General Election 2019

Hi all you Cunt haters out there peace and love to you all

I would like to nominate the forthcoming 2019 12th of December General Election as a real cunt, I will be far to busy doing my last minute Christmas shopping than voting for any of these cunts tank you very much. What at lousy bunch of them there is too!
Boris who is probably in the middle of a spit roast between Farage and Trump, Corbyn who can’t decide which fence post he likes to sit the most. And booby Jo Swinson who obviously lives in some fucked up parallel universe where the votes in the 2016 EU Referendum simply do not count for a jot!!
Well thank you very much the house of Parliament for passing the amendment and leaving it to us to decide which one of you Cunts gets to run the country. Talk about passing the buck and thanks for the really shitty options you’ve lumbered us with.
You Cunts xx

Nominated by BaldlieBoyz

95 thoughts on “General Election 2019

  1. The General Election is a Cunt.

    Six solid weeks of lies,promises that won’t be kept,petty name-calling and general bollocks,all spouted by the worst collection of “Parliamentarians” in British history, who are only concerned with their own self-interest and To Fuck with the Country.
    They are ALL charlatans who will say or do anything to get elected. Once elected they will then forget about the people who elected them and pursue their own agenda. I couldn’t give a shit about what Johnson,Corbyn,Swinton or Farage say. They are all just different sized turds floating in the bowl.
    Why bother voting?…does it give people some illusion that they actually have a say in the future of the country?….If “Brexit” has taught us anything it is that voting is a complete and utter waste of time.

    I might as well write my letter to Santa asking for Gemma Arterton to be served up like the Christmas turkey…trussed,butter-basted and ready for stuffing…it’ll be about as much use as voting for any of those total Cunts who currently promise to “listen to the people”

    Fuck them.

    • All politicians are lying cunts the world over. That statement is the truest thing ever said.

    • Well said. Fuck the election and fuck voting. I can’t believe people are still falling for this charade.

  2. The only thing I’m looking forward to regarding this election is one of these cunts canvassing on my doorstep….

    • I can see the Lib Dims getting a barrage of abuse if they knock on the doors of those who post here.

      I can’t wait to rant at the bastards. Hopefully they’ll be in tears when I’ve finished with the cunts.

    • ” The only thing I’m looking forward to regarding this election is one of these cunts canvassing on my doorstep…. ”

      Me too JRC ! I can hardly wait to give the bastards a piece of my mind. They’ll regret the day they doorstep me. Cunts – the lot of them.

  3. We live in a marginal Con /Lab constituency. As much as I distrust and despise Johnson and his damaging Brexit surrender Treaty, Corbyn simply doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Btw, Lindsay Hoyle for Speaker!

    Be seeing you.

    • How come?
      Dwyfor Meirionnydd Is a strong Plaid hold isn’t it?
      Afternoon Ruffy.

        • Ah! It’s all clear now. You’re not really Ruff Tuff Creampuff are you?
          Your name is Arthur Crabtree who resides in Dudley and has a holiday caravan in Portmeirion.
          I shall report you to the electoral authorities for registering for a double vote. And to think you were someone I once looked up to!
          You sir, are a total fraud and you can pass that on to your solicitor to go with all the other notifications of libel that you’ve given him.

          • You want information? You won’t get it!

            Whose side are you on?

            You’ll be hearing from Arthur Crabtree’s solicitors in the morning! 😡

    • Afternoon RTCP
      Lindsay hoyle top man
      Always been impressed with him when he was deputising for narcissistic dwarf..

      • 🕺 Afternoon Q.

        You can’t say dwârf – it’s a trigger word!

        Agree, Hoyle’s a good bloke. 👍

        • Yeh RTCP, I got MODERATED to within a cunt hair of extinction
          I need to be far more careful
          More thoughtful and more respectful of short arsed cunts…..

      • I’d bang Penny Mordaunt if she were Speaker, or at any other time.

        Ollufson can sit and gaze through the keyhole, if he likes.

  4. My biggest fear outside of a Labour government is we get another hung Parliament and have another election within 18 months. I’m tired of listening to these cunts spouting off.

    • A hung parliament will be the most likely outcome of this shit-fest. In my humble view, of course.

    • Can you imagine the damage a LibDum-Lab coalition will do. Fuck me – I will have to try and leave the country. Perhaps I’ll get a rubber dinghy to France.

      • Freddie has got about a dozen of them. He’s collected them along the south coast in the last year or so. I’m sure he’ll sell you one!

  5. If there’s one breath of fresh air it’s that down here in Brighton, the students will be back home for Christmas, meaning no more Caroline Lucas. It will mean a Labour seat by default but I’ll be voting for the Brexit Party, even if it *is* a wasted vote because they’re the party that best represents me.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure Cunt me…. Brighton University term runs until the 13th of December, so the students will theoretically still be there for the election on the 12th…

    • Could be interesting. Steptoe’s promised to abolish tuition fees: will he (a) do so retrospectively,maybe even handing back £9k a year he hasn’t got to all current students?
      (b) do so sometime – not benefiting the current crop at all?
      (c) do so never?

      I think the Greens, safe in the knowledge that they will never have to form a government and keep their promises, may well stay on in Brighton.

    • Bad news for you….. the Green Pixie’s seat will not be contested by the LibDumbs it seems. Tactical voting and Brexit Party will undermine the only credible (Tory) alternative.

      Caroline Lickarse is effectively unopposed.

  6. Unless a Brexit Party candidate stands i will have the choice of 3-4 remainers and a Ukipper.

    • I’ve read that a lot of kippers are not standing; I received a message respectfully asking me to support TBP.

  7. I’m going to watch all of it unfold. I want to see the the faces on the traitorous bastards, as one by one they fall.

    • I would love to believe that will happen, but I don’t. Most people will vote for the party that they always vote for, because daddy and grandad did, and the sheer treachery will be forgotten.

  8. I’m voting Brexit party, I don’t give a fuck what the Tories or Murdoch press say.
    The sense of betrayal I feel about Brexit is total, the Tories lied from the 1st day of hunchback tenure about there Brexit strategy. Johnson is a cunt who is now going to betray us, by doing the same.
    Even though I lent towards labour when I was younger, that labour party has gone forever, I have nothing whatsoever in common with them, a shower of shit beyond the pale.
    I’m only voting this time as a final protest against the way Brexit has been handled, fuck the establishment I probably shouldn’t have expected anything else.

    • Anyone see that 15yr old lad meeting Jeremy corbyn at Gloucester university?
      Asked steptoe for a autograph, which corbyn does,
      Lad then turns to the cameras and unfurls the paper which reads

      ‘I support terrorism,
      I am a anti semite
      I am in the pay of Iran tv
      Haha, nice one kid!👍

      • Gloucester University?
        That really sounds like a seat of high learning!
        What do they study there? Cheesemaking?

          • There is, when they’re made inside one of Wanksock’s old cast off socks!,

          • Your right wanksock they are the best services!
            Take no notice of Bertie hes jealous!
            Gloucester makes great cheese, warrington? Kerry katona.

            Nuff said.

        • Hes on the campaign trail so be going to most universities, student vote they think is in the bank.
          Youll upset the west country lot Blunty with talk like that!
          Be a convoy of tractors heading to Warrington!
          ‘We is not to happy with that there Bertie is we? Oh arh!
          🚜 🚜 🚜 🚜…

          • Most people say British cheeses are amongst the best in the world but at this time of the year I can thoroughly recommend
            Cheeses of Nazareth.

    • I too am p*ssed off with tactically voting Cuntservative only as a way to keep Labour out. The Cunts have betrayed us as far as I am concerned. Treason May, Oily Robbins, Panto Dame Grieve, ol’ Bug Eyes Morgan, Mr Hush Puppy and the Cunt Bercow. Fuck them all.

      They deserve no more than the steam off my piss. Farage may be all piss and wind, but at least its piss and wind to the tune of the referendum majority and not those cheese gobbling gnome cunts in Brussels.

  9. James O’ Brien had an ‘ interview’ with Farage this morning in which he just played a recording of a chicken. He also called him a ‘ beery belching bout of flatulence’ or something along those lines. He just can’t stand him! He also predicted Farage will fuck off to the right wing highly paid lecture circuit when all this is over, if it ever is.

    • A ringing endorsement of Mr. Farage, then. But he still needs to pop along to the Tony Blair Institute for Global Tony to be called a far-right populist agitator, and get it in writing, signed. A TBP landslide could be the result.

    • O’Shithead was totally hysterical! I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sounding so shrill. The Remoaner in chief was throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Farage this morning which proves what a threat to the establishment he is perceived to be.

      The political establisment and the MSM are shitting themselves over Nigel’s correct decision not to stand but instead roam the country spreading the word to the widest possible audience.

      There’s no way he would be more effective wasting his time wooing a single constituency, pretending he wanted to be a good constituency MP.

      It’s a real David and Goliath contest!

      and another of my unbiased brexit videos.

      (I must say that I would not normally do this but some trolling cunt called me a brexiteer turd, I did not take it lightly and signed both his personal and work e-mail up to a number of gay dating sites.)

  10. I was conflicted….
    David Davis is my MP and I like him. I would vote for him but Boris is a liar and a fraud.
    31st of october come what may… ppfft.
    I’d rather be dead in a ditch than ask for an extension…. ppfft. He didnt put up much of a fight did he. Would thatcher have written a letter or would she have told them to get fucked?
    He let the traitors back into the party, proving that it was all just a stunt to try to take the wind out of the Brexit party’s sails.
    He refused a pact with Farage.
    He’s talking about taking “no deal” or “brexit”, as most would call it, off the table. Rather a stupid idea seeing as his whole deal seems to be an agreement to discuss perhaps coming to some kind of deal later.
    I (stupidly and naively after treason may) believed Boris…. NEVER AGAIN.
    Fuck Boris and fuck the Tories.
    I’m voting brexit party. The lib dems or lie-bore will weasel in, but at least they’re not trying to con everyone like that fat mess Boris. Lying cunt.

    I’d prefer it if some army general or someone ran on a manifesto of hanging the lot of them and putting the military in charge until someone that isn’t a treasonous cunt can be found to run the country…. that I would definately vote for.

      • After all this I realised that we have no queen…
        Sorry to say it but it’s true. I’ve always been a royalist but now I don’t see the point.
        We have a ceremonial puppet, but I don’t see any queen. …and that cunt Charles will be next. And harry and his twat wife are prize cunts.
        I’m in a really bad mood today…..

        • Yes I’d like to vote for a military junta as well.
          But only if they have Stukas.
          Fuck the sack full of bullshitters right to fuck.

      • Duke of Edinburgh for accessory to mass murder. Get that cricket bat out ! Go out in a blaze of fame and glory.

        Mr. King !!
        Rivers of Blood !!

      • Yes Wanksock, very good idea our Maj has never put a foot wrong in her lovely long illustrious reign, okay the Di and Camilla thing was a bit weird for a mum on to get sorted out before the wedding but surely she would have kicked the EU’s butt with unequalled impunity if she wanted. she was a mechanic it the war you know! Cool!!

  11. Unless cool smart heads prevail Brexit isn’t going to happen, the forces of remain are organised and are waiting, tactical voting sites are already up and will be telling the remoaners which MP to vote for to topple cons/ Brexit party!!
    Hopefully Johnson and farage can put a fucking lid of their enormous egos and do a sensible deal!!
    Farage is a cunt to have named 175 seats and no deal as his price for a non aggression pact!! , equally Johnsons been as bigger cunt for constantly putting farage down and mocking him openly, for all the peacocking surly the realise Like it or not they desperately need each other to fight off the organised remain campaign…..
    If they don’t make that deal I’m afraid at best a hung parliament at worst corbyn led coalition of chaos , cunts

    • Fully agree with your post Q. Johnson has the most to lose if he fails to form a pact with Farage. The sensible approach would be to “negotiate” an honourable ( Hon…? In that house of shits !! ) settlement to form a pact that stands more than a reasonable chance of success, and winning an election.
      Following a victory, it is a simple matter of repealing all of those nasty impediments created by nasty cunts like Ben and Co.
      Those out of the way, then go forward for a new negoyiation from a position of strength. And No Deal…..go for it !

      • Evening ASA ,
        Absolutely!! Throwing all that quisling shit out would indeed be hugely enjoyable!!

        I Absolutely despise that weak lily lived cunt Hillary benn!! It’s so easy to imagine him stepping off a plane waving a white piece of paper on his return from Brussels!!
        Fucking maggot…..

  12. I do not understand how Jo Swinson was not removed from Parliament once she stated she would not recognise or accept a democratic outcome if a second referendum returned a leave result.

    It’s pretty basic, if you participate in democracy you abide by the outcome. Now I realise many MP’s have sought to undo the outcome with machinations inside Parliament but for an MP and party leader to openly admit they will not respect the voters choice, it really must be curtains.

    • Completely agree SV but unfortunately nowadays it appears anything goes ,
      Cunts like swinson have created “ blacks white” keep saying Something no matter how ridiculous long enough and it gains traction ..
      I particularly dislike their take on democracy “ it’s not a moment in time “
      So are we now to accept that no vote really counts because all referendum/ elections are exactly that , can you imagine the Lib Dem’s winning GE and telling swinson “ it’s not a moment in time “ and can we have another GE?
      We’ve changed our minds!!

      • Johnson’s ‘No ifs. no buts, dead in a ditch, do or die’ were just ‘moments in time’ statements. It’s only the truth for the duration of them saying it.

        • It’s the triumph of the will over reason. We were all guilty because every Leaver knew (the Tory activists who voted for him) that it was IMPOSSIBLE to leave on the 31st because of the numbers. As if by merely wishing it it would happen.
          Reminds me of the Artur Askey story about a variety theatre in trouble because of empty seats the desperate impresario announced that in a certain mysterious act a man would be ‘Eaten alive next Saturday matinée’. And all the people turned up and it came to the moment and desperately looking round what to do the Act grabbed a drunk from the audience and bit into his arm. Not surprising the drunk ran off but at least the act could say ‘Well, I tried Ladies and Gentlemen’.
          ‘Well, at least I tried’. Boris’s position.

          • Not good enough.

            He should never have promised to do things he KNEW were not in his gift to deliver.

            Instead of pledging “do or die” “come what may” and “die in a ditch” he could have said: “I’ll do everything in my power to leave on the 31st.” Or “I’ll try my utmost.”

            That would be acceptable, even if he had no intention of following through.

            That said, if people are happy to be lied to and led a merry dance, what does it really matter what he says?

  13. Weird how sly news, who have so desperately opposed brexit until now, are now really, really concerned about Nigel splitting the vote and hurting brexit.
    The papers are ALL the same too….
    It’s almost like someone is pulling their strings and telling them what to report…
    Na…. surely not….

    • THE May /Johnson /EU dictated Withdrawal ‘Agreement’ isn’t Brexit. The only people to benefit from it will be Big Business, the Political Establishment, and the EU. That’s why Sky and the rest of the MSM are changing their tune.

      • Exactly…. I think the brexit party’s manifesto puts the shits up em too…
        Proportional representation.
        An end to the two party system… they’d never allow that.
        Afternoon ruff… how is life over at creampuff manor at the moment?

        • Couldn’t be better thanks Deploy, though both masters and staff are currently suffering from a heavy bout of BRINO Derangement Syndrome, but who isn’t?

          Me and Lady C are both in the pink. Not in a gay way you understand.

          Willie Stroker has just brought me a nice mug of coffee and 6 McVities milk chocolate digestives, what more could one ask for? Chicken vindaloo later for din-dins, plus a big bowl of vanilla ice cream for afters. The central heating’s working nicely, hot water’s gushing out the taps – things our ancestors could only dream about!

          Lady Creampuff’s not been giving me too much gyp….

          How goes it with you up there in Deliverance country?

          • Same as you ruff….
            I’m warm and (a bit too) well fed. Busy at work but sick to the back teeth of the politicians and media cunts and society in general.
            …all of a sudden islam isn’t looking quite so bad. Not compared to the feminists and lbqgrts (whatever) and trannies….

  14. I want Johnson’s ” Deal”,there I’ve come out and said it.

    Farage is acting like the vainglorious,puffed-up Windbag he has always been. Listing demands that obviously would never be met…..ridiculous. The Gobshite would,presumably,prefer there to be no “Brexit” at all,plus a Labour/Liberal coalition just so that he can keep tilting at windmills before fucking off to America where they seem to be impressed by his braggadocio and sheer inability to realise that the sun doesn’t actually shine out of “Sir Nige’s” arse.

    The Johnson/May deal is far from “Brexit”, I admit that,but it’s all that is available ( It’s time that people accept that a No-Deal Brexit will never be allowed,and tbh.,I’d prefer us to “leave” on amicable terms) and at least it’s a start…..and a fucking finish. A finish to the interminable dithering which has gone on too long. It needs to end and the most likely way of it ending if Farage splits the Tory vote, will be in a Lab/Lib coalition cancelling it all together.

    Just to put the tin-lid on the job….I don’t know if I’ll even bother to vote. One set of Cunts verses another set of Cunts?…Why bother? The Brexit referendum has already shown that the “ruling” class are not ruling at all. We are ruled by big business,it is they who make the important decisions. Running along to vote is nothing more than a sop to make people think that they still have a voice….they don’t.

    Shove yer election up yer arse.

    Fuck Off.

    • Voting Tory. If Farage wants to pick up some Leave seats from Remain MP’s, fine and dandy. But if the cunt can’t see where his all-or-nothing demand is going, I’ll tell him: nothing. Ok it’s a shit deal, but at least it partially decouples us, and more importantly doesn’t rule out further movement later. My Tory MP’s good in the constituency, and although personally a remainer, has voted consistently with the government on Brexit motions. And his main opposition is LimpDumb.

      • Oh I know that come Election day I’ll hold my nose and crawl along to vote. The
        triumph of hope over experience.

        • Afternoon F. You are not alone in your despair. I have never before voted Tory, to give you some indication of my own desperation.

          How are your pheasants this year?

          • I got an excellent bag the other day, K. Far more birds than I would ever need so I just left a heap of their twitching corpses lying in the field..if the beaters fancied taking them,all well and good,if not at least the foxes’ll be tempted to stick around for an easy feed.

            It is,of course,the sport that I enjoy rather than the pheasant meat.

            🙂 .

          • Its spelt P E A S A N T S komodo!
            And thats a nasty thing to call rural labourers.
            Shame on you.

    • Johnson’s deal is worse than TreasonMay’s deal
      The only sovereign brexit is to leave as requested by the electorate
      Farage is a cunt
      We do not want to be run by a foreign power – the EU is a dictatorship – which is on the brink of collapse – let’s make that happen

      • Most Brexiteers don’t appear to care any more how bad the Surrender Treaty is, as long as it has the ‘Brexit’ label attached to it. They’d rather delude themselves into believing they’ve WON, just to “get it done”, rather than fight on and achieve something positive.

        That means Big Business, the globalists & the UK /EU ruling elite can continue operating on a business as usual basis. It’s a win-win situation for all… except ordinary working people, of course.

        The EU are guaranteed £60 billion+ of UK taxpayers money over the next 5 years or so filling the black hole that would have been left had the UK actually Brexited properly.

        It’s taken longer than the ruling elite originally thought – May fucked up – but under Johnson’s leadership Project Damage Limitation appears set to win the day. And he will be redeemed in the establishment’s eyes.

  15. Yes but Steptoe and McIRA have promised free stuff for everyone apart from the hated ‘rich’.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  16. What is the point of voting if they do not take any notice of it?
    In what way are we supposed to believe a word any of them say?
    Democracy is dead in the water
    MPs only represent themselves
    They, the civil service and the system that got us here are all cunts

    • We’ve been failed by both Labour and the Conservatives in recent years and I believe it’s time another political party was given the opportunity to fail. Maybe a coalition between the Brexit party and the Greens. Why not? I just want to be lied to by someone different for a change.

  17. The worst thing for me is that the only confirmed candidates in my constituency are the Labour and Illiberal anti-democrat cunts.

    I recently moved into this catchment area and it’s been Labour since 1955. Given this, the dozy, feckless bastards who live here will never vote Tory and therefore my strategic vote was going to go for the Brexit Party.

    So I have a look on the registered candidates (so far) and only Lab/Lib are represented. Fuck! 🤔

    I am now going to have to look up how to spoil my ballot paper correctly so that it has to be notered and not just binned (there is a way to do this but I have forgotten the semantics).

    Come on Sir Nige, get your fucking finger out so that I have more of a reason to go out in the pish cold weather than writing “TRAITOROUS CUNT!!!” alongside the Lab/Lib candidate names! 😡

  18. I’ll be heading up to the polling station on the day to soil my ballot paper. That’s not a spelling mistake or a typo. I’m gonna wipe it round my bumhoolie and hand it in with the word CUNTS scrawled across it in my own (or the donated of anybody watching) faeces.
    Wretched lying cunts, all of them.

    • Yes and why not these cunts have been feeding us shite for years, whats good for the goose is good for the gander, Oh yes

  19. I see that traitorous slagbag Mrs Swindler is griping about not being included on the televised “leaders debate” and threatening to take it to court (as all libtards do these days).
    Has nobody told her that every time she opens her stupid gob she makes a cunt of herself? Boris and Steptoe are accomplished performers and will fucking destroy her.
    Stay away from the telly if I were you Mrs. Better still, just fuck off and don’t come back. Arsehole.

    • She bends her back a little as if she’s talking to schoolchildren. Like a teacher illiciting a respose-‘Could it be sexist or are they running away everyone? ‘What do say Beth ? ‘Or you Laura do you agree?

      • She’s very sensitive to ‘girly swot’. Keeps mentioning it. I bet she was the swottiest swot.. Swotting away night and day for her fucking grades.

        • Yes! I picked up on that too!
          Love to be invited to that debate,
          Every time she spoke hold up a card saying 2/10
          And a buzzer that goes’ ugh-urgh!’
          Like a game show contestant getting a question wrong!
          Sorry Jo good but not good enough…

  20. So sick of listening to the backstabbing, duplicitous, treacherous cunts…….and that’s just the BBC politics reporters. Real piss boiling shenanigans I just leave to the fucking arsehole MP’s. Cunts.

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