonwealth including a family member of mine who fought the Germans to help your ‘Tribe’ out.
    Don’t tell me what is funny and what’s not.
    We really have some snowflake cunts amongst us.

    ‘This is what you wrote:
    There are limits,even on this site. Graphic holocaust imagery is not au fait.
    I am no snowflake, but there are something s that will never be funny and the systematic murder of millions of gypsies,disabled,Jehovah’s and Jews is no laughing matter.’

      • Let’s get something straight.
        The law and we admins decide what’s acceptable or not. No one else.
        If you don’t like it, no matter what it is, then you have several options. None of those options include cunting other cunters.
        If you can’t engage each other and take your differences on the chin then you are only going to drag admins into it, and we get bored quickly.
        I’m already thinking of deleting everything on this so far.

        • Admin, with all due respect I take a lot on the chin and have a laugh at myself and everyone else, I have been on here for 6 year’s or so and understand the rules.
          Whilst I don’t make jokes about the Holocaust as I genuinely feel for those that suffered, I also don’t really joke about slavery either, and when others have said things about black people I have always laughed it off and often agreed.
          What I don’t do is tell others what can and can’t be joked about…that’s admins job.
          I was simply pointing out the total double standards of the poster.

          • I got that BW&C.
            My comment is aimed at Kravs’ stating what’s acceptable or funny or whatever, yawn getting bored already…
            And also aimed at you calling him out.
            If left alone this will end up in a cunter cunting situation.

            Lots of people get it here, there are at least five regular topics that I could take personally. But we can’t, we have to take it all on the chin forever.

            If comments stay up then one admin or another have decided not to take it down. If anyone feels we’ve missed something then either contact us about it or confront it lightheartedly.
            If you fancy fighting, you’ll be breaking the rules.

          • Thanks admin…my upmost respect as always.

            PS I think the posts should stay as a reminder and to keep up the behaviour.

      • Whoosh!well b&c w im not for one minute taking sides here .i myself felt compelled to ask about ze germans as i found it evidently very serious.

    • I think your post is transphobic.

      There’s not one mention of an alphabet person in it anywhere!


  15. It is a man-woman?

    I only ask cos the fruppneys are non-existant.

    I’m assuming the gash has been blacked out to protect the discerning gentleman’s eyes?

    They had “one of those” on that CH4 chunder-fest Naked Attraction, and while my gynaecological skill are not adept, *that* was no where near resembling a real “grumble’n’grunt”!

    Just saying… 🤔

  16. That image should surely come with a British Board of Film Censors classification to protect the unwary, surely any kind of relationship with that would be inappropriate

  17. That black box on her left tit ,it’s not the missing box from flight MH370 is it, I thought all California women got boob jobs, katie’s seems to have been somewhat of a failure

  18. When I told Mrs Time that I could give Ms Hill a little bit of rehab, she simply said that the poor bitch could do with something more potent in her bong.

    I cannot work out whether the reference was to the drugs in that pipe or a euphemism for my personal inadequacies.

    I am now confined to the naughty step for a lack of judgement.

  19. Rearrange these words: arsehole tongue stick would up I her my. Fucking dirty cunt!

  20. Well, I’ll be fucked – what a bunch of picky cunts you are – apparently each and every one an oil painting with endless queues of eager women frothing at the gash to service your Adonis-like, perfect-when-bollock-naked, body.

    As my recently departed Dad used to say “It’s too far off the ground to eat grass and it wants feeding…”

  21. They are all ugly cunts fucking one another in odd arrangements.
    Such is life.
    Oven for them just because fuck off.

  22. Non-existent titty mulldoons.

    No wonder she is confused as to who she wishes to shag. Mind you, that is an epidemic these days anyway, innit?

    On a lighter note, I have just returned from 18 days away in Gran Canaria. Very nice too, but fuck me it was humid. I am actually glad to be able to breathe nice, frosty air!

    On an unhappy note, someone on the flight back had a fuckin’ severe nut allergy…..and what had I brought with me in my bag to munch whilst airborne?

    …..a big, fuck-off bar of FRUIT & NUT.

    Fuck’s sake. Just my luck.

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