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A let’s all hear it cunting for one of IsAC’s favourite sons, David ‘Rent a Gob’ Lammy, MP for Tottenham. Big Mouth Dave is apparently very concerned about the incidence of knife crime. After a couple of recent stabbings in his neck of the woods, he told the Commons ‘I don’t want the south side of Chicago in Tottenham’.

Now fair enough, you might say, an MP should be concerned about knife crime. But here’s the rub. BMD reckons that knife crime could get ‘considerably worse’. What, you may ask, could be responsible for this predicted escalation? Well, as you are all painfully aware, we’re (supposedly) leaving the EU. This is going to mean (apologies to the Gershwin brothers) that the Rockies will tumble and Gibraltar will crumble etc. We’ll have awful shortages of medicines, fuel, food and bog rolls. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, BMD predicts that BoJo’s Brexit deal will ‘mean everything’ to areas with ‘high poverty rates’, because it will lead (at least according to him) to ‘a drop in GDP’. So, gazing into his crystal ball, he can’t wait to tell us that as a consequence, knife crime will go up, and that naturally, this will be down to… Brexit.

But… hasn’t the occurrence of knife crime in our beloved and glorious capital already escalated to scandalous levels in recent years, and haven’t we been in the EU all that time? Aren’t we still in the EU? It must follow then, that our EU membership is in fact responsible for the epidemic of knifings currently staining the reputation of good ol’ Landan tarn. Yes, Dave, on the basis of your logic, the disgusting level of knife crime in London is, in fact, down to our continuing membership of the EU. What do you mean, it’s illogical, nay ludicrous, to link the incidence of knife crime in the Smoke to our EU membership in so simplistic a fashion? Well raise mah rent, you’ve worked it out.

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. David Lammy and Channel 4.
    To be aired on Remberance Sunday no less, Lammy traipses though Africa demanding to know why all the African men who fought for Britain in World War one weren’t buried in indiivual graves.

    Because those are the horrors of war you stupid cunt. No doubt the race card will be played mutiple times. The dark ee cunt conveniently forgetting about every single one of the men lost in the European blooodbaths never to be properly buried.

    My relaxing Sunday was ruined as my piss reached boiling point faster than ever before

    Fuck you Lammy you racist cunt and Channel 4 for pandering to him.

    • I nearly had to break open the drug bag and have an Aspirin and a squirt or five of GTN when I read about that unadulterated bullshit.

      Cunts like Lammy give good, honest cunts a bad name.

  2. Oh how i luv ya,how i luv ya,
    My dear old LAMMY..
    Be whiteys fault dave,
    Dry yer eyes an get back up the empire state building!

    “Ape shall not kill ape”

  3. Magnificent expose of the weakness in BMD’s fallacious logic, aided and abetted by his lack of any functioning brain cells.

    Every time I see this a Western Oriental Gobshite on TV, I feel physically sick and have to restrain the urge to throw a brick at the television.

    Utter, utter, utter, total fucking brain dead, lobotomised Western Oriental Gentleman CUNT.

  4. Loving the hangdog faces of the beeb presenters alongside Kay Burley and Fatcunt Boulton as the sainted Jeremy is called out as not fit to be Prime Minister by Ian Austin.
    I never cease to be amazed that someone as thick and stupid as Lammy get to be in a position to speak for the ‘people’.

    • It’s no surprise really our political stock gets worse with every generation . If Thatcher or even Blair were active now today’s politician s would be decimated.

  5. I was born and raised in norf laandan in Enfield. Nice enough upbringing but there was knife crime and gangs then in the late 70’s. We used to go clubbing at the Ritz opposite the police station most Saturday nights but knew all too well to arrive park up and fuck off quickly after closing and get the obligatory kebab two miles down the road in a safer area.
    Some things never change and it certainly ain’t down to cunting Brexit.

  6. Lammy should tear a strip of that posing arsehole Saddick Khunt who is supposed to be the London Mayor. Useless oily heap of shit couldn’t run a bath, still less London. You can be sure if Saddick was white Lammy’s outrage would know no bounds.

    • Only ever hear from the mayor when he wants to virtue signal or tell us orange man bad. He has literally done nothing of note as our mayor except banning fit crumpet from the tube stations.

      • Even the most liberal of mayors in New York Bloomberg say or anywhere round the world are on the side of the Police. Not so Khan. ‘The Police were on the wrong side of the law’ he said re ER. I mean the legal judgement was against the Police but you should still stick up for the them. He wants Disruption. He wants his own Capital bringing to a halt.
        ‘His own Capital…’ just a political plaything.
        And ER immediately after the judgement announced that they would be doing ‘everything they could do’ to disrupt the GElection. Why is this group so privileged? If another group said that surely they would be if not ‘proscribed’ banned from assembling.
        What it is I suppose they aren’t marching but assembling. But it’s not peaceful assembly.

        • I suspect that it won’t be long before ER participants are regularly being given a right kicking by sick to death members of the public. It’ll all be down to ‘the far right’ if that happens of course.

  7. Morning all.
    When I become Supreme Dictator, Lammy will be one of the first up against the wall. Until that glorious day arrives, all that we can do is get the cunt up on IsAC’s wall.
    Here’s to more noms for the fucking fat ugly gobshite.

    • Thatd tek some fucking heavy duty chains en all to get him on any fucking wall /yeh just like king fucking kong !

      ole man river!


      Fuck off ya puddled berk

  8. Being a London cunt it’s true stabbings have got out of control most days at least one or two.

    But here is the rub, it’s always black on black, black on Brown or black on white. The key point being it’s the blacks and their culture that’s causing it. Take them numbers out and stabbings would look very low.

    Same with acid attacks in East London, take away the Asians and suddenly they would stop.

    It’s not the British David who are causing the problems, it’s all those gimmiegrants that you fawn and lick the sphincter of you odious little git.

  9. David “Marie Antoinette” Lammy is a cunt and a complete idiot. He has nothing to say worth listening to. He’s just made a channel4 (who else) diatribe against the ……….drum roll…….British Empire. How original. You dont have to watch it because like a James OBrian show we already know exactly what it contains. Cunt.

  10. BMD the cunt, walk out of Seven sisters tube and you would think you had arrived in a different country, South side of Chicago? I have no idea, never been (went through the Chicago hub once but that doesn’t count), but for sure it isn’t England.
    The fucking EU and it’s free movement was fine when we only had France Germany and the other reasonable countries but since the EU has opened up to Eastern Europe and subsequent invasion of the UK free movement is a disaster, this has compounded the drug dealing, drugs drive violence and the likes of Lammy gets all defensive of his black community but they are the ones doing the knife crime, probably in many cases supported by the supply of drugs from Eastern Europe. It’s a farce to say that our borders are more secure in the EU, we are relying on the European channel ports security to prevent illegal immigration, which is shit.
    So fuck off Lammy you fat cunt!

  11. If I had to watch this sooty clown I’d have to change channels sharpish or risk getting a bit upset.
    Or smash telly in with a hammer.
    Very confusing.
    Would putting him in an oil barrel help I wonder?
    Get bent.

    • He ought to be up on the IAC’s Wall Of Cunts, by now and if you add them all up, he definitely is.

  12. I can’t take him seriously.
    He’s so fat his nose has a fold in it between the eyes.
    Fat bastard!

  13. David Lammy what a cunt
    This loud mouth Dark Key is on the box next week about The Untold Black Soldiers of War Fuck Me He is a racist cunt

  14. Corbyn unfit to lead this Country vote Tory
    Straight from the horses mouth of a former Labour MP

  15. I’m such a cunt that I live in Boston, Lincs which over the last 15 years or so has become probably the shittiest immigrant-ridden ghetto in the UK. Floods of unrestricted Poles, Latvians, Lithuanians, Russians etc. who all bring their charming, rustic customs re solving arguments with them; minor disagreement? Stab ’em in the heart with a 9″ blade (which you carry for “self defence”), then when the poor coppers and ambulances turn up pretend you no speaka da English. Not hyperbole either, check lincs news websites; its fucking feral. And guess what these workshy cunts all gave in common Dave.. gor blimey gov that’s right, every man Jack of them from EU countries!

        • I used to work in Grantham and, on occasion I needed to pick stock up in Boston. The manager of the Boston store told me to look out for people dragging knuckles on the ground, I’d know I was getting close then.

    • You poor bastard having to live with all those Eastern European scumbags.
      I’ve heard that Boston now has more Poles living there than English people Better they live there than Nottinghamshire We turn them into meat pies .

      • Absolute vermin the lot of them, we have signs all over the place in a dozen languages telling them not to drink, shoot up or drop their trousers where they stand and shit in the street. Doesn’t deter them from doing all three (probably simultaneously). Luckily – touch wood – there’s not many down my road as the houses aren’t big enough for some scumbag landlord to cram 30 of them into a two up two down

      • Absolute vermin the lot of them, we have signs all over the place in a dozen languages telling them not to drink, shoot up or drop their trousers where they stand and shit in the street. Doesn’t deter them from doing all three (probably simultaneously). Luckily – touch wood – there’s not many down my road as the houses aren’t big enough for some toerag landlord to cram 30 of them into a two up two down

  16. Knife crime is on the rise because ‘da black yoof’ (and a few white yoof dat wannabe black) look up to gangstas and listen to music praising ‘da guns and hoes’ lifestyle. It’s cultural.

    Add to that an entitlement and victimhood culture that means that the reason they can’t afford the new iPhone and a new BWM, is because of “da white man’s oppression of da blacks”. Obviously not because they were too busy getting stoned and trying to be ‘rappers’, instead of studying hard at school (yes, not all blacks of course).

    How about getting that chip of your shoulders and accepting responsibility for the behaviour of YOUR kids in YOUR communities?

    How about you stop worshipping crime? It’s cultural. Start there.

    Great cunting, and Mr Lammy wouldn’t get elected if it wasn’t for his racist white hating electorate.

    Piss off.

    • Anybody who’s “wannabe black” deserves to be thrown into a black fucking hole.

      Number to choose from in stabistan.

      Understandable that khuns are so fond of knives. Need to understand fire to make metal so likely they’ve never seen them before.

      Few hundred years and they might realise they have uses beyond stabbing.

      Lammy. The new black bond? Starring in “cunt is not enough”.

      Oooooh, de Camden town khuns sing dis song.. stab, stab…stab, stab

      De khun dole queue five miles long oh de doo dah day….

      Gonna stab all night, gonna stab all day. I’ll get my money from de honky dole, never worked for a day.

      • He certainly did!
        He also had a lot of his enemies made to swim across the croc infested river..
        He was a right joker

  17. Is there a day when Lammy isn’t a cunt? Is he even capable of not being a cunt for 5 minutes? Even asleep he’s more of a cunt than an ordinary cunt turning it up to maximum cunt.

  18. David Lammy mission statement:- “To boldly find racism where no racism has been found before”…

    • He should tek a good look ar himself then!!! Mirror mirror on the wall whos the biggest rascist cunt of all(asked lammy)the mirror replied !you ya self entitled self loathing cunt!

      • I wouldn’t put a mirror in front of this silver back. It would be covered in flung shit in about a minute.

  19. This might sound controversial, but if people want to kill themselves, why not have it in an arena?

    • Lammy would trot out his usual shit about white suppression and blacks being disadvantaged.

      If we could read his mind I’m sure he never gave a fuck about that girls death.

  20. He cant! He would have to admit he is a racist in order for his walnut brain to be able to comprehend it.As he wont listen to anyone and always has to shout 60 times louder than anyone else .no lammy people with brains where ever they are cohegently reason/debate these things hear both sides of a story examine the evidence.no itd be akjn to charlton hestons most infamous scene.

  21. He contradicts his own allegations in that it is perfectly possible in this country for his kind to progress, as in how many (far too many) have been elected to parliament and other public bodies notwithstanding his obvious lack of intellect. He has no interest in promoting harmony just division , I very much doubt he will be attending Remembrance Sunday (if he does only in the interest of making a political point) more likely to be parking his fat ass on the sofa with some chiggun and kleenex so he can knock one at over his TV programme

  22. I’m so lucky living right down here. Hardly any ethnics of any fucking persuasion at all. Fucking bliss! Only exception is Plymouth city centre due to the fucking university. Disunited colours of fucking Benetton there. Blick cunts!

  23. Dont worry there will be at present rate a lorry load of illegals being smuggled your way and they have the nations favourite cunt lammy to drive it for u /as we all know what a massive racist cunt he is but the good news is hes if the lorry breaks down they will use him as a spare tyre

  24. Who give a fuck what this fat, lame ass, spear chucking cunt has to say! All his sort are knifing each other, so let them get on with it! Maybe one of them will ‘stab him up’ a bit! Hail, Enoch!!

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