Cowardly MPs

Cowardly MPs who won’t contest their seats are cunts, aren’t they.

It appears that many MPs have said they’ll be “stepping down” (as if it’s their decision) at the forthcoming election. Perhaps they’re stepping down to spend more time with their consciences, after thwarting Democracy for so long.

How dare these gibbering Remainiacs deprive us of enjoying their humiliation on Election night. We’ve watched these toads leap from party to party to prolong their survival yet when the great decider arrives, the guillotine that is the General Election, they whimper away like pathetic, petrified puppy pugs. Their final act of of defiance is a prevention of our schadenfreude in seeing each fainthearted sissy receive the sack.

Nonetheless, there’s still a smidgeon of comfort knowing that these timid, scrotum-free assassins of democracy will be unemployed a week before the festive season. Let us rejoice at that.

🎵”Rockin around, the Benefits office, have a happy holiday…” Merry Christmas, you craven cunts.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

45 thoughts on “Cowardly MPs

  1. I don’t know what is worth – pusillanimous little toerags like that cunt Philip Hammond, who has just crawled hiself into a new well-paid jobs, or duplicitous cunts like Chuckup Ummuna who has changed party twice in a few months and hopes by fucking off to a new constituency he will be forgiven, and the likes of Granny Grieve, the arsewipe who thinks he is so fucking superior the voters of Beaconsfield will forgive and forget.

    They are all a bunch of motherfuckers.

      • Grieve is standing as an Independent against the official Conservative Candidate
        I look forward to that one with bated breath This traitor needs a good kicking at the ballot box

        • They’re all wankers of intergalactic proportions. Fuck them all.
          Huge steaming piles of rancid shit, the lot of them.

      • Remember seeing it on release at the Ipswich Odeon. God botherers picketing outside the cinema. Great film… apart from the first half hour which was boring shite.

  2. These cunts will all be fine as they can all just go to work for the great vampire squid jabbing his blood funnel into democracy. That fat slug Soros. Also theyl all be on the BBC like Cunt Campbell spouting their bollox for evermore.

  3. If only these yellow bellied individuals were ruined by stepping down. No, they receive a resettlement grant of thirty-odd grand so they can transition back to their jobs as barristers and GPs. Then they can flog off their second home, which, of course, was paid for by the tax payer. Cunts to the end.

  4. Good riddance to the fucking cunts. The bags of scum will get paid off by umpteen thousand for fuck all. I detest these arseholes.

  5. Politics is rotten in this country…and its our fault.
    We have let these cunts take the piss for way too long and let them get away with it.
    They (Like the Gay) have become bolder and believe that we’ll simply put up with their revolting behaviour.
    You can’t blame them because if you let people get away with things for a long time they then think that that their behaviour is normal and acceptable.
    We’ve let them act this way and now they think they are above our judgement.
    We need an Adolf/Caesar type cunt to sort it aaaaht, total control of everything.
    Benefits scroungers thrown in front of buses, every person regardless of colour/race who acts the cunt is forced to jump of the cliff’s of Dover, no special PC can’t ever mention this or that for a certain section of society to protect them, a government issued licence to legally beat up the Gay, and no more immigration… everybody on benefits has to pick the fruit, etc otherwise they don’t get their benefits.
    Perhaps I could put myself forward for the role.
    I hate every race fairly equally and would therefore be fairly impartial and fair.
    Go fuck yourselves.

      • Cheers Allan, I could call my party ‘The black and white party’
        The motto could be ‘No sugarcoating…black and white’.

  6. They’re all cunts. The only one I have any time for is Kate Hoey and she isn’t standing next time round.

    I nominated the 2019 election yesterday (so hopefully that will appear pre December 12th) but really it was to advise all cunters to ask “Why?”.

    Given the statement: “And the NHS needs an extra 43,000 nurses!”

    Simply reply: “I agree entirely. Now can you explain why?”

    The “aging population” excuse is bullshit. Yes people are living longer but that is more than offset by an indigenous birthrate of only 1.8, which is way below the replacement rate of 2.1.

    So, if the indigenous population is shrinking, then WHY do we need an extra 43,000 nurses? Or £139bn for the NHS. Or 200,000 new homes over the next 10yrs. Or 3,000 new schools. Or massive infrastructure updates to increase lanes on motorways? All to be footed by the UK taxpayer. WHY?

    If you are able to put this to a candidate, or their lickspittle campaigners, and they don’t answer that question honestly – and let’s face it, we all KNOW what the answer really is – then they are a coward!

    So that’s 650 cowards with a subset of 400’ish fifth column, collaborating, traitors!


    • Oh and don’t forget to chuck in a: “LEARN TO CODE!”

      As you walk away from the cunts!

      • And what is the answer Rebel? I’ve always been tempted to blame the 2 million plus Eastern Europeans but that would be waycist!

        • The fact is that they don’t actually know how many are here, the ONS admitted it’s all guesswork.
          Could be 2 million, or 3 million no one knows!

        • Let’s face it – Asians breed like rabbits. I think it less the Eastern Europeans and more the “people of a funny hue” as a now defunct politician who was so unimportant I have forgotten her name, said. Some bissom from the former Anna Soubry Quintet – either a Labour or Tory turncoat.

    • These questions were completely absent from the discussion on radio four the other day, when they announced the ‘shocking’ A and E figures. Shocking to who, fuck knows, but listening to the Tory health secretary and the beeb cunt manoeuvre around the elephant in the room was pathetic. The only time immigration is mentioned regarding the NHS is always how they wouldn’t be able to staff the fucker without it, and we need more, lots more. Didn’t the Abbott say recently that you were more likely to be seen by an immigrant than be behind one in a queue. This shows her grip on reality is as poor as her maths skills.
      Alas, to question the whole immigration issue is just an invitation to be called a massive racist, and there endeth the discussion. I don’t think it’s racist to ask how adding enough people to populate a city every year has no effect on housing, schools and hospitals, not to mention the jobs market, the criminal justice system, or how this changing demographic will effect the society expected to absorb it. The answer some give to these questions might be racist, but other less emotional people might have real reservations that logic demands an honest answer that will not be forthcoming without being allowed to even talk about it. In fact, to ignore the issue when everyone knows it’s there will only fuel resentment against the ruling classes we will end up in a 30s Germany scenario, and it won’t end well for anybody.

      • Correct BWC we are responsible for the absolute bunch of self interested cunts that inhabit no infest the seat of our government or should that be the monumental arsehole that is Wankminster. Things have been pretty good everything just about staggers on many became complacent, politics so what nothing to do with me or the more usual whine oh the eu so boring /who got kicked out of sleb cunt dancing or the z factor. One reaps what the majority sow. The other problem is that the leaders have made damm sure that all enforcement agencies dance to their tune dance to another get some notice and bang police harassment\tax investigation/lies on social media and so on. Hopefully the last laugh will be ours.

    • I think the number of immigrants is now far in excess of anything any government is prepared to admit. Illegals alone:

      Note that (a) this is very imprecise and
      (b) that the apparently static or declining numbers of unauthorised immigrants does not reflect the numbers of illegals given authorised status on a year-by year basis (such as successful asylum seekers). Hence this does not give a true picture of the flux of illegals into the country.

      But if there are 800,000 illegals as a baseline, and the number of illegals added to this has been offset for the last decade – minimum – by the purely technical means of giving the cunts citizenship so that the headline number is static, it’s probably a fair conclusion that there are now a couple of million illegals or ex-illegals in our green unpleasant land, and you can add that to the legal contribution from the EU.

  7. Before they leave I think it’s only fair for them to be tied down on the pavement one at a time next to Big Ben whilst looking upwards and I drop an anvil on their cunt mugs .

  8. In a politician’s house there is nowhere to spit except their face. These cunts disgust me. Floating from party to party without consequence, well….time’s up! The gravy train has pulled into the final station. The pity is that we won’t see these cowards be booted out, although there are a few with the audacity and arrogance to stand. I’d like to spit in all their faces.

  9. The old cunts will fade into obscurity …..but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a bunch of new cunts to replace them.


  10. Don’t worry capitano magnanimo !!
    There’s still enough of these fuckers running to make election night fun!
    Soubry has done a U turn emboldened by the remoaner election pact, whiny remoaner cunt mr punch Dominic grieve is trying to overturn his own 24,000 majority, let’s see if he’s half as popular as he thinks he is, then there’s that flip flop fuckwit “ red bus” chukka umunna, and there’s plenty more to enjoy on election night, apparently lady fat arses labour seat is in jeopardy? Etc etc
    Personally I would install a guillotine in every town hall for the results…
    Seeing soubry losing her noggin would be an early Xmas present for the country
    It would definitely put a spring in my step……

  11. I do think these politicians are absolute rotters. This statement will not go into the ether I hope.

  12. If she were not deluded I would have some respect for Sourtits as she is standing again. Near universally hated even before she left the Tory party , the highlight for me on results night will be seeing her booted out. I will be surprised if she gets more votes than the Monster Raving Looney candidate. In fact, I think she would be an excellent choice for that lot; no weird costume required.

    • She like Granny Grieve and Hilary Mary-Ann Benn, will doubtless demand a “confirmatory” vote if it goes tit-up for them. Let the people decide and all that. Swinson will probably pretend December 12th never happened.I can see most of her late converts in Westminster being booted out, and doubtless the Anna Soubry Quintet will disband. I rather look forward to seeing that grinning ape with oily lips, Chris Leslie being thrown out – where will has camp little smile be then?

  13. One of the most shameless of these cunts is angela smith, she’s standing in a different ward, for a different party.
    She’s willing to drop all belief and political conviction, just to keep herself on the gravy train.
    I hope the good people of Cheshire see her for what she is.
    I would put in the same category as lord haw haw.

  14. Priti Patel is most certainly not a cunt as she blocks children of IS terrorists from returning to Blighty. As if the dirty half-smirk, come-to-bed eyes weren’t enough for the voluptuous Mrs Patel.

  15. So that fucking whore Sourberries is standing after all? I didn’t know that. That’s great news. Watching that slag and the slime Grieve getting humiliated will be the highlights of the night.
    Trouble is for every cunt you knock down another one pops up. No shortage of cunts in this country.

  16. What grips my shit is the faux bollocks about ‘wanting to spend more time on other projects’ or the pish about being threatened. They know, and we know, why most of these cunts are banging out of it – because the disingenuous bastards have betrayed their constituents & know they’re going to get the ballot box equivalent of a red hot poker up the jacksey. My main hope for the morning of the 13th, is a good few ‘safe’ Labour seats turning Brexit …& it’ll be sweet if Piddlecock get’s fucked-over in NW Durham – ‘Forgive them Laura, they DO know what they’re doing!’

    • The Official Labour Candidate up in Bassetlaw (Notts) is/was from Camden (London) What the fuck did She know about Nottinghamshire? Yep fuck all.
      Corbyn and his bunch of thugs have replaced her via the NEC as unsuitable with someone more to his liking.I hope the good people of Bassetlaw vote The Brexit Party and kick Labour out of their safe seat.Leave means Leave .

  17. Great cunting Cap’n.
    It really pisses me off to think that these cunts will get a ‘golden handshake’ from Joe Taxpayer for their trouble. I see that bellend Phil ‘The Undertaker’ Hammond has already got a nice little directorship lined up as well, at a cool 130 k pa no less.
    What we need is a bonfire of these shithouses.

  18. Absolute twats, the lot of them.

    Just clinging onto power and privilege for as long as possible and causing undemocratic mayhem while in Parliament.

    I agree with those that say any MP changing parties mid-term should be forced to stand for election again.

    Done of these cunts have been in 3 parties in one term. Fucking ridiculous!

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